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Is Smart Dollars Club a Scam? – The Truth Revealed!

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Today I am going to give you a full review of another paid survey website called Smart Dollars Club. This is not the first survey website I am reviewing, but Smart Dollars Club definitely stands out and I’m going to ask this question in my review: Is Smart Dollars Club a scam or +$300/Day potential income is really behind it?

You might ask why I think it stands out from the crowd? Well, this is probably the only survey website I have ever come across which claims to pay a hundred bucks for completing just one survey. Sounds totally unbelievable to me, and I would say that it is obviously a scam.

I have used and reviewed so many various paid survey and other money-making websites, both good and bad like Betterment, Personal Capital and Freedom Financial Network that I have learned to recognize a scam right away.

But with my unbiased reviews, I have proven that I am here just to give you the facts, but the decision is totally up to you. So let`s get to the facts and let me prove why signing up for Smart Dollars Club is not a good idea.


Product Name: Smart Dollars Club

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Paid Survey Platform

Cost to Join: Free to join

Short Review:

Smart Dollars Club is trying its hard to make an impression of a company that offers a legitimate way of making money online. However, all their attempts fail right away.

Starting with the fact that there is absolutely no information about the founder of the website and we have no idea who is behind it, and ending up with the exaggerated rates for surveys – everything seems too suspicious about it.

If you have ever signed up for a survey website, you might know that you shouldn`t expect more than $10 for completing a survey (if you get lucky!), while the more usual rate would be only a dollar or so.

But let`s get into the details first.

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is smart dollars club

Smart Dollars Club Is All About…

If you take a look at the Smart Dollars Club website, you might think it`s just a regular paid survey website where you need to sign up to get access to various surveys. Then, after completing a survey, you get paid. Moreover, it may look even more attractive than other survey websites because they claim that the rates for completing surveys are several times higher than on other websites.

Do you want to know what happens when you sign up? They start to send different offers and links of other schemes for making money online to your email address you need to provide to sign up. There are no surveys at all, the only thing the owner of Smart Dollars Club wants from you is your email address so that he can send affiliate links of other programs to as many people as possible.

If you think that no clearly thinking person follows the link from the email, then you are deeply in error. People who are desperately looking for an opportunity to earn some extra money online might take whatever you are offering them. What`s more, a great percent of them have close to zero experience in making money online, which makes them ideal victims for online scams.

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how smart dollars club works

How Smart Dollars Club Works Exactly?

The answer is that Smart Dollars Club simply doesn`t work. I mean it doesn`t work as a survey website. Rather, it works as a scam which aim is to sell to you as many partner programs as possible.

You might be waiting for me to say how exactly you are going to make $300 per day using this website, but I have to disappoint you, you won`t make it. As soon as there are no surveys, there are no payments either.

What`s more, the more people sign up for the website providing their email address, the more money the owner of the website makes for clicks and sales and the more richer he becomes. I would really love to find out who this person is, but unfortunately, there is no information about him at all. Moreover, there is no details about the company either. And that is another thing that should alarm you.

After You Sign Up…

Sometimes the best way to find out the details about this or that program – especially if there is very little information about it on the web – is to sign up and try it for yourself. However, I do not recommend you to do that yourself because sometimes any of us can lose control and suddenly realize that they invested too much money in nothing.

To protect you from possible risks and money loss, I signed up for Smart Dollars Club myself and here I am going to tell you how it was. (I recommend you to read the following articles if you are interested in low-risk investment opportunities: Low Risk Investment Options, Safe Investment, Investment That Protect Your Nest Egg.

At first, everything looked like a standard sign-up procedure – you type in your email address, and then go to your email where there is a letter waiting for you asking to confirm your email address. Nothing strange. Moreover, the email claims that as soon as you confirm your email address, you will be redirected to your first survey and start making money right away.

However, when I pressed the button to go to the survey, I was redirected to a suspicious, scam-looking website offering an opportunity to make some easy money. After I repeated the whole procedure, nothing changed.

The lesson I learned from signing up to Smart Dollars Club is that you should never believe claims and promises you see on the websites unless they are proved by true testimonials from real people.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Smart Dollars Club


Well, Smart Dollars Club offers… No, sorry, I can`t come up with any advantages this scheme can give you.


Things get easier when it comes to disadvantages.

  1. First things first, this scheme is not what it claims to be. This is no paid survey website.
  2. The only thing you will get signing up to this website is loads of spam emails.
  3. There is literally no information about the founder of the website. How can you trust your email to someone whose name you don`t even know?
  4. But the hugest drawback of Smart Dollars Club is that it won`t help you make money.

Is It Possible to Earn Money Online from Smart Dollars Club?

You won`t be able to make a single dollar using this website because it doesn`t offer any opportunities to make money at all, surveys included.

Warning – All Scam Signs of Smart Dollars Club

Finding out whether a certain scheme is a scam is not as difficult as it may seem. Luckily for us, all scams have common factors that yield up their true nature. And here I am going to share these so-called ‘red flags’ with you!

  1. Unreal Claims

Nowadays literally everyone can set up a website, fill it up with attractive claims of making quick easy money without the need to spend much time on it or put too much effort in it. However, only few can create an actual opportunity for other people to make money online.

If the only thing you see on a website is the claims that they are going to pay you money straight away after you sign up, that you are going to get the money almost for nothing, then think twice about signing up. Try to stay cold-minded. Why would a website pay you that much money for taking a simple survey?

  1. You’ll Land on Other Websites

Right after I signed up for Smart Dollars Club, even on the stage of confirming my email address, the website started redirecting me to various websites offering different schemes of earning money online.

If the website doesn`t have anything to offer, then you should get alarmed and stop using it right away.

  1. Misusing the Conception of Affiliate Marketing

To me, it`s totally clear what Smart Dollars Club is trying to do. They are persuading people to leave their email addresses by promising to pay cash right away as well as guaranteeing an opportunity of earning easy money online.

Then what they do is bombard you with multiple affiliate links via your email. There may be not that many people who would swallow the bait, but when you are sending these emails to thousands of people, I`m sure there will be enough people who would click on the affiliate link and probably even sign up for the partner website.

And this way, no matter who the creators of Smart Dollars Club are, they will get a decent payment for linking people to their affiliate partners.

  1. Spam, Spam & Spam…

As I have previously mentioned, Smart Dollars Club won`t let go of you that easy. As soon as they get your email address, they start sending you tons of emails with different making-money offers, including their partner paid survey websites and probably some scams as well.

Even if you don`t go to this website again, you will keep receiving spam emails from Smart Dollars Club. So my advice to you – don`t sign up, don`t open Pandora`s box.

  1. Very Basic Website

When signing up for a normal paid survey website, you need to out a standard form where you have to tell your gender, age, country, personal preferences and social stand. This is a standard procedure which helps the website to find surveys that suit you. Because every survey is aimed at a certain social group and most of the times you can`t take any survey you want – you need to be eligible for it. So sometimes you might face a problem that at a certain point there won`t be any surveys for you. However, it never lasts long and most sites frequently upload new surveys.

The thing about Smart Dollars Club is that they are not offering you any forms. They are not interested where you live, how old you are or whether you study or work. On the other hand, if you visit the website after your sign-up process is over, you will see that there are no surveys available for you. And it happens every day.

If there are no surveys available for you, then there are no surveys available for anyone, because the only information the website has about you is your email address.

Are Survey Websites too Good to be True?

First of all, I should mention that Smart Dollars Club can`t be compared with any paid survey website, because it is based on dirty affiliate marketing strategies and has nothing to do with surveys. And if you ask me, you should never trust this website or sign up for it.

Speaking of paid survey websites on the whole, if it is a legitimate website which offers true testimonials and realistic rates for completing surveys, then why not sign up. Survey websites offer a real opportunity to earn some extra cash (although you shouldn`t be ambitious about the money you can get from them – most of the times the sum doesn`t exceed $20 per month).

The only problem you may face with paid survey websites is that many of them have a lot of complaints of not paying the money users have earned. So if you decide to sign up for such a website, be on the lookout for such complaints to avoid problems in the future.

Don’t Believe Their Claims, It’s Just a Trick!

The most important thing here to understand and remember is that Smart Dollars Club is a fraud. It is claiming itself as a paid survey website, but it doesn`t offer any opportunity to make money at all.

By using dirty marketing techniques and making false claims, they are inviting people to leave their email. For most people wouldn`t even hesitate if they know they are going to get $100 just for giving out their email. But unfortunately, they don`t know what is waiting for them.

These technique helps the founders of the website create a huge email list which they can use to send out ads with affiliate links for different money-making schemes, including survey websites. And for each click or sign-up they are getting a commission, while you are getting nothing at all.

is smart dollars club scam

Final Word – Is Smart Dollars Club a Scam?

Most of the time I prefer to tell the facts in my reviews covering both advantages and low points of this or that scheme and leave the decision making process to you. This allows me to offer you an unbiased review based on facts that you can trust.

However, this time I feel that I have to tell you straight away that you need to avoid Smart Dollars Club. Firstly, it is not what it says it is, and you are not going to gain anything by signing up for it. Instead of getting a hundred dollars by completing a survey, you will get a load of spam emails from Smart Dollars Club.

If you are thinking now that getting these emails with offers of various money-making programs may help you find a way to earn money online, I assure you that there are much better and more trustworthy places where you can learn about a variety of online money-making strategies, including paid survey websites.

If you haven`t taken a look at my website, then it`s high time to do so. Here you can find a lot of complete reviews based on the research and sometimes personal experience which can help you find the program that suits you best.

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  1. Interesting and helpful review. There are so many scams out there so it is very good to make people aware of what the scams are and what the good ones are. Thanks for this info!

  2. Thank you for sharing this review. I always wondered if surveys are an easy way to make some money online and I signed up for few online options in this regard but unfortunately that was a waste of my time. Some legit, other not so much…but at the end simply worthless.
    Wealthy Affiliate seems like a great option to make money online. Again, thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow. That is scary those people are just out there to scam other people out of their money. I think you hit it right on the head with warning people to be aware. It’s a good idea to keep reality in mind. Why would a website be willing to pay tons of money for one survey? What would they benefit from that?! It can be a hard thing because there are many people who would like to get some quick, easy money but most of the time that is just not how it works. I also found it interesting that this website doesn’t even ask you to fill out any forms that would help them best fit you with a survey, they don’t even try to disguise the fact they are just looking to get your email. Yikes. Thank you for sharing a thorough review of Smart Dollars Club, which is clearly NOT a smart move.

  4. Ali,

    I have heard of online surveys before and many of them actually are scam. As for Smart Dollars Club, it’s new to me. I’mg glad that you decided to do this review and shed light on it. Won’t be signing up with them for sure.

  5. Informative review!
    Smart Dollars Club looks and sounds like a scam to me and I will keep my distance from this survey website.
    I have tried other survey sites and made very little money doing it, so the claim of $300 per day sounds very hard to believe.
    This is the most I have ever heard for making money from a survey site and even if that number was $100 per day, it would still be hard to believe it could be realistically possible.
    I’m happy that you provided helpful and detailed information about this website.
    Thank you for sharing all the useful advice and I look forward to coming back to your site to learn more!

  6. Hi Ali, thanks you for doing the hard work and letting us know about these frauds that only claim to be a legitimate paid surveys site, but are in fact stealing people’s money and time. I will be sure to stay away from smart dollar club.
    I also liked how you go deep and break down the red flags that prove it is a scam site. This can be helpful in recognising other scam sites as well.
    By the way, how dod you find out about these charlatans?
    Thanks for this great post.

    1. Thanks Michael. Glad to see that this review was useful for you. Well, it’s not hard to find scam sites if you review online services and MMO products for years. There are always some red flags and warning signs that I’m looking for in these sites and when I find them, I share it with others. )

  7. Thank you for this very informative review, most people don’t know the perils of the internet mixed in with scams. Many online companies are only formed to scam people who are uneducated about the online world. Here you have provided much needed insight. Great information and well structured. You are a trustworthy source and I will be coming to your site for further information. Thanks so much Ali for helping people find the truth!

  8. First, this is a wonderful choice to help people avoid these kinds of scams. I was once drawn into one, and it cost us over a thousand dollars. The unfortunate issue is that with such schemes, there is little you can do to get any of it back.
    Checking and finding these to help others avoid them is something I must commend you for.
    Make sure that when you recommend WA that you mention that it is free, but in order to keep the coaches there are costs. Anything worthwhile is worth the cost, and of all the affiliate sites out there and others who offer the same, they will cost you the least for the most amount of benefits. Saying they are completely free is misleading. While you can use the site for free, it only gives you certain benefits at the free stage.
    If we promote a great site like WA, we need to do so with the correct information- or like others, it will end up on a site like this one calling it a scam when it really isn’t- just the information given was misleading.

    1. Hello Lason and thanks for your comment. I’ve never said that Wealthy Affiliate is completely Free. I’ve mentioned that it’s free to JOIN this program. Anyway, it’s good to see that you considered it as a valuable training platform which is a great choice for people who want to start making money online.

  9. I have always thought that people trying to make money online with surveys was a weird idea in the first place. Why would you want to waste your time online taking a survey that doesn’t even pertain to what you use throughout your day. I am glad that I found Wealthy Affiliate and am starting my own website as of now. I hope that you continue to put out such nice information about websites like this knowing they are just a scam to people everyday. I know now that I am glad I never tried any of the survey websites and wasted my time with them for a little to no money made. Great review and I thank you again for putting it out there so more people don’t get caught in the scam sites.

  10. Ali, thank you for the heads up on Smart Dollars Club… which isn’t such a smart online survey option after all. I once belonged to an online survey website and I built up points over time which I could redeem later. It wasn’t enough for a full-time income but it was fine for what it was.

    I was wondering how you know if an online survey website is a scam before you give them your email? The thing that you pointed out about legitimate online survey websites asking you for your demographic information, such as age, gender, income, marital status…etc., makes a lot of sense as the best way to at least know what is not going to be legit. Survey websites need to target different demographics for each survey so this information is paramount to their ability to perform their business functions properly and efficiently.

    Do you have any survey websites that you recommend as being legitimate? Thanks again for the information.

  11. Hi Ali, I think your site is a must when it comes to al this idiotic scams out there, I am so sorry that people drag affiliate marketing in the dirt and come up with these kind of pages. A lot of people will definitely go there and bang they have an email from maybe a desperate person who want to make some money quick, I do not think this is fair and how can people sleep at night when the scam desperate people?
    great job and I will follow your site and recommend it to people who need to see this shit going around the web.
    thanks for a fantastic job in doing what you do.

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