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Is The Bauman Letter Scam? – An Unbiased Review!

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As you can guess, the Bauman Letter is a newsletter about the financial topic when provides the latest news and info in this field. Also, it sends you articles about making money opportunities and that’s how it became famous among internet users. But is the Bauman Letter Scam or its earning opportunities advises are real and trustworthy?

If you are one of those persons who are interested in subscribing to this attractive newsletter, read my unbiased review of the Bauman Letter to see if it has something valuable for you or not.

Some programs like Panel Payday or Profit with Alex claim that they will bring you the instant result but the story is different about The Bauman Letter. By reading this honest review, all truth and facts will be completely clear for you and you’ll be able to make a logical decision about this newsletter.


Product Name: The Bauman Letter

Official Website:

Owner: Ted Bauman

Type: Financial Newsletter

The Cost to Join: From $47 to $99

Recommended? 50%

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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what is the bauman letter

What is The Bauman Letter All About?

At first glance, the Bauman Letter does not seem to be something very different from other financial newsletters but when you take a closer look at it, you see that its articles are not similar to what you’ve seen before in newsletter websites because, in addition to normal articles, it introduces methods for making profitable investments.

Ted Bauman writes all articles of The Bauman Letter personally and he says introduced strategies in his newsletter are unique and original which has not been published anywhere else before. If you want to make a luxury life for yourself through financial freedom and give fresh air to your current financial status, these strategies may be helpful for you.

If you want to know what you will receive after subscribing to this newsletter, I must say that a monthly newsletter will be sent directly to the mailbox that offers you different strategies for having a successful investment.

The strategies are generally actionable and are simple to follow through a step by step guide so you do not need to worry about understanding it.

Who Is Ted Bauman?

At the beginning of my article, I’ve mentioned that The Bauman letter is created by Ted Bauman but the truth is that there are several other people like Michael Carr, Chad Shoop and Jocelynn Smith who were participated to run this monthly newsletter.

Robert Bauman is the father of Ted Bauman who has written articles for well-known publications like NY Times and National Review, etc. Of course, this is what Ted Bauman claims and I’m not 100% sure if he says the truth or not. Later, Ted says that he has been in around 80 countries and saw how economic meltdown destroyed them.

Now he has gathered all these experiences and publish them as articles on The Bauman Newsletter, also he helps people to avoid mistakes that can happen through investment.

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how the bauman letter works

How Bauman Letter Really Works?

The goal of Bauman Letter is giving you total freedom in your personal and financial life. Many methods published in this newsletter are new and show you less-known strategies for having a successful investment. It says that’s not necessary to have a lot of money to make a profit through different types of investments.

Well, this is not the first newsletter I’ve reviewed. I went through several other important financial newsletters like Kennedy Accounts or Agora Financial and it should be said that you have access to more actionable strategies in Bauman Letter when it’s compared to related newsletters.

The methods and articles are not only about investment and there are also ways which show how you can decrease your tax rate and does not leak your privacy at the same time. All this is going to help you become rich and enjoy your life more.

When you know this, it’s not strange to see that readers of Bauman Newsletter are reached +50k. Information and strategies provided by Ted Bauman can save you from making beginner mistakes and protect your wealth.

After subscribing, you have access to a sea of newsletters and this unlimited list just help you know more opportunities in this field.

Who Are The Bauman Letter Best For?

Some great opportunities can be found in Bauman Letter but this does not mean that it’s not useful for normal people. The fact is that both pro investors and normal people can take benefit of Bauman Letter and it’s also a way of paying less tax which is pretty important for some people.

If you’ve joined some investment opportunities before, The Bauman Letter can be a suitable choice for you to expand your business but if you’re new to investment industry and have no money to risk then you should look for another way for making money online.

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the bauman letter pros and cons

Pros & Cons – What You Will Get After Subscribing?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, a monthly newsletter with information about different ways of increasing your investments will be sent to you on a regular basis during the whole year.

Also, Ted will let you know the best buying and selling opportunities that you can take advantage of. You may ask how and why you should trust Bauman Letter. The answer is simple; Ted Bauman explains how he chose these opportunities and tell you why he’s decided to recommend them to you. By this, you won’t get lost and know if you can trust these opportunities or not.

By the way, if you turn on notification, you will get alert if there’s a good investment opportunity. This means all recommended investment opportunities are monitored by Ted Bauman and his group so if one of these companies experience abnormal price movements then you’ll get an instant alert.

Everything seems to be clear in newsletters and Ted tried to make it as uncomplicated as possible, actually, he has been successful to this. To manage your portfolio easier, you will get about 4 or 5 advises and recommendations each time.

Do I Recommend Ted Bauman or Not?

If we take a look at other programs Ted Bauman participated in, we’ll find that this guy is qualified to provide investment advice. He has a long experience in this field and has graduated in economics. After finishing university he left the United States to work in the United Nations then came back to the US in 2008 and managed some international programs. So as you can see his background and long experience in investment let us trust him.

Anyway, do not forget that if a program or person is legit or trustworthy it does not mean that it can exceed all your financial expectations. Actually knowing your expectation is an important and first step for joining a business opportunity.

is the bauman letter a scam

Final Word – Is The Bauman Letter Scam?

Now we are at the bottom of our article and want to answer a question that many people are looking for its answer is the Bauman Letter scam or with pieces of advice of Ted Bauman, you can really find best investment opportunities?

Well if we look at it as an advisor program, we should consider it as a quality newsletter which gives you a chance to get the benefit of big profits. It also shows you ways to know fake investment opportunities and stay away from them; this is a big advantage for a financial newsletter that you should consider if you want to subscribe to Bauman Letter.

But keep in mind that all those profitable opportunities just does not happen for you by a simple click of the mouse and you should not set your expectations too high. Not only Bauman Letter but any other newsletter related to financial can bring you money instantly.

If you can set your money goals logically and make a plan, Bauman Letter can give you a positive result but if you’re looking for a fast or short-cut way to make instant cash, you should look for another option. Finally, I can tell that The Bauman Letter is not a scam and it provided a quality newsletter for its readers and subscribers so I put it on my legit list.

All financial and investment advises provided by Ted Bauman are actionable and you will get result for sure if everything put on the right place. Again, do not look at this newsletter as a fast making money way, it does not work like that and you will get disappointed if you want to get the quick result through The Bauman Letter so it depends on your personality as well which can be like a make or break decision.


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