is secret affiliate machine a scam

Is Secret Affiliate Machine a Scam or a 4k Instant Cash?

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Do you want to know everything about Secret Affiliate Machine? Do you want to find out the answer of critical questions like is Secret Affiliate Machine a scam or not? Then you should definitely read this honest review of Secret Affiliate Machine!

I’m very happy to see that there are still people like who do their own research before jumping into a money-making online opportunity and in this review, I’m going to share all my thoughts about a program called “Secret Affiliate Machine”. Yes, it has an eye-catching name but is Secret Affiliate Machine a scam and there’s really something valuable behind its eye-catching title?

I know very well that earning money from the Internet is like a dream for many people and it must be said this is not something you can achieve easily and there are many failures in this path so prepare yourself for it otherwise, you’ll give up soon!

So let’s back to our topic, SAM (Secret Affiliate Machine), you may be wondering if Secret Affiliate Machine is that hidden treasure on the Internet everybody talks about or it’s just a scam machine hidden behind a legit skin?

Let’s find out without wasting time!


Product Name: Secret Affiliate Machine

Official Website:

Owner: Jordan Mederich

Type: Affiliate Marketing Course (Series of Videos)

Cost to Join: $97/Month

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2.5 out of 10

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what is secret affiliate machine

So the Secret Affiliate Machine Is…

First of all, let me tell you how I’ve got familiar with SAM. I think it was last week when I’ve seen ads of this program while I was checking my mailbox and to be honest, I really don’t know how they’ve found my email address but I know they always find a way!

At the first, I’ve marked it as spam but when I’ve received several other emails from them, I thought that it’s better to take a short look at it and see what’s included in this program.

When I’ve opened their website in my explorer, from the very first moment I’ve found out that it’s not a legit and reliable product. Well, when you review online products every day, you get familiar with some scam signs which are common among them and after a while, you can recognize low-quality programs almost instantly.

The first thing gets your attention is the claim of making +$5,000 after joining the program so you’ll be able to make +$50,000 in the first year of working with Secret Affiliate Machine but is it true?

Well, this is exactly one of those scam signs that I’ve told you about. My past experience says that big fake claims and making an image of easy making money online are two things scammers use to get your trust.

The truth is that not only SAM but any other online program CAN’T make you that much money in a week or less. To get the result and build a successful online business, you need to work hard, invest time and money in the RIGHT place and follow a step by step guide which is not available in this platform.

With some research, I’ve found out that a person called “Jordan Mederich” is the creator of SAM but what it was strange for me that I could not find any other information about this guy and this shows that for a high chance, it’s a fake name and Jordan Mederich is not the real identity of owner of SAM.

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how secret affiliate machine works

How Secret Affiliate Machine Works Exactly?

As its name brings, this machine is all about affiliate marketing. Actually, it’s an automated system that supposes to make you passive income through pre-made marketing funnels.

Everything looks good and it seems that this can be turned into a great MMO opportunity right? But wait and continue reading.

The first fact you should know about SAM is that unlike what the owner of this system says, it’s not free at all. Of course, there’s not any cost when you create an account over there but right after sign in into your account, you’ll start receiving different offers and the owner says that purchasing these additional offers are necessary to get result with the system otherwise, I won’t work.

The interesting thing is that you don’t hear about these hidden costs at all in the sales-video so you see that they’re easily hiding the real cost of this product and want you to believe that it’s Free which is not!

The Clickfunnels

I think it’s good to know that what is the Clickfunnels that they’re talking about here. Actually, it’s a software that has been used by a lot of online marketers for creating eye-catching sales and landing pages. It’s beneficial if you use it the right way for your promotional purposes but as I’ve mentioned above, it’s not free and will cost you $97 on a monthly basis.

Should You Give SAM a Try?

Well, it depends. Some of the information it gives you during the training is useful and practical for both beginner and advanced affiliate marketer but don’t forget that affiliate marketing is a long-term business and if you want to build your business with the help of SAM, you should not live in your dreams and you should prepare yourself for paying $97 monthly which will be $1164 at the end of the first year. Is this the amount of money you can afford at the beginning way of your journey?

If yes, feel free to join Secret Affiliate Machine like the other experienced and advanced internet marketers but if it’s not then it’s better to start with a risk-free and low-cost (but quality) training program. Read more about My #1 Recommended Training Platform here.

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secret affiliate machine pros and cons

Likes & Dislikes of Secret Affiliate Machine

I review online programs and services on a regular basis and have never seen a 100% positive product. All products that I’ve reviewed like Trump Bonus Checks, QProfit System or Lucky Day have their own pros and cons.


It’s about click-funnels and promoting digital products. You’ll learn how to promote SAM and earn commissions based on your sales. This is a legit job that a lot of Internet marketers are doing and making a living from it. So there’s a chance to get success and make money from affiliate marketing if you stick on it.


Unfortunately, things that I didn’t like about SAM were more than things that I liked which effected on my conclusion about this program that you can read in the end of this article.

  • Not Real Testimonials

This is the first negative point of Secret Affiliate Machine. What I’ve found about this product is that most of the testimonials about SAM are not real. Also the reports published as the payment proof on the website has not been verified by an official bank so nobody can confirm if the training of SAM really works or not.

  • Focus on Paid Traffic Only

A big part of SAM’s training focused on Solo Ads which is based on getting traffic from email list of other marketers. This method works “Sometimes” but the issue is that unlike SEO or Social Media Marketing, it’s not a free marketing strategy and may cost you significant amount of money.

Also, I think that Solo Ads is some complicated for new affiliate marketers who don’t have much experience in this industry so if you can’t find quality traffic from reliable soruces, you may end up with paying hundereds or even thousands of dollars and get “Zero” result.

Personally I don’t recommend Solo Ads to newbies and beginners because there’s a high chance of losing money if you don’t know where and when invest your money and why you should risk your hard-earned money when there’s Risk-Free methods like SEO?

  • Misleading Info

There’s a general rule about misleading and it’s when a company or person claims something that can’t prove that so when we see that there’s an income claim of +$50k by SAM without any proof, we should consider it as misleading information.

In addition, there’s a huge startup cost behind the introduced system of SAM. As soon as the 14-day trial is finished, you start paying different payments for different costs like running your websites, using Clickfunnel, getting traffic from Solo Ads and other paid traffic methods, etc. And yes, this is not the system that you feel comfortable with if you’ve just entered into this business model.

It’s a big mistake if you try to get traffic only from one source and put all your eggs in one basket, especially if this traffic source is the paid one which is costly.

You should get familiar and learn about Free traffic sources like Social Media, SEO, Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) to make a successful marketing channel (sales process) for Clickfunnels and this is not what you’re going to learn in Secret Affiliate Machine.

The Real Cost Behind Secret Affiliate Machine

As it’s mentioned above, there’s a 14-day free trial if you join SAM click funnel for the first time but to be honest, this 14-days gives you only an overview of what you can expect in the future. Affiliate marketing is a long-term business and 3 to 6 months (minimum) is required to see the first result.

To keep your account active, there’s a monthly fee of $97 or you can go for a yearly membership which will cost you $297 and you should choose from these two options as soon as the free-trial period is finished.

Also, you have to pick up one of the traffic packages offered by the program to start running your clickfunnel campaign. The recommended package is 1000 clicks and it costs you $0.50 for each click. With a quick calculation, we’ll understand that it’s another cost of $500 and when we sum it up with $297 yearly fee, a total cost of $797 will be in front of us which is considered just as the starting cost. So are you ready to pay $797 to start your Internet business?

Final Word – Is Secret Affiliate Machine a Scam?

In one-word, I would say that this is not a great opportunity for newbies and beginners but if you are an experienced Internet entrepreneur who wants to run a successful online marketing campaign and have similar successful experience then that may work for you. But again, you should have already a detailed marketing plan if you don’t want to end up with loses after using Secret Affiliate Machine.

You’ve may found it easy to go through it and to be honest, SAM tried to show it as an easy way of making money online but it’s not and you should not be fooled.

Another reason that I don’t recommend this program to beginners is its high startup cost. If you’re the person who does not care of spending a couple of hundreds of dollars just for trial and error then feel free to go for it but if you’ve a limited budget and don’t want to spend it for something that you’re not sure about, it’s better to don’t even try it.

Keep in mind that 3 to 6 months is the minimum amount of time you should invest to get the “first” result in affiliate marketing business; this means, you won’t have any income until the end of the first year after starting your business and you should think and prepare yourself for all the costs you will have in the coming year; yes, this is exactly what many people who enter into this industry forget about it completely.

I’m doing online business for a long time now and I know very well which way works and which doesn’t. Investing all your time and spending all your hard-earned money into only one software, program, product or online course in the hope of making a full time or even part-time income is completely wrong and never bring you result and understand all aspects of success (choosing the right way, hard-work and patient) is the key to get success in any online or offline business.

The Right Way of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is absolutely one of the most profitable ways to make money online that I’ve even seen in my life. It’s the only place where lets you have access to +3.5 Billion potential buyers (people who search for different products and items online) with the help of search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

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my recommendation

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