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Is a Scam? – Not Worst, Not Best!

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Can you make money with a middle-man platform called Textbroker? Is Textbroker a scam or you should give it a try right away?!

With the way the entire world is interconnected with the Internet, it is relatively easy for persons with digital skills to monetize their skills working with clients from all over the world. Skills like graphic design and writing can be monetized providing services to clients from all over the world. is aimed towards writers seeking means of monetizing their writing skills online. This review comprises everything you need to know about Textbroker, confirming some of your doubts and clearing other doubts.


Product Name: Textbroker

Official Website:

Owner: Jan Becker-Fochler

Type: Article & Content Writing Service

Cost to Join: Jan Becker-Fochler

Recommended? Yes

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

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what is

What Is Textbroker All About?

To describe in very simple terms, it is an online marketplace where writing services could be offered to clients from all over the world. Just like the name suggests, Textbroker acts as a form of middleman between clients from all over the world and writers.

Since Textbroker is specific to writing skills, the projects which are available to writers on the platform include articles, blog posts, press releases and other form of writing. Clients of Textbroker who need writing services range from individuals who own small businesses and need writing services for their business to large-scale clients. Independent bloggers also seek writers for their projects from Textbroker.

Textbroker was founded in 2007. With Jan Becker-Fochler as its founder, Textbroker was initially based in Germany when it was found. The current headquarters of Textbroker is Las Vegas. Having been around for over a decade, Textbroker is well known amongst paid writers seeking a steady form of income and client seeking the services of freelance writers within a structured environment.

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how works

How Textbroker Works Exactly?

The Textbroker works differently from other platforms (Feature Points or Profit Shortcut) that I’ve reviewed before.

There are several processes involved in before one can begin to use Textbroker. There is the first step which is the registration step. With this step, one enters an email address and password into the Textbroker sign-up page. Afterwards, they are sent an activation link to their email with which they can activate the account.

After the registration step, there is a step where the skill of the writer is evaluated, and the writer is rated. This step requires the writer to upload a sample that reflects their writing skills. After the sample is upload, it is rated and the rating of that 500-word sample is the rating of the writer and will influence their access to projects as well as pay.

After the sample is submitted, it takes at most 2 weeks to get feedback from Textbroker. The pay per word set by Textbroker differs across the levels. Level 1 gets the lowest pay which is about 0.7 cents while level 5 writers can make up to 5 cents per word. The levels range from level 1 to level 5.

After the writing sample is evaluated, the next step is setting up one’s profile. This step requires the writer to share specific bits on information which will be visible to prospective clients. Writers need to fill out details under section such as the general info section where they would enter details such as the number of projects they can undertake in a day and their rate which determines their pay if direct orders are made. There are other sections of the profile such as abilities, travel, interests, languages and writing samples.

After the writer’s profile is set, they can then begin to work on projects available on Textbroker. There are different ways of getting work on the platform. They include searching for projects posted by writers as well as direct orders. Writers can also receive orders as part of a team.

How to Find New Jobs in Textbroker?

Although there are several ways you can find a new project and start working but when you sign up as a new user, the easiest option is using search toolbar at the top of the site.

You’ll probably end up with more than one choice at the end so you should make sure that you pick up the right project. Some clients prefer to work only with freelancers that they’ve worked with before or choose writers that have specific skills or rating rather than submitting an open request but it’s not something you need to worry about because the jobs board will never be empty.

Like any other freelance job, your relationship with your clients is pretty important; this means if you can build a good relationship with your clients, you can turn them from temporary to permanent clients so keep this always in mind when you’re working with different clients.

By the way, pay attention to the price you set when you’re looking for new jobs or submitting your resume because there’s a fee of 30% as commission of Textbroker that you need to pay and this 30% will be added to the final price so if you bid $10 on a project it’ll be shown as $13 to the client.

Try to Join a Team

Some projects are only available for teams. It’s not clear how you can become a member of a team but what I’m sure about is that your rate will be increased significantly when you work as a team. I think you need to start working independently and increase your rating by completing taken projects with high quality then there are chances that you’ll receive an invitation to become a team member after a while.

How Much You Can Make From TextBroker?

When it comes to making money with TextBroker, your rating plays an important role; now you understand why I’ve stressed to “Rating” when I was talking about income potential above.

So from the very first beginning day, you should try to get high rank (5 out of 5) from the clients because what you can earn as a 5 Start writer IS NOT COMPARABLE with what you earn as a 2 Star writer.

For example, when there’s a 500 words project your rate will be set to $25,00 automatically if your rating is 5 but it’ll be only $3.50 if your rating is below 3! Huge difference right? )

There are several things that can hurt your rating from providing low-quality content for clients to missing a deadline, choosing a project without paying attention to its requirements, poor communication with clients, etc.

It’s ok to start with a rating under 4 or even 3 because clients understand that there are always new freelancers who have just started their journey and they don’t reject you only because of the rating but if you’re in the TextBroker for +6 months and your rating is still under 3 or 4 then you’re definitely doing something wrong!

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Textbroker – Likes & Dislikes

The pros of Textbroker include the fact that it gives one the opportunity to make money with their skills. Anyone who loves to write can make some money or a lot of money from Textbrokers. Textbrokers also pays regularly, and there has been no complaints about payments.

Textbroker also allows writers to work flexible hours, although certain restrictions such as on the time for revision to be made applies. With Textbroker, writers can also improve their skills since there are helpful materials available.

Cons of Textbroker include the low pay as well as the rating system which could significantly impact on one’s earning. Textbroker also charges a commission which is added to the cost of the article. Thus, clients may have high expectations on projects from writers.

Textbroker accepts writers mostly from the US. International applications from countries such as the UK, New Zealand and South Africa.

Can Textbroker Make You Super Rich?

Yes one can make money from Textbroker, according to the specified amount for their rating as well as the price they set for direct orders. Writers that are new to the platform typically get jobs from projects posted by clients and are paid according to the price applicable to their rating.

As they establish relationships with clients, they begin to receive direct orders, and their payment becomes as they set on their profile. For team orders, the pay is as set by the client who aims to pay writers a certain amount for specific projects.

Because Textbroker is a content mill, its pay is on the lower side, and there have been complaints about the pay.

One can make money on Textbroker based on their rating as well as ability to establish relationships with clients and their availability. Payouts are made weekly, and one can request for a payout as soon as they have an amount to withdraw that is up to $10.

Payments are made through PayPal and request for payouts must be submitted before noon pacific time every Thursday for payments to be made on Friday of the same week. Writers simply need to click on pay off to request payouts. It is noteworthy that Textbroker has financial backing assuring writers of the fact that they will be paid.

Is Scam

Final Word – Is Textbroker a Scam or Legit? 

It is easy for one to mistrust platforms that provide opportunities for people to work from home because of the shady habits of similar platforms as well as terrible experiences from platforms that offer opportunities to work from home in the past. However, Textbroker has proven that it can be trusted.


The fact is that money can come from different online sources like working in a romance site like Pure Romance or using a writing service platform like TextBroker.

Textbroker is a platform that allows writers to earn income from their homes by working on a variety of projects within flexible hours. Textbrokers also pays writers regularly and could be a source of income for writers. However, as long as there are better opportunities to make full-time income online (like my recommendation below), I don’t recommend to spend all your time in just one platform.

my recommendation

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  1. Hey Ali! Thank you so much for that post! As it happens I have been trying out my writing skills, and I didn’t even know about this. This would be great for anyone who doesn’t necessarily want to replace their job, but simply earning a little extra whilst they practice what they love.

    I will definitely look into TextBroker, and see if it suits me 🙂 All the best and take care!

  2. Wow, awesome post, Ali! Thanks a lot, this was an extremely thorough review which cleared up alot of the questions I had about Textbroker. Although I didn’t fully believe they were a scam, I figured there would be better ways of making money online then what they offered. I’d also like to emphasize how important it is to write good, quality content before they even consider you. But of course, the same goes for any writing-based platform. I’m gonna try out your recommendation of wealthy affiliate and see how that works for me. Thanks again!

  3. Hi Ali, Thank you so much for this post! I really love to write and I have been searching around a lot for different programs and platforms to find the right one. It seems like a jungle, but your site really helps me! Textbroker seems like a good place to be and after reading this I think I will start. So thank you very much for this insight. I actually heard of it before but never really understood it before reading this! Just wanted to write and tell you that I’m very grateful to find this!

  4. Wow, this was amazing to read and very helpful as well. I did not know this much about the various services that are available for outsourcing. I had a pre-conceived notion but I was not aware that this could very well in fact involve all kinds of operations. I find it interesting how you give an honest comparison to what is legitimate and what is not. It also helps to know the different prices so that anyone interested can plan according to their budget. I think we need more of these kinds of reviews as they serve a great purpose. Without the right information people can be paying for various services a lot more than they need to. Keep telling us more about this!

  5. Ali, thanks for your informative article. I couldn’t stop reading it. Your article covers almost everything.
    I haven’t heard about textbroker before. Though I enjoy writing, but I don’t think my writing skill is good enough for me to get a writing job. What’s more, I am from HK, not from those native English speaking countries. So I think my rating would be quite low? It would be great to earn income at home and make a living on the Internet. I would also recommend WA though I am a newbie there. The community in WA is really helpful. And you can learn a lot in the trainings.

  6. Hi Ali. I’m really glad you wrote this article. I’ve been looking for ways to earn extra money and monetize my writing. In a sense, freelancing. Your article was so easy to find and couldn’t have come at a better time.

    I now understand the process to get started. You broke it down into actionable steps, charted a map to get involved and your expertise is in “high gear.”

    Thanks again for this timely article, I’ll definitely be watching for more.


  7. Thank you for doing this review. I have been looking into Textbroker for a while now, but I was weary. Your review has cleared up my confusion. It is good to know that they do pay. You also confirmed my suspicion that the pay was on the lower side. I am going to go ahead and check out some of the other programs you mentioned in your article, pure romance, and wealthy affiliate. Thank you again, and please keep the information coming!

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