is the six figure success academy a scam

Is the Six Figure Success Academy a Scam? – A to Z Review.

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Hello everyone! It’s very nice to see you here again in the and today I’m going to uncover all the facts about a new making money platform called Six Figure Success Academy. What an attractive name for an online product right? ; ) And I’m going to answer this question: Is the Six Figure Success Academy a scam really or it’s far better than many people think?

I hope that you’ve read some of my previous reviews before but if it’s your first time here, I should say that I’m an Internet entrepreneur as well as an online reviewer and the product I’m reviewing are most relevant to ‘work from home’, ‘online jobs’, ‘making money online’ etc.

Most of the times, I personally try every product before writing a review about it here but in some cases that the product is too expensive, I talk to the people who have tried it and ask their opinion about it. So all I write here are my own experience or experience of people who tried the product and it applies for the review of Six Figure Success Academy too.

Stay with me to find out the hidden facts about this online academy and see what is the result of people who joined this academy. Let’s start!


Product Name: Six Figure Success Academy

Official Website:

Owner: Mike Balmaceda & Ty Cohen

Type: Affiliate Marketing Academy

Cost to Join: $997!

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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what is six figure success academy

What Is The Six Figure Success Academy All about?

Luckily, SFSA is a legit training course and unlike scam programs like Tube Crusher, it has something to offer to you. First, let’s see what’s included in the program. As its name brings Six Figure Success Academy is a training platform about affiliate marketing and in simple words, it explains how affiliate marketing makes some people millionaire in short amount of time and how you can become an online millionaire too by following the same steps and start making +$500 every day.

SFSA (Six Figure Success Academy) says you don’t need to have any previous experience in Internet marketing to start making money in online advertising. Maybe you may think that a big amount of money is required to be invested in the business for making a profit or you have to build a long list of email addresses to start promoting products and making sales or even you need to register on eBay, Amazon or other affiliate companies to start making money BUT the answer of SFSA to all above question is NO. It says, you actually don’t need ANYTHING to start this highly profitable business!

In this academy, you’ll learn how to promote and sell online courses. These courses have been created by owners of SFSA and they’re only available of members who enrolled in the course. During a 6-week training program, you’ll learn everything about online marketing and the main requirements for building a successful affiliate website.

According to what owners of SFSA say, the business model you learn there is based on an automated method and it just needs a one-time setup process. They say you can start this business from your own room and there is no age restriction for doing this business which means it does not matter if you are a 15-years old boy or an 85-year old woman, this system WORKS for you!

Well, unfortunately, I could not find more information about the system itself and as you’ve seen, there were just some beautiful words about the dreams that can be true through Six Figure Success Academy.

Keep reading to find out if what SFSA claims is too good to be true or not.

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how six figure success academy works

How Does Six Figure Success Academy Work Exactly?

Let me show you the market that Six Figure Success Academy focused on. Imagine you’ve created a high-quality product but you have zero knowledge about online marketing and don’t know how to sell your product. You’ve probably tried some basic options but it didn’t work for you. Then you find out that there’s a platform which can help you sell your product in exchange for a commission.

As I’ve mentioned above, there’s a 6-week course and you’ll learn about the right methods of promotion through a series of training videos. The base of training is video marketing and how to do it properly but it also covers other sections of digital marketing.

In the first days of the program, you just get the whole idea about what is the online and video marketing about; I consider it just as an introduction to the course.

After that, you’ll get familiar with the Avatar and how to use it for your marketing purposes. In the next section, the concept of monetization will be explained in detail and you’ll learn how to use it effectively for your online business.

After about 1 month, you are ready to maximize your profit by building your own video software. This lets you get the most from your invested time and money. It must be said that this is also the section which shows you the real income potential behind this market which is millions of dollars.

Finally, to walk in the right direction, you need to know what method works best for you and this is what SFSA teaches you in the last level of training. Shutting down useless campaign, split test, common marketing mistakes and finding the right strategies are only some parts of the training that will be covered in the last section.

What you learn above is the main concepts you learn in the program and there are also some additional training you’ll access to in the program. It’s good to know that there’s an opportunity for making money by promoting these additional training.

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six figure success academy review

Six Figure Success Academy – Advantages & Disadvantages


  • You can promote courses of SFSA through the platform so you don’t need to create a website or have a youtube channel with tons of subscribers in order to start working.
  • What you learn in SFSA is what a lot of people are making money these days so it’s a proven method.
  • Creating/promoting online courses has a market with a million dollar turnover and this trend just will increase in the future so you don’t need to worry about the future of the E-learning industry.


  • Although promoting online training programs are profitable but are people willing to pay $700, $800 or more for an online course? The answer is Yes; there are many one-to-one private courses which are priced thousands of dollars but SFSA IS NOT definitely one of them and people won’t pay that much money for what it offers.
  • There’s an Autowebinar software which will be given to some of the members through the course and SFSA says that the potential of making money from it is really great. Even if we accept this fact, how you can be sure that you’ll be one of those members who will have access to this software?
  • Another negative point of this platform is its price. The membership fee of the program is $997 and for that price, you’ll learn some methods for promoting online courses. Personally, I believe that it’s not worthy, especially when there are better training platforms (like what I’ve mentioned in the Best Recommendation section) that teach you the same strategies for under $50 and they cover all other markets like weight loss, health, romance, etc. so you’ll a wide range of profitable markets to choose from and you won’t be limited to only one market.
  • The income claim is not what you can achieve in the short term. It requires a lot of time and effort and to be honest, training materials of the Six Figure Success Academy can’t help you to reach that level.
  • Unfortunately having a full-time job with a passive income is not possible through what you learn in SFSA. As soon as you stop promoting courses (for any reason), your earning will be stopped automatically.

This is not what reliable training platforms like Wealthy Affiliate are teaching you. Guaranteed Future Income through creating quality content based on your hobbies and interests is the main thing you learn in WA platform and of course, it’s absolutely The Right Way of making money online.

SFSA is good only if you are happy with the short-term result. You won’t build any long-term business for yourself and a big part of your effort will be wasted on promoting courses of other people.

is the six figure success academy scam

Final Word – Is Six Figure Success Academy a Scam 

I think that you are the only person who can give the best answer to this question because the result of this decision is what will effect on YOUR financial life, not anybody else. Anyway, I’m going to share you all my experience with SFSA in the next paragraphs to help you make the right decision.

There are many ways to make extra money online from MLM like what you find is companies like Miracle Breakthrough to earning apps like Free Cash app.

The system is legit in my opinion BUT it’s far from my recommendations because, firstly, the membership fee is too high; $997 is not something many people are willing to pay for a system that does not guarantee any result for you, also many similar platforms offer the same training materials for much less price.

Secondly, SFSA says that you’ll have a refund option for 30 days which let you get all your money back but how this money-back guarantee option can work when the time you need to complete the whole course is only around 40 days?! (As you know, it’s a 6-weeks training program). In theory, this means you can go from the start to the end of the course and finish it then request a refund! It does not seem logical at all!

Thirdly, most of the strategies introduced in SFSA are based on paid traffic methods. As I’ve told you above, paid advertising is very effective as a source of traffic BUT it’s very risky too. Almost all experienced Internet marketers don’t recommend you paid traffic if you’ve just started your journey in this industry instead, organic traffic (which is completely free) is the first and best recommendation given to you by experts for several reasons.

  • You don’t need to invest any money in organic traffic to get the result.
  • Your audience will be highly targeted in organic traffic.
  • The result that comes from paid traffic is short-term but what you get from organic traffic is long-term and will guarantee your income for coming days, weeks and months.
  • It just requires you to put some time and effort behind it and give people what they’re looking for by providing quality content then you can sit back and enjoy the traffic that comes the day after day.

This is the base of affiliate marketing business and what you’ll end up as startup cost is not comparable with what you’ll have to pay for systems like SFSA.


As it’s being said, Siz Figure Success Academy is not a scam and there are members who’ve paid its costly fee but the thing that I’m sure about is that it’s just suitable for people who are a beginner who wants to start a Safe and Profitable online business.

If you really can invest that big money ($997) for an online training program then I highly recommend you to don’t put all your eggs in one basket, especially if there’s an unclear money-back guarantee.

Finally, if you want to build a successful risk-free online business the Right Way, my Best Recommendation section below will help you step in the right direction. Keep in mind there’s a big misconception about making money online among people which says “you should pay money to make money”. This is not true and the platform I’ve introduced below explains how you can earn a significant amount of money from your interests and hobbies without spending a single penny.

Continue reading to find out more about My Best Recommendation System.

my recommendation

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  1. Hi Ali, I enjoyed reading this post it was a great review of a product I had not heard of previously. It is well written and informative for anyone looking for a way to get a business going online.

    As you say in the post $997 seems a bit steep when as you recommend, you can get similar training for a fraction of the cost. I hope people see the sense in that.

    When products claim you are going to make big money I am always skeptical. How do they know how much work you are going to do, are you going to follow the training? No one can know how much effort you are going to put in apart from yourself.

    If I was going to get involved in affiliate marketing i would go for your recommendation. It allows people to get involved in top class training for a low start up cost. That is what anyone taking their first steps online wants.

    Good luck with your site.

  2. Hey Ali!
    Thank you so much for writing this post! With working from home becoming more and more prevalent with online opportunities it’s really easy to get overwhelmed with how to get started. What is even more overwhelming is all of these sites claiming to get you started and reach success. It’s hard to know which avenue to pursue. This information is so helpful and I think all readers can leave feeling more educated. I especially love the pros and cons as I am personally a list person, myself.
    Thank you so much for this info!

  3. Hie Ali,

    I have read your post with interest. It has really given me an insight into how other Six Figure Success Academy operates. Your article really brings to light some inconsistencies in what what SFSA offers and what a subscriber can actually get from its training.
    The advantages really seems to be out weighed by the disadavantages, in my opinion.
    Wealthy Associates from the experience I have had, being a newbie and all, really offers what it promises. I totally and absolutely recommend it to anyobe thinking about starting and earning from their website.
    Am inspired, like 101%.


  4. As a stay at home entrepreneur myself, I am always looking out for new opportunities though often wary about the claims of success and how much money it’s promised you’ll make. So when I came across Six Figure Success Academy and saw the price, I wondered why it was priced so high – surely it must have stellar reviews and many success students to justify the price – but from reading your review I think I’ll steer clear of this one. I’ll definitely look into your other recommendations instead, so thank you for sharing and offering alternatives.

  5. Hi
    Thank you for pointing me to this review.
    You have covered everything I would ask about a new programme like this.
    You have been very honest, which makes me trust what you say about this.
    You managed to keep me interested in the whole article, and I enjoyed reading your work.
    I really like the pictures you have that cover the next information you are about to advise, they are really neat pictures. I like that you link the reader to other posts you have created, that is so helpful and a great tip for me to follow.
    Many Thanks and Kind Wishes

  6. This is quite an informative article about Six Figure Success Academy. You seem to go in-depth and weigh out the pros and cons from an unbiased perspective. I appreciate that. I, too, would recommend Wealthy Affiliate over anything else. WA is much more affordable than anything else I have seen so far, and it has a good, reputable reputation. Thank you for this review. I’ll be sure to visit your website for any other rundowns on websites that may be scams.

  7. This is a great article Ali! You are doing prospective online entrepreneurs a great service with this review. I’ve done a lot of research on the numerous online marketing training options. And you definitely need to do your due diligence!

    Your writing style is to the point which is what people need when it comes to a topic of this nature. Add in the overall design of your website, it’s definitely something all visitors can trust.

    Please keep up the thorough work and service you are providing with these reviews.


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