is the profit reign a scam

Is the Profit Reign a Scam? – Fake or Real? Find out Here!

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Is the profit reign a scam or it’s something different from other similar making money opportunities?

In recent times, the Internet Marketing revolution had become a force to reckon with bringing forth both advantages and disadvantages. On one side, some internet marketers had come up with genuine schemes which promises much profit with little or no work put into it. Others are basically Ponzi or pyramid schemes which lots of people had fallen victim to. Often times, these deals seem too good to be true, this one has to be extra careful so as not to become a prey for these scamming predators.

However, Profit Reign promises to be something different among the rest. Its genuine nature and features had pushed me into writing this review. No doubt, Profit Reign operates uniquely and provides services which will further increase the size of its members. But the question remains, is Profit Reign also one of those pyramid schemes?

Sit back, and let me walk you through the talk.


Product Name: Profit Reign

Official Website:

Owners: Mark Barret and Paul Prissick

Cost to Join: $29 Monthly Fee

Type: MLM Company & Solo Ads

Do I Recommend it? Yes

Overall Rating: 5/10

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what is profit reign

Background – What is Profit Reign

As a brainchild of Paul Prissick and Mark Barret, Profit Reign was created via the PushEngage software. This software aims at targeting websites and thereby expanding their sales margin through an increased conversion rate. With just $29 a month, you can also be a part of the campaign and enjoy wonderful and unlimited features. The free version is also available with limited features of about 120 notifications, 2500 subscribers, and 5000 clicks.

For Profit Reign to work perfectly, your website must be properly connected with PushEngage. Once connected, you will have total control over your website. All new visitors would get a notification asking if they would want to subscribe to your website. If they opt for the yes tab, then they will receive updates and notifications about your website when the need arises even when they are not surfing through your website. In the long run, your internet market site will build up traffic which will in turn increase sales.

All You Need to Know about Profit Reign

To begin with, Profit Reign is genuine. It offers you a top conversion rate with the help of the PushEngage software. To achieve this conversion, PushEngage software makes use of solo ads which obtain email list and in turn, boost your sales. Nevertheless, there are certain email companies which provide these lists of their subscribers for your website to be boozing with visitors and increased traffic. I would strongly recommend Profit Reign for beginners and newcomers in the world of internet marketing. With Profit Reign, one can proudly boast of raking at least $243.17 a day. With these stats, Profit Reign can be said to be far better than most jobs you would find. One doesn’t need any technical skills to learn the basics and starts making money. It is simply easy and stress-free.

As posited by Profit Reign itself, it claims to be an “epitome of a simple system that gets big results fast”. Be your own boss by earning as little as $200 a day. Set up an account, watch the video tutorials if possible, and start making money with your internet marketing campaign.

how profit reign works

How Does Profit Reign Work Exactly?

All you need do is to ensure your landing page receives enough traffic through the PushEngage software. This can be done by connecting your home website with the software hopefully without solo ads or emails.

Is There Any Bonuses?

Yes there are several ones that I mention below:

Bonus #1 – Free Traffic Mania 2.0: Value $97 – Enjoy a captivating new video tutorial which unravels secret ways in which one can achieve unlimited free traffic.

Bonus #2 – Commission Blueprint IMH: Value $197 – In this 17 video series shows, you would get to see more than one ways in which you would gain huge commission from advertising with little or no charge.

Bonus #3 – Underground Super Affiliate: Value $177 – Here, the secret behind hitting a 4 figure affiliate promotions is unraveled. With this, even a beginner would become an expert in getting a 4 figure affiliate promotion.

Bonus #4 – Free RX Blast Traffic System: Value $117 – This product offers you work so training which unravels the secret behind using ADVANCED METHODS of free traffic generation step after step.

How is Support Quality of Profit Reign?

You can reach the Profit Reign team via an email for complaints. Their customer support system will be more than glad to help you solve the problem.

profit reign pros and cons

The Good…The Bad…The Ugly…

The Good

Compared to other similar schemes, Profit Reign is relatively cheap. It also comes with more than enough video tutorials and additional information to help you stay in line as well as boost traffic.

It provides an alternative method to the email list. The software is configured in a way that makes it send messages to people even with email accounts. These messages hold up click-through links which can boost traffic. One good way of making fast money with internet marketing.

The Bad

The use of solo and comes with a price – risks and high price. Also, solo ads don’t give the much necessary guarantee on its potency. For instance, purchasing a $100 solo and does not necessarily guarantee high conversion rate neither does it promises to cover all advertising cost.

There is always a need for one to source for additional information from other sites as the information given in the videos are mostly not enough. The claim that Profit Reign would provide a daily income of about $200 with their outstanding service is totally outrageous and over exaggerated. Lastly, the information provided about the system and framework of Profit Reign is insufficient for one to understand how the whole thing works.

is the profit reign scam

My Final Conclusion – Is Profit Reign Really Worth Trying?

Although, many internet marketing schemes had claimed to be genuine. A lot of them even go further in promising huge profits with little or no work whatsoever. However, we all know that there is no such thing as free lunch. Rigorous work had to be put in place so as to recoup huge profits.

Risky but worthwhile, Profit Reign uses solo ads to boost traffic which in turn helps increases conversion. The question now remains if this scheme is a scam. Personally, I believe Profit Reign is legit. This is solely because you will receive the product and training materials upon payment. Nevertheless, its little information on how it works, exaggerated daily income, and risky business put me off completely. Thus, I would advise you to be cautious so as not to be scammed.

my recommendation

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