is the pampered chef a scam

Is the Pampered Chef a Scam? – Read This First!

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Is the Pampered Chef a scam? Do you want to know more about Pampered Chef? Do you want to know if you can earn legit money from their programs or not? Do you want to find out if it is a scam or not? In this review, I’ll tell you all that you need to know about Pampered Chef.

I have experience in reviewing several MLM programs, and I’ll use my wealth of experience to review Pampered Chef and tell you what you need to know about the program. I am passionate about telling people all that they need to know about these programs.


Product Name: Pampered Chef

Official Website:

Founder: Doris Christopher

Cost to Join: Between $99 – $159.

Type: MLM Company related to Cooking/Cookware

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is pampered chef

History – What is the Pampered Chef Exactly?

Founded by Doris Christopher in 1980, Pampered Chef is an MLM company that is now part of the Berkshire Hathaway Group. Pampered Chef sells kitchen utensils, cookbooks, cookware, cutlery, bakeware, and other products.

I won’t be discussing the Pampered Chef products in this review as I’ll be focusing on your earning potential if you join this company. I am not affiliated to Pampered Chef in any way, so you can be sure that this is a 100% unbiased review of Pampered Chef which will tell you what you need to know about earning from the company. Read on to find out more about earning from this company.

pampered chef review - how pampered chef works

How does Pampered Chef MLM Works?

When you join Pampered Chef, you start as a Consultant which is the lowest position. From the Consultant level, you try to reach higher levels in the organization. Even if you have a full-time job, you can join Pampered Chef.

When you sell products, you earn at least 20% commission from your personal sales. So, the more products you can sell on your own, the more money you earn. The easiest way of making money from Pampered Chef is earning from your personal sales.


As you progress through the levels, you can earn money from overrides. Once you become a Senior Consultant, you can earn 1% override on your personal sales and 1% override on the sales of your personal recruits.

Other ways of earning money with Pampered Chef

You get allowances, activity bonus and other benefits as you hold higher levels in the organization. When you get promoted to 2nd Generation Director, you earn $500.

There are other ways to earn money as you get promoted to higher levels. You need to make more enquiries to get more details about these earning potentials. So, for those that reach higher levels, you can earn a lot of money. But there are a few consultants that earn a lot at the lower levels. But most people need to qualify for higher positions before they can earn a lot of money.

How much does it Cost to Join Pampered Chef?

You join Pampered Chef when you purchase their business kits. There are two business kits available for purchase.

  • PC Mini Kit: This kit costs $99, and it is valued at $300+. This kit is designed for those that aren’t too sure about the business and want to take a minor risk.
  • PC Kit: This kit costs $159, and it is valued at $600+. It is for those that are sure about this business opportunity.

The starter kits are quite inexpensive compared to other schemes. Also, Pampered Chef products are high quality and unique.

How Much Can I Earn?

Your earnings depend on several factors like your personal sales, your team sales, and your organizational level. One consultant that joined the company earned $20,000 in one year. But of course, this does not mean that every consultant in the company is earning $20,000 per year.

If you are good at selling and if your team members sell a lot, you can earn over $1000 a month. Those two factors must be attainable before you can talk about earning more than $1000 in one month. There is no fixed salary, so it is possible for you to earn nothing. How much you earn is not certain, but it is very difficult for anyone to earn higher than $1000 a month in this program.

pampered chef review - pros and cons

Pros & Cons


  • The product line is great with high-quality products
  • You can learn how to sell when you join this company


  • It is difficult to climb up the ranks
  • Only a few people can succeed with this business

Are There any Complaints For Pampered Chef?

Yes, there is a complaint about this system which I mentioned before. Here it is:

  • There is no fixed salary.

Earnings in this system are not guaranteed. You can spend time, money and effort on this system without earning anything. You need to ascend up the levels before you have a chance of earning good money.

pampered chef review - is pampered chef a scam

My Final Conclusion – Do I Recommend Pampered Chef?

Pampered Chef is not a scam. Anyone that says it is a scam doesn’t know what they are saying. You can earn money through commissions and several other ways. But you need to have good selling skills amongst other skills, and you need to be well-motivated to have a chance of earning money from the program. If you are passionate about direct selling, you have a chance of earning well from this program. Think about this before you decide to join the program.

Is there Other Way to Earn at Home?

Yes, there are other better things to do that will help you earn money at home. It is better for you to start your own business as you won’t need to share profits with anyone.

A lot of people join Pampered Chef to earn good money. But the money earned is not enough. Several people join this MLM businesses to earn money only to discover that they don’t pay as much as they think they will. Yes, you can still make money at home. All that you need to do is to start your own online business. This is a good way to earn money at home and enjoy your work at the same time.

my recommendation

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  1. I am curious, is it that difficult to move up in the the Pamper chef? I’m still pretty green when it comes to online business so I’m not sure as to how their’s in particular plays out. Great thing we have people like you to do reviews on them. Given that there is a multitude of them out there now, a little info helps narrow down your choices.
    Another question, if it is so hard to move up in the company, is their pitch for people to simply buy the starter kit and leave them hanging? I’ve been a part of something similar so I suppose this that would kind of irk me. I would give it the same, maybe even lesser if that were the case.

    Thanks for the review.

    1. yes it’s difficult and does not worth your time. It does not matter for MLM company how long a person would stay with them. The main goal is attracting people and inviting them to program. That’s ok for them if you leave the game after even 1 week.


  2. Hey.
    Great post covering the pampered chef. I’m always looking into more ways to making money.
    I have some pampered chef products and they’re great.
    I’m hesitant to start something with a up front cost. If I was a better sales person I would give this a try.
    I’m going to link this post to my brother in law, who has plenty of sales experience and may be intrested in this.
    Thanks for writing this post. Have a good day!

  3. I really enjoyed the information on pampered chef and the ways to get started by making money at your home. I could see this as a potential money maker, but I feel though as if you don’t cook or not as interested in the food business you could not make as much money as some other entrepreneurs in the pampered chef market, The thing that makes me lean toward the wealthy affiliate website as you recommend is the opportunity to get coaching and possibly find my own passion and try to market that to the best of my ability.

    I will be doing more research and thanks for the post.

  4. Hey Ali, thanks for this review on Pampered Chef.
    To be honest, that’s the first time I hear this company considering I’ve never used any of their products.
    The way I see it, even if the products are awesome, the company doesn’t really offer a great opportunity to earn money from home.
    What I’m getting away from your review is that this program may be useful only for very experienced marketers, but definitely not for beginners.
    It’s so hard to find a suitable program to work with when you’re just starting!
    But your recommendation is so worthy of consideration!
    Thanks again for sharing this post!

  5. Hi Ali. I was looking for a review on the Pampered Chef MLM program and as you have given it only 3 out of 10 I don’t think I’ll ever bother with it. In fact, I’m thinking of forgetting MLM altogether.

    What is the best way to learn how to make some money online in your opinion.
    I’m James, call me Jimbo.

  6. Hey Ali,

    first of all, I really like the short introduction for the reviewed product or service with the rating right before you actually start reviewing it. Excellent.

    You’re right though, I also don’t think that this is a scam without knowing it personally. Their business history is simply proving it. And with what you’re saying in addition to that, you’re not quite so sure about recommending it straight on, are you?

    But – would I recommend it? – Not at all.
    Why not? – Because it’s an MLM business model.
    And according to what I’ve made as experience there’s simply no MLM company worth joining, offline or online. Period.

    Other than that, I like the way you review the product/service/opportunity. It’s not too long, you concentrate on the relevant points and you keep it crisp.

    Thanks for sharing anyway.

  7. Hello Ali,
    This is a wonderfully informed post that is right on target I had looked into Pampered Chef about a year ago when I was looking for options to work from home. I came up with the same results as you, Pampered Chef is not a scam, offers wonderful, high quality products but you must be comfortable do in-person selling, on many levels. I am not a good salesperson and will definitely take No for an answer so I ultimately realized this was not the option for me. I did join with Wealthy Affiliate, as you recommended and it is a game changer. I have created my own website, begun blogging and now offer items to buy on my blog. I have not made any money yet, but I realize this is not a get quick rich process and you have to do the work. But that being, said I am so impressed with Wealthy Affiliate and highly recommend it to anyone.

  8. Hi Ali,

    Thanks for the review! It’s super thorough and I’m sure a lot of us needs to read this before joining the pampered chef network.
    I’m someone who doesn’t really have the skill to sell and reading your review, it seems like anyone who does this kind of network marketing has to be good in direct selling – which I’m not. But I’m keen to get some extra income. I’m gonna check out your recommendation. My goal is also to leave my 9-5 job someday. I think earning income online will be the future. Now I’m keen to see how far can I go following your footstep with your recommended program wealthy affiliate 🙂

    Anyway thanks for the recommendation! & I’m glad I stopped by your website!

  9. Hi Ali,

    Thanks for the great post on Pampered Chef, our family uses these products a lot. We have a few consultants that we deal with. Like any business the amount of effort you put in is a direct result of how you will do in that business. I know some consultants that do very well and they work very hard, it is a full time job for them. I also know many that have failed because they have not put the effort in to make it work. Keep sharing your reviews with the world!

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