is technology profits confidential a scam

Is Technology Profits Confidential a Scam or a Great Deal?

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The main purpose of Technology Profits Confidential is helping you to determine the best time for choosing the most promising companies and ideas in the technology industry but is Technology Profits Confidential a scam or it’s really a great opportunity?

Below you are going to read my Technology Profits Confidential review, another program which balances between being a scam and a legitimate way of making money online.

A usual, I have gathered information on most important factors which hopefully help you make your own decision whether to join this program or not; they include the system the program is based on, all the pros and cons I managed to come up with, what price you will have to pay and – most importantly – if you manage to succeed using this program or not.

At the end of the review, you are going to see my own verdict about Technology Profits Confidential which is unbiased and is based on facts alone. Like in all previous reviews I am going to be as honest as possible with you and share everything I managed to find about this program.

Now, if you are ready, scroll down to see what Technology Profits Confidential is all about.


Product Name: Technology Profits Confidential

Official Website:

Owner: Agora Financial

Type: Tech Newsletter with Investing Opportunity

Cost to Join: Min: $50 Max: $199

Recommended? 60%

Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10

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what is technology profits confidential

All You Need to Know About the Technology Profits Confidential

Basically, Technology Profits Confidential is a newsletter which trains you how to make profits on penny stocks. The basic idea behind penny stocks is that you buy cheap shares of various companies, wait until they rise in price and then sell what actually makes you rich.

It means that you will need little investment, but your profit will be several times higher than what you`ve invested. This strategy is also famous for being used as the initial strategy by the Wolf of the Wall Street.

However, you shouldn`t expect that the Technology Profits Confidential course is going to teach you everything from A to Z on penny stocks. Actually, it is aimed at people who already have enough knowledge about penny stocks and focuses on how to get the highest profits out of it.

Although this scheme is praised by many, it can be quite risky as well, and some people who have been putting things they`ve learned from the newsletter into practice, were in no way satisfied with the strategy Technology Profits Confidential is offering.

Background of the TPC

Technology Profits Confidential was founded by Ray Blanco who is a quite well-known figure in finance and finance advising.

Blanco has a vast experience in stocks himself and now he`s an editor in Agora Financial which is a publication advising on finances and various strategies for making money through investment. I have written a review of Agora Financial earlier, so don`t forget to check it out as well.

Ray Blanco has a good reputation in financial counseling, and many people have entrusted their investment to him. But let me give you more details on what he is occupied with right now.

Who Is Behind This Newsletter?

As I have mentioned above, Ray Blanco is the editor at Breakthrough Technology Alert which is a monthly newsletter published by Agora Financial. It focuses on top-notch technology companies and inventions in various fields like software and computing, alternative energy and cancer therapy, anti-aging and many more.

Ray Blanco has a particular interest in everything that is going on in technology right now. And believe me, there is a LOT going on. Just think of it – only a couple of decades ago we couldn`t imagine what a huge step forward the science would make, we couldn`t imagine that in several years not only every person would own a smartphone, but they would be able to wear smart gadgets as a part of their outfit and use them to handle their everyday tasks.

Breakthrough Technology Alert is not the only publication Ray Blanco is editing, there is also Technology Profits Confidential newsletter among others which I am going to explain about more right below.

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how technology profits confidential works

Here Is How Technology Profits Confidential Works

If you have seen other online financial newsletters out there like Genesis Investing System or Profits Unlimited, you probably already know what to expect from the Technology Profits Confidential. This newsletter is edited by Ray Blanco and is published in association with Agora Financial. To be able to get access to it, you need to pay the monthly subscription fee, and you`ll get it straight in your email box.

The Technology Profits Confidential gives up-to-date information on the most profitable stocks on the market and teaches you how to make the highest profits on penny stocks.

However, I cannot promise that the information they are sharing is 100% verified. The thing is the promises Ray Blanco is making in this newsletter seem too good to be true. I may not be the biggest expert in stocks, but even I realize that most stocks` value can hardly double in just a few months earning you huge profits.

Cost of Joining This Newsletter

If you get lucky to get to Technology Profits Confidential sales page, you will see that there are 3 options available which you need to choose from. Moreover, you will see a countdown timer which will tell you that you have a limited amount of time to subscribe to this newsletter.

The countdown timer is a popular trick used by many scams or programs you won`t signed up for if you had a chance to think about it twice. It is used to make customers think that they are going to get something exclusive, not available to everyone. Somehow it increases the value of the product you are purchasing.

But in the end, it`s just a trick, and believe me, it shows up to everyone who`s considering subscribing to it. You are not getting an exclusive opportunity.

Below you can find those 3 subscription options the website offers.

  1. Silver Subscription Plan is the most affordable, at only $41 for annual subscription. It includes all 12 monthly issues which you can access online as well as 3 reports which are also available online.
  2. Gold Subscription Plan will cost you $89 and includes the same 12 issues and 3 reports like in Silver plan, but you will receive all of them in paper at your door.
  3. Platinum Subscription Plan which costs $79 includes 12 monthly issues in paper and four – instead of three – reports.

All three packages give access to weekly updates, but unfortunately, Ray Blanco is not clear on what awaits you in these updates.

Now, you might be wondering what these reports are and if they have any value. The reports are as follows:

  1. Air-Dropped Profits
  2. The Three Hidden Companies Driving the Virtual Reality Revolution
  3. Invisible Power: From Tesla’s Lab to Your Home
  4. Crushed: Dump These Three Industries Before They Crash and Burn (available only for Platinum subscribers)

These reports offer information on different technologies applied in different spheres of our lives which will actually form our future.

Does it Make You Rich?

If you have already seen Ray Blanco talking about Technology Profits Confidential, then you might have the same questions popping up in your head. How can Ray predict the exact sum of money I can make? (If you haven`t seen the video, it`s $110,661.)

Is it possible that a simple newsletter can be so effective to help me make such a big amount of money in just one paycheck? Is there any kind of scheme that can earn me that much money?

I have to disappoint you. 99.9% you are not going to earn that much money in a single paycheck using the strategies Ray Blanco is sharing in his newsletter. The only thing Ray Blanco mastered brilliantly is marketing. He knows what to tell people to make them make the decision he needs from them.

And believe me I have a solid reason for claiming that. In one video Ray is talking about Nick Schumann whom his newsletter helped to succeed. A simple Google search will show you that it`s not Nick Schumann in this photo.

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technology profits confidential pros and cons

It Does Not Look to Be 100% Legit…

It is very obvious that in order to get people to subscribe for the newsletter, the editors need to give them a little sneak peek so that people see what they are going to get for the money they are paying and why it is so advantageous for them to get this subscription right now.

In the promo video of Technology Profits Confidential, the editors present a recently developed technology for making the Internet easy to install, super-fast and much cheaper than it is now. The basic idea is that instead of running cables all over the world, the Internet is going to be received via satellites.

It is stated in the promo video that the exclusive rights to run satellite Internet belong to one company whose name is kept secret.

But luckily, Ray Blanco is ready to share this secret with you and you can read more details about this idea and company in his newsletter. In order to do that, you need to subscribe as quick as possible, of course. There is also the deadline for subscription, and if you miss it, you`ll never be able to take advantage of this prosperous new technology.

Now, why do you think there is a deadline? Will they run out of the newsletter? But it`s available online as well, remember? Is it the most efficient technology Blanco has come up with? I doubt it. Then probably it`s just another marketing trick to make people believe that they are losing an exclusive opportunity to become a part of the bright future.

I am 100% sure that when the deadline passes, they will create a new one. What is the best way to make people purchase something? Tell them that they won`t have another opportunity to buy it!

is technology profits confidential scam

Final Word – Is Technology Profits Confidential a Scam?

If you have already Googled Technology Profits Confidential, you might have come across people calling this newsletter a scam which not only doesn`t guarantee any profit for you, but also costs you money. Moreover, there are lots of complaints online which you can find on various websites like Pissed Consumer, where people share their experience with different companies and services.

Most complaints I have read are related to subscription fees. Some people say there is actually no way to unsubscribe and the publishing company of the newsletter, i.e. Agora Financial, keep charging subscribers even if they don’t want to receive the newsletter any more. Some others have been charged twice for the subscription and didn`t succeed in getting their money back.

Although these complaints are definitely ruining the reputation of the publisher and the newsletter, they are not enough reason to call it a scam.

The Technology Profits Confidential newsletter presents various opportunities and strategies for making money, but after all it is up to its readers how they are going to use this advice.

People have different level of knowledge in finance and stocks, different abilities. One strategy can make a more experienced and risky person a millionaire while a newbie can lose all their money using the same strategy.

My Conclusion

I have read a lot about Technology Profits Confidential on the Internet to write this review. I have shared everything I managed to find with you – from its advantages and flaws, price plans and finally, all kinds of complaints that have been addressed to this newsletter.

You can make your own decision based on all the facts I`ve shared. I`m sure you have already decided whether it can be helpful for you or it`s just a waste of your time and money.

Anyway, I would like to share my personal opinion with you too. Although the Technology Profits Confidential seems like a completely legitimate newsletter which is worth the money it costs, I would say that even after following the advice from the newsletter step by step you may be risking losing your money.

Because working with stocks, no matter whether it`s penny stocks or something else is a high-risk venture, and sometimes it becomes very unpredictable. That is why putting all the information Ray Blanco shares in his newsletter, doesn`t mean that you are definitely going to succeed and become rich.

Remember that your success in stocks depends on many factors including experience and sometimes just luck. That`s why my advice to you is to be careful and not to expect much from the Technology Profits Confidential newsletter.

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  1. wow, how informative and enlightening your article is. it was very interesting to read for I actually could relate to some of it and had heard of similar scams out there. the one thing that amazed me is, how could you actually think you could make that amount of money in one day or one paycheck. to me that is unrealistic. about 20 yrs ago I had first learned about scams, but it was thru the email system and I have to admit I fell for a couple myself cause I was young and inexperienced to all that, so I had to learn the hard way a few times until I started learning how to research everything. thank you so much for sharing so much information and in so much detail. you definitely do learn about things from your article. I think the biggest pull for those people involved in that company would be the subscription prices, for they are enticing and manageable for the pocketbook, at first glance , but if you actually look at everything that it includes you would get lost and unsure, so you talking about it in detail has helped a lot of prospective people that could get sucked into that .so good job on the details of this whole article.

  2. Hi Ali,

    Thank you for this great review. It is apparent that you have done quite a bit of research and we are grateful to you for sharing the key information you have gathered on this product. While you did explain quite clearly what the newsletter delivers, you likewise gave the necessary call-out that if something appears too good to be true, then most likely it is such. There is no substitute for hard work.

    We also appreciate your candid assessment and introduction to an alternative program, backed-up by your actual experience.

  3. Hello Ali, thank you for this very informative review on Technology Profits Confidential. Recently, I’m studying this company to see whether it can make a profit or not. But the information is confusing in the official site. May things need to pay. I doubt should I pay or not.

    Luckily I landed on your site. The thing most impressive for me is what you write is in-depth that saves me a lot of time. You review every detail about this company so I don’t need to research it one by one online.

    After reading your final word and conclusion, I find I don’t need to speed more time in this company. I believe it won’t make any money for me. Thx a lot.

  4. Hi Ali,

    Thanks for the detailed and comprehensive review. Many would have subscribed to this if they are not warned. The most scary part is to fall into someone that are good in marketing but the actual products doesn’t keep up to the promise. The problem is that that we are buying based on emotion rather than actually sit down to actually analyzed and test the product itself before committing.

    I am a firm believer in testing it out before buying. I always appreciate the company that allows others to free use of something first, if the products are legit and great, people will eventually opt for the paid ones.

    Thanks for this great review, we need more of this.

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