is the coffee shop millionaire a scam

Is the Coffee Shop Millionaire a Scam or Real?

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The Coffee Shop Millionaire, an online training course which is supposed to show you a way to success through starting an online business, was launched several years ago which is quite a long time for any online business. “Is the Coffee Shop Millionaire a Scam?” is the main question I’m going to answer in my honest review of this product.

Unfortunately, there are still people who find this training attractive, but being conscious that there are many scams out there and sometimes it`s hard to recognize one, some people have been turning to me for a review of this training course.

I feel responsible to give you a warning about this website, so here I am writing a completely honest review which hopefully will save you money. Continue reading to find out the truth about the Coffee Shop Millionaire.


Product Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire

Official Website:

Owner: Anthony Trister

Type: MMO Online Training Program

Cost to Join: $37 Plus tons of Upsells

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is coffee shop millionaire

What is Coffee Shop Millionaire All About?

As I have mentioned before, the Coffee Shop Millionaire is an online training course. It was designed by Anthony Trister and is aimed to lead people to success, teaching them how to create their own website and start making money on it.

At first glance, everything looks very transparent and easy within the Coffee Shop Millionaire. You pay $37 and get the access to the training, after which, supposedly, the money will start flowing into your pocket.

However, it isn`t as simple as it looks. After you start the course and get all excited to start making money, the website offers you an opportunity to succeed even quicker and become a member of the Six Figure Success Club. But for that, you need to pay $297.

You haven`t expected any further payments, but you want to see the result of your time-consuming training so badly that finally you pay the money, hoping success is waiting around the corner.

However, that`s not where you start making big money yet. They are not done with you yet.

The online training is teaching you how to make money using your own website which you still don`t have. So you have no choice but to pay for the domain name and for the hosting to be able to finally put your new knowledge into practice.

While the website tells you that you are just $37 away from success, get prepared – they won`t let you go until they get the most out of you.

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how coffee shop millionaire works

How Coffee Shop Millionaire Works & What’s Included on It?

The Coffee Shop Millionaire online course, as stated on the website, is covering all kinds of Internet marketing strategies starting with SEO, i.e. Search Engine Optimization, and article marketing, and ending up with video or email marketing.

The course is video-based, so there would be 12 videos available to you as a member of the program. Each video covers one of the strategies, describing what it is and how much money it can earn you. However, there is one big problem with the videos. They just don’t tell you what exactly you should do and how to apply those methods to your own website.

When you enter a totally new area, it is vital to have someone who you could ask for advice, someone who have already achieved something using the same strategies and who can share their experience with you. Unfortunately, the Coffee Shop Millionaire doesn`t provide this kind of service.

What`s more, the videos available to members give only a whole idea of each strategy. In order to get the core knowledge about them, you will be required to pay extra. Payments don`t end with $37 required to become a member. And to be honest with you, this core course doesn`t worth $300 you end up paying in the end.

The Coffee Shop Millionaire team is doing a great job in promoting their training. They claim that already after a couple of weeks you will start receiving up to 20 thousand dollars! I just wonder how a person with subtle knowledge on Internet marketing and almost zero experience can achieve anything in this field within 2 weeks!

The thing about Internet marketing, like any other job, you need time to learn what to do and how to do it right to achieve your goals. Moreover, success doesn`t come quickly. Yes, you can earn some money in your first month, but it would be far-far less than $20,000.

How Much You Should Pay to Join Coffee Shop Millionaire?

The monthly fee of $37 is just the beginning. As soon as you are in and got involved within the program, you will start paying more and more. Because in the beginning most people are too excited and too willing to start making money right away to think straight enough to realize that it`s just a trap for pulling more and more money out of people.

The things The Coffee Shop Millionaire team will start imposing on you are not limited to their own products and features. In order to be able to put your new knowledge in work, you will have to create your own website which needs money as way. You`ll have to pay for the domain name, the hosting. And of course, the website will try selling you packages you may need for launching a website which may require over $100.

The sad part is that as soon as you pay some money, you can`t stop, because you don`t want the money you`ve paid to go for nothing. So you will continue spending money hoping to get them back as soon as you start earning something. And the program`s team knows it and uses every opportunity to get as much as them can from you.

What You Have Access to After Joining?

Although you have access to many training sources inside the Coffee Shop Millionaire but as you know, quantity doesn’t mean quality always. I think they could focus on more practical subjects to make training section as useful as possible.

At the beginning and before start training, they mention that you will learn “everything” you need to run a successful online business, from email marketing to Search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, paid ads etc.

But I’m sorry to tell you that not all of these sections has been covered in details in the training. Yes they give you some information about above methods but this information does not work like a valuable practical method and you can’t go anywhere upper than basic level after finishing it.

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coffee shop millionaire review

Coffee Shop Millionaire – Pros & Cons

That is probably the hardest part of writing a review – to find something good in a scheme which actually hasn`t anything good about it. So I`m not going to hide it or make it look any better. The Coffee Shop Millionaire sucks.

From the payments which are imposed on you one after another to the quality of the training which simply doesn`t cost as much as you are required to pay – everything seems wrong about The Coffee Shop Millionaire.

If you take a look at other reviews on the Internet, you will see too many positive and exciting reviews which, to be honest, seems pretty suspicious to me. I believe, most of them have been written by the program`s affiliates or people somehow involved within the program.

In conclusion, I want to say that The Coffee Shop Millionaire is not the program that is going to earn you wealth. And I wouldn`t recommend you even to try it out.

Coffee Shop Millionaire – Positive & Negative Points

Positive Points

  • It’s a cheap program and does not cost you a lot of money when you join.
  • Unlike what they say, a lot of work and effort required to setup your business properly and apply what you learned in training. Also it takes significant amount of time to reach “some” of potential income they promised.

Negative Points

  • Unlike the name of program, it’s not possible to make “Million” dollars with this training
  • You should pay to be able start training (even beginner level), so it’s not FREE at all like what they say
  • There are many annoying up-sells during training
  • Many training subjects has not been updated from a couple of years ago
  • You pay “More” than their official membership’s fee

is the coffee shop millionaire scam

Final Word – Is Coffee Shop Millionaire a Scam?

As an internet entrepreneur, Coffee shop Millionaire is not something that I feel comfortable with so although it’s not a valuable training course which worth your money and time in my opinion but I’m not calling it a scam because it gives you “something” in return.

I see it as a gray program that cannot give you what you’ve expected. People write reviews based on their personal opinion and my review is not an exception too. I tried to write this review as honest as possible and let you know all positive and negative points of this training program.

Now you can go ahead and join it to see if it works for you or listen to my advice and instead give my best recommendation program that I mentioned below a try. It’s totally up to you!

The point is that the same as Coffee Shop Millionaire, my recommended program is a training platform as well but it has a big difference! It’s based on a community not only one person and this community is a mix of experts and beginners. It’s simple, experts who you can contact them were beginners members just like you who joined platform some while ago and could get success with that; that’s why they totally understand you and can exceed your expectations very well.

This is a unique feature that I’ve not seen in other similar online courses before and high success rate of members prove its reliability. I forgot to tell you that it’s completely Free to join it (not fake free, Real FREE!) so you can see what’s included inside and compare it with other platforms easily.

Also you can contact with its owners, Kyle & Carson directly right after signing-up. So take your chance and give it a try; I’m sure just after surfing it for a couple of minutes, you will understand why I recommend it as The Best Training Program for Making Full-Time Income.

Continue reading my best recommendation section below to get more familiar with this great community.

my recommendation

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  1. Hi Alli,

    Thanks for sharing.
    Before I read this article I wasn’t familiar with the coffee shop millionaire. So I found your explanation quite useful, and I did check them out. I do appreciate the background information that you included in your article.

    Your insight into their training is quite good, it seems like they do train you up in relevant subject, like paid media and SEO, which is great, but it seems ridiculous that you need to pay for the trailer training and the pay more for the full training.

    For me one of the indicators of a scam, or of an exploitary service, is that they try to sell you the dream that you will get rich over night or with minimal effort. Those who work in an online space or who are business owners will tell you that no such thing exists and that is one thing that does annoy me about the coffee shop millionaire. They seem to sell the idea effortless millions, which is problematic.

  2. This article is quire helpful with all the scams happening on the online world. However I would suggest that you edit one important part which is the most important to my understanding. The last part where you recommend Wealthy Affiliates.
    In your 1st paragraph after “my best recommendations” it would be best to actually type that your best recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate, not only list it’s best attributes and then only right at the bottom we see a WA pop up. That was a bit confusing for me because I had to read twice to see where you actually mention what your best recommendation is.
    You can write in on the 1st paragraph after the heading, most probably with your link and then the pop up at the bottom can be a follow up link. I hope I make sense.

  3. Hey Ali.

    Thank you so much for your review. I’ve checked out the website of coffeemillionaire. Even for that, I wouldn’t join lol. A white page with a video in the middle…

    The problem with these systems is, that they promise you to make a lot and fast money online. I know it, I started the same way a few years ago getting into scams. People just look to make money fast, and as you stated in your review. They will spend even more, t get faster results. But the problem, with such a basic video course, you will never make 20k a month within a few weks, even net within a few months.

    I am always happy to find websites like yours, that help people to understand the way to make money online. Your site is now in my favorites and will check it a few times a week.

    Thanks for this review Ali.

    Best regards.

  4. This article is quit clear. Its on point and it’s making all sense.
    To all those who had doubt in this venture.
    They now finds comfort out of your review. Which is great.
    I hope you continue lending a hand to those in need. By feeding them on beneficial information.
    Kudos my friend. Keep up the good work

  5. I really like your post and I know that they are so many scam out there. When I see millions or any money sign, I tend to just keep going cause I know that what is say it’s not true. We really need to keep in sight of what is going on in the world of scams. Thank you for this post!!

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