is thrive market scam

Is Thrive Market Scam? – Buy Foods Cheaper & Make Money?!

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Making money from buying foods cheaper is an attractive idea which seems to be possible through Thrive Market but is Thrive Market scam or there is really a chance for buying cheap foods and make money?

Eating unhealthy food is comparatively cheap but comes with an overwhelming number of repercussions: it shortens one’s life, drains ones energy and exposes one to a host of heart and blood diseases. On the other hand, developing a healthy eating habit doesn’t come cheap. You have to do away with a few extra bucks if you intend to access high quality foods to stay healthy.

While a walk beside the shelves of a grocery store constantly exposes you to the temptation of throwing prepared and sometimes unhealthy foods into your cart, Thrive Market offers you the advantage of accessing healthy foods at reduced prices, allowing you to eat healthy and save some money at the same time.


Product Name: Thrive Market

Official Website:

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Business based on Foods

Cost to join: $59.95

Recommended? Maybe

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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thrive market scam

What Is Thrive Market All About?

Thrive Market is an online American retailer for natural, organic and non-genetically modified foods. It is a membership-based platform founded by Gunnar Lovelace, Sasha Siddhartha, Nick Green and Kate Mulling in November 2014 to tackle the financial and geographical barriers preventing people and communities from accessing quality and healthy foods.

Being the largest retailer of non-genetically modified foods in America, Thrive Market has since November 2015 launched its own line of product in an aim to make certain categories of foods affordable to the public. With a workforce of about 500 people, Thrive Market delivers their products to about 85% of the states in the United States within a few working days.

They operate from two centers. One at Nevada and the other at Indiana. Also in 2016, they launched a mobile application suitable for both android and iOS systems in order to make transactions more convenient for members.

As an addition, they also offer products other than whole and natural foods. These non-perishable products are environmentally safe and they include items under the following categories:

  • Health and fitness,
  • Beauty and body,
  • Bath and laundry,
  • Babies and children,
  • Cosmetics,
  • Supplements and vitamins,
  • Beddings and home care,
  • Pet items

As at 2016, over 350,000 people had received free membership from the membership of paid Thrive members. Those affected by water shortage and flood in Michigan and Louisiana were given free membership as well as those affected by the shutdown of Walmart in places like Colorado, Kansas, Chicago, Denver and Wichita.

During Christmas in 2015, paid Thrive Market members also donated a part of their savings to help those benefiting from the Thrive Gives initiative shop for the season as well.

Local communities also benefit from the operations of the Thrive Market as they work hand-in-hand with the True Sioux Hope foundation in order to provide healthy foods to the members of such communities.

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how thrive market works

How Does Thrive Market Work?

Before placing orders on Thrive Market, it is required that you become a member after you must have registered. After registration, members get to enjoy 30 days of free membership after which they get to pay an annual membership fee of $59.95 to enjoy up to 50% discount on products as well as free shipping for orders summing up to $50.

From the discounts and free shipping benefits, members of Thrive Market get to save up to $100 every month on grocery supplies in comparison to other retail platforms. Affiliate members also get to enjoy some monetary payments that can be used to shop in the future when they make successful referrals.

Through their non-profit partners, Thrive Market also runs a program known as Thrive Gives Initiative. Through this platform, those who are less privileged and cannot afford to have healthy foods are given free membership along with the benefits given to those having paid membership. For every Thrive Market member who pays, those in need get to receive free membership.

How Much You Will Be Charged?

When it comes to cost and membership’s fee, I become very strict and that’ why I don’t like what’s happening about this issue in Thrive Market. $59.95 is minimum amount you should pay to use this service and it may seem not much at all when you know this cost is yearly and when we divide it into 12 months, the outcome is only $5 per month which seems to be nothing really but keep in mind that you’re paying it at once so you are paying about $60 more for food! Didn’t you loot at it from this side right? 😉

This is not acceptable for everyone and it may be Ok if you want to pay it once but imagine if it’ll a yearly cost, are you really ready for that this additional cost?

Although there is always discount and special offers which let you pay up to %20 less depending on products you buy but you should calculate it yourself to see if it’s really an advantage for you or not.

You pay much more than $59.95 in reality!

there are two main reasons which leads you to buy more (and pay more) when you join Thrive Market. The first is taking advantage of free shipping. The same as other online shops, you should reach a minimum amount to be eligible for free shipping so you will purchase more and more products. The second reason is getting that special offer or discount of %20 which is only available for new members who buy significant amount of products.

If you are going to replace Thrive Market with your current online food store then this is not what you should be worry about because $50 or $60 (which is required to get free shipping and special offer) would be probably the minimum amount you will spend over Thrive Market.

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Order?

This is another important factor you should consider before giving Thrive Market a try because it may take up to 14 days to receive your order so that would hurt you if you are in an emergency situation but if you can plan it in advance, everything will be ok.

Another thing you should think about seriously is how your family is gastronome. If they like eating, your planed food for a month can be finish in two weeks so and you will have to submit new order which can take another 2 weeks to get in your hand. Here is the trick, hide half of foods somewhere and put only half other in your kitchen; with this, you don’t need to worry about seeing a kitchen empty of food when you come back home after work.

Does Thrive Market Cover All Type of Foods?

Unfortunately no. If you’re looking for some types of foods which needs to be in your refrigerator then you don’t search for it in Thrive Market because it does not sell any perishable food, that’s why it does not make any problem if normal shipping time is up to two weeks for them.

So yes you still need to go outside to buy all those fresh and perishable foods which you probably done before too.

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thrive market pros and cons

Pros and Cons of Thrive Market

While Thrive Market makes access to healthy foods and top quality products convenient and affordable, there are some disadvantages that come with its use. But of course, we’d start from the good things about Thrive Market before we move on to the features you may not appreciate about it.


  • Free Trial Period

One good thing about Thrive Market is that you get to test their services for an entire month before you commit to them by paying their annual membership fee of $59.95. This free trial period gives you access to numerous products you may not find on the counters of your regular grocery stores. You also get to assess their service to figure out if their services are worth the membership fee.

  • Reduced Prices

In comparison to retail prices, the prices of items purchased from Thrive Market are much lower when considering the discounts and the free shipping. However, the prices reduced depends largely on the total sum of the purchase as well as the product/item in question.

  • Assorted Products

In addition to lower product prices, a wide variety of whole foods as well non-perishable products can also be obtained from Thrive Market. This way, you definitely would find your favorite supplies while you shop on the platform.

  • Products of High Quality

Quality is one thing taken very seriously at Thrive Market. Of all their foods and food products, not even one genetically modified nor environmentally unsafe product can be found. With their dedication to always providing safe and renewable products to their customers, you can be rest assured you’re getting the best out of your experience with them.

  • Refund Policy

Their refund policy, also referred to as ‘Happiness Guarantee’ states that every customer who is unable to recover his annual membership fee through savings would be refunded the exact sum of unrecovered fee upon membership fee payment the following year. If as an example, out of the $59.95 annual membership fee, a customer is only able to recover $30 as savings, the remaining $29.95 would be credited to the customer’s account upon payment for the following year.

  • Plausible Delivery

Irrespective of the quantity or total sum of the purchase you make on Thrive Market, you get to have your orders shipped within two days and delivered to you within a week. You’d be rest assured that every item in your cart will get to you in good shape.

  • Return Policy

Just like every other online store, Thrive Market allows customers to return products delivered to them in a state other than what they initially ordered for. Customers only need to contact their customer service and place a return order.

  • Save Extra Cash for Your Next Order

Since the prices of products on Thrive Market are far better than the retail prices of such products, every paid member of Thrive Market gets to save up to $100 every month on groceries depending on your purchase. This saving can amount to more than $1000 in a year which is enough compensation for the $59.95 membership fee.

  • Free Shipping

Members of Thrive Market are entitled to free shipping for every purchase above $49. Their customers get to have their orders delivered to their doorsteps free of charge.

  • Suitable for Special Diets

One very interesting feature of Thrive Market is that members can shop based on their corresponding diets or choice of food types. Whether you’re a vegan or gluten intolerant, by simply selecting your diet option, only products pertaining to such diets would be displayed during your purchase. This feature make shopping experience on Thrive Market very convenient for their members especially those who are still new to dieting.

  • Freebies for New Members

Thrive Market runs a special sale for new members upon registration and membership fee payment. As a new member, you get to enjoy a whopping 20% discount off your initial three orders. Based on what you order for, this discount can make up for the membership fee at the initial stage.

  • Auto-shipment Option for Busy Members

If you’re a busy person, and cannot make out time to note when you’re about to run out of supplies, Thrive Market offers people like you the advantage of setting up automatic shipments of your desired products at the exact time you would have them delivered to you. Simply set up a shipment and then place it on autoship; and you’ll never have to fret about running out of groceries again as you’d always have them on your doorstep at your convenience.

  • Environmentally Friendly Packaging

All the products found in Thrive Market are packaged with recyclable and carbon neutral materials. All plastic and non-renewable materials are usually removed. This reduces the pollution usually involved with groceries. Shopping with Thrive benefits the environment and reduces the rate of environmental pollution.

  • Referral Bonus

You get to receive a bonus of $25 each time a new member signs up for Thrive Market with your link. This in turn give your referral a discount of 15% of their first order.


Having looked at the advantages of Thrive Market, we can now briefly examine the negative side of the online store.

  • The Membership Fee is an Initial Turn Off to Intending Members

Even if the $59.95 annual membership amounts to only $5 every months, including the extra cash to your food expenses at a time may seem uncalled for to most intending members. Although Thrive Market assures members of monthly savings on food purchases, most people wouldn’t want to hang on to their words and pay such fees just to become a member.

  • Prolonged Delivery Time

Even if you don’t get to pay shipping fees for orders above $49, and you get to have it shipped on time, your order may not get to you until after a few days or a week. This is quite inconvenient compared to other stores like Amazon unless you’re a very good planner and can adequately plan your orders so you can have them at your doorsteps at the exact time you need them.

  • Larger Initial Costs

With the free shipping, initial 20% discount and 30 days free trial offered by Thrive Market, the cost of shopping with them still remains high or just slightly lower than those of grocery stores because you’d have to spend above $49 dollars to have the regular $5 shipment fee deducted from your payment. You also have to purchase products with large costs if the 20% discount is going to make any difference.

Who Does Thrive Market Suit the Most?

  1. People without Access to Whole Food Retail Stores

Those living in locations with limited access to affordable retail stores where they can purchase whole, natural and organic foods would benefit hugely from Thrive Market as they can obtain these foods at reduced rates.

  1. Economists and Planners

For one thing, adequate planning is required with Thrive Market so you do not run out of supplies before the delivery of your order. The best way to enjoy Thrive is to place an order of your home supplies a few weeks before they run out.

is thrive market scam

Final Word – Is Thrive Market Scam?

From our review so far, as well as the testimonies of customers, Thrive Market is genuine in every way and members are assured of saving money while enjoying access to thousands of healthy foods and body care products.

People have complained about not been served to their taste on Thrive despite paying the annual membership fee involved. Well, that’s why the 30-day free trial period is included in the platform. One month is more than enough to assess their product and services before committing to them by paying the membership fee.


If you wish to improve the state of your health, you must inculcate healthy eating habits. With Thrive Market, you can be rest assured that your health would be kept in check and at the same time you get to save a good deal of money. Thrive Market affords you the privilege of purchasing healthy, nutritious foods as well as healthy personal care items while contributing to the well-being of those who cannot afford such items.

Furthermore, by placing an order on Thrive, you also contribute to saving the planet as shipped items are packaged in eco-friendly and carbon neutral materials.

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