is the lotto dominator a scam

Is the Lotto Dominator a Scam? – See This Anti-Fraud Review!

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Can you make money in lottery games with the help of a software called Lotto Dominator or let’s ask this question: Is the Lotto Dominator a scam software that is not reliable?

You hustle and bustle and feel all the nerves as you get your lottery tickets- the ones you’ve prayed and hoped will be the winning numbers. You’ve done this same dance time after time, but to no avail, so you hope this time is different, what if it isn’t?

What if there was an acclaimed sure way of winning this time and from a seven-time lottery winner? Would you go for it? Would you trust it?

This article hopes to provide an extensive review about The Lotto Dominator – what it’s about, its creator, and is it the real deal or just another elaborate scam?


Product Name: Lotto Dominator

Official Website:

Owner: Richard Lustig

Type: An ebook about how to win lottery

Cost to Join: $300

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is lotto dominator

What Is The Lotto Dominator About?

The Lotto Dominator is an e-book and software published by seven-time lottery winner Richard Lustig, supposedly containing ‘surefire’ lottery winning guides and methods. It is a formula which makes use of mathematical methods to predict winning lottery numbers.

To make use of the Lotto Dominator software, you do not need to be a math genius as the software is responsible for running everything for you.

The program has been designed in such a way that it works for 5, 6, and seven style games and just about any lottery game in the world actually.

It works by providing you the opportunity to fill in every necessary detail and information on previous games winning numbers. These details are what the system passes through its multiple probability calculators and extensive statistical process to provide you with the winning lottery numbers.

It is important to note that the system may not work in predicting the right numbers all the time, but you’re advised to keep trying until you get the winning numbers.

About The Founder

Richard Lustig is the founder of the Lotto Dominator method for predicting winning lottery numbers. He is a seven-time lottery winner who attributes his success at the lottery to not a mere luck but a formula he created and claims to have used himself.

Richard Lustig stated that he was led to create the Lotto Dominator method after playing the lottery for over 25 years with little to no luck in his first years.

He says he formed and adopted this method in his own lottery dealings, which was what helped him win all seven times. His wins have been investigated, and there has been no proof of any inside information or help.

Mr. Lustig, who is very experienced in the world of lottery games, has been known to advise players to always carefully plan and budget how much they can afford to spend on lottery tickets.

“Don’t get lottery fever- don’t use your grocery money, or your rent money. Remember one thing, if there is one winner on Saturday night, there will be millions of losers, don’t be that person Sunday morning worrying about how you can pay back the money you spent,” says Lustig before the Powerball of 2013.

Lustig’s first big win was the August 1997 jackpot at Florida Fantasy 5. He has now made his formula available to every lottery player for a price.

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how lotto dominator works

How Does The Lotto Dominator Method Work?

To start using the Lotto Dominator, you’ll first have to buy the software from the official website:

You’ll be required to listen to and watch the video explaining all about this system and how it works. When the video is done, you’ll be shown a link where you make a payment of $147. Payment can be made through bank transfers or by debit or credit cards

This $147 could also be refunded back to you during 60 days should there be any problem or complaints about the product. After completion of the payment process, a link would be sent to your email. From this link, you can successfully download your Lotto Dominator system.

Now that you have successfully purchased the system, you’ll be required to put it to use. Now, the methods involved have been explained to you at the beginning of the process, and it would also come with a clear explanation of how to use it.

The system is pretty easy to use and only requires you to enter in winning numbers from past games, the system would do the work of predicting the winning lottery numbers through mathematical and logical analysis.

According to the website, you may not always get the winning numbers through the use of this system, and you’re advised not to give up.

What You’re Told To Expect Inside The Lotto Dominator Package

  • A comprehensive and informative eBook with sure methods and guidelines on how to win the lottery
  • A complex mathematical formula not necessarily for your own use as the system would be expected to do the calculations.
  • The program would provide you with the winning numbers from previous games of the particular game you’re interested in playing.
  • You’ll be expected to input at least seven winning numbers from the last draws which the system would work with to predict most likely winning combinations.
  • On the application of the complex mathematical formula, you should be able to get at least most of the winning numbers if not all.

Can You Make Money Off The Lotto Dominator?

Not only Lotto Dominator but all other MMO (making money online) programs give you the opportunity to make some money online; from Home Income System to Tesler or AIS.

The whole point of the Lotto Dominator is to provide a way for lottery winners to make more wins than losses in their games and so far, there have been positive results.

There are a couple of people who have attributed their lottery winnings to their use of the Lotto Dominator.

Persons such as Richard Taylor Crisfield of Maryland and Larry Dawson from Webster City, Iowa. Some of these acclaimed winners have even appeared on television shows across the country appraising this system.

So basically, yes, it is possible to make money off of the Lotto Dominator System.

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Pros & Cons of Lotto Dominator System

Like everything in life, the Lotto Dominator system has its advantages and disadvantages, reasons why it is a trusted system and reasons why it should be shunned as a scam. Some of these include;


  • There are several positive reviews on the system, as well as winners who attribute their success to the system.
  • There is a 100% 60 days guarantee on money paid for the Lotto Dominator System.
  • It is an easy, stress-free system to use as the calculations and predictions are done solely by the system, not you.
  • Your chances of winning money are greater than your chances of losing money through this system.
  • It is a completely legal system as the founder is well known and has appeared on multiple television shows discussing this program and hasn’t yet been sanctioned.
  • It is completely honest with you about your winning chances.


  • While there may be positive reviews, there are also the negative ones who call the Lotto Dominator a scam.
  • The Lotto Dominator system works on probabilities, meaning you are not guaranteed a win.
  • Because it is a system run on probabilities it may take time to get a win and so requires a lot of patience.
  • The Lotto Dominator e-book has some inconsistencies in fonts and even some contradictions making it quite hard to read and follow.
  • The official Lotto Dominator website is only currently available to already signed members, therefore, making it difficult for new people to join.

is the lotto dominator scam

True or False: Is The Lotto Dominator a Scam? 

Despite the pros of the system, including persons who have publicly claimed the Lotto Dominator worked for them, there are still reasons to believe that it may be a scam. Some of these reasons have been extensively discussed below:

  • Inconsistencies in the book

It is an e-book of 20 chapters and 181 pages, that is supposed to contain surefire ways to win the lottery but instead it contains some contradictions, fonts, and formatting that make it seem like it isn’t a serious project that much thought was put into and methods which although helpful can be gotten off the internet for free.

In a chapter of the book, Lustig advises that you use all of your winnings to get more tickets, in another he advises against spending your winnings. What method then do we follow? In some other chapter, he recommends meditation as a way to increase one’s winning chances; the problem is we just don’t get how that works.

  • There exist multiple bad reviews on this system

Looking through several sites, it is more common to see a negative review than a positive review on the Lotto Dominator. Complaints about it being of no use, a mere compilation of Lustig’s videos and basic advice as well as a waste of money are very common.

The product which now no longer sells on Amazon has only 1.8 out of 5 stars in reviews.

  • Lustig keeps changing the product’s name making it a bit suspicious

For a product that is supposed to be trustworthy, the name keeps changing over time. Many believe it may be because Lustig doesn’t want to be associated with bad reviews. He has been known to speak about this one product under other names such as ‘Lotto Loophole’ and “At Home Lotto Discovery.”

  • The program is only accessible on a platform where marketers are commissioned to sell off products

Lotto Dominator is only available via a platform known as ClickBank, which is a platform where marketers are paid by producers to sell their products. The problem here is if Lotto Dominator was as superb as Lustig claims it to be, why would he need marketers to push sales of the program?

Shouldn’t the fact that it is a product by a seven-time grand prize winner be enough marketing to help him to sell it? And if indeed the program works why aren’t the marketers using it themselves?

  • The Lotto Dominator website is no longer accessible to new members

Presently the website is no longer available to new members. On visiting the site now, you’ll notice that it only makes provisions for members to sign in and clearly states that “Lottery Dominator is no longer available for new customers.”

This recent occurrence makes one very suspicious as to why access isn’t freely granted to willing new customers.

  • After a thorough read and search, there really isn’t any special formula

The Lotto Dominator claims to wield a special formula used in determining winning tickets, but after a thorough reading of the book and website no formula can be seen anywhere. This is simply because none exists!

Now to answer the question of the Lotto Dominator scam; is it a scam or not?

Frankly, I think no, it isn’t. A scam would entail people losing or being defrauded of their money. So far, there have been no reports or claims to this, especially as there is a refund policy. Also, the Lotto Dominator can’t necessarily be blamed for any losses as it states that a win isn’t always sure.

I do, however, think that the Lotto Dominator is an elaborate and deceptive scheme to attract those with a get rich quick mentality, it is also a waste of time and money. It is a program marketing hopes, not solutions, and sure answers on how to win the lottery.

In Conclusion

According to statistics, you only stand a 1 in 14 million chance of winning the lottery with or without any so-called predicting systems like the Lotto Dominator program.

Gambling and lottery games alike are all games of probability, meaning there are infinite possibilities of an outcome which cannot be determined by any program or system in the world.

Your winning or losing a game is up to luck, and the only safe and sure way to improve your chances of winning is by purchasing more tickets- with more tickets you stand a greater chance of bearing the winning numbers than by relying on some random “mathematical” system.

Bottom line, the Lotto Dominator might not be a worthy investment, and all similar schemes promising lottery wins should be completely avoided to be on a safe side. The few who have won through these systems were merely lucky.

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