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Is Tinnitus Miracle a Scam? – Red Flag!

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Hello everyone and thank you for choosing this review to find out the truth about Tinnitus Miracle. In this review, we are going to answer several important questions about this 250 pages eBook and uncover why it’s not worth considering it as a making-money opportunity. So Is Tinnitus Miracle a scam? Let’s see!

Thomas Coleman is the writer of this eBook who is a health researcher and nutrition specialist in the tinnitus industry but is a big name behind a product (ebook) enough to choose that item and start to promote and sell it to others?

If you’re here, it means that you have done good research about Tinnitus Miracle which landed you in In the next couple of paragraphs, we’ll take a deep look at the claim of Thomas Coleman and check out if it’s possible to cure tinnitus without any dangerous surgery and completely naturally with the help of provided methods in tinnitus miracle eBook and see if it’s a product that can be used as a valuable item for affiliates and can make you money through promoting it or not.

So if you’re ready now, let’s start the deep review of Tinnitus Miracle!


Product Name: Tinnitus Miracle

Official Website:

Owner: Thomas Coleman

Type: 250 pages eBook to cure tinnitus

Cost to Join: $37

Short review:

Tinnitus Miracle is a 5-step program and contains proven methods to help people cure tinnitus; it’s written by Thomas Coleman and published in 2014. Thomas encourages new affiliates to start making money by promoting this ebook and he says that this eBook has great potential to be promoted and can bring you a significant amount of commissions.

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 3.4 out of 10

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what is tinnitus miracle

Intro – What Is Tinnitus Miracle All About?

I’ve found out about this eBook in Amazon when I was searching for tinnitus treatments. This 250-page eBook is published by Thomas Coleman and make this guy famous around the world. As a nutrition specialist, Thomas teaches you some methods as tinnitus treatments; also without any harmful drugs or dangerous surgery, you’ll be able to cure the ear problems.

So it’s not strange to see that most people of the United States are looking for such a treatment and it becomes popular naturally when they find an eBook about it in the Amazon or other websites. It’s one of the few books out there that concern this particular problem.

Who Is This eBook for?

If you’re an affiliate marketer or want to give affiliate marketing a shot and if you’ve a marketing channel or online source for yourself like social media, website, online forum, etc. then you have the chance to put Tinnitus Miracle on your website and promote it.

What is The eBook Exactly?

First of all, it must be said that Tinnitus Miracle is a self-help published book so it’s not logical to expect to see in-deep research and pro analysis in this book. Thomas Coleman wrote this health and wellness eBook to cover causes of the ear condition, related problem as well as common misconceptions about this problem.

Also, Coleman answered some of the frequently asked questions about the complexity of tinnitus and other common questions among people who face this issue.

In the final chapter of this book, you’ll discover and get familiar with some treatments for tinnitus and learn how to cure it. Actually, he gathered all treatments for this problem in a step by step guide that can be used as a natural solution to get rid of tinnitus healthy and naturally.

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how does tinnitus miracle work

What You Need to Know About Thomas Coleman and His Book

I’ve mentioned that Coleman has a long experience in curing ear problems (+10 years) and he used this extensive knowledge to make a detailed guide for people who are looking for a guaranteed solution for tinnitus. (see symptoms and causes of tinnitus here).

Thomas says that tinnitus and ear problems can be solved forever by using his special methods. The methods can:

  1. Eliminate ear problem tinnitus within 2 months naturally
  2. It stops the constant hissing and ringing

When I was looking at Thomas’s book, I’ve found out that a publishing company called HWP (Higher Ways Publishing) has the right of selling Tinnitus Miracle book and this book published under the name of this company. Doing some more research on HWP self-publishing company shows that they have two branches in Israel and the United States, however, what is suspicious to me is that none of the writer or publishing company don’t get any responsibility for your tinnitus!

By checking out the disclosure section of the book, you see that it’s clearly mentioned that not only Thomas Coleman (writer) but also HWP company ARE NOT responsible for any health problem that may be encountered in your body after using medical treatment of this book!

It’s clear that when a person or company does not want to take responsibility for his product, it’s not safe and logical to buy and use that product. In our case (Tinnitus Book), it’s better to go to the doctor if ear problems and tinnitus suffer you because at least, all doctors are responsible for their treatment and they also care for their patients. This is what you lack if you buy Amazon’s book.

Tinnitus Miracle – Experience of Other People

I always try to share opinion of other people on my review and I’ve done this in other MMO programs like Userfeel, Tigerfish or Scribie.

The only place that I could check details on Tinnitus Miracle book was a landing page created specifically for this book. No website, no Facebook page, no anything else! Also, this product has not been rated by BBB (Better Business Bureau) because this nonprofit organization only monitor and rate products that have real website.

The story is the same about the publishing company of Tinnitus Miracle. They claim that it’s a best-seller book but is not it strange to see that the publisher of a best-seller book does not have an official website? To be honest, except for a blog with some basic information, I could not find anything about Higher Ways Publishing and I consider this as a warning sign.

Fortunately these days people can simply share their thought about a product or item with others through the Internet and that’s what I used to know the opinion of people about Tinnitus Miracle. I share one of the comments people left for this eBook here and although not all comments is like that but my research shows that many people think the same.

“I bought this eBook and I’m totally disappointed about it. The methods didn’t help me to get rid off tinnitus and provided treatments are not like a real medical recommendations. If it’s not scam, it’s not legal either and I feel that some sales techniques have been used to shows this eBook more than what it is in reality.”

Can You Make Money from Tinnitus Miracle?

This book is available on Amazon however, to promote and earn commission by selling it, you need to become a member of Click2Sell website. This website is the official source for affiliate program of Tinnitus Miracle.

If you have promoted any digital item in the past, you probably know how Click2Sell and its affiliate program works. According to the eBook’s price ($37), you can earn up to 75% commission for each sale which is equal to $27 for a single sale. Also, you can gather referrals and invite them to promote this eBook; by doing that, you have the chance to earn commission from your referrals sales as well.

The payment will be made every 2 weeks through one of the well-known online payment methods (Skrill or PayPal).

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tinnitus miracle pros and cons

Tinnitus Miracle – The Good, The Bad

The Good of Tinnitus Miracle

What I liked about Tinnitus Miracle eBook and Thomas Coleman is the new marketing model he used to stir the minds of people and release an eBook that contained related information about curing tinnitus. It’s a simple eBook with simple treatments and would be beneficial for those who don’t choose official medical releases of organizations like ATA (American Tinnitus Association) or other medical practitioners to solve their ear problems.

But the story is different when it comes to real solutions for constant pains like tinnitus. The experience shows that people prefer to find real and permanent solutions for this kind of problem so when an eBook claims that it can solve this problem forever, people want to make sure it’s true before purchasing it.

I have not personally tried the recommended cure of Thomas Coleman because fortunately I don’t have any ear problem but I understand people who tried and didn’t get a result. The important thing for Coleman is that he believes on his method and encourages people to try it.

Anyway, since the recommended solution in the Tinnitus Miracle book is not a guaranteed way to overcome your ear problem issue, it would be hard to promote it and convince people to buy it. Also, there are several important factors that help affiliates choose a product and I don’t see those factors in this book.

The Bad of Tinnitus Miracle

Fortunately or unfortunately, the negative points and weaknesses of Tinnitus Mircale are more than its pros.

  • Many Negative Feedback

I noticed that there are only a few positive reviews from verified amazon members for this book and I’m sure that those reviews come from affiliates. Most of people who bought this book and left a review for that didn’t like it. Well, this is what they say in the reviews: “ I don’t recommend Tinnitus Miracle at all and the methods never worked for me!”

  • An Unknown Publisher…

How I can trust recommended methods in an eBook and when it’s promoted, released and published by a publisher company that has not an official website and didn’t publish any quality books in the past.

Higher Ways Publishing (publisher of Tinnitus Miracle) is not a legit company from my point of view and that’s another reason for not trusting this book.

  • A Step by Step Guide Or…

The claim of Thomas Coleman is that the 5-step process in his book is a result of a clinically research which could help the problem of the ear for people who had tinnitus for long years. He believes that what is covered in the book is a step by step guide but without giving enough information, there will be only doubts and we can’t have an unbiased review about the recommended cure and its result.

  • Just a Dream for Affiliates

I’m doing affiliate marketing for a long time and I know how this business works. Most pro affiliates confirm that making $27 for a single sale is too good to be true, especially when we talk about promoting an eBook. It’s clear that there’s not any earning potential of more than $10 for most of the affiliates and referrals of this book and this is not what Tinnitus Mircale claims.

Just take a look at the referral earning system of Amazon affiliate program (Amazon Associates) and you’ll find out the the commission for ALL kinds of books is only 4.5% in Amazon so if the price of Tinnitus Miracle is $37, your highest possible commission for each sale never be more than $2. This is far from what Thomas Coleman claims.

is tinnitus miracle scam

Final Word – Is Tinnitus Miracle a Scam?

I’ve found many scam signs in Tinnitus Miracle and I’ve listed some of these red flags in the review above so based on my research and reviews of other people, there is no doubt that this is a scam eBook and you should forget about it if you look at it as a source of side-income or something like that. There is not any money to be made behind Tinnitus Miracle.

Creating a real book and publishing it on Amazon isn’t difficult and actually everybody can do it so this is not enough to label a book or product legit and valuable and you know better than me that a lot of books and items have zero reviews on Amazon so it’s not a good metric to consider a product worth trying.

BBB also didn’t rate Tinnitus Miracle and didn’t confirm its legitimacy. When I have doubts, I check BBB always and in this case, all we have is an uncompleted sales page with a very simple summary of the book and that’s it.

To promote and make good commissions from affiliate marketing, you need to find a legit product. It does not matter what you are going to promote, whether it’s a $10 mouse or a $400 TV, it should be legit, quality and solve one of the people’problem.

All in all the best thing you can do is building an online business for yourself base on your interest or one of the evergreen niches.

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Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to read this review of Tinnitus Miracle. I hope you’ve found the information that you were looking for about it in this article.

I always would be more than happy to see your thoughts so feel free to share it about this website and other online money making ways in the comments below. I read all the comments and reply to them personally.

See you soon in the next review! )

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