is slidejoy app a scam

Is Slidejoy App a Scam Or Make Money With Zero Effort?!

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During recent years I have tried many apps which offer an opportunity to earn money on the Internet. Some were a failure, some were better. And today I am going to tell you about one of them called Slidejoy. What do you think if I ask: Is Slidejoy app a scam or it’s a legit and real way to earn some good money easily?

In this article I will share with you why I find Slidejoy worth of your time. Moreover, I won`t hide its negative points because I am here to tell you the whole truth about apps and schemes with all their pros and cons. Again and again I am reassuring you that I am not related to Slidejoy in any way, and unfortunately, or maybe luckily, I am not getting paid for writing reviews for you. So, in this article, I will uncover all the truth about SLidejoy.

Do you want to know how much you can make using Slidejoy? Is it a scheme or a legit scheme? Should you put your effort into it? Continue reading and you will see!


Product Name: Slidejoy

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: App for Earning Cash Online

Price: Free to Join

Summary: Slidejoy is an app designed for helping people make easy money online. The app is ad-based that means that your income will depend on how many advertisements you watch.

This is the app that really pays, however, not as much as most of us would anticipate. Moreover, it has been changing through the years and some changes were not to its benefit. That is why you can see some disappointing reviews about Slidejoy on the Internet.

Recommended? No because of very low-income potential

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is Slidejoy

What Is Slidejoy Exactly?

Slidejoy presents itself as an app which allows you to make money while using your smartphone. What`s more, Slidejoy`s team is trying to persuade people that using their app will give you a sense of community and create a change in your life.

But all of us know that we should never believe the ads until we try it. I have tried dozens of apps just like Slidejoy and the amount of money I received, in the end, was so small that I came up with the idea that they are not worth the time I have spent on them.

The scheme Slidejoy is based on is pretty simple. Companies pay the app`s team money to show their ads to their users so that they can get a larger audience and increase sales earning cents from it.

Does it Meet Your Expectations?

Using Slidejoy is super easy. You just need to install it on your smartphone, and after that, every time you unlock your smartphone, you will see an ad. If you are interested in learning more about the product, you can proceed to its website, otherwise, your smartphone will unlock and you can continue using it.

This feature distinguishes Slidejoy from all other similar apps and makes it more attractive and user-friendly. Actually, you don`t even need to open the app. You just install it and continue using your device, as simple as that. What`s more, it offers several other ways to make money which are available in the app.

However, the app wouldn`t survive if there was no source of income for Slidejoy`s team. Finally, they have to pay out the money users earn by using the app. The app provides companies with an opportunity to reach a wider audience, find more new customers and increase their sales.

Slidejoy is a win-win scheme which helps both businesses in their marketing campaigns and ordinary users who want to make some extra cash with as little effort as possible. Although, the amount of money you can make using it is as little as the effort you put in it. So don`t expect much from it.

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how Slidejoy works

How Slidejoy Works Exactly?

To start using Slidejoy you have to download and then install the app on your smartphone. Then you must sign up. You have 2 options here: your email or Facebook account. The only difference is that if you sign up using your Facebook account, you will get several extra points.

As soon as you are done with signing-up, the ads will start appearing on your smartphone when you unlock it. If you want to learn more about the product from the ad, you should swipe left and you will be redirected to its website. If you want to continue using your phone, swipe right.

The good thing about Slidejoy is that you can see several ads at a time. For that, you need to swipe up. However, don`t expect that you can unlock your smartphone every minute to earn more money. If you do so, the app will just ban your account.

Beside various ads, sometimes you will also see offers for making more money. You will have to sign up for them in order to use them.

All Available Payment Options

After you just sign up, you won`t be able to receive your money for 3 months. However, after that, the app will transfer money on the 15th day of each month.

The app offers several ways of getting the money you earn. Apart from PayPal or Square Cash, there is also an opportunity to give the money to charity which is definitely a positive thing about Slidejoy. You can receive the money as Amazon gift card as well.

What Is Real Income Potential in Slidejoy?

That`s probably the main thing you want to know about Slidejoy app. Well, the earnings vary for different people. However, even if you use your smartphone quite a lot and manage to watch many ads, you won`t be making more than $15 in a month.

I can`t disagree that this amount of more is very little. However, just think about it – you don`t have to do anything – just watch ads from time to time while using your smartphone. So why not earn a little extra while doing your everyday routine?

Is It Worth Trying?

Of course, Slidejoy works. Although it doesn`t bring as much money as we might want, but it still works.

Some people might try to outsmart the system and try to watch more ads than they are supposed to, but – believe me – it won`t work, your account will be banned.

Slidejoy is based on earning so-called carats which are then turned into real money. But don`t let it fool yourself. Although you may have the several-digit amount of carats in your account, in the end, you will get only a few dollars because every thousand carats in Slidejoy equals only $1.

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Slidejoy pros and cons

Slidejoy App – Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of Slidejoy App

  • User-Friendly Interface

The first thing that I liked in Slidejoy was its ease of use. I was interesting for me to see that you don’t need to do any additional thing after installing app. It does not effect on your phone and you can continue using it the same as before plus you are able to take advantage of it.

  • It’s 100% Original

I liked the idea behind Slidejoy; it was new and unique for me. I’ve installed and worked with tons of different earning money apps but what Slidejoy gives you is something different and I have not seen it in other similar apps before. Personally, I think that it would be very exciting if you could make money from different ads as soon as you unlock your phone and this is exactly what’s included in Slidejoy.

This lets you put away other earning online ways for a while and focus on a new way for making money.

  • You Will Get Pay Easily

When you reach minimum payout in Slidejoy, you will get paid by PayPal. I always advise people join earning programs that pay with PayPal and this is one of the positive points Slidejoy provides for its users.

Disadvantages of Slidejoy

  • No Big Money Can Be Made Through it!

It’s not easy and even I can say it’s not possible to make even a part-time income through Slidejoy. Yes everything is easy and you can start earning by unlocking your phone but on the other hand, the income potential is very low and it never makes you rich.

If making a few extra dollars is all your goal of being online and make money from an earning app then Slidejoy can be a good choice but if you are one of those persons who close or leave pages with ads then this application just will be an annoying tool and you will probably uninstall it after a short time.

  • Not Available for iOS Users

You have an iPhone and you are interested to use Slidejoy? Sorry, but you should forget about it OR buy an android device! At the moment, Slidejoy can be downloaded only through Google Play which means it’s created only for Android users and you won’t be able to take benefit of it if you’re an iOS user.

Is Slidejoy App Scam

Final Word – Is Slidejoy App Scam?

Absolutely no! I confirm the legitimacy of Slidejoy and I make you sure that it won’t scam you in any way. But let me answer your question with another answer.

Is Slidejoy my recommendation or is Slidejoy worth trying?

The same as some other earning online programs like Passive Pay Day or Zwerl, it didn’t meet my expectation and I say a big No again to the above question. With all features Slidejoy gives you, it’s not a valuable app from my point of view. You will get tons of ads every time you unlock your phone and watching all those ads for making a little cash is not something that can make you satisfied after some weeks or a month.

Earning apps had some advantages 5 or 6 years ago but since better ways of earning income online like affiliate marketing has been entered into everyday life, people started to use earning apps less and less and moved to options with high potential of income like Affiliate Marketing during the recent years.

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