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Is Toluna a Scam? – What You Need to Know…!

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Toluna Review

If you are interested in completing surveys and fetching rewards from online feedbacks to research companies, you need to learn about the latest discoveries. The WFHW assessed and made discoveries about The report released provides essential information to those who would consider joining online survey websites.

Product Name: Toluna

Official Website:

Founder: Toluna Group

Cost: Free

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10

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what is toluna

What is Toluna About?

Toluna Group is a firm based in Paris, France. It owns the Toluna Marketing and Research Company based in Dallas, Texas. Here, consumers can get rewards from participating in reviewing products and services. The Toluna online community provides the rewards for feedback. The company therefore, specializes in collecting information through online surveys and polls.

Toluna is contracted by other companies to conduct surveys on their behalf. They focus on specific community members to find their consumer opinion about products and services. If you participate in the survey, you contribute towards their marketing strategy. Your opinion directly affects their distribution of new products and services.

The survey first seek to determine whether you are part of the target group of consumers. The questions take between 15 to 20 minutes to complete as they collect the necessary information. After completing your profile on the Toluna website, you stand a chance of being selected to participate. The surveys are accessible on the Here, you can subscribe for personal emails too that will keep you updated.

Apart from surveys, polls are also found on the home page. They are used to collect quick votes. They often consist of only one question and subsequent reward points for participants.

Pros & Cons of Toluna


  • The job is easy as you only need to give our opinion in honesty. All that is required from you is a genuine response.
  • The topics used are also widely varying so you do not have to be repetitive.
  • Payment comes in the form of cash or gift cards. The payment method is via Paypal.


Generating income from Toluna surveys takes a long time. It is a very slow process, which consumes most of your time before you can attain reasonable earnings. This length of time translates into poor minimum wage for the participants hence a bad career choice. For starters, you need to acquire a minimum amount of points before you can make withdrawals of your first earnings. As a result, it can take several months before you can earn your income in real money.

You should also beware that corporation only pays specific target groups. You need to be in a group or you will not be getting any surveys.

There are cases where Toluna, as well as other survey companies have delayed or refused to pay. There is little you can do to complain because they have ultimate control over payment dates. Most people get frustrated when pursuing delayed payments and chose to give it up.

There are moments when you are not credited for participating in a survey and there is nothing you can do. They reserve the right to include you in their payment plan and are known to fail occasionally. There is an expiration date for points you accumulate yearly. This means that if you are not committed to full-term work, you run the risk of losing your points.

is toluna scam

Is Toluna a Scam?

There is always a raging debate on whether online surveys are scam. Majority of those who claim Toluna is scam are those who were disappointed with either the payment process or frustrated with the meagre pay. The opposition therefore, comes from individuals who are bitter about technical issues.

It is safe to admit that pays participants because there is evidence of consistent users. Technically, they are legitimate. However, Toluna and other survey companies are governed by shady policies. It is therefore, up to you to decide whether it is worthwhile to engage.

Other similar survey websites include;,,, and Among these, Toluna had the best payment process until they recently got complaints of delayed pay. They are known to raise your income but may take a long time before releasing the cash.

The most frustrating thing is the disabling accounts especially those approaching their pay limit. It is therefore, bias but cannot be completely branded as scam. This should be a warning to all potential users.  Although they are not completely fraudulent, they are mostly unfair in their treatment of customers. my opinion would be; it is a gamble and will probably waste your time. I cannot recommend it to anyone.

Other survey websites do not have similar problems. For example, Swagbucks and Fusion Cash have never recorded complaints about closure of accounts due for pay. Instead, they are popular for variety of options to earn money.

My reasons for not regarding online survey websites as useful for stay-at-home workers, is the unreliability issue. You cannot be sure about the pay or when you will be paid. Worse still, the pay is meagre and can barely support an average household. You cannot make a career out of online survey websites alone.

Final Word

Ultimately, none of the survey websites gives reasonable amounts of money to depend on. You will not be making a living from online business if you rely on them. To increase your chances of making a career from online platforms, first develop a strong network. If you are a stay-at-home parent for example, and need to support your family, you should focus on making a bigger online presence online. From this foundation, you can gain the confidence to building an online business that is sustainable.

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