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Is Syntek Global Scam or a Global Way for Earning Online?

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At this review article I’m going to talk about Syntek Global, a platform that provides earning online opportunities. I also explain how it started working and answer some important questions like:

Is Syntek Global scam? Is it really possible to make money from Syntek Global? How does Syntek Global work and who is behind it? And some more.

If you searched for “make money online” term in the Internet at least once, you know that there are unlimited number of programs, products and online courses which claim they’ll teach you how to earn significant amount of money online but do they tell you the truth?

Actually the reality is far from what most of these websites promise so the first step is finding if they’re telling you the truth or they are just looking for your money! So let’s start and see what’s all included in Syntek Global together.


Product Name: Syntek Global

Official Website:

Owner: Curt Ence

Type: Health & beauty skin care

Cost to join: Depends

Recommended? 50%

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 10

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syntek global review

What is Syntek Global Exactly?

Let’s see how this company was born first. If we want to find out when Syntek Global started working, we should back to more than 30 years ago! At 1986 when there was harmful emissions much more than today, a man called Curt Ence decided to invent a fuel which could reduce this harmful of this pollutant.

He’s got success and called his product Xtreme Fuel Treatment then started to sell it to big and small companies. This product was welcome by companies because the result was very satisfying. Like other successful producers, Curt Ence decided to expand his business immediately by producing more. And finally about 12 years ago in 2019 the Syntek Global started to work officially.

I’ve forgot to say that Syntek Global is based on United States and after selling its unique product (XFT, aka Xtreme Fuel Treatment) successfully, it’s provided an opportunity for people to become a distributor in their company and make some money. Although it’s an old company but this option (working as a distributor with them) is introduced to people just in 2008.

But does it worth to work with them and promote their product XFT? To answer this question we should know what their product is doing first. In simple words, it effects directly on mileage in vehicles that work based on engines and utilize their detergents. We can consider Xtreme Fuel Treatment as a booster for engines which let it works faster and increase their life-time significantly.

Is Syntek Global Still Syntek Global?

You may wonder to see this title but the truth is that name of Syntek Global has been changed some while ago and it’s not known as Syntek Global anymore. Story of this company changes after 2015 when started to cooperate with an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company called AlureVé.

AlureVé is a company that sells skin care and health products is founded and manage by Dr. Quan.

With an agreement between Curt Ence and owner of AlureVé Dr. Quan, these two companies merged together and LivElite was born. So if you visit LivElite website, you will see it mentioned to both AlureVé and Syntek as parents companies and is known as Syntek Livelite now.

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how syntek global works

All You Need to Know About Syntek Livelite

MLM or Multi-Level Marketing is the first thing comes to my mind when I visit Syntek Livelite.

Since those companies merged together, their products are merged as well so that’s not strange to see skin care products besides fuel treatment product! Although they’re not related together at all but as you can see, they’re working together so it shows that anything can be connected and even sold together in digital world!

Anyway, as I’ve said, it’s an MLM company and although I’m not a positive person when it comes to Multi Level Marketing business model but I should confirm that Syntek Livelite is a legit business.

All products that has been sold over there are legit so you don’t need to worry about legal issues. But the question is that what type of product you should promote and sell now? Products related to XFT or other items?

What About Compensation Plan?

It’s clear that if you want to know earning ways on a program, you should take a look at its Compensation Plan. Actually Compensation Plan shows all possible ways to make money though a website or platform and I’m going to explain Compensation Plan of Syntek Livelite here;

  • Promote Products & Make Commission

It’s also known as Customer Purchase. This is the first and probably the quickest way for making a couple of dollars through this website. In this way, you need to create a blog or website for yourself first then you start to write articles about all products available on Syntek Livelite. This articles can be review posts which shows pros and cons of a digital item.

After that when one of your website’s visitors buy one of Syntek Livelite’s products you have introduced in your blog, a nice 25% commission of sale’s price will be sent into your pocket.

You should not forget that you just make money for your sales and it’s one-time commission. It means to earn more you need to make more sales and buyers won’t be turn into your downline.

Also there is an option called Personal Volume (aka PV). For each sale you will receive specific amount of PV and to request payout and it does not need to say that to increase PV, you need to find more potential customers and turn them into real buyers.

  • Earn Commissions Through Your Team

You can build a team of distributors for yourself. It works like this: you join Syntek Livelite as a distributor and start to promote and sell their products then at the same time you can invite people to join Syntek Livelite through your link and start making money by becoming a distributor. When they become a distributor through your referral link, they’ll build your team and their profit from sales will be share to your automatically.

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  • Make a Tree from Your Team & Earn More

As I’ve mentioned above, your team can make you more commissions but they can increase your GV as well. When you make a team from group of people, you are eligible to receive Group Volume or GV. So in addition to PV or Personal Volume, your GV can bring more benefits for you.

It’s like network marketing where you choose two active members of your team as your right and left hands and put them in your downline. Then you can take advantage of their activities. At the beginning of article I’ve told you that it’s free to join Syntek Livelite and start working with them as a distributor but if you want to make your own team you should reach required minimum PV which is 50. Only after that, you can start add people into your group.

Finally it should be said that you will receive a fixed percentage of commission for both of your hands which is 5%. It means your income potential will be increased significantly from team members that are more active so you need to keep them encouraged and active to have a stream income.

And some more…

I’ve mentioned to some of earning options through Syntek Global but other bonuses like Build a Pro or Infinity are out there and can be chose upon on your request. They all have their advantages and disadvantages and to have a clear overview, I recommend you take a look at each one in official website of Syntek Global.

is syntek global a scam

All in All, Is Syntek Global Scam?

Let’s divide this question into two parts and answer each one separately. According to all research I’ve done about Syntek Global, I consider it as a legit company that give you opportunity to make commissions and earn some money online by promoting its products but on the other hand, it’s completely an MLM or Multi-Level Marketing website as well and because of some big disadvantages of this business model that I mention below, I’m NOT going to recommend it to you.

Here are some facts about MLM that stop me from working on this field:

If you can’t build an active team of people, you can’t make ANY money. Your downline plays an important role in your business and you are not able to make money without it. This is the thing I don’t like about MLM business.

You are in a team of another person, Upline! It does not matter how you joined a MLM company, from a link in your email address or an ads in an YT channel; in 90% of cases you’ve an Upline. Normally there is not any problem with being a part of another team but the problem starts when you can’t work hard daily or you don’t want to spend significant amount of money for promoting products.

Since your upline monitors you, they insist you to work more and more and spend more money for promoting products and this is not what I’ll be happy with at all.

The last but not least problem with MLM business is that you can only promote a limited numbers of products because you’ve joined into one company. So you miss opportunity to promote other great products of well-known brands that you believe in and since you are not the only person who joined that company, you will have to promote a product that is promoted by a lot of people before which make it harder to sell it again.

That’s it and that’s why I don’t like businesses that work based on recruiting people. Some people may be disagree with me but the truth is that I don’t like to make money through insisting people to join a company that I’m not 100% believe in then start to teach each of these persons separately and show them how to promote and sell a product. This takes a lot of time and I also don’t have unlimited budget to invest on it!


This type of business (MLM) can work for some (or even a few) of persons but the fact is that most of people fail and give up after a while, especially if they don’t have a deep knowledge of Internet marketing. Anyway I don’t see any logical reason to recommend you MLM business to start making money while there are much better options to build an online business and have a passive income rather than recruiting people.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best, easiest and most user-friendly ways to have an online income. The biggest advantage of this business is that it lets you work and promote products that you are interested in and it won’t limit you in promoting just some specific markets. You will be able to join world-wide markets like Ebay or Amazon and don’t have any limitation to promote other products.

Continue reading my best recommendation section below to find out what I’m talking about and how affiliate marketing and WA can completely bring you a new financial life!

my recommendation

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  1. Hi Ali,

    Thanks for clarifying the name of syntek global now, that was very confusing!

    Quick question:
    Have you used the program yourself?

    I know MLM can work for some people and I know not everyone likes it but I just wondered what your own experience is with this company.

    Thanks for sharing


  2. Hey,

    Great review and thanks for sharing.

    Personally, I am not a huge fan of Multi Level Marketing. I have tried it before with other companies and all of them were very over-priced, did not take care of their customers or affiliates and the training was very vague.

    However, reading your article it seems that Syntek Global could be a game changer in the MLM industry and may be worth looking into for a beginner.

    Thanks again and all the best,


  3. Wow! I’m so glad I came across your post prior to signing up Syntek Global. At first, I thought, “hmm, this might be something interesting.” However, I noticed that it was more of a pyramid scheme. If you know about those, then you know to stay as far away as possible from them. Also, because of its health and beauty category it seems a lot like Mary-Kay/Avon type of MLM.

    I’m glad I took the the time to read your post because you just saved me a few bucks. I would hate to join a program that is only worried to make a few buck from me. Rather than teaching me how to be successful online as your WA review.

    Thank you so much for your detailed explanation!

  4. Now, these days in the Digital World ” How to make money online is phenomenal.
    Lots of people are looking for information and there are so many out there with a very convincing and with shiny objects platforms, but the fact is you can not make money overnight, is it not that easy,

    You need time and dedication to your network business to generate your desired income. That’s means if you want to be successful or not.

    Yes, Thank you for this information, I’m glad that I came across to your website and learned this great and informative tips. I bookmarked them for further reference.

    Once again thank you very much.

    Best wishes,

  5. Hi Ali,

    I’m glad I landed on your review about Syntek Global. I was searching for something like this. Your review is very detailed and I love that you dig up the history behind this company.
    It is disappointing to me that Syntek Global is a MLM business model. I do not trust MLM. What I mean is there will be a few making good money but the vast majority who joins MLM will be losing money. I simply don’t see how I would be lucky enough to rank into the winning few.
    I thank you for your review and that you share it with the world. It has helped me a lot and I’m sure it has helped other people as well.
    I look forward to check out your number 1 recommendation.


  6. Hey Ali
    I really enjoyed this article.
    I have been searching for a very long time about the pros and cons of joining an MLM company and I have been very skeptical about the idea of giving it a shot.
    I have never heard about Syntek Global, but the companies I have heard about are pretty much the same and this article helped me understand what I should do about them.
    So once again, I want to thank you for writing this article. Keep up the good work!

  7. I had all my questions answered regarding Syntek Global. Plus one: I finally managed to understand what MLM stands for . I frequently saw this acronym but couldn’t understand what Multi-Level Marketing is and how it works. I will definitely avoid every business proposal containing this scheme. It can be legit but it isn’t ethical (I am referring to MY sense of ethics). I should thank you for your article. It gave me information not only about Syntek Global but also other companies “similar ” to it . Great read!

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