is the my freelance paycheck a scam

Is The My Freelance Paycheck a Scam or a Reliable Source of Income?

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Your enthusiasm to learn more about My Freelance Paycheck and studying this review is really appreciated. There are some secrets about My Freelance Paycheck that Laura Pennington tries to disclose them. Surely you were curious if it could make a very good income for you and know answer of this question: is the My Freelance Paycheck a scam or it’s a legit program?

If you are considering My Freelance Paycheck to learn about freelancing and how to make money from it but you are not sure if My Freelance Paycheck is a scam or not, so this full review of My Freelance Paycheck would help you to know about the following subjects:

  • What is My Freelance Paycheck and how does it work?
  • Is My Freelance Paycheck a scam?


Product Name: My Freelance Paycheck

Official Website:

Founder: Laura Pennington

Type: Online Training for Become Freelance Writer

Cost to Join: $47 & up-sell up to $37 monthly

Recommended? Not worth the cost

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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what is my freelance paycheck

What is My Freelance Paycheck All About?

There is a teaching program called My Freelance Paycheck for earning money from your home that helps you to know how to do freelance writing work for this purpose.

In the sales video on My Freelance Paycheck, Laura Pennington uses an unnecessary marketing tactic to show that there are some big mysteries about it, but it’s not so and there is no need to this trick because everybody knows by now that being a freelance writer is a simple work that is being done by people for many years.

The fact is that the only mysterious to be successful online is to work hard but nowadays this simple fact has been become a trick for everybody who wants to promote a product, claiming that they have some secrets! There are a lot of people who do freelance writing gigs but earning much money with it, is not so easy as she says! You have to be ready to get freelance gigs to earn money from your home.

Don’t be worried about finding writing gigs because it’s the easy part of the work and there are many of them on the web for you but the real problem is getting the gig and that’s why you can’t make much money with it! Because there is a rivalry for getting the gig and it won’t be just the matter of finding writing gigs and applying for getting them. But you have to win your rivals in this competition by self-demonstrating!

how freelance paycheck works

 How My Freelance Paycheck Really Works?

Nowadays you can find a lot of information for free online but by purchasing the package of My Freelance Paycheck, you can save your time in research and eliminate false information that you may get them by online research.

The package of My Freelance Paycheck costs $47 and is useful for main plans that you can do for your profile on the other webs, like, and in which you can find freelance writer job opportunities!

It helps you to attract clients on these webs for being their writer. Items included in this package are:

  • Twenty three short videos that explain some aspects to be successful
  • A PDF contains 156 pages on how to become a freelance writer
  • An audio version of the PDF
  • Five formats to answer to your clients
  • A Success Multiplier book that contains secret points from five specialists in this field

This product has a good standard and shows the places that you can find these writing gigs. It also contains necessary good points and tactics about selling yourself to the clients when you apply for them.

freelance paycheck pros and cons

Pros & Cons 

Is It Really Possible to Make Money from My Freelance Paycheck?

If you do well your job and exactly what your clients have asked for, you can earn money with My Freelance Paycheck. But if you are a new employee of freelance platforms, making money in this field won’t be so easy in the start.

Creating a strong business portfolio on freelance platforms is really important for continuing your work and gaining more income as a freelance writer because there is a rating system by which many of freelance webs can inform others that you are a new member or how many gigs you’ve had or even what’s your ranking levels.

Freelance writing is like other businesses and you need time to build your connections, confidence and then earning money. The time for making a full-time income depends on your experience and how much work you can do. Although you won’t make much money at first but it’s possible to earn $1,000 – $3,000 per month from freelance writing.

is the my freelance paycheck scam

Final Word – Is The My Freelance Paycheck a Scam?

Not only My Freelance Paycheck is not a scam but also it can be a skill to help you for starting your freelancing. Instead of doing your work directly from freelances sites, you can buy it in order to have a reference for your freelance writing work.

It’s based on the need of people who wants the writing done and indeed you follow their needs!

In this work, making relationships with clients is very important and it can be your trump card for earning a very good income by doing freelance writing work. For this purpose, you have to do an extra work in addition to your task that is what they want you to do.

Do your best and exactly what they have asked of you to do and afterwards adding more that is not requested! In this way, you can receive more work from your clients. You can get success even by making good relationships with a few of them!

Since there are many scams on the web and just a few of products are trustable, My Freelance Paycheck is definitely a recommended one!

my recommendation

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  1. Awesome article, I love how clean and net your sit is. Very professional looking. The article was very informative. I don’t have a full-time job so, I work at home, and always looking for “online jobs at home” I find it very comfortable.
    This review is really helpful for me.
    Thank you for sharing this
    Have a great time!

  2. Thank you Ali for taking the time to write this review on myfreelancepaycheck. I have heard about Lisa Pennington, but didn’t quite know too much about her or the company. So it was great to be able to read about it here and read a real live review of the services. For those who want to go into freelance writing, sounds like this would definitely be the place to go. Thank you also for sharing your #1 recommendation! And the fact that it helped you quit your day job? That’s huge!!! How long have you been doing Wealthy Affiliate? Thanks so much. 🙂

  3. Wow, truly amazing. I’m so happy that I came across this article because it allows me to maybe get another stream of income with my writing skills. I have read other reports on people that have honed their writing skills and been able to earn upwards of $100 per hour. Imagine that, I’d only work five hours a day lol.

    Thanks for the info and I’ll let you know when I make some money from writing.

  4. For anyone considering a work at home job, this review is very helpful. I really appreciate your straight forward comments regarding this job/product and I couldn’t agree more. I feel that most people seek quick success and you made a right point. While this product is legit and has a potential to make full time income, it might not be for everyone as some people struggle with writing than others and mastering that skill does take practice and patience, which most people might not have nowadays. I will check out your #1 recommendation and thanks for the quick overview for that as well. It sounds pretty promising and I will give it a try and let you know how it goes. Thanks for your thorough review!

  5. Hi Ali
    Thank you for your in depth advice about making money online. Before I read your article I had never heard of My Freelance Paycheck. I have had done a lot of research myself in the past and finding a program to become a member of that is not a scam is not that easy. So thank you for the detailed opinion on My Freelance Paycheck.
    I also am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and that program I do personally recommend to make money online, even if you know nothing about writing or computers, this program is the way to go. It will take you through each part step by step, and the community is amazing. Totally agree with your recommendation.

  6. Thanks for the information about my Freelance Paycheck program. I have not heard of it before. I am now aware of one more thing in this online world.
    I am fairly new to the world of online business. I have had a website with Wealthy Affiliate for four months. It is going well, I am learning lots! I love Wealthy Affiliate, there is so much support available. I would highly recommend WA.
    Thanks again for your article and your website. I know I will be back to check out your great reviews.
    Take good care!

  7. Hi Ali! This was a very informative article. I have never heard of my freelance paycheck, but I am intrigued by what they offer. I assume that their “how to become a freelance writer” book includes some of the different styles of freelance writing (product review, memo, legal document, etc); that would be the most beneficial part of this company (in my opinion). The training videos are a nice touch as well. Overall, I liked your review and may look into this company because I think knowledge on freelance writing (if it included all of the things I listed) would be good have.

  8. Hi there Ali,

    Thanks for taking the time to research “My Freelance Paycheck” I am actively looking to quit my dull 9 to 5 and my terrible commute to start working from home, I have been looking at a lot of online training and I’m finding it really hard to commit to a course, there seem to be so many horror story’s and so many scam’s around nowadays that I really do not know who and what to believe, I noticed you recommend wealthy affiliate do you think there is still room for more people to make money online with affiliation?

  9. Hello Ali,
    Thanks for such a thorough review o f My Freelance Paycheck. It seems to have a few good points and the material that is included in her package seems like good information as you have outlined, however, as you also said, it might be more for ‘seasoned’ veterans of the online world…read not so newbie friendly.
    Thanks so much for sharing and keep up the great job on your website.

  10. This site seems like it’s honest. The owner is known, and they focus on hard work and experience. That, in my opinion, makes things real and not a scam.

    It would be nice if they allowed people to sign up for free so they can get a feel for what it’s like, and then upsell once their customers are comfortable.

    I personally would like to see some proof that this actually works. I would feel more comfortable trusting there are real people who actually have been successful. Do you know where I can find this kind of proof?

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!
    Amanda (Mandy)

  11. Really great review of My Freelance Paycheck and your confirmation that it is not a scam. However, I too have looked at your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate and have concluded that it is better in every way. Particurly your point that it is FREE to join and that it’s 1000000+ membership is a truly unique community from which to glean an unprecedented level of support!

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