is super affiliate scam

Is Super Affiliate Scam or a Super Way to Earn Online?

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Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to make tons of money without having a single product. However, with the super affiliate network, such dreams might be unrealistic. Now here is the question: is Super Affiliate scam or it’s a real way for turning your making money dreams into reality?

Typically, an affiliate marketer gets paid to promote the business of online sellers and generate sales from its a referral. Affiliate marketing has become a great place to start when one wants to make money online.

It is not very expensive to start as you just have to pay for your domain and spend some of your time setting it up. There are equally very lovely affiliate programs out there that can earn you tons of money. However, not of them are that good. The Super affiliate on its own is really not what it appears to be. In this article, we will expose the terrible reasons why you should stay clear of this business.


Product Name: Super Affiliate

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Program

Cost to Join: $37 Monthly Fee plus Many Upsells Up to Thousands of Dollars!

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

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what is super affiliate

What Is Super Affiliate Exactly?

Super Affiliate is an online community for affiliate and internet marketers that was created by Kit Elliot. Kit Elliot was once a 6th-grade teacher before he ventured into the affiliate marketing business and due to his passion for teaching, created this community to teach others all about affiliate marketing and how to make huge profits from it.

Is Supper Affiliate a Pyramid Scheme?

When you try to promote and sell only a specific product or rather than helping people with providing a wide range of different products according to their needs or when purchasing products is required for promoting and make money from them, you are probably get involved in a Pyramid Scheme system.

Have I told you about Supper Affiliate membership levels? It’s another issue you should know about before joining it. There’s always an advantage for members who upgraded to Pro level. This Pro members are always in an upper level than Basic members and of course there’s more cost to become a Pro member.

This means if you invite a person into Supper Affiliate and if he or she become a Pro member while you’re a Basic member, you WON’T receive even a single cent as the commission from this upgrading’s price because you’re a Basic and your referral is a Pro!

By using this method, Supper Affiliate can get the attention of many people and they can promote their system in an easier way. Also, they’ll make more profit when they have more Pro members. The only way to increase your potential of the commission is upgrading your membership plan into a new level which will cost you more money and this does not mean anything except than scamming from my point of view.

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how super affiliate works

How Does Super Affiliate work?

Super Affiliate is an online community that brings affiliate marketer and internet marketers both upcoming and advanced to a place to gain knowledge on how to be successful in their internet business. The community offers a platform for members to ask questions about affiliate marketing and get relevant answers from the founder (Kit Elliot) and other members who are advanced in the business.

Points are also given to member according to their participation in the community. Points are awarded according to how many questions they have asked, how many questions they have answered, how many times they have posted on the platform and how many times they have logged into the community.

Super Affiliate also has a blog in which tips are given on how to grow your affiliate business, tips on advertising, new software and applications to know about and how to use them, how to generate traffic and many more.

Super Affiliate also claims to give you a step by step training on the affiliate market.  It redirects you to another platform created by Kit Elliot called ‘Unstoppable Affiliate’ where you have to pay to get the training and other features. These consist of two membership packages, the first being ‘Blueprint which cost $97 to get access to:

  • Unstoppable Affiliate Challenge.
  • 2×2 Affiliate promotion for the weekend commission.
  • 7 minutes set up for under $5
  • Four bonus affiliate templates.
  • Unstoppable Affiliate Blueprint.

The second membership package is the Blueprint Plus Advanced which cost $299 to access:

  • Unstoppable Affiliate challenge
  • Four bonus Affiliate templates.
  • Unstoppable Affiliate Blueprint.
  • The foundation and find your market training.
  • 2×2 affiliate promotion for the weekend commission.
  • Bot automation training.
  • Pixel Marketing training.

Super Affiliate also offers to generate traffic for your website with four packages:

  • Test package – $107
  • Starter package – $214
  • Big500 package – $479
  • Heavy hitter – $847.

Can You Make Money with Super Affiliate?

No, you cannot make money with super Affiliate at all. In fact, the so-called teachings by the personal coach is merely another sales pitch to make you shell more money to move to another level of packages. It is definitely not a get rich quick scheme, but it is equally a scheme meant to keep you in a closed network and continue to draw money out of your pocket.

There are no products on this platform that you can sell and generate commissions but simply more and more pitches about products that will do what we probably don’t know. When you look at their landing page, you will see claims that they can help you make $2,000 per week in the world of affiliate marketing where hard work and patience reigns, this is an impossible feat.

Even the story proposed by the founder is contradictory. He claims to have made six figures in two years when you divide that figure in months; you find that the value is less than the figure he is claiming you can earn through his platform.  The promises are big and the idea of calling it an affiliate program is misleading because it is simply a promotional platform.

Compensation Plan of Supper Affiliate

To earn any commission through Super Affiliate, you should buy one of its products. You can’t promote any product of Super Affiliate Network if you don’t own one of their product so there is a cost always for starting to make the commission. Unfortunately, this program does not offer any other way of making a profit through it and purchasing products is your only way.

To know how the compensation plan of Supper Affiliate exactly works and what steps you need to take to start working on it, I recommend you take a look at explanation videos available on their official website. There are much useful information available you can find over there.

To be honest, this is one of the gray marketing strategies when a company or website push people to purchase products that they do not need really and even some people considered it a kind of modern scamming. There is no any need to use purchased products in Supper Affiliate so if you can’t resell them to others, you will ended up with some useless products in your hand.

Unfortunately some other companies like CB Cash Code or Auto Chat Profits uses exactly the same strategy to attract affiliates to their program.

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super affiliate pros and cons

Super Affiliate – Pros and Cons


  • Question and Answer: Super Affiliate helps people just coming into affiliate and internet marketing to be able to ask questions on areas they are having difficulties in and get answers from advanced people in the business.
  • Blog: The blog on Super Affiliate offers essential tips to upcoming and advanced affiliate marketer and internet marketers. It gives tips on growing your affiliate marketing business, gives you tips on advertising, tells you about new software and applications concerning affiliate marketing you should check out, gives you tips on how to generate traffic and many more.
  • Meeting Like Minds: Super Affiliate gives you the platform to meet people who do the same kind of business you are involved in. You can talk to them and ask them questions that are important to you. You can learn from other people who know more than you know for free.


  • Registration Before Training: You have to register to Unstoppable Affiliate (where you are directed to from Super Affiliate) before you can get the promised one-on-one and step by step training. This in itself is deceptive. Many of its so-called practices can be obtained from other affiliate platforms for free.
  • Expensive to Train: Before you can get your desired training, you have to become a member on Unstoppable Affiliate, you will have to give out more money, and the lowest is $97 which is outrageous. Coupled with the fact, that there is really no training on this platform, you should keep your money in your bag
  • Not A Site To Get Trained: If you are searching for the training that would make you a successful affiliate marketer, then this platform is not for you at all. If you want to ask questions and interact to gain information that might not be useful, then hop on.
  • Takes Long to Get Answers: People are advised to ask questions, but sometimes these questions are not answered for months up to a year. This is really discouraging.
  • Pyramid System of Earning: The only true way you earn is by bringing someone to join the system. There are no products whatsoever you sell that would benefit anyone than the company.

Email Marketing and Nothing More!

Do you want to learn how to build a successful affiliate website and earn full-time income through it? That’s good but unfortunately, Supper Affiliate will disappoint you completely in this field. There are many training materials you have access to inside this platform but all of the training is only focused on email marketing based on Solo Ads.

I agree that email marketing is a powerful tool for affiliates but using solo ads for generating traffic will cost you serious money and there are risk-free ways like SEO that can bring you an unlimited amount of traffic for Free which Supper Affiliate does not tell you anything about.

is super affiliate scam

Final Word – Is Super Affiliate A Scam?

Yes. Supper Affiliate is a scam. It proffers empty promises and no essential resources that can even make you a decent affiliate. The Landing page does not share any information but merely is filled with pics and figures to convince you and make you give away for cash for nothing. You do not learn to become an affiliate marketer but simply keep propagating the scheme to others who when they join the system brings you some commission.


In my opinion, Super Affiliate is another marketing website that first engages the visitors and when caught, redirects you to places where you have to pay expensive fees for almost nothing in return. It even gives a false illusion about answering questions about affiliate marketing but really gives you nothing.

The right way to becoming a successful affiliate marketer is by knowledge, hard work, and patience. Stay clear of programs promising extraordinary sales in less time because it is not true. Look for structured lessons and begin your slow but worthwhile journey in affiliate marketing. In no time, you will come to reap huge profits and become that super affiliate; you have always dreamed of.

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  1. What a great post! I really enjoyed reading it, so decided to leave my comment here to say thank you for sharing this quality post with us.
    This was exactly the information I was looking for about Super Affiliate and when I landed on your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in detail, so I’m happy you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for Super Affiliate.
    I’ll come back to your website again for sure and am looking forward to reading your new posts.

    Thanks again!

  2. Thank you for this detailed explanation of Super Affliate! I am just getting started and it is very easy to get sucked into spending money without knowing all the details of a particular program. I will also look over your other articles as again I like that you go into great detail of what really turns out to be scams and programs that are just out to get my money! I like the looks of your recommendation Wealthy affliaite and will defintely give that a look as well

    Many thanks for your work and post!

  3. I am quite new to affiliate marketing and I was looking for training online. I stumbled upon companies like Wealthy affiliate, Yoonla and Superaffiliate. I found this review very helpful for making the right decision.

  4. Hey, thanks for the review.
    I pondered joining affiliate market fields and remember stumbling upon super affiliate as well.
    It looked kinda shady from the start and as you said, the fact the I was required to pay for any basic training was real downer. I didn’t know tho, that they are basically all about email ads. Big thumbs down, I can get info about that for free, from youtube. Once again, thank you for this very comprehensive review.
    I wish you and all others who try affiliate marketing all the best!

  5. Hey, thanks for the informative post. I will definitely stay clear of Super Affiliate. Anything that promises easy results its usually true and its easy to see that this is an example of that. I actually have signed up to Wealthy Affiliate, and your post has re-affirmed why I decided to join this community.

  6. Ali,

    This is a great in depth review. There are so many programs like this one out there and, unfortunately, there are tons of people promoting them and blogging and vlogging stellar reviews. Likely, the positive reviews are coming from their members who need downstream memberships to earn their money back and maybe make a tiny profit.

    I have been combing the internet for years (on and off) in search of a platform that actually does what it says. However, I have been lured in by many ads , blogs, and YouTube videos marketing scam programs and spending a little money to get my foot in the door so I can learn about how to make money online.

    Almost always, the program that lured me ended up like this. A real program that did not legitimately show me what it promised to show me without me investing significant amounts of money. I have never been able to justify pouring out additional funds for a program that does not even tell me what I will be getting in return so I end up only spending a little bit but wasting a ton of time going through “classes” that are really just promotional material attempting to get a huge investment from me but not “teaching” me anything.

    Thanks for pulling back the curtains on this one for all of us so we don’t have to be Ponzi scheme suckers.


  7. This is great information. You have pointed out very clearly the pitfalls of this super affiliate program. Hopefully your clearly laid out points will help people avoid this and other types of programs that are out to take advantage of people. Well done.

  8. What’s up Ali.
    I am actually glad I passed by your website because it covers exactly a situation I had today. I tried to use an additional program to find out it had a hidden fee, not only that but there are many things fishy about how the website is set-up. Also like the website you mentioned, you cannot join unless you pay for the membership, which the guy said I didn’t have to pay to start training, and other lies he told.

    I like WA because it is honest upfront and the subscription your paying for is worth it. Not only do they have the option to promote their company, but you can promote your own and many others as well. I’m just starting, and I can already see how I will succeed if I stick to the program. There are many programs that will have expensive prices but are really worth nothing, which is the worst part of it all.

    I wish you best luck on your journey with promoting WA, and I hope you continue to expose these websites, for the people need to be informed.

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