is the prosperity of life a scam

Is the Prosperity of Life a Scam? – Read This First!

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Is the Prosperity of Life a Scam?

Welcome to Life’s Prosperity review. Firstly, taking your time in order to do your own research before buying any “apparently good” product or business opportunity is really appreciated.

That’s the way to keep away from scams and find the legal way to make money online! Transparently, there is not associated with Prosperity of Life in any form. So, make sure that there is not anything to pitch you unlike those associates. Instead, an unbiased 3rd party review will be offered to you and also the facts that the members don’t want to share with you.

Is there a pyramid scheme scam of Prosperity of Life? Let’s see!

Product Name: Prosperity of Life

Official Website:

Creators: Shane Krider & Rachel Krider

Product Type: Self Development

Price: $49.95 + Many Up-sells

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

Summary: Although Prosperity of Life is not exactly a scam but there is certainly a hidden pyramid scheme because it’s a “self-promoting system” with lots of high-ticket upsells. In this review, solid evidence shows you that FTC has acted against such programs.

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what is the prosperity of life

Prosperity of Life

There are some bad history information. Prosperity of Life that is also known as The Prosperity of Life Network, indeed is a Network Marketing company that is dedicated to sell personal development & wealth creation products, such as courses of home study, live events & event recordings.

Before considering this program, you really need to know some actually bad history. In fact, there are ignorant people that without doing their own research have joined to Prosperity of Life.

Thus, it’s really appreciated you’re here to read this review. Definitely, you’ll never join this company if you figure out all their shady stuff that is doing. However it’s not impossible to make money by this program. Indeed, some people are still making a fortune with this company.

But partly “taking advantage” of people at the bottom of this company by those rich people at the top is really a problem.

how prosperity of life works

How it Works? – The Bad History..

The co-founder of Prosperity of Life, named as Shane Krider, is also the co-founder of Liberty League International company. According to the report of Courthouse News Service, pyramid scheme of Liberty League has been confirmed and this company has scammed more than five Million dollars from innocent people who have hardly earned their money. Likely some people think that Shane is now doing a legal business with Prosperity of Life because of his unpleasant experience.

It’s not right! Because Shane transferred the same model of business from Liberty League to Prosperity of Life, just that this time the legal stuff is more taken into consideration by them.

The costs of starting with Prosperity of Life

For entering into this company, the only way is by signing up on their website and requesting an interview. But at first for signing up, you need a person as a sponsor who refers you to this company. Therefore they’ll always ask you to return to your introducer of this business in any promotional videos or content.

Pros & Cons – Showing Ugly Facts of Prosperity of Life

1.Hidden Pyramid Scheme

It can be controversial because as the supporters of Prosperity of Life it’s quite wrong or with the aim of trying to sell other stuff. But it’s completely based on evidence.

In another meaning, it can be considered as a pyramid scheme if the main and only way of the program is making money by focusing on recruitment.  So, Prosperity of Life does possess their own products and services.

2.Too Costly Way

It’s been already listed some of their major products. The ranges are from $2K to $13K. But can you really invest this amount of money in the first place? If you can’t, you must quit Prosperity of Life!

P.S. A four Figure Monthly Passive Income of this program at just twenty one years old is free to start and only cost forty nine dollars per month fee to go full-time!

3.Absurd Plan of Compensation

Helping to become a better person and become wealthy through the programs is the claim of Prosperity of Life. Ironically, they make the compensation plan very hard and complicated to make money in addition to asking you to pay a lot of dollars in advance!

4.Extremely restricted program

Prosperity of Life is a very restricted program. Recruiting and reselling those overpriced products is the only way to make money for you. In another meaning, you are not free to sell your favorite products if you don’t want to sell those expensive personal development programs.

It’s regretfully mandatory! That’s why this program isn’t recommended. On the other hand, you are free to promote any products that you like in Affiliate Marketing program and passionately make your online the prosperity of life scam

Prosperity of Life or a Scam?

Prosperity of Life has a hidden pyramid scheme although it is not a scam! As it’s explained before, it’s very similar to other programs like MOBE & Digital Altitude, that both of them have been closed by FTC. In addition, it can be guaranteed that all of their products are overpriced. Please be careful of your money, put it away and see how it can be made a living online.

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