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Is Seven Dollar Click Scam? – Big Reasons to Be Careful!

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Looking for more info on Seven Dollar Click? Want to know is Seven Dollar Click scam or legit? Read this article to know everything about this program.

With all the confusion surrounding the real deal and scam websites, it is very important to verify so as not to fall victim of these money-sucking websites that are out everywhere these days. Well done, you are on the right track to check out this page. I will be giving you an unbiased overview of this Seven Dollar Click that you have come across.


Product Name: Seven Dollar Click

Official Website:

Type: Pay to Click Platform

Owner: Nobody Knows!

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is seven dollar click

What Is Seven Dollar Click All About?

Unlike paid survey platforms like Vindale Research, Seven Dollar Click (SDC) is a Pay To Click (PTC) website. This means that you are being paid to watch advertisement videos of companies.  This is what SDC does as well. Yes, there are a lot of these PTCs that actually pay you as they claim but the reason SDC, in particular, is being questioned is because their pay is outrageously high.

This is a problem because the companies who hire them pay $10 per 1000 link ads and $10 for 2500 for banner ad views. So the promise to pay you $7 is unrealistic and sketchy because a lot of other real PTCs pay extremely low in comparison, so why would SDC promise to pay you so highly to watch the same videos as these other PTCs. Some of them pay as little as $0.01 which begs the question, is SDC another scam website?

Companies, most especially, start-up companies contact these PTCs to advertise them by getting people to watch their videos in a bid to introduce whatever products or services they offer to people. Now, these PTCs develop a method to entice people to watch these videos, so they offer to pay them to watch the videos.

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how seven dollar click works

How Seven Dollar Click Works?

Registering onto this website is free of charge. Only your name, username, email address and password is required. You are supposedly being paid $7 for every video you watch, but you cannot withdraw your earnings until you reach a threshold of $7,000, meaning you have to have watched 1,000 videos. Before you would be paid, you have to be a paid member.

This means that you have to pay to be one, the more you pay the more you earn from referrals. The options available are from $59.99 – $99.99 monthly, $199 – $699 yearly or a life payment option of $750 – $975, which is very expensive. Now even when you pay for any of these upgrades, you have to wait for 75 working days to get your payment. This is going to take up to 4 months to process, even if you pay for a cheap membership, you still have to keep renewing it to be able to cash out your payment.  Now, I’m sure you are beginning to see the deceit in all of this.

Can You Make Money With Seven Dollar Click?

No, you cannot make money with it. There are a lot of red flags up on this website. First off, you not aware of the channel with which you are getting paid. This is a huge eye-brow raiser, this is what any PTC website should make mention of. Another thing is that you cannot withdraw any money from your earnings to pay for a membership if you want to. This means that the money on the website is not real cash but virtual.

Again, going by their terms and condition, you would not really know if you can get paid even if you reach the threshold of $7000. So in any case where you have not gotten your pay-out and have subscribed to get the paid memberships, they would tell you that you have breached their terms and conditions. This definitely doesn’t sound very good to me. So in any case, you are not getting paid.

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seven dollar click review

Seven Dollar Click – Pros & Cons


  • There are no benefits.


  • You are cheated of your money with the pretense of getting much more.
  • The prices to be a paid member are way too high.
  • You have to wait a while before getting the supposed pay-out threshold.

Why You Should Be Very Careful About Seven Dollar Click?

Claims of Seven Dollar Click is the first thing you should not believe about this company. They’re very unreal and ridiculous claims from a Pay to Click platform and although making fake claims is a common strategy among scam website owners but this one is too unrealistic.

The scam signs I list here are not all red flags I’ve found about Seven Dollar Click but they are enough for putting this website in my scam folder. Let’s take a look at some of these red flags and see why you never get success with SDC.

#1- Using Fake Actors As Real People For Testimonials

Unfortunately, all those smiling people who say amazing stories about Seven Dollar Click are completely FAKE!

Unlike some other scam websites, Seven Dollar Click didn’t put any payment proof and testimonials in their home page, instead, they invite you to take a look at member’s feedback which is published in their Twitter account.

Although the last update for this section was for a long time ago but those few testimonials were enough to determine if they’re real people or not. I’ve done my research for one of the testimonials which were a woman that claimed she made thousands of dollar with Seven Dollar Click. I took the picture of a woman, went to Google and uploaded the picture in image section to see all similar results.

It didn’t take me too much time to find out that she is lying because one of the Google results in the first page was pictures of this woman as a member in Upwork (one of the biggest freelance platform) with this description: I can create any kind of sales-video and testimonials for you!

I didn’t need to do more research because I already know what the result will be!

#2- The Paying Rate Is Too High

As its name brings, this website is willing to pay you up to seven dollars for a single click. This is not normal at all and most of legit PTC platforms don’t pay you more than $1 (a couple of cents in most cases) for your clicking effort.

The company says the rate is the same for watching ads. In both cases paying $7 for doing something that does not need more than 5 minutes to be completed is totally suspicious.

Earning 2 or 3 cents maximum from PTC business is a realistic view you can have when it comes to legit Pay to Click websites. Fortunately, with a simple google search, you can land on a list of legit PTC platforms and if you take a short look at their rate in the landing page, you will find out fast that paying $7 per click isn’t anything more than a dream if it’s not called scam!

#3- It Does Not Make Any Sense!

The only thing you need to do to earn rewards in seven dollar click is clicking on an ad and wait until the displaying time is passed which is something between 15 to 25 seconds. In this type of marketing advertisers want to make sure that their ads will be displayed to the right group of people so legit PTC companies have some rules like keep the ads page opens until the counter time is done but I have not seen anything like this in Seven Dollar Click and you can click on an ad then do whatever you like. This is completely useless for advertisers and that’s why I think SDC (Seven Dollar Click) is doing something wrong!

is seven dollar click a scam

Final Word – Is Seven Dollar Click Scam?

There are a lot of pointers that I have stated above that leads you to the conclusion that this website is a huge scam. I am still going to dive deeper into the cracks of this website to provide more evidence on how unauthentic this website is.

Seven Dollar Click posts videos of people appraising their website, this doesn’t happen very often but the latest person on their website was bought to do it. She was contacted on contract to do false testimonials for them, she is a freelance spokesperson on Fiverr, this indicates that the website is a fraud.

It’s very interesting to note that on this website that you do not really have to watch the advert videos! Now that is really sketchy, if they are a site that pays people to watch advert videos, then I wonder why it is possible for you to not really watch this video and still get the agreed amount you are supposed to get.

It just points to the fact that they are desperate, so much as to ignore the most important reason you are on the website so as to get money out of you. PTC sites usually have an amount of time you have to be on the site, so when you leave the site before that time elapses, it does not count.  SDC does not operate that way.

On the FAQ section, there seems to be a constant pop-up of the question ‘why have I not gotten paid?’ to which there’s a reply that, ‘you have breached our terms of use and thus do not qualify for a pay-out’ or ‘you have breached our terms of use and thus have been suspended or banned’. This seems to be a regular occurrence since it is on the FAQ section, so before you think about going on the website, you should think about this very carefully.

One other thing is that you are not notified when you breach these terms of use, so you are not banned from viewing these videos and you think you are still making your earnings and then after you have gotten your membership and are ready to get your money, you are informed that you have breached their terms of use. If this does not scream fraud to you, then I really wonder.


PTCs are really old-fashioned and companies do not employ this method to advertise anymore. And the ones that are legitimate do not pay nearly as much as Seven Dollar Click, so all the time you would waste watching videos only to get insignificant money could be put to better use and earn a substantial amount of money when you go on legitimate websites.

You should really be careful and make sure to verify very well before you attempt to be a part of any money-making platforms online.

Good luck!

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  1. Good work with your research and sharing with us the scam that seven dollar click is doing to others. I hope readers understand that your work makes a difference. People are being educated with your article about the scams out there. Thanks for the info.

  2. This is a very interesting topic and the way you have laid out your information is great. The content is very imformative and well detailed. Your site and posts are easily accessable and easy to follow. Great job

  3. Thanks for the artice, this was super helpful.
    I wonder why so many people fall for these websites, do you know? Do you have any advice on how to detect these things more easily?
    Are there any online survey companies that you would recommend?

  4. Hey Ali,
    Had to drop by and comment, that’s because of the value your dropping by here, not only in this post, but also on the entire webpage.
    I mean, it must be very time consuming doing research if a weebsite or company is legit or not. So for taking that time I say to you, thank you! I entered these type of website, it’s insane that they do false testimonials.

    I mean that’s insane!!!


  5. Wow! I really got a lot out of this post. I thinknit is very useful and informative to have this information because there are a lot of programs out there and it is hard to tell good ones from the bad ones.
    I feel like anyone who is interested in getting involved with any online money making idea would find great value in reading this because it would prevent them from wasting time and money.
    I am so glad you decided to provide this information to further help people and steer them away from scams. Keep up the good work!

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