is survey compare a scam or not

Is Survey Compare a Scam or a Gold Treasure?!

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Do you have this question in your mind too: Is Survey Compare a scam or a wonderful and unique survey site? Then you have absolutely landed in the best place to find the answer! Not only that question but several other important questions will be answered in detail in my Survey Compare review.

Is Survey Compare a squeeze style or it’s something different? Let’s take a closer look at this platform to see how it works. When you register on Survey Compare, you’ll have access to a long list of survey companies which you can choose from.

The first difference between Survey Compare and other similar sites is that there’s not anything like a sign-in section for the website since you are not going to create an account for yourself over there. According to contact info, Survey Compare is located in London and everything is designed professionally on the website.

I think it’s not hard to find out that Survey Compare just makes a connection between you and a variety range of survey platforms and it does not handle anything by itself. There are several ways Survey Compare makes a profit from like affiliate marketing. For example, if you decide to sign up to any of survey site in the provided list, Survey Compare gets a commission or even if you start to taking surveys on any of those sites, SC gets a part of your earning from that survey.

This was just an introduction for Survey Compare and we are going to check every aspect of this opportunity in the next paragraphs. Stay with me! )


Product Name: Survey Compare

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: List of Paid Survey Companies

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? Depends (Keep reading to find out why

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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what is survey compare

What Is Survey Compare All About?

What I’ve found about Survey Compare is that they are up there for a long time and they work legally. Although it focused on online survey industry but you can find other options of MMO (making money online)on their website.

GTP sites like Jobs2Shop or Survey Compare have almost the same instruction for sign-up section. The process of signup is not much different than other online signup forms and it’ll be done by entering some basic info like your full name and address, age, gender, etc. then you’ll start to receive email from other survey companies like GTM (Global Test Market), Vivatic, etc. Actually, you’ll put yourself on the email list of Survey Compare.

Can You Make Money with Survey Compare?

All suggested survey sites by Survey Compare are tested and monitored by them before to make sure they are legit and reliable and although you don’t need to check them by yourself again but they don’t guarantee that nothing wrong will happen with recommended companies so always be ready to do your own research before joining any of recommended site.

Also, don’t forget that none of the legit companies require you to pay money to start working with them so if you land on a job from home website which has a fee, consider it as a warning sign. Although you should keep this in mind for all making money opportunities but it happens more about survey sites which scam people by promising them big money for completing surveys.

Your opinion is valuable for a quality, legit and reliable survey platform because it’s been used for different reasons like improving products of companies. Companies pay market research sites to collect opinions of people so persons like you and me should not pay anything for sharing their thoughts.

So in short, it’s possible to make money with Survey Compare but it depends on what survey site you choose to work with.

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how survey compare works

How Survey Compare Works & How You Will Get Paid?

You won’t get paid by Survey Compare and the reason is simply because you work with them indirectly. It has been said that payment options like PayPal or Gift-Cards from well-known brands like Amazon are available but I think this is not what Survey Compare can make you sure about.

Well, it’s not honest to see that names and logos of big brands like PayPal or Amazon have been used by Survey Compare to get credit from; why they played with names of reputable brands while they don’t offer any payment option?!

The fact is that you register on survey panels that SC is given to you and you should check payment option of those survey panels to see what they offer. Also, rates and the minimum threshold are different for each survey company so make sure you know it before give that company a try.

Should You Join Survey Compare or Not?

Ever since Adam and Eve, there was a war between fans and critics of paid survey companies and it seems that this war never ends!

Anyway, in my opinion, and as a person who has long experience in trying tons of survey sites, I would say that it’s not worth your time. In other words, your time is much more valuable than spending it for making a few dollars a month with survey companies.

But it also very depends on your character. For instance, playing online games or watching YT videos are hobbies for many people and they are comfortable with answering some short questions (surveys) related to those videos and games. If you’re this kind of person and it does not important for you what you get in you spend hours to take online surveys then Survey Compare worths a shot for sure.

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survey compare review

Survey Compare – Positive & Negative Points

When I’ve listed and counted the pros and cons of Survey Compare, I’ve seen that the cons of this company are more than its pros but to be honest, I marked Survey Compare as a safe platform and although I believe that there are much better ways to invest your valuable time if you’re serious about building an online business and making money online but if you decided to try it in any way, SC provides you with only a list of legit opportunities and since it does not cost you anything to join this website, you won’t lose anything (except than your time of course).

The same as always I make a list of my likes & dislikes about the website I’m reviewing. I hope this list helps you have a better overview of Survey Compare.

Pros of Survey Compare

  • You don’t need to pay anything to join this platform. It’s totally Free and it’s open for people from all countries.
  • You won’t find any scam, low quality and crappy survey company in the recommended list and the legitimacy of all given survey sites has been tested and confirmed by Survey Compare.
  • They don’t tell lies about the real income behind this business type of business. They are honest with you and clearly say that you can’t make big money by taking online surveys.

Cons of Survey Compare

  • You never know who is really behind Survey Compare because there’s not any information about the owner
  • Everything SC gives you can be found with a Google search so if you decide to don’t use it, you won’t miss anything
  • It seems that there are fake testimonials about the company and it’s not from real people
  • There’s not any dashboard or login section in the website which means you never have your own account with them
  • The only way to know what SC gives you is by signing up with them. There’s a lack of information about what you will really have access to after joining the platform.

is survey compare scam

Final Word – Is Survey Compare a Scam? 

Survey Compare is one of the most legit sites I’ve ever seen in the survey business industry so there’s nothing to worry about when talking about the legitimacy of Survey Compare. But don’t get me wrong. When I mark a website, product or online service legit, it does not mean that I’m recommending it necessarily.

I divide legit companies into two groups:

  • Legit companies that are worth trying
  • Legit companies that are not worth trying

I put Survey Compare on the second group and that’s why it’s not my recommendation. Joining this platform is waste of the time since there’s not any value behind it. You will have to work with several survey sites to make as much money as possible but you’re going to decrease your income potential indirectly since you won’t have any main source for your income.

You can get much more with spending the same amount of time you spend on the survey sites if you invest it in the right place so the right decision is to stay away from survey companies.

Finally, you should know that with being a little smart and patient, using the right training materials and choosing the right platform, you can easily go from zero to $2k, $5k, $8k or more monthly income in less 3 years. This is what I’ve personally done and I’ve used below the platform to reach that monthly income.

So feel free to take a look at my best recommendation program below if you want to make a thriving online business for yourself and have the same income as mine.

Thank you for reading my Survey Compare review and I would be more than happy to see your comment below.

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  1. Good information. It is nice to know Survey Compare researches the companies they promote even though it is small compensation. Important to know that not all survey companies are scams. I liked had your article kept us guessing which way you were going to go on your recommendation.

  2. Hi Ali,
    Thank you so much for enlightening us about how to make money online. More and more people are looking at an alternative lifestyle( I am certainly one of them). I really like the way you write and how you take it step by step. The pro and cons, the use of images and colours. You also made an important point by mentioning that it is legal but not worth our time but you also gave us an alternative that works. W.A. I have bookmarked you and would like to get back to you in the near future for some advice if I may.

  3. Hi
    This is a very informative review. You make a very valid point about how we spend our time. Sometimes we can get carried away with spending hours of our precious time just to make a few dollars. This time could be invested in a much more creative and productive manner. It is good to stand back sometimes and take a good look at what you are doing , what you are achieving and how this could be done better.
    Wealthy Affiliate are awesome and a great way to get you started online. With a free trail you really can’t go wrong.
    Thank you

  4. Survey Compare is a great website. I like how it introduces you to one main website with many survey options under one roof.

    I’ve seen survey’s but I didn’t know you could actually make a true income by taking them. Listing the pros and cons helps one seeking work to cut the corners, know how and where to start with a much better understanding.

    Being free is a major bonus and an explanation of each step process is especially beneficial to leary survey takers.
    All the best success to you.


  5. Thank you for this excellent article. This is so informative. This review helped me learn about Survey Compare and thanks for letting me know that this is a legitimate company but not worth trying as joining this is a waste of time. Thanks for this valuable information. Great Post!

  6. Thank you for this post. It just confirm that doing surveys is a waste of time. I have been part of a few surveys programs without much success. Did get little money for work, but sometimes not even a dime.

    I currently make use of Wealthy Affiliate and earn much more than with surveys. The best thing about WA is that you get the chance to generate long term passive income.

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more posts.

  7. Hi, there.

    First of all, I want to thank you for your fantastic review. You honestly saved me from making a big mistake. I was researching a few survey sites, deciding which ones to join. Your fair warning concerning them came right on time. I’ve just researched Wealthy Affiliates to, and they seem to be legit with lots of great testimony. I did sign up and will give it a try since it is free for a week, anyway. I’ve always had the desire to learn more regarding Internet marketing, and their pricing (after the free trial ends) seems reasonable, too. So, I might even stay beyond the free period if the training is really good. I’ll keep you updated after a week if you’d like me to. Until then, again, many thanks for your awesome review and content here.

    Warm wishes,

  8. Hello and thank you for this informative review of Survey Compare.
    I agree with you that after reading your review of SC, I don’t think it would be worth anybody’s time, unless of course you simply want to give it a shot.

    I also agree with you with spending that time on yourself. Invest it on yourself and everything else will fall into place.

    This is good information, and a wise decision not to recommend it to anyone, simply because that time spent on surveys can be used elsewhere that could prove to be more rewarding.

  9. Excellent post Ali! Thank you for all of the information here, it’s certainly very useful and will help me decide about whether or not to use SC in the future.
    Having tried survey MMO websites before, I have found personally that there are a wide range of websites available, and many indeed are scams. It is good to see that Survey Compare is actually legit!
    I do understand why they are not recommended for a full-time income though, so thank you for explaining so well!
    Also, in relation to your recommended #1 resource, I would just like to add that as a Wealthy Affiliate member myself, they are very legitimate! For anyone looking to really make an income online – full time – doing what they love, then there is no where else better in my honest opinion!

  10. Hi, Ali what a great article you wrote here. Very informative. Thank you for sharing your research with us.

    I joined 3 surveys before but none was SC. I am too busy now that I have other priorities I must tend to. However, I’m still with one and had convinced my husband to do the survey for me lol. Poor guy.

    I am sure that people who is looking into joining SC will have your review to look forward to for their many unanswered questions.


  11. Hi Ali,
    Before I saw this article, I have absolutely no clue about survey compare since I haven’t heard about it. However, I think this can help many people since you walk through how it works thoroughly and listing the pros and the cons of it.
    I hope more and more people can visit your site and learn these useful things. Wish you all the best!

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