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Is the Banger Method a Scam or Make Thousands Weekly? – Find Here!

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I know why you are here exactly. “Is the banger method a scam or not?” This is the main question that you want to find an answer for it and you have probably seen one of those attractive ads about making +$300 per hour with Banger Method and thought: “Hey man, does it really work?”. Do not worry, I’ve reviewed Banger Method recently and I’m here to help you find answer of this question which helps you make the right decision.

It’s good to see that you did not believe those attractive ads of Banger Method simply and decided to do your own research because everything is not as good as it looks! Before spending your time and money on this making money opportunity, it pays to spend a couple of minutes to read my review to find what is really Banger Method, how it works and if should trust it or not.


Program Name: The Banger Method

Official Website:

Cost: $13 at the beginning + Many Upsells

Founders: Michael Thomas, Brendan Mace and Mark Hess

Do I Recommend it? No

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is the banger method

The short answer is no Banger Method is not scam but it does not mean it’s worth to try! When I’ve seen your answer “Is the banger method a scam or not?” I found that you’re interested in joining this program and since I’ve reviewed it recently, I decided to share my thoughts about this making money opportunity to help you make the right decision. If one of those attractive ads about Banger Method got your attention, my review helps you find out all the truth about this program.

The best thing you’ve done is deciding to do your research before doing anything else. Many people forget about this important part (doing research) and join a program just because of eye-catching claims but most of the times things on programs and training are different from what you expect.

Now, hopefully by reading this review, you’ll find out all you need to know about Banger Method and see if it’s something you can trust or it’s better to stay away from it.

Brendan Mace is the person who created and released Banger Method. Of course we see three names (Michael Thomas, Brendan Mace and Mark Hess) behind this program but the main person is Brendan Mace and this is no his first digital product.

The first thing that get your attention in sales page of Banger Method which says with help of this method you’ll start making money fast and it does not take more than an hour to setup system!

When you see such claim like this, you expectations go up and you really think that it’s possible to make that much money in short amount of time which is not true.

Let’s see What is Exactly Banger Method?

Banger Method is based on bonuses which means it teaches you how to create bonuses with discounts and put it on your advertisements and offer products to people based on those bonuses. Making money niche is recommended by Brendan Mace to use this method since it has many high priced products.

Everything looks good but there is a big misleading issue. Unlike what Brendan Mace says, this program is not a newbie friendly method and it would be very confusing if you are not familiar with many terms and concepts of internet marketing beforehand.

The fact is that you can expect to get result with Banger Method only if you already built a website for yourself, could get significant traffic for it and have your own audience, otherwise there is not anything you can benefit from in Banger Method as a beginner.

Another negative point of Banger Method is that you’ll be advised to sell high priced products to make more commission but the problem is that there are not many people who are interested to buy expensive products online from a newbie and convincing them would be very difficult.

I think it’s better to talk about the biggest cons of Banger Method to understand why I do not recommend this making money opportunity.

Banger Method is newest program created by Brendan Mace (and his friends) and this is not the first time this guy decides to release a new program. The main thing Brendan talks about is that Banger Method is an amazing way to make a huge amount of money and there is a high potential to become rich with this method.

However I’ve found that Brendan says about many misleading things in the sales page of Banger Method which can make your expectations becomes higher than a standard level.

What is Banger Method All About?

In short, this method teaches you how to use affiliate links in your products then attract people to purchase those products through your affiliate links by giving them different types of bonuses. He only focuses on Making Money niche and advises you to sell products in this niche then he explains how free bonuses can get attention of your audience and bring you more buyers.

Till here everything looks good but the problem is that it’s not a complete course and you may confuse a lot during the course if you’re a beginner in internet marketing.

People who have been in affiliate marketing business for a while and could get success in the past are those who can benefit from this course, so if you are a newbie and has not build a website before, did not get traffic and has not had any sales in the past, this course can’t help you at all.

Brendan says that you can make a lot of money by selling high priced products but have you ever think that who buy these expensive products from you? Especially if you are new and just started your business. I explain more about how it works and why it can’t be beneficial for you but believe me, if you do not have already an online business with regular customers, This Does Not Work For You!

Let me explain why…

how banger method works

How This Method Really Works?

As I’ve mentioned above, Banger Method claims that making thousands of dollars is not difficult if you follow their method and it would be even possible in a short time. It does not talk about the negative side of online marketing and only shows you the positive side.

Of course it’s not impossible to make money online and many people have online business these days but showing it as an easy job to do which can bring you result fast is not something that I expect to see from a legit program because it’s not true.

pros and cons

Positive & Negative Sides

Well involving in an online course and learn how to grow your online business as well as $13 fee which is low compared to similar programs are the only positive things I can say about this method but let’s see what are the cons of this program.


Here is a list of things I did not like in Banger Method which let me put it on my blacklist.

1-Untrue Claiming – Making More than $5K at the Beginning

I could ignore this if they did not say about this claim clearly in their sales video. They invite beginners to join program and claim that you’ll be able to make thousands of dollars after a short time even if you do not have any previous experience in internet marketing.

Well to be honest, I must tell you that this is not a friendly method if you are beginner. They hide this important fact and want you believe and it’s a friendly and easy way to start making money online.

2-Unrealistic Income Claims

Income proofs you see in sales page can be real but it’s not something you can get as well. All those income proofs are from an expert who is in this business for a long time so that’s not logical expect to get the same result if you have just started. You’ll learn how find profitable products on retail sites like JVZoo and how offer them to people by creating discount bonuses.

I’m not telling that they are lying, I just tell you that the results you see on the site are from experts who have and run their own business for a long time and they also make and sale their own digital products so those income proofs could be result of selling their own product not Banger Method and of course you do not have your own product to sell if you have not built it before.

Do you know how many persons work with them? They hired many affiliates to promote their products so those amazing income is not very strange for a team of 100 persons. Do you have your own team or 100 affiliates to promote your product? Think about it again!

3-Get Result in a Short Time

30 minutes of work to start making money right away! Sorry but it’s not true. Tell me about only 2 business that you can setup in half an hour and start making money after that. After years of working in internet marketing field and reviewing online services and making money programs, I even can’t tell you one program that can get you such result.

Listen, making a website, creating quality posts, attract people and get traffic for your website and finally sell related products to your audience are significant factors you should be familiar with BEFORE going to Banger Method course so do not waste your time on something that does not work for you.

4-Is It Really a New Product?

To answer this, let’s see what Banger Method does. It teaches you sell products by offering bonuses right? So what’s new here? We’ve seen bonuses all around the internet for years now and we know that there is money behind this so is not it strange to introduce this as a New Method which is used for years now?

Another thing is that I’ve noticed is that many programs work in the same way as Banger Method which means they teach you the same thing you learn in Banger Method course but when they do not get success in the sales phase, owners change name of the program and release it again with a new name so as you see we can’t consider a program/product that have been released several times before as a new one.

5- Poor Support

This is one of the factors I always consider when I’m going to buy a new product and it must be said that support of Banger Method is really really bad. Well let’s clear something here; it’s better to say that there is not any type of support (Online, Email or Phone) so we can’t give a positive or negative rating to something that actually does not exist.

When you start to learn a new business that you have not been familiar with before you’ll need help with many things and if you do not get this support, you’ll get confused soon and give up fast. This is what you should expect when you join Banger Method; keep in mind this, if you stuck, there won’t be any support.

6- What is the Real Cost?

Although the price of product is $13 but the fact is that this is not the real price. This is what you pay just to enter the program and after that there will be many upsells so your cost rises up constantly.

But let me give you an example of these upsells; for example to be able to contact directly with the owner (Brendan Mace) and get his support (which is free in many other similar programs) you have to pay up to $2000 depends on the type of support you request!

It’s just ridiculous that you have pay much more than price of a program to get just support for that program!

is the banger method scam

Is The Banger Method a Scam?

Although Banger Method has many negative points that I’ve mentioned to but even with all of those cons, I do not call it a scam because you get at least something for what you pay but this does not mean that I recommend Banger Method and it does not mean that you get as the same result as owners of this program get. The reason is simple; you do not already have a business nor a product and audience (owners of Banger Method have all these things already) and without them, you’re not going to get success.

The most important parts of internet marketing and running an online business are:

1- How to build a website

2- How to get traffic for that site.

And Banger Method is not going to teach you none of them. Creating discount bonuses and put it on your ads is all things you learn in Banger Method’s course.

I do not know why but they do not share result that you can get only from Banger Method; actually the result you see on their site is not only for Banger Method but it’s also for all other digital products that they are promoting and selling and this is another reason you should not rely on result that see over there.

Also it seems that they are in advanced level of digital marketing so they can setup everything much quicker than you so if they can setup a setup something in 20 minutes, it may take up to days for you!

You have to face with many things like lack of support if you purchase the course; also when training starts you’ll find out that it goes fast and you can’t do things as quick as it shows in the training so you may get disappointed soon. And last but not least is that $13 is not real cost of program, you’ll get many up-sells after joining and may end up with much more than thirteen dollars at the end.

All in all The Banger Method is not my recommendation since there are much better programs which teach you EVERYTHING you need to build your own online business successfully.

my recommendation

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