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Is Transcribe Anywhere a Scam? – $45,000 Job Opportunity?!

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Is transcribe anywhere a scam or it’s a making money transcribing machine? If you want to make sure that this is a good opportunity or it’s just a scam in a new skin, this is the review you should read.

You do not need to worry about it, I’ve reviewed transcribe anywhere and I’m going to tell you all facts about this course. Of course the same as other programs and courses Transcribe Anywhere has its own pros and cons which I’ll tell you about it in details so stay with me! )


Product Name: Transcribe Anywhere

Official Website:

Owner: Janet Shaughnessy

Cost to Join: Free for Starter or $697 for Premium

Recommended? Worth to Try

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

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what is transcribe anywhere

What Is Transcribe Anywhere All About?

As its name brings, it’s all about transcription. You’ll learn everything about how to transcript a file and more importantly, it’ll teach you how to find jobs related to transcription.

After working as a professional transcriber for years, owner of “Zoom Transcription Services” (Janey Shaughnessy) decided to make this course to help people who want to join this career. To be honest, this is one of the most completed course that I’ve seen about transcription and Janey Shaughnessy did not miss anything so you’ll get a valuable detailed course.

There is not only one course, actually she came up with different levels of courses which can turn you from zero to pro in transcription. The estimated time for completing all courses is a little long (about half of a year) but each course can be finished in much less time if you take it separately and spend enough time on it.

how transcribe anywhere works

But What Does Transcription Mean?

In short, extracting text from a video of audio file and turn it into human readable text called transcription. So you may ask why people need to have transcribed files? Good question! Well, there are several reasons for that which I’ll mention to in the next paragraphs but for now, it’s good for you to know that a good potential of income is behind transcription job if you’re serious about it.

Any audio or video file can be transcript from academic research to market research, interviews, insurance, etc. So these files are suitable for people who watch or listen to it but what about who can’t? Here is where transcription comes to the game. It simply helps people to read and understand those files who can’t listen to them.

SEO purposes is another reason why people need transcription files. People who make videos want their videos to be found in search engines and people who search for a video just do it with words so if there is not a good description or details about a video, it won’t be found by search engines (read people). These are two main reasons why a person wants transcription of a file.

What Are Courses of Transcribe Anywhere?

Courses of Transcribe Anywhere listed into two main categories: General & Legal

Those are the main courses and fortunately there are mini courses provided by owner as well which does not cost you anything (They’re free) and let you know if transcription is something you should go for it or not.

I respect what Janey Shaughnessy done by providing these free mini courses because many people may join a course then find out that it’s not suitable for them so they lose money but it does not happen in Transcribe Anywhere because you found if it’s useful BEFORE paying for the course.

  • General Course

In this course, you’ll learn how to transcribe ANY type of file. As you know there are many different topics like research, games, economics, sport, medical, etc. Janey putted all these topics into General course and teach you how to do it for all files except of Legal files.

  • Legal Course

Anything related to transcription of Legal files is covered in this course. It has more details than General Course and has different sixteen models of training. So if you want to work in the field of legal transcription like legal conferences, court case or enforcement of law, this course is what you should take.

pros and cons

 Pros & Cons 

How Much Does it Cost to Take Transcribe Anywhere Course?

I want to tell you that there is not any valuable course all around the internet which you can take for free or cheap price and Transcribe Anywhere is not an exception as well especially when it’s come to learn a new way of making money. But fortunately, I do not mark Transcribe Anywhere as an expensive course. Although it’s not heap but the price is something that you can pay if you are serious about learning this skill.

As it’s mentioned above, the starter course is free but to take advanced course which is in Legal Transcription field, you have to pay $697. You can also take advantage of regular updates of course and online support if you take paid course.

Of course you have access to cheaper options as well which let you take advantage of course for as low as $197. There are 3 different levels which starts with Level 1 at $197 and it lets you access and complete models 1 to 4 for 1 month. After that if you want to continue, you can take Level 2 which is $497 and you’ll have access to the course for 2 months from Model 1 to Model 9. And the last one is Level 3 which is the most expensive one as well ($697) and you’ll have full access to the course and all 16 models for lifetime.

is transcribe anywhere scam

My Final Conclusion – Is Transcribe Anywhere a Scam?

Transcribe Anywhere is completely a legit and valuable course which opens new doors to you for making money with transcription. To get the highest potential income in this field, you need to go for legal transcription so you should prepare that $697 first. Also you will need to find good job opportunities to be able to make good money and thank to Janey Shaughnessy, this is covered in the course as well.

Unfortunately I have not found any valuable website in field of transcription service which I can recommend you. Most of them work as middle-man between you and clients so I think the rate you’ll get on these sites is not worth your effort and time you spend on them. That’s why I recommend you to join freelancing sites like Upwork and and work with clients directly which let you have your own rate.

Transcription is a good way to make money but it’s not my best choice. If you’re looking to make a serious online business, turn it into your full time job and be your own boss, read my best recommendation section below.

my recommendation

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