is the Chloe and Isabel a scam

Is the Chloe and Isabel a Scam or a Unique Jewelry Business?

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Trying to find the answer to this question: “Is the Chloe and Isabel a scam?” Then this review is for you!

First of all, I want to personally thank you for visiting my website to read The Chloe and Isabel review. I try to give you a clear overview of this MLM jewelry business and help you decided if it a worth trying opportunity or not.

The truth is that jewelry business has been always one of the top-notch profitable businesses in the offline and online world and maybe that’s why everybody wants to take even a small piece of this delicious cake and this impression alone turned it into a very competitive business even for Multi-Level Marketing companies that just promote this business.

Now, at this review, we take a closer look at one of these MLM Jewelry businesses called Chloe and Isabel (C&I) and see if there’s any chance to make serious money from it. Before going into the details, it must be said that your research plays an important role in finding reliable opportunities in making money online industry and it’s good to see that you don’t jump into any new MML program without doing your own research; this definitely helps you to find scam websites and stay away from them.

Also, I make sure that this is a 100% unbiased and honest review. This means, unlike some other reviews out there, telling the positive things about C&I does not bring me any benefits and I don’t make any money or profit for promoting this company so the same as all my previous reviews, I just test the provided opportunity personally, take a deep look into the website and share all my research and what I’ve found about it as a review with my audience here.

That’s why affiliates and persons who make money with C&I probably won’t like this review because I’m going to tell you the “Truth” and explain why I don’t believe their claims.

So let’s start!


Product Name: Chloe and Isabel

Official Website:

Founder: Chantel Waterbury

Type: MLM Jewry Business

Cost to Join: $179 (starter cost) plus many upsells

Short review:

C&I uses a MLM business model for promoting jewelry and accessories but there’re several red flags that confirm they are far from what they claim to be. For instance, they increased the price of jewelry during the last year and since the quality of accessories and jewelry that they sell is not equal to their quality, it makes it very difficult for marketers to join their MLM model and promote their products. (People simply don’t like to pay a lot of money for low-quality things)

Recommended? 100% No!

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is Chloe and Isabel

Here Is What Chloe and Isabel Is All About…

It’s 9 years now that Chantel Waterbury decided to build an online jewelry business based on an MLM model and call it “Chloe and Isabel”. Jewelry is the main item that is sold on their website but when you navigate the website, you’ll see other accessories related to Jewelry as well.

Taking a look at the history of this company shows that their business expanded rapidly during just a few years and with a business concept called “Friendship Philosophy”, they could become a well-known brand in the jewelry industry.

Compared to similar MLM jewelry businesses like Avon, Park Lane Jewelry, Bead for Life or Nikken, C&I is one of the fastest-growing companies in this industry. But how they could reach that level in such a short time and what’s the benefit of working with them?

Keep reading to find out!

What Kinds of Products Are Sold in Chloe & Isabel?

It’s easy to guess that what is the main feature of this company. All jewelry that has been made by this company has good quality that are lead-free and nickel-free and C & I produces and markets various types of jewelry.

There are several common features that you see in all jewelry made by C&I; for example, all products have been created beautifully, inspired by nature and they all created in a high-standard level.

The products marketed by C&I included by not limited to:

  • Choker
  • Necklace
  • Bangle
  • Ring (Championship ring, Class ring, Engagement ring)
  • Slave bracelet
  • Hair accessories
  • etc.

The products of C&I have a reasonable price and this is an advantage for affiliates and distributors because they could use it trump card for their marketing porpuses. Although you can find expensive jewelry on their website too but the average price of their products is around $100 and when you compare it to other jewelry stores, you’ll understand why I labeled them as a “reasonable” price.

So this a positive point for marketers because as an unspoken rule, promoting and selling a $1000 item is much harder than a $100 item, especially if you want to do it online. The reason is simple, the audience (potential buyers) for a $1000 item (or jewelry) is much less than for a $100 one.

Are Products of C&I Still High-Quality?

There are two types of people when it comes to answering this question. The first group believes that they’re still doing well and the quality of their products is better than many other jewelry stores but on the other hand, some people think that this company does not sell “high-quality” products anymore and after their recent changes in manufacturing pieces of jewelry, all new items don’t look beautiful as they’ve seemed before.

Well it must be said that I agree with the second group and the difference between new and old products of C&I is Incomparable to me! I’ve done some research to find out why they decided to change their process of manufacturing while they were doing very well in the past and unfortunately there was not any information about it! This is what many people who tried their new products agree with too.

Also there are some negative reviews about health issues that come from wearing jewelry pieces of C&I but my research shows that all products of this company are healthy and nobody gets hurt or any health problem by wearing them. I could not find where’s the source of these negative reviews but I’m sure that there’s a purpose behind this.

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how Chloe and Isabel works

How to Start Make Money from Chloe and Isabel?

There are two options to earn online from this company: Personal Sales & Group Sales

In Personal Sales, you can purchase jewelry at a wholesale cost and make a profit by selling them at a standard price; this means, there’s a chance of making a commission up to 40% for promoting and selling products of C&I.

And it’s a different story when it comes to Group Sales. Although the commission will be decreased to something between 4% to %12 but it comes from your group and this means, you don’t need to promote and market products by yourself to earn this commission.

I liked to see more information about Group Sales in the official website of C&I but unfortunately what I’ve mentioned above is all info that can be found there.

How to Sign Up with Chloe and Isabel As a Distributor or Affiliate?

As I’ve mentioned, there’s a fee of $179 that you need to pay in order to be able start promoting products of C&I. This is the fee of the starter kit and in addition to jewelry, it includes business supplies too.

There’s not any difficulty or complicated thing about the sign-up process and if you make a good marketing plan, you would be able to make $600 profit by selling all products of the starter kit.

Chloe and Isabel pros and cons

What People Think About C&I?

We can’t say all people who tested or worked with this company liked it, we also can’t say they don’t like it too! Actually there is a mix of both positive and negative reviews about this brand but the common thing that I’ve found in all reviews is that this company does not experience good days from the time that Chantel Waterbury (founder of C&I) decided to leave it after almost eight years!

Maybe that’s the main reason of decreasing product’s quality of this company because when a company loses a person who has a key role in the senior management, it affects negatively on the company. You know well that what happened to Apple when Steve Jobs left it for a while.

Who Is Chantel Waterbury?

Now, it’s good to know some more about the founder and CEO of this company who launched and grew it from zero (an unknown brand) to a well-known company with 900% economic growth in the jewelry industry.

What Chantel has done with C&I featured by media like The Wall Street Media several times and this company owes its success to this person.

But now, if you look at the CEO section of C&I website, you’ll see a new name “Doug Hepfer” who became the leader of Chloe and Isabel this year. I think it’s better to don’t judge new CEO now and let him work for at least one year to see what’s the result. But from what I’ve read in the News, they’re pretty confident about getting success with their new MLM plan.

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What I Didn’t Like

The truth is that most of the products I’ve reviewed recently like Fusion Cash, Secret Affiliate Machine or QProfit System have had more negative points than C&I but this does not necessary mean that C&I stands out from the crowd.

To know some negative points of C&I, I’ve simply taken a look at some negative reviews. I think the problem is that Doug Hepfer (new CEO) wants to expand this brand without focusing on what they’re good at and this is exactly the opposite side of what Chanter has done for Chloe and Isabel in the past.

Most part of C&I’s profit comes from merchandisers and it seems that these are not interested to work with this company anymore for several reasons. It’s clear that the decisions of new management team do not meet expectations of new merchandisers as well as the old ones who used to work with Chantel.

Of course this is not the only cons of C&I and there are several other negative points raised for both merchandisers and customers after new CEO took the place. Now we should wait and see if Doug Hepfer can come over these issues and bring back the reputation of C&I or new CEO or even Chantel Waterbury will come back to the company.

is the Chloe and Isabel scam

Final Word – Is the Chloe and Isabel a Scam? 

This is definitely a legitimate company and although there are issues and problems that have been raised in this company, especially during the last year but this does not change anything about their legitimacy.

They could not stay in the business for a long time if there was serious issue with their reputation; their products are real and they’re in the jewelry industry for almost a decade now. All these are enough to call them a totally legit company.

There are benefits for new marketers behind C&I and it still can be a good place to start but I can’t exceed expectations of more professional individuals. The media talked about their extensive Multi-Level Marketing plan several times and appreciated efforts that Chanel Waterbury put behind it.

We can talk about the pros and cons of their compensation plan a lot, we can compare it with the compensation plan of other companies, mark it good or bad but there’s no doubt about the legitimacy of C&I and this is what all employees, merchandisers and customers have confident about.

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Finally, I want to thank you for spending your time to read my Chloe and Isabel review. Hope this article gave you what you were looking for. Don’t forget that you’re always more than welcome to share your thoughts and ask your questions about this company and any other MMO (making money online) opportunity in the comments below and I would be more than happy to come back to you with an answer! )

So what do you think about Chloe and Isabel? Have you worked with them or purchased any jewelry from them? Do you think that they are not as good as they were in the past? What’s you opinion about My Best Recommended Program? If you want to choose between it and C&I, which one you pick up?

Just leave a comment and share your thoughts below! : )

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