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Is Stream Energy a Scam? – Pyramid Scheme or Real Opportunity?

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Stream Energy is a website that claims you can save big money by using their energy plans and since it works based on Multi-Level Marketing model, it gives you opportunity to make some money by selling their products. Now here is the question: Is Stream Energy a scam or it opens door for making money online to you?

Of course to make sales you need to be able promote products successfully first which requires some online marketing knowledge. But let’s see if this opportunity can really help you make money with energy plans or not. Let’s find out!


Product Name: Stream Energy

Official Website:

Owner: Mark Schiro

Type: MLM company for Energy Plans

Cost to Join: $29 monthly fee plus $329

Recommended? Yes but not for everyone

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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what is stream energy

What Is Stream Energy Exactly?

Stream Energy focused on providing natural gas and electricity supplies with cheaper price for people and as I’ve mentioned in summary section, this company has been founded by Mark Schiro about 3 years ago in 2015. After getting success in its two main fields (electricity supplies and natural gas), Mark Schiro expanded his business and decided to enter into other sections.

About the marketing, the same as many other online businesses, Stream Energy uses a MLM model to promote its products. Multi-Level Marketing lets everyone join a company and start making profits and earn commission by promoting and selling products of that company; most of the times it’s free to join into MLM program of a website and it does not require any specific knowledge.

But since Companies uses different types of compensation plans and these plans are complicated sometimes, it may not be not suitable for everyone. This is what I’m going to discuss here and I’ll let you know if compensation plan of Stream Energy is worth your valuable time or not.

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how stream energy works

How Stream Energy Works?

To know how Stream Energy works, we need to discuss a little about MLM first and see if there is any difference between Multi-Level Marketing and Pyramid Scheme. This company has introduced itself as a MLM company but when during my research I’ve seen some signs of Pyramid Scheme in this company.

But let’s consider it as a Multi-Level Marketing business for now. The most important factor in a MLM company is education which I’ve not seen in Stream Energy. To be honest, I can think positively about a company that does not provide basic education for its members. When there is not a step by step guide, it let us think Stream Energy is thinking about something other than helping people to make money.

Of course there are some information about how to start and how to promote natural gas products but I confidently say that it’s not enough at all and everything gets worse if you don’t have any marketing knowledge in advance.

But is Stream Energy a pyramid scheme? No. According to what I’ve found in their official website, they don’t push you to recruiting new people into their program to make money instead they provide you several options which let you earn profit from different ways.

What You Can Sell Through Stream Energy?

Don’t forget that I still didn’t answer the main question; is stream energy scam or not? Because it’s not easy to give it a Yes or No answer and we need some more details.

First, let’s take a look products that are available for selling in Stream Energy;

  • Energy

As name of company brings, energy is the first services provided by this company. This service is available for customers of United States but keep in mind that not all states can take advantage of it and currently customers in only some of states can get this service. As its name says, this service provide natural gas and electricity in a lower cost.

  • Phone Services

This option gives individual takes benefits of data and Wi-Fi services provided by Stream Energy. The same as Energy service, this service can be beneficial for you if you live in United Sates.

Home & Protection are other services that you can get from this company. It’s better to visit their official website to know more about these services.

Compensation Plan of Stream Energy

Well I was disappointed when I’ve looked at their compensation plan because unlike what I’ve expected, it’s not easy understanding at all and you may get confused quickly if you’ve not worked with other MLM company before. The only thing they’ve mentioned clearly in compensation plan is upwards of ~$250 which seems good when we see it in other similar MLM companies.

The based on MLM is trying to get people sign-up on a specific product or service and if you have this ability, there’s good money to be made through it. Your efforts will be rewarded by points so basically if you can make more sales and get more people to register on Stream Energy, you’ll get more points.

Low potential of income is one of the main negative points of MLM business and according to stats, each marketer could make only around $178 yearly by working as distributor on their platform, which is not much at all.

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stream energy pros and cons

Stream Energy – Pros & Cons

Positive Points of Stream Energy

  • You Will Work With a Well-Known Company

When we talk about MLM companies that work based on energy, Stream Energy is considered as a leader with more than 15 years of experience in this field. Generally I don’t recommend people to join MLM business but if I would, I tell that it’s better to sign-up on an old and well-established company rather than a new one and this is what Stream Energy can give you well.

  • There’s a Huge Demand for What They Are Offering

Everybody likes to save money on energy so regardless to where you are from, what Stream Energy provides can be useful. You never see an energy provider offers you discount and prices goes up every month or year so if company promises you lower price that would be a great alternative for your current energy service provider.

Negative Points of Stream Energy

  • Good or Bad It’s a Multi-Level Marketing

The first and biggest disadvantage of Stream Energy is its marketing model, MLM. Generally people have a negative view about this type of business so it does not matter what you offer them; they’ll reject your offer fast even if you’re going to give them a high-quality service or product.

  • Local Opportunity Rather than International

You can’t go anywhere more than a couple of states in America with Stream Energy so don’t make any international dream with them. In addition, if you decide to try this MLM opportunity you should learn about all related rules about this business according to city and state you live in to do not get into any legal trouble.

Unfortunately there is not a common law about MLM for all states and it can be legal in some and illegal in some others.

  • You Cannot Rely on Energy Business 100%

Although there is a good demand for energy out there but the fact is that this is not a trusted industry by people so when we mix it with Multi-Level Marketing model (which is not trusted as well) everything get harder and more difficult from building trust to selling.

Is MLM Something You Should Try?

I know this business model and I’ve reviewed tons of MLM companies so I assure you that it’s not a newbie-friendly business and since you mostly promote expensive products (which you need to buy them in advance) there is chance to lose big money if you can’t sale them.

I recommend you to go for Affiliate Marketing instead of Multi-Level Marketing. I’m doing this for a long time and could turn it into my full-time income. I also know many people who started affiliate marketing with zero knowledge in online marketing and could get huge success in less than 6 months.

is stream energy a scam

Final Word – Is Stream Energy a Scam?

Let me answer this question with another question. Do you think they could be up there in energy business and continue working constantly for more than 15 years if there were scam? I don’t think so. All my research also confirms this answer and I’m sure that Stream Energy is totally a legit company.

But wait! Does it mean that I encourage you to take benefit of this opportunity and will it be profitable for you? No! Without doubt there are many things I didn’t like in this company and I believe that they’re not 100% honest with customers. They even use some tricks to increase number of sales sometimes and I’ve seen some information in their website which is not trustworthy.

Anyway in terms of legitimacy, there is nothing wrong with them but I advise you to read all information on their website to make sure it’s a suitable opportunity for you.

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  1. It looks like you really did your research on this. It’s good to hear about these things from someone who knows what they’re all about, since I personally don’t have any experience with this kind of business, so I’d be the kind of person they target. Thank you for the recommendation!

  2. Hi Ali

    I live in Australia where all of our gas and electricity companies are either owned by private companies or the government. They handle their own marketing strategies and don’t have any MLM incentive schemes so your article was a real eye opener for me. It’s not a venture that I would ever consider. I recently decided to try my hand at affiliate marketing. I did a lot of market research before I joined Wealthy Affiliates and every you said about them is very accurate. For what you get they are very reasonable price and the training and community support is excellent. I look forward to reading your nest review.


  3. Thank you for your highly informative article on Stream Energy! This is super-helpful.

    From reading this, it seems like this business opportunity is rather complicated and perhaps difficult to understand unless you already have a background in natural gas and electricity or other energy products. Without that background, it seems like it would be hard to sell these services to prospective customers.

    And since it’s an MLM, you would need to be good at explaining these services to people you’re hoping to sign up in your MLM downline as well. Since I don’t have this kind of technical knowledge, I personally would find this sort of making-money opportunity to be difficult.

    Also, as you mention, it’s available on a limited basis only in certain U.S. states, and you have to be careful about legal issues.

    So this doesn’t sound like such a great work from home business opportunity. But I see that you also offer another recommendation, for the Wealthy Affiliate program, and I would second that recommendation. Wealthy Affiliate takes you step by step and trains you, and I think it’s a much better way to go for people wanting to work online from home and make money.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Hey Ali,
    What an interesting read! I heard about them very very recently and it’s great to see people covering it in order to clarify whether or not it is legitimate.
    I would only suggest you put your summary at the end, since people will see if it is worth it or not (and if it is a scam) at the very beggining and therefore might lose interest in the rest of the post.
    But I did get hooked, and the information provided by you is of great usefulness. I always seek these kind of info to really know what I’m digging into, so your website came in handy for me!
    Keep going with your great content!

  5. Ali
    This was so informational. I love how you went into detail with the pro’s and con’s. Stream Looks like you have to know a lot before you even get started. I do not think that this would be a program for me. I really am interested in your recommendation. Are you going to have a review on Wealthy Affiliate? I will be back to see. You give all the right information about these things. Thank you.

  6. I was unfamiliar with this company, but very familiar with MLM businesses. It’s true, there are some legitimate opportunities out there for people to earn an honest living, but there are so many others that are nothing but a scam. It’s important for people to do their research before they get into this kind of business. And having a website like this is an important step to find all of the facts. To me, this company doesn’t seem like the best option out there, so thank you for taking the time to research and write this review. It’s been very helpful!

  7. I was wondering how this company worked and if it would be a good one to connect with. I mean an energy company that offers a way to make money seems like a good idea to me, but after reading your analysis, I don’t think I will go that route. Making only $178 a year really doesn’t excite me, especially if I have recommended to family or friends. Also, like you said MLM has a bad reputation with me as usually being scammy. I will read some of your other articles and check out your recommendations. Thanks.

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