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Is The Banger Method a Scam? – Easy $372 in an Hour?!

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Is the banger method scam or not? The initiator of The Banger Method, Brendan Mace assures everyone that within 24 hours after buying his product, they can start earning money. According to him, your 30 minutes of work will be rewarded with a massive $372 EVERY HOUR! Or even more!

This raises a caution in the mind of the discerning. Definitely one of the “get rich quick” schemes, claiming that it will make you rich in only a second even if you are totally ignorant of what you have to do. Is The Banger Method really a scam? This review tells the truth.


Product Name: The Banger Method

Official Website:

Owners: Michael Thomas, Brendan Mace and Mark Hess

Type: Training for Affiliate Marketing

Cost to Join: $97 + Many Upsells

Best For: Experienced Affiliate Marketers

Recommended: No

Rating: 4 out of 10

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what is the banger method


The Banger Method is only a little preparation which is aimed at growing the conversion percentage of your affiliate marketing by setting up for your offer a BONUS page. It teaches you nothing about how you can generate traffic, and it does not teach you anything else about affiliate marketing. Oddly, they claim that this is the one thing that will suddenly transform you.

Fake Claims of The Banger Method

Quickly, before we go into the main discussion, I will highlight some of the puffs Brendan Mace continued to stress in his sales page.

He made assurances such as:

  • Making $372 per hour
  • Being designed for the newbie
  • The whole procedure taking only 25 minutes to be in place
  • The possibility of earning up to $1000 or more per day
  • Needing no email listing, website or paid traffic
  • This being the absolute change you have been waiting for
  • You starting to make money within only 24 hours

Does this look like a cheat to you? It certainly does to me.

The people this scheme looks to capture are the gullible greenhorns and the reason is that they are more likely to fall for such kinds of tactics than those who have been in the game for a while. They are too keen on making money online, and are usually not cautious. This is, however, not to say that The Banger Method is a swindle. This is just to draw your attention to the many unrealistic claims put forth by Brendan. We shall proceed to see if it is really a scam.

how banger method works

All You Should Know About Banger Method

The Banger Method has been essentially named the “Affiliate Marketing having a WIND”.

The meaning of this is that the method has its basis on affiliate marketing, but somehow, they have come up with a hoax to put up the rate of conversion of your affiliate offer. Noticeably, nothing in their sales page describes how it works. It essentially just creates false hopes.

There is no way to verify the authenticity of the product or the veracity of the claims until you buy the product. But there is actually a way – if you make researches and read reviews such as this.

What You Get Access to in The Banger Method?

The Banger Method includes the following:

  • Video trainings to learn how imperative bonuses offers are for the improvement of conversions and sales, creation of custom bonus, organizing bonus pages the process of bonus delivery.
  • You will be shown 5 affiliate campaigns that have earned Mark lots of money promoting the JVZoo products.
  • 1st bonus – WP Ever Funnel. WordPress plugin which generates expiring links used for affiliate promotions having a short time.
  • 2nd bonus – WP Simple Cloak. A WordPress plugin allowing your affiliate links to be hidden.
  • 3rd bonus – Copy and paste FTC Disclaimer. Mark and Brendan use it on every of their sites. But it was not on Brendan’s website when I checked
  • All costs $13.17 (at the time of this review). You should be aware of the upsells as well as downsells.
  • OTO 1 – 5 DFY campaigns. They are five campaigns that have been done for you so you don’t bother doing them yourself. Price: $37.
  • OTO 2 – License rights. Buying this gives you the right to sell The Banger Method as though the product were yours. Price: $97.
  • OTO 3 – individual training with Brendan Mace. Aim is to help you make sales easily. Unfortunately, hours of coaching not specified. Price: $2000.
  • DS 3 – Digital coaching by Brendan Mace’s. Have access to a membership site. There, you’d find what he taught in the one-on-one training. Price: $197.

pros and cons banger method

Why I Do Not Trust Banger Method?

  • It is more difficult than it appears

It is in actual fact, more difficult than you are made to believe. Nonetheless, it may be easier for experienced marketers who have mastered driving traffic to their offers, just like them. It won’t exactly be that easy for the greenhorns in the online business world.

  • The false claims

Brendan says The Banger Method is a way to bypass hard work in the way of success, but this is false. There is no shortcut to success anywhere. All methods need that you work hard and make efforts.

  • It’s not exactly for the novice

No training is provided to the newbies on driving quality traffic to your offers. If you get no traffic, you will certainly make no money.

is the banger method a scam

My Final Conclusion – Is The Banger Method s Scam?

I would not completely call it a scam since you get some value (training) for your money, but I am convinced the system cannot fulfil what it promises. So, you may be disappointed at what you have after buying it.

My piece: Avoid it. Because why not? It is not accommodating to the newbie as it claims and nothing is different about it. All it does is offer freebies and this is nothing spectacular, most people do it.

If you are serious about making it online, I’d endorse Wealthy Affiliate. It is is free to join and you would be shown all you need from the start. It’s not likely that you would get confused. The same cannot be spoken of The Banger Method. A novice would feel all lost because the lessons are not exactly directed at the beginners.

my recommendation

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