is the Gains Systems a scam

Is the Gains Systems a Scam a Genius Way to Make Money?

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Where you search for questions like “Is the Gains Systems a scam or not?”, this means, you’ve experienced visiting some scam websites or even worse, you’ve got scammed in the past. I understand If you can’t trust new making money online websites because there’re tons of scam or very low-quality products that claim you can make easy money in a day or week with spending some minutes to complete a few mini-tasks.

Well, Gains Systems is one of those websites with these types of claims that just waste your time and effort so the best decision is staying away from it and all other similar platforms. Gains Systems says everybody can make a lot of money by joining their platform and completing provided tasks but it’s a black marketing technique (instinctive way) to attract more and more people to join this platform and they never pay members.

Making a couple of dollars for doing tasks that take less than a couple of minutes of your time seems to be very nice when you know that the real earning potential behind “Legitimate” GPT (Get Paid To) websites are not more than a few cents for completing each task, you’ll understand that there’s something wrong with Gains System’s claim and this is a profitable way for only persons who run this fake program, not for people who join it in the hope of making some cash online.

Now let’s take a closer look at Gains Systems and see if this platform can make you happy and rich or not.


Product Name: Gains Systems

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: GPT Platform

Cost to Join: Free to join + Upsells

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

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what is the Gains Systems


First of all, it must be said that Gains Systems walks in the same way as many scam platforms walk. When you visit a website and can’t find any information about the owner, how it works, compensation plan, contact info, etc. this is a big red flag that shows you should not trust that website.

This is what you see when you visit Gains System. There’s absolutely zero information about this platform on their official website and this does not let people join it with confident. The truth is that Gains Systems use different strategies to get people’s trust and attract more customers, from providing fake payment proofs to unreal testimonials and reviews.

But you may be wondering why joining this platform is Free if they are scamming people? The answer is simple; not all scam websites steal your money, the goal behind some of them is stealing your personal information like full name, email address, your interests etc. then they sell this info to third-party companies who take advantage of this information by sending spam and ads.

Nobody likes to share his/her personal info with websites and companies that don’t know well so as a recommendation, always do your own investigation about trustworthy and background of the company you want to give a try to make sure they work legally.

So What Is Gains System Exactly?

First of all, it must be said that Gains System is a “New” HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) company that is located in Hong Kong and started working from this year, 2019. So all factors that need to be considered while working with a new company should be considered here too.

Gains System uses a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) model to promote and market itself. According to what is written in their official website, you can maximize profit by taking advantage of advanced artificial intelligence provided by this company.

The truth is that what they are doing now is not authorized. If you take a look at the category that this company registered with, you’ll find out that it’s not related to investment services (the service they provide now) at all. This shows that the business they’ve focused on is not what they’ve registered for. But why?!

Is This Illegal?

Well, nobody likes to use investment services from a company that is not registered under investment category officially. It’s not clear why they’ve decided to register under another name but we are sure about is that this is not legal work.

What Types of Products They Are Selling?

All programs that I’ve reviewed before like Your New at Home Career, Chloe & Isabel or Fusion Cash have been sold something (sometimes a physical product, sometimes an online service).

And as an investment program, most of the products and services provided by Gains System help people to make successful trades in the currency and cryptocurrencies markets. Litecoin, TRON, Bitcoin and Perfect Money are only a few platforms they’re trading on.

The amount of money you can invest is unlimited. This means it can start from as low as $10 and goes up to $$$ and your profit potential directly depends on your investment’s amount. Well, the reason is simple, if people invest more, they can make more and if people invest less, they make less profit. That’s why they encourage people to invest as much as possible in the company.

Also if your profit reaches $2.50, the withdrawal option becomes available and you can receive it after 48 hours in your account. If you think that $2.50 profit is far from considering it as a high yield investment business, you’re totally right and I think that it’s not a good point to start with a HYIP.

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how the Gains Systems works

Does Gains System Have an Affiliate Program? Yes but…

Affiliate program of Fains System lets you make money by recruiting people into the program but the way that they use this affiliate program does not seem to be very legitimate. Let’s see how it works first;

The maximum profit you can make with the affiliate program is %7 which comes from the initial amount of your recruit’s investment. This is incomparable when we look at the other affiliate programs that pay up to even %80 for people who recruited to the program by you. Also, there’re commissions of 3%, 1% and 0.5% for your downlines.

Gains System affiliate program is not similar to all other affiliate programs that I’ve ever seen before. It focused on the amount of people’s investment while legitimate affiliate programs focus on the number of people rather than the amount of investment.

This means Gains Systems wants affiliates to encourage people to invest as much as they can into the program which will increase the net profit of the company naturally. Also, it’s not recommended to rely on the affiliate program of this company as a source of a full-time income because the earning potential is pretty low over there.

Is It Possible to Make Money with Gains Systems?

Yes and that’s why we are talking about this program! Although Gains Systems shows itself as an investment opportunity but the earning ways introduced by this company are not related to any kind of investment.

Referral Based Commissions and ROI Commissions are two main options to start making money with Gains System but in order to use any of them, you need to sign up with the program.

  • The Sign-Up Process

You can create an account on their website for free but a minimum investment of $10 is required if you want to use their compensation bonuses. Also, there’s not any cost if you want to use their affiliate program.

  • Compensation Plan

Although they didn’t mention to ROI limits on the website but there’s not any complicated thing about the Compensation Plan of Gains Systems. The company promises a profit of 3% daily to all investors plus a day-based profit of 1.5% for weekends.

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the Gains Systems pros and cons

Gains Systems – Warning Signs!

1 –  A Ponzi Scheme Model!

When a company does not provide a “Real” service or product, it’s considered as a Ponzi Scheme business model and since Gains Systems focused on recruitment, we can call it a Ponzi Scheme model.

Unfortunately, most of the companies that used a Ponzi Scheme business model ended up costing thousands of dollars and marked as scam. Recently Federal Trade Commission announced that Ponzi schemes business model is one of the two biggest scam signs for online companies.

2- No Income Proof, No Evidence, No Anything Else!

One of the first things that make trust between a company and customers is Evidence and this is what we don’t see in Gains System. They are in the trading industry but I could not find any evidence that shows they are legitimate and work legally in this field.

There’s not also any testimonials or income proof that shows people are making any money from this company and it seems that inviting people to invest money into the program is the main goal of Gains Systems.

3- There’s not a Feature for this Company

The trading system that they are promoting does not exist in reality so it’s not possible to make any profit from that. And because of this, I think that Gains System will be doomed to fall apart in a maximum 1 year.

Well, it’s not very strange to me because when recruiting people becomes “Everything” for a company then it naturally forgets about other important aspects of the business and it has not any result other than failure for a business.

Did I Like Anything About Gains Systems?

No! Actually, this company completely disappointed me and there’s not any serious positive point about it that I want to mention. I don’t think that anything can help this company to get out of my “not-recommendation” list. Without a doubt, the negative side of the Gains Systems is bigger than its positive side.

is the Gains Systems scam

Final Word – Is Gains Systems a Scam?

Personally, in my reviews, I try hard to not mark a new company, brand, product or online service as a scam because I don’t want to look at the new online opportunities from a negative perspective but at the same time, I know that I promised my audience an Unbiased and Honest review.

What I’m sure about the Gains Systems is that there’s not anything legitimate with their system. All evidence shows that it’s a scam company and there’s not any goal other than making money from people’s money as “investment”.

I’m in the Internet marketing industry for a couple of years not and I know very well that how the pyramid scheme works. The Gains Systems built its business based on a poor and low-quality pyramid scheme and they even could not run it properly. Their compensation plan is old and can’t bring back any profit to invested money, I’m calling it a dead-plan.

I don’t push you to try or stay away from this company; all I give you here is suggestions and pieces of advice. But what I can tell you with 100% confident is that trusting a pyramid scheme company and investing money on it is definitely an irreparable mistake so it’s better to save your money and invest it on a Valuable Business Model that can build your future in making money online industry.

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