Is The Bitcoin Generator Scam? Be Very Careful!

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Can you really earn Free bitcoin through bitcoin market? And Is the Bitcoin Generator scam which claims that you can earn up to 2 bitcoin per minute with a simple click? According to what owners of Bitcoin Generator say, yes you can! Persons, who are behind this system claim that everybody with or without knowledge in Bitcoin industry will be able to earn bitcoins completely free through their platform but is the bitcoin generator scam or it’s a less-known unique way to make bitcoins?

In my bitcoin generator review, you will find out if you really can trust what founders of Bitcoin Generator claim or not; I also explain why you can’t build a business and earn a full-time income with this bitcoin earner method.


Product Name: Bitcoin Generator

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Generate Bitcoin through Different Methods

Cost to Join: 0.00100 Per Bitcoin Generated by System

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 0.5 out of 10!

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what is the bitcoin generator

What Is The Bitcoin Generator All About?

This is the first question and probably one of the most important questions we should answer about Bitcoin Generator to find out if it’s a product that pays to invest your time and effort behind it or not. It’s sad to say that you won’t get enough information like what is it, how it works, how to make bitcoin, etc. when you land on their official website here

Some big claims and a simple explanation of jumping into Bitcoin Pools is all things you see on the website. Then they start to talk a little bit about what strategy they use (and they’re going to teach you) for generating free bitcoins. They display their strategy as a big secret that nobody knows about it yet and they’ll explain how dedicated servers of Bitcoin Generator exploit the blockchain (A blockchain, originally block-chain, is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography) and will generate bitcoin from bitcoin pools freely.

They don’t provide any additional information but I went through it and found out that servers of the Bitcoin Generator are really able to exploit but instead of blockchaing they use normal users as bait! Well, this kind of system does not stay alive and work for a long time and they’re actually lying about features of the system but even if it really works, without a doubt this is called stealing money from people!

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how the bitcoin generator works

How The Bitcoin Generator Really Works?

Fortunately, there’s nothing complicated about the system. You simply enter a specific amount of bitcoin you would like to earn (This amount varies from 0.1 and can go up to 2.5 Bitcoin) and click on start button; after that everything will be done by Bitcoin Generator and it starts to make bitcoin for you automatically.

When the process is done, you’ll get a notification which says “Congratulation! You’ve earned X amount of bitcoin successfully and can receive it in your E-wallet now”. If you are wondering what is the benefit of this process for owners of Bitcoin Generator, it must be said that they charge users a fee for each transaction which is $8 at the moment and there’s not any guarantee to receive your bitcoin if you don’t pay this fee.

Miners of Bitcoin Generator get paid through the fee that the system takes from people like you and me. Of course, this is only what Bitcoin Generator says and it’s not even close to reality.

Now let me share my own experience with Bitcoin Generator here. I’ve reviewed a lot of similar bitcoin generator systems in the past so before giving this system a real try I knew that it won’t work but I needed to test it by myself to see what will really happen.

I followed all steps and clicked on “Start” button after submitting my e-wallet address for receiving bitcoin. When it was done, it requested me to pay the fee and I’ve paid it too then I’ve got a message which said that I received 1.73 bitcoin. When I’ve checked out my bitcoin wallet, there was not any transaction from Bitcoin Generator and nothing has been added to my total amount of bitcoins.

Yes, I’ve been cheated! They’ve charged me a fee of $8 and didn’t pay me anything. This $8 is not a big amount of money but just imagine what a big amount of profit they make if every single user pays this fee and get nothing in return!

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bitcoin generator pros and cons

Scam Signs of the Bitcoin Generator

  • Lack of Support

You can’t get any support inside of the platform. Although BG says that a live chat is available for all members but when you check it, you’ll see that some fake IDs are chatting together.

The interesting thing is that all those fake members say only positive things about Bitcoin Generator and you’ll see messages like: “What an amazing system this is” or “Why I didn’t find this great way of income sooner!” That was too good if it was real but unfortunately, those people do not exist in reality.

Let me teach you a trick that shows how they use fake members for this purpose. Open live chat section and monitor it for a couple of minutes. Is not it strange to see that there is only Monolog conversation in the chat room and those members don’t talk together? It’s because robots can’t talk together!

A simpler way is joining the live chat and start typing something over there. Ask a question or say your opinion about the system and you will see that nobody will answer you because nobody is there! Those pre-written messages will be repeated again and again by the programmed robot to convince people that it’s a real live chat feature which is not at all!

  • Payment Proofs Are Not Real

Fake programs use different ways to show themselves as legit companies. Using actors instead of real people or displaying fake payment reports are the two most common of ways that are used by crappy systems and we see it in Bitcoin Generator too.

Although I’m almost sure that they the payment proof and testimonials uploaded in BG are fake but it’s hard to prove that.

Where Bitcoin Generator Comes From?

When you see a lot of information from owners/founders to work’s process, history, etc. while you visit the website of a new company, you make sure that they don’t hide anything from you and this is a legitimacy sign otherwise when FAQ is almost empty, there is not any contact info or official registered address and you are not able to find needed information for trusting a website, you should definitely doubt about that company seriously.

In addition, keep in mind that all attractive claims they give you will disappear completely as soon as you pay $8 fee.

is the bitcoin generator a scam

Final Word – Is The Bitcoin Generator Scam?

You know my answer to this question very well if you have read full or even a part of my Bitcoin Generator review. This is one of the programs that I’ve rated too low (0.5 out of 10) because of the many red flags. You can’t find even a single reliable review source that recommended Bitcoin Generator and this shows why you should not trust it.

If earning free bitcoins was that much easy, many people became rich through this type of methods. You should not try or purchase a system that is not honest with you and don’t forget about fake live chat feature or unreal payment proof we’ve seen in this platform.

You are totally free to give it a shot and see it by yourself but I highly recommend you instead of paying $7 fee and waiting forever to receive promised bitcoin, get a coffee or buy a Burger King with that money and life at the moment!

I really don’t understand how some people can spend their hard-earned money on these fake programs and trust persons or websites that they never meet before. Believing a system based on only ads and claims is a big mistake many beginners make and repeating this mistake let sites like the Bitcoin Generator stay alive!

Final Verdict

There are many programs that provide money making online opportunities like Monat Global or Digital Elites but it seems that Bitcoin Generator is the easiest one!

Lack of knowledge in the Bitcoin industry is something scammers and opportunistic people take advantage of to scam beginners. It’s stupid to believe that there’s really a way which can exploit the Blockchain and they are going to share it with you. If this secret weapon has really existed they never shared it with others because they could make thousands of bitcoin by themselves. It looks like building a partnership with a thief and have a piece of things he steals from others!

To be honest, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Zcash, Ethereum, Cardano, etc. have a hot niche for scammers because it has high potential in attracting individuals who are interested to build an online business around it. On the moment the article was writing, there is not any legit system that can do something Bitcoin Generator claims and since not legitimacy of BG is confirmed, you should not trust any other similar opportunities.

There’s high risk involved in the mining platforms so even if one day you find a legit platform with real miners, do not forget to do deep research before joining the platform or purchasing it.

Maybe a couple of years ago mining and tasks related to it could bring you good money but since the price of BTC dropped dramatically during the last years, nobody can rely on mining business anymore. Beginners, individuals, and experts moved to more profitable and reliable business opportunities to make a stable business for themselves.

I’m familiar and make a full-time income from one of the most trustable making money ways and I’ve introduced it in my best recommendation section below so feel free to continue reading to stay away from all scams and start really making money online.

Thanks for reading and I would be more than happy to see your comments below.

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