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Is Take Surveys for Cash a Scam? – Stay Away!

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Is Take Surveys For Cash a Scam?

Hello everyone and welcome again to another review. Today I decided to review Take Surveys For Cash and answer this important question: Is Take Surveys for Cash a Scam?

So stay with me to find all the truth about Take Survey For Cash.

The first thing got my attention is that TSC (Take Survey For Cash) Claims that you’ll be able to make up to $4000 monthly by completing simple surveys on the website. Well I’m kind of person that do not believe anything easily so I decided to go inside of this survey site and take a close look at it to see if it’s really possible to make that much with only taking surveys.

I always do deep research to review an online program and I’m happy that you decided to do the same before joining them. This research saves you a valuable time and money. Making $4000 monthly is something that Jason White (Founder of TSC) claims that is possible with his survey site. Do you think it’s possible too? Let’s see!


Product Name: Take Surveys For Cash

Official Website: Takesurveysforcash.com

Owner: Jason White

Type: Paid Surveys

Cost: $39 at the beginning (And Up-sells+DownSells)

Recommended? NO

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

Short Review: Take Surveys For Cash is a scam website for sure. It’s a website that request you to pay money to be able complete surveys (which his not common among paid survey sites) and also nobody guarantees that you’ll make money when you pay and join TSC. It’s completely an untrustworthy program from my point of view and I recommend you to stay away from it.

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what is take survey for cash

What is Exactly Take Surveys For Cash?

Jason White is a guy who created Take Surveys For Cash website. He believes that he’s providing the BEST paid survey in the world! He clearly mention that you can make a full time income with TSC and it can bring a financial freedom for you in the future.

Well I do not think that it’s possible to have a financial freedom with taking surveys online. Reviewing paid survey sites as well as making money programs is what I’m doing for years now so I’m not a newbie in this field; I’ve reviewed and even worked on tons of paid survey sites in the past and the fact is that nobody is going to give you good money for doing nothing or a little work.

The truth is that 80% of paid surveys sites are just scam and except of a few ones like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie, you should not waste your money and time in survey sites. And even in those legit sites like Swagbucks, the potential income is very low and it does not go more than a couple of dollars in a month.

As I’ve told you, it’s possible to earn online though survey sites but if you think that you can make a serious money or even turn it into your full time job at home, I’m sorry but it’s not possible unless you decide to use Jason’s method, make a survey site and try to scam people!

That’s why persons like Jason White can claim that they are making A LOT of money by survey sites; yes they do BUT not by taking surveys. They simply create different products such as low quality survey sites and sell it to people who are looking for a way to make money online.

how take survey for cash works

How Take Surveys For Cash Works?

Well I’ve explained about what’s Take Surveys For Cash and now let me tell you about how it works. Actually there is not any difference between TSC and other survey sites so if you learn how other survey sites work, you’ll know how take surveys for cash works too.

All companies like to get real feedback about their products from customers and this helps them to make final version of a product better which will effect on the number of sales for that product directly. This is not bad and all well-known brands like Apple or Amazon are doing that.

Now imagine that there are research companies that can provide these critical information for them so it’s very clear that they would be happy to work with them. And do not get surprised if I tell you that all these big companies even have a specific amount of money that invest on market research every year on a regular basis.

So you can guess that what market research companies doing next. They take these questions (surveys) from big brands then go to the market and try to find people who are willing complete those surveys. These people are those who are looking for a way to make money through paid survey sites and market research companies will reward them by cash or creadit.

This is all about how survey sites like Take Surveys For Cash works and unfortunately not many people know about this but luckily you’ve found it! )

How Much Does it Cost to Join Take Survey for Cash?

If you think that you can join TSC for $39 and start making money right away, you’re wrong! Because there will be many up-sells and down-sells after joining them. Let’s take a short look at these additional costs that you’ll to face with after joining.


The first down-sell is $27 which will be promoted to you again with a discount and at $12 price if you reject it for the first time. It means that the official price is $39 but you see that it’s available for $27 as well as $12 too but I do not recommend you to get it even for $2 because firstly, it’s not logical to pay money to be able to take surveys and secondly, you have to spend a lot of time to take a few surveys which is not worth your valuable time at all.

But it’s not only down-sell and after that you’ll start to see up-sells as well. Here’s an example:

The upsells starts with $37 at the beginning and will continue with $24 and as I’ve mentioned before, it does not worth that much of money.

Many people think that they can make money online if they are lucky but it does not matter to lucky at all. You should find THE RIGHT WAY and keep in mind that the same as real world, making money on virtual world (Internet) IS NOT easy. All in one survey sites is not that golden key that you’re looking for.

Another thing you need keep in mind is that you’ll be charged directly if you accept any of above down-sell or up-sells which means it does not require your CC/Payment information again or ask any confirmation question and it’ll be done just by your left click on the offer.

I hope you got what problem it can make for you (as well as other people). You lose money if you click on that offer by mistake or even if you think that there will be another confirmation message after your click.

You should also know that TSC is a ClickBank product and there are always up/down-sells for ClickBank’s products so be very careful about what you’re clicking on in Take Survey for Cash website or other products on clickbank.

Positive & Negative Sides of Take Survey for Cash

To save your time, I just list the pros and cons of TSC here and I’m not going to explain each one separately but I tried to choose the clear titles which will explain what I mean in one sentence so you won’t have any problem with understanding.

Positive Side

  1. You’ll get 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee – Since it’s a Clickbank’s product, you can a money-back in 60 day after purchasing it.

Negative Side

  1. You have to pay in advance to be able to take surveys
  2. Not Valuable Bonus
  3. It’s not a Legit Survey Company

is take surveys for cash a scam

Is Take Surveys For Cash a Scam?

Well it depends what’s scam from your point of view. After all those negative points that I’ve mentioned to, can you believe that there are still some people who believe that TSC is not a scam?! They say that you’ll get something for the money that you’re paying and that’s enough for them!

Anyway it’s a scam in my opinion because of all those serious problems and negative points that I’ve mentioned above. There are also fake testimonials which have been created by paid actors that can be found on the website about TSC.

Another negative point for TSC is that it claims everybody can start make money up to $3500 with taking surveys on their website which is not true at all. I can find people who already join this program but if you are one of those persons who has not joined them yet, you are very lucky and I advise you to stay far away from this survey site. Unfortunately this is the all thing I can do for now.

There are much better things to do if you have time instead of wasting on survey sites like Take Survey for Cash and do not forget that you’ll lose something more important than your money if you join this website and that’s your valuable time which is not comparable with anything else in the world!

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