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Is the Amazing Selling Machine a Scam? – No But…

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Is the Amazing Selling Machine a scam or it’s a trusted online business? Can it be profitable for you?

Amazing Selling Machine (the 10th edition is the latest one) is aimed to help people earn money on Amazon. Actually, the founders promise millions of dollars of income, and if you are still not satisfied, the company will buy your business after half a year.

However, the high price of the product keeps many people away from signing up. In this review, I will not only share all the costs of the program with you, but also tell you whether it is worth all the expenses or not. Continue reading to find out if Amazing Selling Machine is a scam or not.


Product Name: Amazing Selling Machine

Official Website:

Cost to Join: $4,997, or 6 payments of $999

Owner: Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback

Best For: Anyone

Recommended? Yes

Overall Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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what is amazing selling machine

What is The Amazing Selling Machine Exactly?

Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) was started by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback and was designed as a training program which explains how to earn money by selling products on Amazon. The program introduces several methods of making money. One of them explains how to buy products very cheap on whole sale websites like Alibaba and then sell them on Amazon at much higher price.

Another trick ASM teaches you how to choose the right product on Amazon which already sells well and then introduce it as your own and get guaranteed sales from the very start. ASM has designed so-called ASM Criteria – a number of factors from material the product should be made of, its size and weight to the price range you should stick to – which will help you choose the right category and type of product and receive the highest possible profit.

Beside the selling models, Amazing Selling Machine will basically warn you about any problems, dilemmas and pitfalls you might face during the whole selling process, as well as prevent you from making mistakes which can cost you money and most importantly – time.

Amazon is a constantly changing market, every year it updates the rules for sellers what makes it difficult to keep up with the new rules and keep up the money flow. Fortunately, ASM training program is updating all the time too, and if you choose to purchase it, you don`t need to worry if there has been any changes on Amazon you don`t know about – ASM is always up-to-date.

As soon as you sign up for the training, check out the ASM community to see what success other people achieved with the help of this program. What you`ll see might be not only surprising, but I`d say, shocking. You can`t imagine what sales people can make if they manage to choose the right product.

how amazing selling machine works

How Does it Work? 

Quality of Support & Training Materials

What to expect from the training? As soon as you pay for the ASM program, you will get access to online video courses which will explain how to create your own selling business on Amazon step by step. You will need around two months to complete the whole training.

Moreover, you will become a member of ASM community where you can get guidance from successful members as well as ASM professional support. Before you make your first sales, you need to invest quite a sum of money, and when there is a lot at stake, you will definitely need a piece of advice from a more experienced peer.

Important Question – Is The Amazing Selling Machine a Scam?

Amazing Selling Machine presents itself as a training course aimed on helping people create their own business on Amazon. And it does offer proper training with all needed video and text materials and you won`t have additional expenses, so it is definitely not a scam.

Is There Any Refund Option?

Amazing Selling Machine offers two money back plans.

  • 30-day refund. If you feel that this kind of business is not for you or you feel unsatisfied with the training ASM provides, you can demand the refund within 30 days after the purchase.
  • 6-month refund. I have to admit, this is a very rare and most attractive offer any company can make. ASM promises they will buy your Amazon business within 6 months after the purchase and you will get all your money back. ASM must be really confident that their program works if they offer such a plan, right?

What is The Cost of Joining ASM (Amazing Selling Machine)?

The price tag for the latest version, that is Amazing Selling Machine 10, is $4,997. If you can`t pay the whole sum of money at once, you can use their installment plan – 6 payments, $999 each, but this way you will have to pay an extra thousand dollars. The ASM training course is a big investment for a start, but attractive refund guarantees make it much easier to make a decision and give this program a chance. Moreover, you`ll get the money back already in a year if you follow the whole training accurately and do everything right.

How Much Money Do You Need to Start?

To start you Amazon business, you will have to buy the product from whole sale online stores which are based on the principle “the more you buy, the lower the price is”. So to get the best price offer, you will have to buy at least 500 pieces of one item. So for the start, you should expect your initial investment rise up to $4000.

amazing selling machine pros and cons

The Good…The Bad…


  • The training course is very well made, includes both videos and PDF instructions. Also, it covers the whole process of starting your own Amazon business until you get your first sales.
  • All the materials is easy understandable and very detailed.
  • The training course warns about all the difficulties and pitfall you might face on your way to success.
  • After starting the program, you can contact more experienced members for advice.
  • ASM is a legit company which offers real online training.


  • The training course is very expensive. Moreover, you`ll need to invest even more money to actually start your business.

is the amazing selling machine scam

My Final Verdict

Amazing Selling Machine is a legit company which offers a very detailed, up-to-date instructions on how to start your own business on Amazon. Moreover, it offers guidance from more experienced and successful members. Although the training is quite expensive, its exclusive refund plans help to reduce all the risks and focus on your business, because you can quit almost any time you want.

my recommendation

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