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Is SeneGence a Scam? – See All The Truth About This Company!

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is senegence a scam or it’s a legit company which let you make serious money online? There is a high competition between MLM companies and each one want to be better than another one. Since I’m reviewing MLM companies for a long time, I’m familiar with most of these companies and SeneGence is one of those that is well-known between people.

Doing my research is something I always do before joining any program and it’s good to see that you’ve decided to do your own research to find all facts about SeneGence. This is the best thing you can do to not get scammed by scammers and it helps you find only trustworthy companies.

First of all it must be said that I’m not working with SeneGence so I just tell you the truth and what I’ve experienced with this company so you can be sure that this is an honest review. Unfortunately there are people who associated with SeneGence and write untruth reviews about this company; this is a way that they use to make money so you should not trust those reviews and fortunately I’m not one of them! )


Product Name: SeneGence (aka SeneGence International)

Official Website:

Owner: Joni Rogers

Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Cost: From $55 to $550 (Depends on package you choose)

Short Review: SeneGence is an MLM company which produces and sells beauty and personal care products. This company is up there for almost 20 years so it’s a well-established company. LipSense is one of the well-known products that it produced. They started to provide an opportunity of making money for people with its compensation plan. Although it gives you a making money opportunity but with a lot of problems comes plan, it would be very difficult to make significant money with that.

Suitable For: this can be a good opportunity for people who are interested to use and make money with selling products related to beauty and skin care.

Do I Recommend it? No

Overall Rating: 2.5 out of 10

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what is senegence

What is SeneGence All About?

Joni Rogers is owner of SeneGence who established this company as a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) business about twenty years ago in 1999 in California of United States.

Although main goal of Joni Rogers was producing beauty and skin care products but after couple of years, he decided to help stay at home women to make money through promoting and selling products of SeneGence. It’s also good to know that LipSense is the most famous product of SeneGence who is bought and used by a lot of women around the world.

Quality of Products

Well, to be honest, I’ve not seen many good reviews about their products which shows people (especially women) are not satisfied with quality of products always. According to my research, most of reviews about SeneGence’s products are not positive and I’ve noticed that about 8 out of 10 women who purchase products won’t be satisfied with result at the end which is not a good feedback for a company at all.

Unfortunately negative reviews does not belong to only one type of product and I’ve seen unhappy customers who used different products such as skin rash, shedding skin, irritations and etc.

how senegence works

Is It Possible to Make Money From SeneGence?

SeneGence works in the same way as other Multi-Level Marketing companies which means you’ll have only two ways to make money through it. The first one which is more common is selling products of SeneGence to people who are interested in beauty and skin care products and make commissions. The second way is inviting people to join SeneGence’s partnership program and encourage them to promote and sell products of SeneGence then for every sale they make, you’ll earn commission.

As I’ve mentioned above, SeneGence works the same as other MLM companies so it’s some strange to see that they did not add any special features into their comparison plan to attract new members because MLM is a high competation market and I expected to see something different in SeneGence as an international company.

How To Join SeneGence?

It’s sad to see that joining SeneGence’s partnership program is not free. The membership fee is $55 and this is not all cost involved. In addition to contribute with SeneGence as a distributor you’ll need to get one of their business Kit which are available in 2 levels: LIPS Kit ($75) or Glamour Demo Kit ($295).

With a simple calculation we find out that the beginning cost to start working with SeneGence is about $425 and there is also training package which is called Distributor Training Package and it cost you $550! This is not a cost which everybody (especially beginners) can take care of it so we can’t call it a newbie’s friendly program.

If you want to get training package too (which is necessary to get success as they’ve mentioned to) you’ll ended up with almost $1000 to start your business with SeneGence!

pros and cons

Pros & Cons of SeneGence

What I Did Not Like…

1 – Recruiting People

Not only in SeneGence but this is what I do not like in any other MLM company. If you want to make serious money, you HAVE TO recruiting people into program and it starts with your family and friends because they are persons who you know and you think it would be easier to promote and sell something to them because of this.

So if you think, you can make enough money by only selling their products directly to people, I’m sorry but you’re wrong. The earnings from selling won’t be enough at all which lead you to use recruiting method with all its issues that I’ve mentioned to.

2 – Out of Stock!

I know nothing is worse than working hard to find a customer then lose it because the product he/she chose is out of stock! Unfortunately this is what happens in SeneGence on a regular basis and the bad part is that you do not get any notification when a product is out of stock so you continue promoting it and just when you find a new potential buyer, you’ll find out that the product is not available anymore.

This is a fact that you need to have enough amount of products always to make money and when a company can’t support you with this, it would be worthless regardless to size of the company. This is the main issue which many distributors have to face with when they work with SeneGence.

3- No Information About Income Statement

I do not know about you but I always avoid joining programs which do not show a clear of potential income. I think an income disclosure statement is the basic information every MLM company should provide for its distributors otherwise people who work with that company won’t be able to see potential income they can have.

Unfortunately SeneGence does not give you any income disclosure statement and you can’t have a clear overview of your potential income and this is a negative point from my point of view.

4- High Startup Cost

You’ve probably seen other MLM companies which are similar to SeneGence but the main difference between this company and other companies is its startup cost which can be up to $997 as I’ve mentioned before.

So if you’ve got familiar with Multi-Level Marketing business and want to join a MLM network, SeneGence would not be your best choice for sure because of its high startup cost.

What I liked…

1-High Profit Margin

According to their official report and as you can see in their compensation plan, they have discount from 15% to 60% for their products which is very good for a MLM company so this can be a great opportunity for wholesalers or people who buy products in bulk to make good profit.

2-Well-Known Brand

Although it’s an important factor to know when a company is established but it’s not the only factor you should rely on. SeneGence is working for about 20 years now so if this is the only factor you consider when you want to join a MLM company, you can go ahead and give it a try.

is senegence scam

Final Conclusion – Is SeneGence a Scam?

No, SeneGence is not a scam at all and it’s totally an international legit company which is up there for years now. It’s also possible to make money through SeneGence but you should think twice about time and money you have to invest first to get result and see if it really pays of at the end or not.

The same as all other MLM business, you feel it would be easy to make significant amount of money in a short amount of time with a MLM company but this is not true and it’ll never happen so keep it always in your mind when you’re deciding about joining an MLM company. Also there are much better ways these days to start building your business and make money online with lower risk. To find it, take a look at my best recommendation section below.

my recommendation

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