is sam ovens a scam

Is Sam Ovens a Scam? A Real Opportunity or Waste of the Time?

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I know that this question “Is Sam Ovens a Scam?” keeps your mind busy for a while but do not worry, I’m here to help you take care of it and send it out of your mind by reviewing Sam Ovens and answering your question in details so kindly spend your next five minutes here and read following couple of paragraphs to find All You Need to Know about this program.

What is the Truth about Sam Ovens? Fake or Real?

I remember that social networks were the first place I’ve got familiar with Sam Ovens since the ads of this company was almost on every single page on YT or FB. When I see a new program or website, I always look at background of the owner/founder first to see what he/she done before; this is exactly what I’d done for Sam Ovens too. It help me to write my review as detailed as possible also make it look logical while there is information about the creator.

Continue reading to see all Hidden Facts about Sam Ovens and find out if it’s a trustworthy program or you should forget about it.

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Who is Sam Ovens?

I remember a video released by Sam Ovens some years ago which he explained how he turned his online business from zero to 6 figure income. Time passed and years later, now he’s followed by many people and has hundreds of students who want to put their foot on the same way.

Now you may ask if you can trust him or he’s just another scammer, well in my opinion, he’s not scammer. I’ve done a deep research about his background and found that he’s doing a real job. According to info that I’ve found, he lives in New Zealand and could make 2 reputable online business before.

As a digital marketer, he works with different companies to increase their amount of sales. Managing ad campaign for different clients and working with them to increase their ROI is another field he’s expert in. SnapInspect is the name of company run by Sam Ovens which is focuses on management.

is sam ovens scam

Is Sam Ovens a Scam?

This is the main question you are looking for its answer. Many people like you want to know if he’s legit or not and that’s why it’s been asked in Google several times and in my opinion it’s a legit person.

Of course everybody does not think like me and I guess because of many advertising he’s doing, some people think that he’s a scammer. Another thing is that when people do not understand how a program works, they call it simply a scam which is not right. I do not know if you know Tai Lopez or not but this guy has done almost the same thing and promoted his business a lot but it’s detected as spam because some people could not understand what he’s doing and how its system works.

Anyway I believe that Sam Ovens is the person who you can trust and more importantly, most of the information he’s giving you is totally free so you do not need to worry about losing money. Why you should believe me? Well, simply take a look at my blog and you’ll see I’m reviewing making money programs for a long time now and my experience let me not call Sam Ovens a scammer.

More Important Question – Is Sam Ovens Worth to Try?

Before saying anything, I want to tell you that there is no Yes or No answer for this question. Since I’ve not enrolled into his program I cannot about the inside of the program but I’ve went through all positive and negative reviews of Sam Ovens to find how it works and I’ve seen that there are both good and bad feedback about his program.

Some people were totally happy with joining Sam Ovens and they mentioned that it brought them money while others had difficulties with understanding the program, support section and also refund process.

I’m working as Internet entrepreneur for years now and I want to tell you that there are two types of people who want to make money online. The first group are people who are really willing to put time and effort behind a system and these are successful people who can make their own online business, but the second group are people who never take action and do not go anywhere upper than the first step. I think it happens for Sam Ovens program too; people who took action and put enough effort could get success and shared their positive feedback while others (who done nothing) just saw it as scam and leaved negative feedback.

I’ve seen people of both groups many times and to be honest, it’s really hard to work with the first group. You give them a step by step guide, you provide them all needed tools and you make clear for them what they should expect but they always find something negative to stick on it and give up soon and nobody can do anything for them because there is a problem with their mindset.

As I’ve said, I get my view from experience of other people with Sam Ovens and my feeling says that it’s not a scam because if it was, you could not see a feedback from a person who is making more than $100k, also the main negative reviews are about technical issues like refund process time which should be solved till now since those reviews was for long time ago.


All in all, after doing all my research, I can clearly say that Sam Ovens is not a scammer. He’s one of the person you can trust and follow. To believe this, you do not need to pay anything because most of his webinars is free which will give you a lot of valuable information and when it’ll get clear for you, you can join its paid program. Finally if you decide to give it a try, make sure that you are willing to put time and effort behind it as much as needed IF getting result is important for you.

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