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Is Tai Lopez Scam? – This Is What You Should Know!

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Among all those low quality and scam products like Passive Pay Day or Supper Affiliate, it’s good to see a more reliable program called Tai Lopez course. But there’s an important question about this program: Is Tai Lopez scam or it provides a real opportunity for making money online?

If I want to tell you truth, I should say that I’ve not heard anything about Tai Lopez till a couple of weeks ago when one of my close friends asked my opinion about his service. Since I always do my own research for making any decision or advising any product to others, I Googled “Tai Lopez” and “Tai Lopez scam” was one of the top first results Google showed me. This put a big question mark in my mind and I wanted to know why people think that it’s a scam or why they want to make sure that it’s legit.

A picture of a handsome guy beside a luxury Lamborghini car is the first image of most people who want to know more about Tai Lopez. This picture is all around the web (From Facebook, to YouTube, Twitter, etc.) now and it’s like a symbol for introducing Tai Lopez and his making money system.

The first thing got my attention was lack of enough information about this guy and although not clear background of a product’s owner is definitely a red flag but I didn’t stop at this step and continue my research to know everything about Tai Lopez. Now here’s my complete and honest review of Tai Lopez and its making money product.


Product Name: Tai Lopez

Official Website:

Owner: Tai Lopez

Type: Mentor for Making Money Online

Cost to Join: Depends on the membership you choose but it starts from $67

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is Tai Lopez

Who Is Tai Lopez Exactly?

Tai Lopez is known as an Internet entrepreneur who has run several online projects in MMO industry before. He introduces himself as an online coach but some people consider him only as a product’s owner.

If you enter into his official website, you’ll see a sales-video which is an introduction of his newest online course. Although he’s +40 years old but personally I think that he does not look older than 30 years old! I’ve told this because his healthy body and good physical shape effects positively and directly on customers decision.

He says becoming a successful Internet entrepreneur and was his childhood dream and he worked so much to reach this dream in his adulthood. Well, although it was some strange for me to hear that a boy wanted to become an Internet entrepreneur in childhood (because most of boys like to become a doctor or pilot in their childhood) but I respect his dream.

Anyway, what makes Tai Lopez popular was his online courses which has been introduced in several campaigns on social networks like YouTube and got the attention of a lot of people. It should be said that regardless to the quality of his training courses, he has done a very good job in marketing and could introduce himself as a guru. Now he’s created different types of courses for people who want to make money online and work with them as a personal coach.

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how Tai Lopez works

Income of Tai Lopez

Well, it’s a long story if we want to talk about training materials provided by Tai Lopez because it has its own critics and fans. Some people say that his business plan does not work and it’s not something he promised in introduction video, on the other hand, there’s another group of people who believe that Tai Lopez is expert in what he’s teaching and you’ll learn to how to build a successful business online during his training season.

We’ll discuss the quality of Tai Lopez training later and it’s not our topic for now, what we are going to talk about is net profit of Tai Lopez. When it comes to income of Tai Lopez both of above groups confirm that he’s a millionaire and he made a lot of money from businesses he had run before. There are reports from some sources which shows that Tai Lopez made +$3 million only in 2016.

Well, we passed 2016 some years ago so his net worth increased theoretically. His followers on social networks like Instagram or Facebook has increased significantly during the last years and it effected on his income directly. Just as an example, it’s good to know that his YouTube Chanel reached +1 million subscribers which bring him a great potential of making more profit.

Is Tai Lopez a Trustworthy Person?

Even if you are one of those persons who believe Tai Lopez has The Greatest Online course for making money, you should accept that there are people who look at Tai Lopez as a liar!

Let’s see how many people started to follow Tai Lopez first. If you search “Tai Lopez Course” on YouTube, two videos (Here in My Backyard & Here in My Garage) are the first results which come up. A luxury life is the first impression of his videos that comes to your mind when he shows you a new model of Lamborghini as his new car then walk you around backyard and show you a big house with as his new house.

To be honest, with all words he says in the videos, I even believed that maybe he’s not lying and he really bought them recently but there are some signs that show another thing…

Well, the first thing is that there is some information which shows that the house showed in the video is not Tai Lopez’s house. Well, he may live there but he has not bought it and it’s a rented house. It’s ok to rent a house and many people do it every year but it’s some strange to see that a person with +$3 million yearly income prefers to rent a house rather than buying one. Then this question comes in mind, is he hiding something from us?

Although I’m not sure yet when I see something like this I doubt about what he claims about the car and other things. Being honest is the first step to build an online course and get the trust of people so it was better if Tai Lopez was honest in all parts of his sales videos.

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tai lopez pros and cons

Attract People with Sexy Girls?

I do not blame Tai Lopez or anyone else for using sexy women in any type of advertising because it turned into a marketing strategy now and even big brands like Pepsi are using it but have you noticed that more than 50% of Tai’s videos contain half naked and bikini girls?

I do not think it’s a good idea to introduce or sell a product by using sexual sense. I guess everybody agrees with me that sex is a personal thing and should not be used publicly. You may disagree with me and say that using sex in advertising is very common in the modern world but have you ever think about all those women that have to show a naked picture from themselves to be able to make some money?

Do you think all of them love to show themselves as a sexy girl in front of any camera? No, they don’t and you just need to look at this from their view to understanding how difficult it can be sometimes.

is Tai Lopez a scam

Final Word – Is Tai Lopez a Scam Or Scammer?

If I want to give you my final verdict, it must be said that Tai Lopez is not a scammer and he introduces his courses legally but is Tai Lopez’s courses worth trying and does it really give you that luxury life after a while?

Well it’s some sloppy if you think that it would be possible to bring a fgy is not clear, that’s why his training guide considered as a scam from point of some people but in my opinion, he provides real information and his background shows his abilities in online business. Maybe people who call him a scammer do not like to see the success of other people.

Actually, it’s like an unwritten fact, when you become rich or run some successful online businesses, some people (a few) start to hate you without any logical reason so if you want to become successful, prepare yourself for that! ; )

As you know Tai Lopez is an affiliate marketer and this business is his main source of income. If you do not know much about affiliate marketing, it should be said that you’ll sell products of other people to earn commissions and it’s a modern way to make an online full-time income but firstly you can do it from anywhere (even your comfortable home) and secondly it’ll give you 100% financial freedom which is a dream for many people.

Also, you do not need to own or produce any product and you just introduce a product to the targeted audience. All this sounds great but keep in mind that it does not come to life easily. Your first steps in affiliate marketing are pretty important which comes with landing on a valuable training platform.

Finally, I do not think Tai Lopez training program can exceed all your expectation in this field, especially if you are a beginner but fortunately I know a great source which is a valuable community of both experts and beginner affiliate marketer and can teach you everything from 0 to 100 about this online business.

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my recommendation

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