is the lost code a scam

Is The Lost Code a Scam or a Unique Way to Make Awesome Money?!

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If you do a quick search in the Internet about ways to make money online, The Lost Code will be in the top. Nowadays it`s on the peak of its popularity and it`s not surprising – it promises almost $5k per week! Is The Lost Code a scam is the main question that I’m going to answer in this review.

If you can`t believe what this company claims, then read my review up to the end and you will find out whether The Lost Code is a legit way to earn thousands of dollars in a week or a scam.


Product Name: The Lost Code

Official Website:

Owners: Jono Armstrong & Brendan Mace

Cost to Join: $12.95 Training Cost + Different Up Sells

Type: Online Training

Recommended: Nope!

Overall Rating: 2.5 out of 10

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what is the lost code

 Background – What is The Lost Code in Simple Words?

The Lost Code is a training which help you learn to find lost monetized pages and start promoting them online and make money on sales.

 How Does The Lost Code Exactly Work?

As I have mentioned before, The Lost Code is a video-based training. And to be able to get access to the videos, you need to pay $12.95. In these easy-to-follow, detailed videos you will get all the instructions you need to proceed and start making big money online as they are claiming.

However, to make the process more simple and less effort consuming, you have to purchase upsells. And if you don`t do that you might feel left out from the best opportunities The Lost Code is offering.

One of the upsells, for instance, costing $97, offers a license for selling The Lost Code which will guarantee that all the profit stays in your pocket.

how the lost code works

What ‘s included in the training of The Lost Code?

After joining The Lost Code and paying for the training, you will get access to a very detailed video course teaching you the whole process step-by-step. However, I would not call it the most precise and complete training, there are still things left out of this training. Anyway, what you will learn with The Lost Code is probably impossible to learn anywhere else, and the information it provides is important if you really want to succeed in making money online.

The Lost Code`s team has gone a step further and created a funny promotion video showing a group of people trying to preserve their code to huge monthly profits from ordinary people. But The Lost Code`s founders manage to get access to the code.

To be honest, I`m tired of watching dull promotion videos which to me, look pretty much the same, showing a man who managed to change his whole life and become a successful person using this or that business model. Here at least you get entertained!

the lost code - pros and cons

What I Did Not Like About The Lost Code:

  1. Using paid ads can be quite insecure for beginners who might probably not know all the hidden pitfalls of using paid ads, and that may cause partial loss of the investment they make.
  2. Although The Lost Code is claiming that anyone – no matter whether they had any experience in sales or not – can figure out how the system works, the sales process may be quite challenging for a person new to this field.

Anyway, I must admit that actually everyone will get their profit from this system, however, how high the profit will be – will depend on the knowledge and experience of the member. I believe The Lost Code is still worth a shot because even if you are not satisfied with what you`ve got, you can easily get back the money you`ve paid for the training.

The Lost Program – The Good…The Bad…

Although the Lost Code seems to be very promising, there are both advantages and disadvantages. Let`s take a look at both of them.

The Good…

  • The Lost Code offers totally legit way of earning money
  • The video course offers detailed and precise training of what you should do to succeed
  • The Lost Code proves itself in action

The Bad…

  • A huge amount of information you should learn which can make the process a bit challenging for those who are new to this system
  • Purchasing the training is not enough. You have to pay for upsells to achieve success.
  • The more upsells you purchase, the higher your investment becomes. As a result, the program may be quite pricey for those who have just started.
  • The Lost Code`s team says you will start making profit in literally half an hour, however, takes more time to actually start making money.
  • A website needed. Although according to the training, there is no need for a website, it actually can help you can more traffic which means higher income as well.
  • The biggest problem you might have using The Lost Code is the traffic. It offers quite poor training in paid ads and you will have to learn things by yourself.

is the lost code scam

My Final Verdict – Is The Lost Code Program Worth Trying?

I have reviewed quite a number of various business models and schemes for earning money online. Some of them offered a very expensive training, others didn’t pay off in the end, and finally, there were schemes which just didn’t work. Well, I have to admit that The Lost Code is not like any of them.

The training it provides is affordable for anyone. It provides lots of useful and detailed tutorials teaching you the whole process. Finally, The Lost Code is not a scam and it teaches you a method which really works.

The only problem new members might face is that to be able to achieve the best results, you have to purchase up-sells. But as soon as you buy them, your income will start rising up immediately!

my recommendation

My Best Recommendation

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  2. Thank you so much for such a wonderful and detailed review. I heard about the lost code before but have not be able to get such a detailed information about it. This information will trule save me and many others the stress of searching in vain and also money since the product is not recommended. Thank you once again and i will surely visit your site again for more of such information.

  3. Hi Ali, I’ve read your article in one breath, It’s very interesting and well written. I am always looking for some good way to make money online, and if there had been reviews like yours I’ve avoided wasting time and money in courses that promise to earn a lot with few expenses and then you find some expensive upsale.
    I’m not saying that the course you reviewed is bad, but I strongly agree with your number one recommendation that I think I’m going to follow. Thank you for your precious help and for you review.

  4. The $12.95 charge is actually not bad at all, it is quite cheap and you will definitely be attracted to a promise of financial freedom with that small amount of money, If I were looking for a way to make money online, I would have choose the cheaper one.

    However, I found that the upsells are super high! If you are starting out and want to make money online, you shouldn’t be charged that much for an upsell. It seems like they are making money by attracting people with a cheap investment and as soon as they get into the training, they would be forced to buy the upsells in order to earn some more money.

    So in my personal opinion, I am glad that I saw your Number 1 Recommendation. The truth is one of my regrets in life is I should’ve started it earlier. I joined via the Free membership and upgraded to the monthly membership as soon as I found the opportunity. Other than that, I’ve received no upsells. In fact, what I got is a complete all in one place to make money online, I am glad that I’ve started making money online with that platform.

  5. HI Ali, an interesting post! I’ve never heard of the Lost Code and after reading you post about it, it seems there are just so many different business models in the online world! The amount of options is a problem for beginners as some of these business models sound tempting (and low cost in the beginning), but you might end up paying a lot more money than initially planned. Programs where you can join for free, such as Wealthy Affiliate, are a great place to start as you can decide for yourself if that program is for you or not. I must admit since Wealthy Affiliate allowed you to quit your 9-5 job, it definitely sounds worthwhile 🙂

  6. Hi Ali,

    These days, it’s really hard to find a legit program that truly answers the most important questions a beginer marketer would have. There are literally hundreds of promising-looking schemes out there and finding the best is a challenge.
    I personally would go away from a program that promises its members to start making money 30 mins after joining. It’s just the meaning of SCAM for me. That’s why I feel skeptical about The Lost Code. Plus, the huge costs that follow after joining doesn’t seem justified to me as well.
    However, I am curious to learn more about it in detail. What kind of training does it ofer exactly – SEO, PPC, afiliate marketing? Is it easy to follow enough?
    Like you mention, I doubt that there is a better program out there than Wealthy Affiliate (I am a member there so I know).
    Thanks for your answer in advance and keep up the excellent work!

    1. Hey Asen and thanks for your comment. It covers both SEP and PPC as well as email marketing and it’s totally beginner friendly platform. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time and get success with WA.

  7. I’ve been searching around the internet on reviews for The Lost Code, as not being 100% on the program.
    Thank you for providing the details I was looking for, in what I believe to be a complete honest review which I hadn’t found as yet.
    Being someone who is new to wanting to work online (beginner) I do believe this program is not for me.
    I couldn’t help but notice your number one recommendation which I definitely will be having a look into, catching my interest in free to join!
    Thank you again for your honest review.
    I’ll definitely come see your website first to see if you have the reviews I’m after in the future.

  8. I had heard about the Lost Code program sometime back and was searching for some genuine reviews for the same. Had googled it in the past but I must say the reviews were somewhat sketchy and not as detailed as yours. Thank you, Ali, for the pains you have taken to review the program and giving the impartial feedback about Lost Code. I think I will give it a pass and probably shift to WA program which you have found helpful. There are quite a number of people who are also of the same opinion as you are.


  9. Hi Ali,

    I am fairly new to internet entrepreneurship so I have never heard of the lost code. I am glad that I found this review before I stumbled upon it because I tend to give things like that a try. They always sell it so well and I mean who doesn’t want to make 5 grand a week right? The few programs I have tried in the past, the upsells were unreal. That’s really where they get you. It’s unfortunate because there are a lot of people and programs out there that actually want to help people unfortunately, ones like this scare people away after they try it. Thank you for writing this review to help others.

  10. I personally wouldn’t join the lost code program. It sounds like a lot of run around once you join and you could get lost in all the upsells. Thank you Ali for writing this review for without this insight into the lost code I might have wasted $12.95 on this program and I can’t afford to waste precious time and money on programs like this. I like to get into programs that have either a onetime fee or monthly recurring and no upsells in between. Although you mention it is not a scam I wouldn’t give much merit to this program.

  11. Hi Ali, I never heard of the lost code program training. It sounds wonderful. I have bookmarked your page and will be looking into this further and giving you a shout if and when i need further direction from you. Is that ok to do?


  12. Ali,
    The Lost Code sounds like many other programs, they give you just enough to get your interest and have an upcharge. At least this program sounds like you get something for the upcharge. You stated that getting your money back was easy with this program, how much time do they give you to ask for a refund.
    Between the upcharges and the fact that you have to use paid advertising, your profit could be a negative for some time when you first start, is this true. This could make some people quit before they actually make any money.
    Is there a forum or any place to ask questions about this program once you purchase it.

  13. Say, $12.95 is not a bad out-of-pocket expense just to check out a program and see if it can live up to its claims. Essentially, you’re paying for their video training which you say actually works (we used to rent DVDs for that amount back in my day!).

    But I still prefer your #1 Recommendation! If it was able to make you quit your 9-5 job and earn a living online, I’d say sign me now today!

    Thank you for the reviews.

  14. Ali, thank you for a very informative post, it’s just what I needed to make up my mind. I have been looking for ways to increase my income online and your post has helped me decide. Like most courses that charge an initial joining fee, it’s the upsells that really get you the best value and results, so for somebody who has limited funds and buys the course, they may not realise that there are upsells later on and this may limit their experience. I guess if money is not object, this could be a good way to earn more online. However, I agree with your number one recommendation, I have looked into it and can totally agree that it is one of the best programs out there with NO hidden costs. Great article!

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