is teespring a scam

Is Teespring a Scam? Let Me Open Your Eyes To the Truth!

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I`m sure that anyone of us will find one or two of those T-shirts with fun expressions or beautiful lettering in our wardrobes. They are cheap, fun and have endless designs! The good news is that anyone one of us can actually create a design for such T-shirts and make money on them with a program called Teespring  but is Teespring a scam? Let’s see!

The idea belongs to Teespring website. And today I`m going to share a complete review of this business and explain whether it can become a stable source of money for you or it`s just another scam.

Make sure to read this review up to the end – not only will I tell you how this business works, but also I`m going to explain what risks and pitfalls can be hidden behind it.


Product Name: Teespring

Official Website:

Owner: Walker Williams

Type: A platform to create and sell different products

Cost to Join: Free to join

Recommended? Yes

Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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what is teespring

See What Is Teespring All About

Teespring was launched in 2011 by Evan Stites-Clayton and Walker Williams and is based in the USA. Teespring was meant to be a platform that would allow designers to focus on their job and do all the printing and shipping for them.

However, they have made the designing process so easy that literally everyone can create their own design and have it printed on a T-shirt or any other appropriate surface like a cushion cover or a mug.

The Income Potential of Teespring

What gives Teespring a huge potential and takes it one step ahead of other popular eCommerce websites is that T-shirts with prints can be interesting for all kinds of people, because everyone wear T-shirts!

You can create a design for any kind of person, like a football team`s logo for football fans, a tent or a landscape for keen travelers, fun quotes for teenagers – the design ideas are endless!

The thing you need to do is choose what kind of people your designs will suit more and start creating T-shirts for this category of people. Let`s say, it can be football fans, girls (use lots of flowers and hearts) or moms.

The good point is that if you are done with one topic, you can easily switch to another without the need to create a separate online store or website or do anything else. Just follow your ideas.

Who Has Created and Manage Teespring?

Teespring is an online store in the first place. People can purchase here T-shirts, household items (like mugs or pillowcases) and accessories (like smartphone covers) with unique designs which come in limited editions. If you want to be different and where something no one else has, then probably this website is a good place for you to shop.

What`s more, all these designer items are available at an affordable price and will be shipped straight to your home.

On the other hand, Teespring was also meant as a platform where designers can share their work. This platform takes on a huge part of the job – from printing to shipping – and offers designers an opportunity to focus on creating.

Nowadays, however, everyone can be anything they like, so Teespring has made the design process so easy that literally anyone can become a designer and create their own T-shirt line.

Using Teespring as a designer is super easy. After you sign in, you can start creating right away. After you are done, choose what types of products your design will fit the best, decide at what price you are going to sell them and all the rest will be taken care of by Teespring.

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how teespring works

How to Join and Start Working in Teespring

Programs that I’ve reviewed in the past like Tesler, AIS or Selling Family had the same sign up process as Teespring so lets review it here again;

The first Step: Sign up for free

The only thing that separates you from creating your first design is sign-up process which has been made super easy by Teespring and is totally free of charge.

Start designing the t-shirt

Before you proceed to create the design, you need to decide the type of product for it. Teespring offers a good range of items – from clothes to home décor and gadget covers. If you have prepared your design in another program, then you need to upload your photo here. Otherwise, you can create one right on the website. When you are done, Teespring will estimate the initial price of your product.

What Price & How Many?

Now it`s up to you at what price you want to sell your product. Just keep in mind that Teespring will keep the initial price, and what`s above it is all yours. Also, you have to choose the number of items you can sell. Your design will be printed only in case you reach this number.

Tell More About Your Product

After that, you need to write an accurate and catchy description to your product. When you are finished, you will be asked to decide about the period of your sale – anything between 2 and 21 days.

Let All People Know About Your Product

When all the requirements are met and your product appears on your website, it`s time to start a promo campaign. You have to promote your product yourself to be able to sell the predetermined amount of items. However, Teespring does its best to assist you – the website offers some training on how to successfully advertise your product on Facebook.

Start Making Sales & Earn

If you succeed to sell the required amount of items, Teespring will pay you via PayPal, check or transfer money to your bank account.

Become an Affiliate with TeeSpring

Unfortunately, Teespring doesn`t offer any affiliate program, so there are no other options left except to create designs for different products and promote them on social media.

Is There Any Customer Support?

Teespring offers quick and qualified online support. If you have a question, Teespring team will give you all the info you need fast, just use Teespring Chat.

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teespring pros and cons

TeeSpring – Likes & Dislikes

What I Liked About TeeSpring

  1. Teespring is absolutely free of charge. You don`t need to invest anything into it which is definitely a big advantage.
  2. Teespring offers special training which will help you create better-selling designs as well as successfully promote your items and increase your sales.
  3. There is a huge variety of things you can create a design for, from T-shirts to phone covers and pillow cases. Moreover, there are several brands for each item to choose from. You will definitely find what you need.
  4. The website takes on most of the tasks – from printing your design to shipping the item to the customer.
  5. Teespring is a great platform to share your art, it helps artists to earn on their work and find their audience.
  6. Even if you don`t have any artistic skills, the Teespring website has made the whole process of creating a design super easy: you can use various scripts and tons of pictures for free.
  7. The market is not limited to the US, the items can be shipped overseas as well, just don`t forget to mention it while creating a campaign.
  8. After the campaign is over, you will get paid via PayPal which is the most convenient way of payment, or via a check.

What I Didn’t Like About TeeSpring

  1. If you take a quick look at the website, you`ll see hundreds of various designs on different topics. It means that if you design a T-shirt, the chances are high that it will get lost among other T-shirts.
  2. A big amount of competitors means that you will need good advertisement, which will probably cost you money. However, if you fail to reach the required number of sales, you`ll lose all the money invested into ads.
  3. You can sell an item only within a campaign which can last up to 21 days. It means that you have a limited amount of time to make enough sales.
  4. If you succeed in creating a selling design, it will be likely copied by other people on Teespring. So you constantly need to create something new and catchy.
  5. On the Internet many people complain about poor quality of Teespring T-shirts and sizes that simply don`t fit.
  6. Teespring doesn`t offer any affiliate program for now.

is teespring scam

Final Word – The Million-Dollar Question,

Is Teespring a Scam?

I have no doubts that Teespring is a legit program which will pay off if used the right way. If it seems like a great opportunity for you, then you definitely should learn a lot to make your design business a success. Don`t skip the training offered by Teespring University, learn more about online advertisement and start creating!

If you already have a website or a blog, it will be much easier for you to start with the audience you already have, otherwise you`ll probably have to invest in different ways of advertising.

Anyway, it`s up to you and the effort you make to succeed in this business. If you don`t want to invest much money into it, or consider it as a side income and don`t want to give it much of your time to it, then you probably shouldn`t even start.

On the other hand, if you are ready to learn and try, then you may soon see yourself in Teespring success stories. Don`t miss them if you need some motivation!

The Conclusion About Teespring

Although Teespring seems to be an easy way of making money online, it still need a lot of skill and work. You need to be really qualified in sales and advertisement because surprisingly, these qualities will come in handy here much more than your artistic skills and taste.

The designing process has been made very easy on Teespring, however, the training they provide on marketing is not enough to 100% succeed in earning stable income with Teespring. In the end, it`s only you and your marketing skills.

Teespring can be a great opportunity to earn some extra money for those who already have an audience to work with. So if you are popular –let`s say – on Instagram, designing T-shirts can work out really well for you.

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