Is 7 Figure Profit Code scam

Is Seven Figure Profit Code a Scam? Read This First!

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Is Seven Figure Profit Code a Scam?

Is Seven Figure Profit Code a scam or not? It’s a question loads of people have been asking about this make money online (MMO) program. The program makes exorbitant claims about how quickly you can be making 7 figures, but is that just all hype and no substance, designed to take your money?

Let’s take a closer look and find out the truth…


Product Name: Seven Figure Profit Code

Official Website:

Price: $97

Owner: Mike

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

Verdict: Scam

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I’m just so glad the sales video was not half hour long like the other crazy scams. But, it does have a second video which made me laugh, more on this in a bit.

If you put your name / email address (always use fakes ones btw) on their home page beside the first sales video, you will go to a second page where there seems to be a video there where it tells you they created an account for you and it’s already making money. Hmm, this sounds like the other scam products I’ve reviewed.

If you try to close out on this garbage, it will prompt you to take a discount and then you get to see it go to to check out and buy Seven Figure Profit Code.

what is 7 figure profit code

What is Seven Figure Profit Code?

So what actually is the 7 Figure Profit Code? Can you really use this website to make money or is this another scam? I have been taking a closer look to learn more and find out exactly what it’s all about. Over the past few months I’ve reviewed 100’s of programs here at No Bs Im Reviews including well known gurus like Tai Lopez and Keala Kanae. I’ve got the experience to spot scams easily and what I am seeing here with 7 Figure Profit Code is not great.

After watching the video and going through the steps I noticed that the cost to get started is $77 although I believe this cost varies depending on how you find this website. Sometimes the price might be slightly higher and sometimes lower. If you try and leave the website before checkout you will actually be given a discount as they simply want to get whatever money they can from you before you leave their website.

How It Works

As expected there is no information on how this actually works. They just feed you a bunch of very vague info that makes no sense. In the video “Mike” tells you that the system utilizes the big online sites like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Bing. It manipulates the flow of online traffic to your site.

And they will set you up with your own site of course.

At one point in the video he says that he wants to partner with you so that you can help promote the system to others as well. So this seems like he is saying that you will be promoting the system and making money by getting others to buy into it. It seems that its another “buy this system and you can make money getting others to buy this system type of deal”

But I don’t really know for sure because you don’t get any information without buying in, which I am not going to do. And you will see why because in this next section I’ll expose you to some of the lies they tell…


“Megan” earned $1,117.79 and says she’s nervous as never recorded herself on video before. Obviously that’s not true as here gig page advises she’s a professionally trained actor and an award winning public speaker. It would be hard to have those accolades and have never recorded a video before.

The other testimonials are also just by paid actors.

Conclusion – Is 7 Figure Profit Code Scam?

In all honesty, 7 Figure Profit Code is nothing but your typical valueless “get-rich-quick” scheme. There’s absolutely nothing genuine about it at all because once you see the red flags: Ridiculous money-making claims, false testimonials, fake owner, and other slimy techniques – you realize that it’s designed to “take” from you.

The only person who is gonna live a life of luxury with ‘7FPC’ is the sleazeball who created the dubious scam in the first place. Unfortunately, with these type of “cheap” schemes, the fraudsters not only hit you with other costs for more junk once you’ve made your purchase but your inbox is likely to get flooded with trashy offers as well.

The Bottom Line: Keep ‘7FPC’ at arm’s length if you wanna avoid getting duped.

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