is tesler app a scam

Is Tesler App a Scam or a Secret Weapon of Binary Option?

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What do you say if I tell you that there’s an application which can put +$1,000,000 in your bank account in less 12 months? You may call me a crazy man or call that app a total scam but this is what the owner of the Tesler app (Steven Abrahams) claims and he totally believes on his claims but is Tesler app a scam?

Actually, it’s not strange to see attractive claims like this here and there these days and almost every new MMO product has a promise like this but are these programs trustworthy and is it logical to invest your hard-earned money on these platforms?

If you are curious to know the answer of the above questions as well as finding all the truth about this opportunity then my Tesler app review is the article you should definitely read.

Also please keep in mind that scanning article or reading just a short part of it does not help you to find everything you need to know about Tesler app so reading the whole article is the key which opens the first door to the truth to you.

And although that being said that you shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes because if you shut the door to all errors, the truth will be shut out but you should not take ALL risks and you should not make ALL mistakes because taking some kind of risks or making some type of mistakes are irrecoverable.

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Product Name: Tesler App

Official Website:

Owner: Steven Abrahams

Type: Binary Option Trading System

Cost to Join: $250 is the minimum amount for the deposit + 0.5% commission for every trade you place


Not only Tesler app but any other binary options trading system is not in my recommendation list. Forex (aka Foreign Exchange Market) is a high-risk market and you will fail and will lose big money if you jump to it without having the required skills. The risk involved in the Binary option is even more than normal forex trading I think it would not be exaggerating if I say that more than 90% of people who try Binary Options trading LOSE their money.

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

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what is tesler app

What is Tesler App All About?

In simple words, Tesler app connects you to a forex broker called “David Brooks” which lets you start trading binary option through an automated software so everything from analyzing the market to placing orders will be done by a robot and there’s not any human decision.

Of course, you have access to manual option as well which let you place orders based on your own decision but this option is not recommended to people who have no experience in forex trading because making a wrong decision in this high-risk market will put you in a very stressful situation.

But what about the automated method? Is it really an autopilot trading system that can make you more than one million dollars in just a couple of months? Steven Abrahams says yes and he guarantees that you won’t lose even a single dime by using Tesler app because AI (Artificial intelligence) that has been used in designing Tesler app makes it not possible to lose money even if you want to lose money!

Some Words About the Owner

A rich man has created Tesler app. This is what I’m 100% sure about because by taking a close look at net worth of Steven Abrahams (founder of Tesler) you’ll see that he has made $384 million through the Wall Street and this only puts him in the list of rich people.

Now he wants to share all his secrets in forex trading and help you become a professional forex trader as well. That’s why he decided to create an automated trading software called Tesler and give it to the world for completely free of cost (there are deposit and commission of course).

So it seems that you’ve found a Saving Angel right?

Wait! You should not judge someone too quickly! Keep reading to find out the truth about Steven Abrahams and his trading app Tesler.

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what is tesler app

How Does Binary Options Work in General?

In my previous reviews like DaDaABC, Viral Pay or EasySureSale, I’ve explained that every MMO program has its own money-making model. Now let me explain Binary Option with a simple example. Actually, binary option and forex trading, in general, is a kind of predict. All you need to do is decide whether the value of a specific currency/share/stock will go up or down at the end of a specific time period, it can be from 10 minutes to 1 year.

If the market moves in the direction that you have predicted you’ll make some profit (depends on the amount of money you have invested and lot size you’ve chosen) but if it goes in the wrong direction you’ll lose ALL the money you have invested in that trade.

This is what happens in binary option and as you can see, it’s more like to a lottery game rather than a science which your chance of losing is exactly the same as your chance of winning.

The truth is that some persons want you to believe that forex trading is a prediction game and you can be a winner in this game by purchasing prediction tools like Teslet app but you never accept such that claims if you are a wise person.

It’s also the same when we talk about binary options trading system, survey sites, get to paid platforms and many other types of money-making programs. So from now, if you see someone who guarantees something that is abstract, don’t believe him/her easily and keep it as a warning sign in your mind.

Should You trust Tesler App?

If you are worried about getting scammed by the Tesler app, you should know that there are tons of similar apps like Tesler which can be recognized to be a scam or not easily.

Google “Tesler app review” and you’ll find out fast that many negative reviews have been written by other people about this trading software which put a big question mark in front of trustworthy of this app.

There’s an unwritten rule which says if you find a product that 80% of people who have tried it have negative feedback about it then you should stay away from it without asking any question! And Tesler app is one of those programs that you should not try without asking any question.

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tesler app pros and cons

Pros & Cons – Should You Give Tesler App a Shot?

Well, it totally depends on the amount of risk you can take. Some persons are risk-averseand they don’t care if they lose all their invested money in a couple of minutes; they’re willing to take that 5% or 10% of success chance which let them double their invested money.

But this risky business is not definitely suitable for everyone and the fact is that most of the people can’t handle this risk; they’re simply looking for a safe investment or way for having a side income and that’s why building a business for yourself in the Internet is my first recommendation to these people.

Yes you have to work hard and make a plan to get success in any online business but when you use the right platform (Like What I Recommended in My Best Recommendation section), your chance of failure will be decreased dramatically and you’ll be able to experience a profitable as well as a “safe” online business.

Again, although some money can be made through using the automated trading software, working with survey platforms or joining GTP sites but at the end, you’ll end up working for another person or company.

Working for others is not a straightforward way that can guarantee yourself a rich future and if you take a short look at the background of the richest people in the history, you’ll see this fact that all of them have built their own business finally and this is what leads them to success.

With all that being said, I don’t recommend you to use Tesler app because if you were that much lucky to win a game which has a 90% chance of losing then you probably would not be here to read this Tesler app review and you won big money in one of those lottery games.

What I want to make you sure about is that having financial freedom does not come easily and it does not come from buying MMO products. You should LEARN how to make money instead of trying to find short cuts by spending more and more money on these unreliable sites and software.

So the next time you land in a binary options system, think twice before investing a single dime on it. What you find about the program when you think about it for the second time never comes to your mind when you check it out for the first time.

is tesler app scam

Final Word – Is Tesler App a Scam? 

Yes I think so. There are many red flags about Tesler App that I’ve mentioned above and it let me mark it as a scam app because not only you won’t get any useful thing at the end you also lose your invested money.

To believe that Tesler IS NOT worth your time, you just need to take a look at what they’ve done to get new members for their app; from purchasing photos from stock photo sites to hiring freelancer actors to make fake testimonials. Are these dirty tricks things we expect to see in a “reliable” program really? I don’t think so.

I think it’s not necessary to give you more details on how Tesler app is cheating people because when a scam exposed, it just helps people to know and stay away from it but this does not change anything in the nature of that program and this does not stop that program from cheating people. So I think that’s enough to know that you should never try Tesler app.


Binary options is one of those attractive and profitable markets that everyone wants to take a piece of it and that’s why it attracts more and more people but do these people know about the high risk involved behind this attractive market?

Do they know that losing money is as easy as anything in binary options?

Were they willing to invest all their hard-earned money into binary options trading if they knew, they could lose all they’ve invested in just 60 seconds?

And most importantly, do they know that 80% of apps, programs, and products that offer you secret weapons in binary options industry are not anything but scam?

Yes binary options MAY be profitable for highly experienced forex traders who have analyzed the market for years and can predict its movement for the next hours or days but what about the ordinary people? I’m sure that you know the right answer!

I’ve been in the forex market for a couple of years and my experience says that trusting any robo-based trading system (like Tesler app) is the biggest mistake a person can make and unlike scammy scheme binary options systems, none of the legitimate forex brokers can guarantee even a single dollar profit in this market for you.

Anyway, instead of playing around forex trading and binary options which is one of the riskiest markets in the world, I recommend you to take a look at the money making online process from a different look. Smarter people see the world differently and this is the first step you should learn if you want to become a successful online money maker.

The platform I’ve introduced you below shows you a brilliant way to build a very successful online business which can bring you a passive income. At the first, you may not notice the difference between it and other similar platforms but remember what I’ve told you about the smart people (Look at the world differently) and you’ll easily find what the unique and modern money-making way it’s going to teach you!

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