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Is the Affiliate Cash Club a Scam? – Warning!

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You don’t need to spend a lot of time and doing deep research to find out the answer of this question: Is affiliate cash club a scam platform or it shows how you can make money from affiliate marketing properly?

I’m here to save your valuable time by answering this question in my review. I highly recommend you to read the whole Affiliate Cash Club review here but if you are in rush, let me give you my one-word answer: Yes, I mark Affiliate Cash Club as a scam program and you should beware of it!

Before starting the review, I want to make you sure that doing a quick research about a product/program you want to try is a good decision you have made and I’m happy to see that there are still persons like you who don’t fall into semi-legit scheme programs with attractive claims easily.

The truth is that every single dime in your pocket has not come to your life easily so you shouldn’t waste it on scam programs, especially these days that the Internet became full of scam and scammers.

Without exaggeration, the website that you’re visiting ( is the best place to find all the truth not only about Affiliate Cash club but about any other online money making platform and program.

I’m not linked to ACC (Affiliate Cash Club) anyhow so you can 100% sure that all you read here about this program is my own opinion which came through my research on this platform; that’s probably why unlike some other review websites, I’m not going to call AFF the best platform for making money because I’m not getting any commission for telling untrue good things about it.

I divided this review article to several sections and I cover each part of this platform in a separate section to give you a good overview of what’s happening in this program and what scam signs convinced me to put Affiliate Cash Club in the list of scam programs.

The same as my other reviews, I start with giving a summary of the product then go ahead and explain what is this program exactly and how it works, after that, I’ll tell you about the positive and negative points of ACC and in the end, I’ll uncover all red flags I’ve found about this product and more importantly, I’ll let you know about My #1 Recommended Program that helps you make money online with an honest way.

So let’s dive into it!


Product Name: Affiliate Cash Club

Official Website:

Owner: Jordan Mathews

Type: Making cash online from affiliate marketing

Cost to Join: $37 + A tons of upsells

Short Review:

Some basic information about affiliate marketing and making sales through high ticket advertising strategies gathered by a person with a fake identity in a PDF guide and offered as an online course is all I can say about Affiliate Cash Club.

There’s no any information about the owner “Jordan Mathews” when you search his name in Google and that’s the first sign of scam programs. The cost of the program is $37 and when you join, it offers you many upsells and with the insist of the program, you feel that there’s no success if you don’t buy those upsells so you’ll probably end up with much more than $37.

Also, the persons who see their testimonials on the website are only freelancers who have never tried ACC before and accepted to write or record testimonials for a few bucks so they are all unreal.

The lessons and information you’ll get for $37 is really worthless and it does not worth even $3! In summary, this is all I think about this program and I never recommend it to anyone.

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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What Is Affiliate Cash Club Exactly?

The first time that I’ve got familiar with this program was through a promotional email I’ve received from it. The subject was very eye-catching “Earn +$30,000 By The End of This Month!”.

Although I knew that it’s not real and something like that is not going to happen to anyone easily but I clicked on the email to open it and read more and I’ve seen that it’s a kind of invitation from Affiliate Cash Club that encouraged me to start making thousands of dollars in only 30 days.

ClickBank is the host website of affiliate cash club and as they’ve mentioned in the promotional email, you can start earning money online by using the all-done-for-you system of ACC through affiliate marketing business.

This is all I could find about this program and it’s actually all information they are giving to us about themselves.

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how affiliate cash club works

Is All-Done-For-You System a Dream?

I believe that there is not such that thing in reality and although I believe that you can achieve anything that you set your mind in life but these dreams don’t come true easily

Each making money platform has its own strategy for attracting new customers, some programs promise you all-done-for-you systems and some others like Automated-Income-System, Tesler or Selling Family use other marketing strategies to get your attention.

The popularity of all-done-for-you systems back to a couple of years ago, when ordinary people started to find online money making ways. Websites that sold making money programs have seen this great potential and started to offer all-done-for-you systems.

It looked like a great way to have an online income at the beginning because you didn’t need to do anything but the reality was very different from their claims.

Let’s see why a don-for-you-system NEVER works;

1.Most of the times, all-done-for-you systems are already created websites that you just purchase them. If they’re already profitable, you have some chance to start making some money from it but the problem is that they’re just very simple websites with poor quality content that scrapped (Web Scrapping) from other sites.

Getting traffic is very necessary to make a website profitable, and the truth is that big search engines like Yahoo,Google, Bing, etc. are never going to rank all-done-for-you websites. This means, there’s no traffic at all for these websites and no traffic means no money in the online world.

2.Another option is getting traffic from social networks but since you have nothing valuable to offer, people won’t be interested to visit your website so again, you will fail!

3.You are working for someone else! An all-done-for-you website gives you only access to the content of the website so if a technical issue comes up, you can’t do anything to fix that.

4.You may think about buying traffic but unfortunately, this method won’t work too. Firstly, you need to pay to well-known PPC networks like Google ads so you’ll have to get their trust again which is not going to happen because you don’t have a website with valuable content so for a high chance, your website won’t get approved by big PPC companies and secondly even if you get approved, paid traffic is not something you can play around easily.

It can cost you serious amount of money and you may lose big money if you don’t know what to do exactly; and because of this high risk involved, it’s not recommended to anyone without previous related experience, especially if you are a beginner.

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how affiliate cash club works

Affiliate Cash Club – Advantages & Disadvantages


There’s only one thing we can consider as pros for ACC and this positive point is its money-back guarantee. Of course, it’s interesting to know that this money-back guarantee does not provided by ACC itself and the ClickBank (the website that hose and sell this product) provides this refund option.


There are many things I didn’t like about Affiliate Cash Club, from fake testimonials to fake identity for the owner but here I decided to list only the main ones;

  1. Who is The Owner Finally?

If you think Jordan Matthews is the real name of the owner of Affiliate Cash Club, I’m sorry but you’re wrong. It’s not a real name and this fake name just been used as the owner of the program to give it more legitimacy.

  1. Big Fake Claims

Let me be honest with you here. Although affiliate marketing itself is a legit and reliable way to make an online and profitable business but ACC just took advantage of the name of affiliate marketing and tries to make you believe that big money is hidden behind their automated system.

They claim that you can easily set up this automated system and start making thousands of dollars right away!

This is completely a fake claim and nothing happens overnight in the affiliate marketing industry. I know this well because I’m an online affiliate marketer for a long time now. So don’t believe and don’t trust the programs and systems that come up with such those fake claims.

They just want to make a profit from your trust and they’ll leave you alone as soon as they steal all the money in your pocket.

  1. Unreal Testimonials Created by Paid Actors

If you have a little knowledge about freelance sites, you know that there are people that offer their service of creating testimonials in these sites and ACC hired these freelancers for a couple of dollars to make fake testimonials for their program.

Unfortunately many other products offered in the ClickBank website are using the same method for having good testimonials and it’s very clear that these kind of testimonials are completely worthless because they are all unreal.

To be honest, this is a technique that works for these crappy websites and that’s why they use it every now and then to convince you and other potential customers that many happy people are making good money with the program and if you don’t give it a try today, tomorrow may be too late!

Just don’t believe those fake claims and testimonials and keep in mind that it’s never too late to start your new brilliant career. The program I’ll introduce you below will help you to build a thriving online business successfully.

is affiliate cash club scam

Final Word – Is Affiliate Cash Club a Scam? 

I prefer to save my money for more important things rather than spending it on Affiliate Cash Club so although I decided to don’t buy it but I’m pretty sure that it’s not worth trying it.

Affiliate Cash Club is not a scam but I don’t mean that all semi-legit programs are valuable. With all those misleading information and red flags that I’ve seen in the sales video, testimonials, sign-up process and other sections of this program, I remove ACC from my recommendation list and instead I’ll let you know about a great alternative for this program which can exceed all your expectations in money making online industry.

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Do Affiliate Marketing The Right Way!

If you are patient enough, I can show you the right and probably the best way of making money online. Please note that this is not an easy way and like anything in real life, it does not bring you result overnight but if you are willing to put enough effort behind a legit and reliable business model and if you are interested to have an online income from your interests and hobbies in the life then I can show you a great strategy to reach that goal.

The first step you should take is forgetting about all shortcuts, secret weapons and money printing machine schemes. There are not such those things in the real and virtual life and I think they’re only useful for creating Sci-Fi movies.

I make you 100% sure that everybody with any level of Internet knowledge can make money online IF he/she accept the hard work that is required to get success for this business.

I started from zero and could make a full-time online income for myself and I had zero knowledge in Internet marketing and similar things. I just wanted it bad and I achieved it with har work.

So if you want it bad, here is the path which will lead you to achieve financial freedom. Again, it’s not easy but it’s completely FREE to start and if you take it seriously, you’ll start to see the result very soon.

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