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Is Sam Ovens Consulting Scam? – Read My In-Depth Review First!

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Normally I don’ spend time to review a product that does not provide quality service or any new thing to its customers but it’s some different about Sam Ovens Consulting. Is Sam Ovens Consulting a scam or not? This is the main question which encouraged me to write a review for this program.

This is a training program which claims you will be able to make money with methods you will learned over there. As its name says, this course is for consultants and according to what they’ve mentioned in their official website, it does not matter what’s your experience or level as a consultant, if you’re a beginner or expert in this field, this program has something for you.

Let’s find out if Sam Ovens Consulting is a scam or legit program!


Product Name: Sam Ovens Consulting

Official Website:

Founder: Sam Ovens

Type: Online Training Course

Cost to Join: Depends on training but more than $2000 most of the times

Recommended? Yes but not for everyone, especially people with beginner and intermediate level

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 10

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what is sam ovens consulting

What is Sam Ovens Consulting All About?

First of all, you should know Sam Ovens Consulting is not a cheap course; it’s not a course even with a reasonable price. When you have to spend $2000 to start learning on a program, it’s considered as a high-priced course. Fortunately there’s a refund option so if you ended up regretting for any reasons, there’s hope to get your money back but it’s some different from other normal refund options you’ve seen before.

You can’t request refund right after joining program; you should continue training and reach specific level to get eligible for refund. It’s some unusual and I don’t know the main reason why Sam Ovens decided to make refund policy more difficult with this rule but maybe he believes numbers of refund requests decreases a lot if customers reach a certain level of training.

Another thing is that when you accept to pay $2000 for a training program, you probably are expecting to get amazing result because it’s not a little bit of money. I must admit Sam Ovens Consulting did a good job in getting attention of new customers with big and eye-catching claims and that’s why some people who tested this program believe it’s completely a scam because of these fake claims.

But when enter to Sam Ovens Consulting official website and visit reviews section, you surprise by seeing +2000 positive reviews about this training platform. Then you ask which one of reviews is honest? Should you trust negative reviews of people who wrote it outside of Sam Ovens platform or it’s more logical to believe what people say about it inside of his website?

Before telling you everything you need to know about Sam Ovens and his course, let me explain why I’m going to review this training platform. There are several reasons that I’ve decided to write a review article for this course, first, when I’ve surfed the web to see opinions of people about this program, I’ve found out that there are only a few trusted and detailed reviews about Sam Ovens Consulting training course and chances are that you will land on a low quality review when you’re searching for that.

Second, many people (from my friends to my website’s audience) requested my opinion about this course and since I only write my honest feedback when I review a product, it took some times for me to gather all needed information about this course.

And last but not least, I personally enrolled into this course (of course this is what I normally do when I review products) and I wanted to share my personal experience with you.

Now let’s see what Sam Ovens Consulting is exactly. To answer this question we need to take a look at background of course’s creator first. Sam Ovens started to run some online businesses a couple of years ago. He started with two websites which provided finding job and food delivery services. He actually even got success with those websites and that’s the main reason for him to jump into online courses industry.

After running a couple of projects in different markets, he found a demand on business consultant and this interest resulted Consultant Accelerator course which is his first course in this field. That is not far wrong if we call Sam Ovens Consulting an improved version of Consultant Accelerator. The fact is that Sam Ovens decided to be a consultant to consultants in this course.

You may wondering how it’s possible to provide consulting services to small and large corporations if you have not done it before. Well a part of it backs to self-confidence and another part is finding customers. When you have both skills at the same time, you never worry about becoming a business consulting.

how sam ovens consulting works

How Does Sam Ovens Consulting Works?

A big part of becoming a business consulting is outsourcing and that’s the main subject Sam Ovens is teaching you in the course. When you join program, you get access to several training materials which teaches you all thing about becoming business consulting.

The point is that you should have already some consulting skills before joining Sam Ovens program because it does not teach you from scratch so if you’re not familiar with some terms and concept in this field, you will probably fail.

Another thing is that you should have experience in working as an internet entrepreneur to be able to provide the best business consulting for your customers. To be honest, if you are experienced to run an online business, you can provide consulting services for other people naturally because you know ups and downs of that business and this is what people are looking for when they try a business consulting service.

Several categories has been covered in the course by Sam Ovens and you have also option to get additional training as upsells if you pay extra cost. There is nothing complicated in the course and he tried show you everything step by step but again I don’t think it’s suitable for beginners.

is sam ovens consulting a scam

Final Conclusion – Is Sam Ovens Consulting Scam?

I’m agree with the method Sam Ovens is going to teach you in his course and all those positive reviews has been proved that this is a valuable online training platform.

Without doubt, there’s chances to get success and make a good online business through business consulting if:

  • You have enough money to cover +$2000 training’s course
  • You are patience and can invest significant amount of time and put enough effort behind it
  • You should not be afraid of failure and must understand that the success path learning from your mistakes

But… my problem with Sam Ovens’s course is that you won’t learn anything special over there. The fact is that if you know what concepts you need to follow to run a successful business consulting, all sources related to that is available for Free and you don’t need to pay +$2000 for it.

To be honest I’m against all persons who insist there’s a “Big Secret” for making money online and they only know this secret. It’s not true and there’s not any hidden secret.

Let me make something clear here. There’s only one person who can push you to don’t give up and get success and it’s yourself! Yes all, teachers, coaches and trainers are effective persons in our personal and business life but who accept that “Only” a training course can turn you into a very successful person?

Don’t get me wrong, there’s not any doubt that a reliable online training platforms can increase your chances of success significantly but nobody can guarantee you except of yourself. The truth is that it all depends on you not system, not training platform and not anything else.

I personally believe there’s only one difference between you and experts who want to teach you something in making money online industry. Everybody like to earn money online and many people want to leave their 9-5 jobs and have financial freedom. This is the fact all coaches know very well and use it to attract people, that’s why many of them claim their system is the only path to the success.

Since this is their method, they set any price they like for it which can start from $39 and go up to $3900! This is what training programs and online coaches charge you depends on quality of course and training materials they provide to you.

Finally, it must be said that there is always a “big doubt” when you enroll into a course. You “May” get success or you “May” get fail unless…Only one training method can give you what you’re looking for and it’s the method which is based on a community.

Imagine instead of paying thousands of dollars to keep in touch with only one expert, you can access to a community of experts who are ready to help you anytime with much less cost. Actually that’s not only a community of experts, you can see people in any level from beginners to intermediate and to guru over there.

The biggest difference is these experts were totally beginners like you sometimes ago and with the help of community and training they got success and turned into gurus. Now since they’ve started like you, they completely understand your expectations and needs and know what you can reach your expectations very well. That’s why you never feel “Alone” in this community.

Continue reading next section to see what I mean by “Best Training Program for Making Full-Time Online”.

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