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Is the Selling Family a Scam? – A Detailed Review!

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3 days ago, when I was looking for money management software, an ads called Selling Family got my attention and “Is the Selling Family a scam or not?” was the first question came to my mind.

At the beginning, I thought that it’s a method which teaches how to sell something to a family but I was wrong because it was a story about how Amazon could bring millions of dollars for a family and changed their financial life completely.

Now, this lucky family decided to share this unique business model with the world and other people who want to become independent in their financial life. The method also is not limited to one or two niches and you are free to choose any niche you want and apply that method to it.

Although there are not much reviews and feedback about Selling Family but by reading those few available reviews, you’ll make sure that it’s not a scam program and you’re going to work with a legit and reliable website. Also, I believe that they have done a nice job in showing and explaining how this method works.

Some areas that Selling Family is going to talk about are my interests too and although I’m not a member of this program yet but who knows, maybe in the future, I’ll use it as another source of income too.

The owner of the program is a nice woman (Jessica) who is ready to help you with anything so since it’s not a free program and you need to pay for that, it pays to contact to Jessica first and ask your question before trying the platform.

What you need to know before trying SF is that it takes time and you won’t make money overnight after giving it a shot. This means, the patient is the key to getting success by this method and if you want to earn money online fast then it never works for you.

And the last but not least; this program works based on Amazon, this means you’ll work directly with Amazon website so it’s better to know if there is not any legal issue with Amazon in the country you’re living it. For example, premium  membership of Amazon is only available in below 17 countries:

Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, the UK and the US.

And I know that there are some countries that Amazon won’t ship items to so always do your own research to don’t get disappointed after setting up your work.

Now let’s start our Selling Family review;


Product Name: Selling Family

Official Website:

Owner: Cliff & Jessica Larrew

Type: Amazon Seller Course

Cost to Join: From $19 to $100

Recommended? Yes

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

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what is selling family

What Is the Selling Family About?

Selling Family shows you how to have an online income in different courses but its main course is focused on Amazon selling and how to build an online business based on selling your product on Amazon.

Unlike some other similar training courses that require you to get a membership first (or at least use the terial period) in order to access to the courses, Selling Family offers you tons of free content in the website which you can take advantage of.

I feel that Jessica does not hide anything from you and she shares all the secrets she knows about this legitimate business. You’ll learn how to build a business website totally from the scratch by WordPress, HTML or online website builders and how to fill it out with quality content to get traffic and turn this traffic to buyers.

It’s All About FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

I think everybody knows about the greatness and impact of the Amazon company but to remind it again, it’s good to know that the market share of the Amazon alone is equal to Dell, Apple, WalMart, and some other well-known companies so that’s not surprising to know that Amazon has been turned to the biggest online retailer all around the world over the past years. Amazing!

Using Amazon to build a business is like a win-win game because it’s a top-notch brand which is well-known in many countries. I don’t know about you but I always look into the Amazon website when I want to buy something new or get the price for a specific item. I’m sure that it’s the same for others too because people trust Amazon and they’ve heard good things about this big company and always found a good deal other there.

In simple words, in order to be able to sell a product on Amazon, you need to use their FBA service. Amazon provides this service to help all individuals to use their platform for selling their products, so you just need to send the products in one of the Amazon’s warehouses and they’ll take care of all packing, picking, customer support and shipping tasks as best as possible.

Also, the website’s traffic of Amazon is huge, this means, your product will be seen by thousands of potential buyers every single day and you can guess that how much it’ll be effective for your business if you take advantage of the FBA service of amazon.

You’ll save a significant amount of time and effort by letting Amazon take care of your online selling business and process of scaling up for your business will be done faster compared to using other online retailers like Etsy, HomeDepot or Craigslist.

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how selling family works

Here Is How Selling Family Works:

If you remember, I’ve told you that the method of the Selling Family can be applied for other types of the websites so it really does not matter what your website is about, it’s just important to set it up properly.

Luckily, Jessica didn’t focus on only Amazon FBA and she tried all possible options of making money through Amazon website. For example, she’ll cover the Amazon affiliate program in her course which is another great way for making extra money from this company.

By using the Amazon affiliate program, you’ll make a commission every time you sell a product. If you are 40 or 50 old years, you probably remember the days when representatives used door to door sales techniques to make more sales. Those days are gone but that sales technique still exists and it just turned from offline to online.

And in the online world, you’ll be given a unique link which let you promote ALL Amazon products online and you are free to use any method (only legitimate ones of course) to get traffic for the affiliate link.

All in all, it depends on if you want to sell your own product or promote other people products. The first option is easier and takes less time but your income potential is also limited and the second option takes more effort and time but it has more income potential.

I recommend you to choose Amazon FBA if you already own your product and want to sell it online because you don’t need to worry about anything after shipping it to one of the centers of the Amazon fulfillment. You’ll feel confident when you know that your business is supported a big company like Amazon and your valuable time will be saved a lot when you hand tasks like shipping, advertising, packing or customer support to Amazon.

Anyway if you are any kind of individual, there’s an option for you but in my opinion, if you can find quality items with great discount, the most difficult option (producing and selling your own product) is the best one.

This option is also recommended by Jessica too so feel free to check out Becoming a Professional Seller section on Amazon to find out all needed information to start selling successfully on Amazon.

Is Selling Family a Good Choice For You?

  • The Selling Family works best if you belong to one of the below categories:
  • Online shopping lovers and people who are looking for great deals day after the day
  • If you aim to sell your products in the United States. This training program is only focused on potential customers in the U.S. so there’s not any guarantee that this system works for selling your items out of the U.S.
  • Ordinary people who are tired of their current 9-5 job and are looking for a legit way to build a trusted and successful online business.
  • Persons who are interested to use modern techniques of the online world to put their product in the front eye of 3.2 billion potential buyer (Internet users) in all countries.

When You Will See The Result?

As it’s said, this is not a way for making quick money overnight and get rich fast. You need to invest “enough” time (between 1 to 6 months) if you have no experience and also many other factors are determinative in getting success in the FBA business.

It’s better to don’t join this business if you are in a difficult financial situation and need immediate cash. Selling Family does not teach you anything about that and it’s better to try your chance for finding a real job because you’ll get paid regularly every month and the salary comes from the first month but in online businesses, the story is totally different and you never know what happens the next month until you start to create and maintain a good reputation for your business.

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selling family pros and cons

Selling Family – Likes & Dislikes

All programs and products that I’ve reviewed before from Home Income System to FB Dollars or Publishers Clearing House had their own pros and cons.

What I Liked About Selling Family;

  • You’ll have 1-month money back guarantee so you can request a refund in the first 30 days
  • This method has been tested and experts confirmed that it works
  • You don’t need big money to start your business in this model and when it’s compared to high ticket MLM companies, it really costs you not much money.
  • A detailed training course that covers all aspects of this business.
  • You have a chance to turn it into your full-time job.
  • 3 lessons will be available to you in the test period of the program
  • You will be a part of a private community and can communicate with other premium members
  • After joining Selling Family, you’ll have a one to one private coaching

What I Didn’t Like About Selling Family;

  • It does not provide good customer service
  • There’s a no website creation system inside the platform
  • A big part of this business can be done online but since you’re selling physical items, you’ll have to face issues related to location, etc. so it still requires some physical activities
  • The profit potential is not the same for all products. By completing the course, you’ll be able to choose the best product to promote but keep in mind that some products can bring you more profit and some others bring less profit.
  • You’ll be working with one of the biggest and most important online retailers in the world (Amazon) that has strict rules so that’s important to understand these rules because violating Amazon’s policies may result deactivating or even deleting your account.

is the selling family scam

Final Word – Is the Selling Family a Scam? 

Here’s the point; although I’m not going to use the “Best” term for the Selling Family training course but I have not seen any red flag which will put it in the list of a scam site. So my conclusion is that Selling Family is a legitimate opportunity for making money online but you need to set your expectations logically first if you want to get the best result with that.

I also don’t label it as a beginner-friendly program because it looks some complicated from my point of view when you’re a newbie and you have to choose from many methods when you go inside the SF. You are not sure that which one of these methods work best for you and because of that, you may have to choose 3 or 4 methods before finding the most suitable one.

And finally, although Amazon opens the door to the thousands or millions of products but by using the SF method, you’ll limit yourself in working with only Amazon and you miss the opportunity of working with other companies. Also, you won’t have your own business and Amazon will always control you.

If you’re new to money making online, I recommend you to start with my Best Recommended Program below which is about affiliate marketing and let you make a business from your interests.

Thank you very much for reading this review and feel free to ask questions and leave your opinions in the comments below.

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