is Trump Bonus Checks a scam

Is Trump Bonus Checks a Scam or a President’s Gift?!

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At some point in time, a lot of people must have come across the headlines that stated “Trump Bonus Checks”. In simpler terms, it is basically a way of profiting from a sort of loophole in tax codes. Here is the question: Is Trump Bonus Checks a scam or it’s completely real and legit?

According to the stories on the Trump Bonus Checks that are making the rounds, individuals practically have the chance to grab their own share of the five trillion dollars that the United States President; Donald Trump is bringing back to the country.

However, the question on the minds of so many people is how true the loophole really is in the tax code that will enable President Donald Trump to distribute checks to the average Americans?

Nonetheless, all these stories on the checks are being spread by someone and he will do everything to ensure that all Americans are aware of the Trump Bonus Checks that will hand out thousands of dollars monthly

So many people are wondering if it is actually for real and if they can get a payout of roughly seven thousand dollars or more in a month just for signing up for the Trump Bonus Checks.

This article will be giving a detailed review of all you need to know about these checks.


Product Name: Trump Bonus Checks

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: MMO Platform with online checks

Cost to Join: $49 to $129

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 2 out of 10

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what is Trump Bonus Checks

What Is The Trump Bonus Check?

Trump Bonus Check is referred to as a very smart play on words to make people think that it is sort of linked to the bonuses most companies and organizations handed out to their staff.

These companies gave out roughly one thousand dollars to three thousand dollars bonuses in the year 2018 when the tax reform of Trump pulled through.

However, the issue here is that the Trump Bonus Checks are not a part of the government or linked to it in any way. It is just a moniker that was given by Mike Burnick. Wondering who Mike Burnick is? Well, he is a registered investment advisor that is actually behind the prominent infinite income newsletter.

On his website, Mike Burnick clearly stated that the mainstream media, as well as the Democrats, do not want individuals, especially Americans, to have any idea about the Trump Bonus Checks.

He went further to state that after he reviewed and studied all the materials he could lay his hands on for over fourteen years, he finally found a discreet loophole that will enable people to grab their own share of the five trillion dollars.

Nonetheless, if all you have read so far looks or sounds familiar to something you may have come across before, then it truly is. The whole Trump Bonus Check issue has the same concept as the Freedom Checks. At a point, Freedom checks were hugely promoted by Matt Badiali. The tag “Freedom Check” was just a fancy name for investing in MLPs; Master Limited Partnerships.

Basically, with this MLP, interested users will invest their money earlier in specific types of organizations or companies. These companies are mostly those in the energy and gas sector.

Furthermore, the investment gets to yield based on how the company performs. All in all, Trump Bonus Checks are based off the same concept.

However, instead of MLPs, Mike Burnick is trying to convince people to get on the train in a bid to get paid when the foreign accounts start bringing in money back to the United States of America, thereby releasing the Trump Bonus Checks to Americans.

However, when it comes down to reality, the Trump Bonus Checks will end up being dividends that are created from stock investments. As expected, Mike claims that he has all the answers on how to develop what he calls a disaster-proof portfolio.

This disaster-proof portfolio will get people checks in their mailbox every month. All individuals have to do is to pay ninety-nine dollars for one year as a subscription to Mike’s infinite income newsletter.

As stated earlier, it is exactly the same idea as Freedom checks.

What To Know About The Founder

Knowing everything about the owner of a program is the key to trust that program and I’ve tried to give enough information about the owner of all programs I’ve reviewed in the past like Betterment, Personal Capital or Freedom Financial Network.

As you must have figured, the founder of Trump Bonus Checks is none other than Mike Burnick. Also, he is the editor of:

  • Wealth Watch
  • Amplified Income
  • Spinoff Millionaires, and;
  • Infinite Income

For quite some time, Mike has been taking all of his trading plans to the masses for more than thirty years. Also, he has been working with Seven Figure Publishing since the year 2017.

As of 2018, the average return of infinite income actually beat the markets by roughly seventeen percent.

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How Exactly Do Trump Bonus Checks Work?

When you come across the issue of Trump Bonus Checks, always have it at the back of your mind that there is a sales page they own that is solely designed to take full advantage of those investors that are just starting in the investing sphere plus those that are gullible enough to fall for the scheme.

To take our minds back to the year 2018, most of us might have seen similar campaign concepts from under intriguing brand names in time past. Our example stems from the year 2018 when a campaign was executed for a scheme known as Liberty Checks.

That was not enough, another campaign was carried out for yet another scheme known as Freedom Checks. It is best to bear in mind that these campaigns, or at least, most of them have been specifically targeted towards avid supporters of President Donald Trump.

Basically, they are seeking out diverse means to get rich as quickly as possible. Moreover, the sales pages are filled up with stories of old people making lots of money via:

  • Patriot Checks
  • Liberty Checks
  • Freedom Checks
  • Trump Bonus Checks, and all other things the average American decides to call them.

Also, people may have come across testimonials from veterans claiming how real the checks are, well, they are all filled with fake stories. One sure example is the claims that they turned from being poor to millionaires through following all the investment advice they got from the scheme.

How Much Can You Make Out From The Trump Bonus Checks

All of the ideas surrounding Trump Bonus Checks are strictly based on the concepts of dividend stocks. Shockingly, some stocks pay dividends. Nonetheless, the more the number of dividend stocks people actually purchase, the more dividend payments they will be receiving at every quarter.

Moreover, those who invest can be paid every month if they can take total advantage of these dividend stocks. A good example is the prominent Target.

Interestingly, they have been mentioned in the Trump Bonus Checks’ sales page as an organization that pays large dividends. Every part of the share of TGT is priced at a range of seventy dollars.

For those who have no idea, this means that the people who invest in it will be receiving about $2.35 in dividends every single year because of the shares they hold at Target.

If we were to successfully carry out the math, it will go thus: if an individual intends to make a rough amount of five thousand dollars to about fifteen thousand dollars every month as the team will likely promise at Infinite Income, then, the individual will practically need to hold an amount running into tends of thousands of Target shares.

So, purchasing Target shares of roughly twenty thousand will end up generating an income of about four thousand dollars in monthly dividends. Like it or not, it is a proven way of making cool money.

But, interested individuals will have to buy Target shares of about twenty thousand and the price is roughly seventy dollars for each of the shares. This ends up being a total of #1.4 trillion worth of Target shares.

Moving further, the entire idea of Trump Bonus Checks’ depends on the concept of investing millions of dollars into America’s dividend stocks.

The people who have such millions of dollars to really invest in the dividend stocks can also gain dividend payments every month in thousands of dollars.

Finally, all of these are the discrete truths hanging behind Trump Bonus Checks. However, we are simply talking about buying dividend stocks and earning dividends at the end.

For the author, he believes that Donald Trump has sparked some type of programs that have to do with special dividends via his open encouragement of organizations repaying the Cavs.

But in reality, all of these organizations are just making use of the money to buy back shares. As for the sales page, it is filled up with Trump Bonus Checks’ and Infinite Income that talks about how the President is crucially fighting against some countries and successfully draining their bank accounts that have been filled with dollars from the United States.

Back to Mike’s website, it clearly states that as a result of the heist carried out by Trump on the five trillion dollars, the foreign accounts holding the wealth of America have been locked in faraway countries.

It also states that President Trump has promised to curb all these issues and bring the cash back into the country.

Some companies have US dollars of considerable amounts that are being held outside the country strictly for tax. Such companies include:

  • Microsoft
  • Google/Alphabet
  • Apple, and so many others.

Additionally, every one of these has been modified with a distinct goal of convincing people to sign up manipulatively for an email newsletter of a high price.

The truth remains that these organizations that have bought a part of the rumored five trillion dollars actually hoard them immediately after Trump’s tax cut. However, the figures have suddenly emerged to be lower than was anticipated.

Back in 2018, it was estimated that organizations brought back about three hundred and fifty billion dollars right after-tax was cut. But, these organizations never invested their money in the States.

Instead, they made use of the cash to buy some more shares and this is exactly similar to how the tax cut of Trump for most corporations has tried to play out.

Moreover, Trump Bonus Checks’ are dividends from the organizations returning cash from other far off countries. Some years back, these organizations bringing in money from other countries would launch special dividends and issue these buyback programs.

It actually took place under former President; George Bush. And now, Trump has prominently mentioned that he only wants organizations to utilize repatriated cash to build structures in the United States and to hire American workers.

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Trump Bonus Checks pros and cons

Pros And Cons Of Trump Bonus Checks

For those interested in the advantages, as well as disadvantages, of the Trump Bonus checks, here it is.

For its pros:

  • The checks can neither be tampered with or even dear by any government bureaucrat
  • No matter how volatile the market gets, Trump Bonus Checks will keep on having a steady flow

As for its cons, whatever you earn solely depends on how skillfully you can avoid companies that hit terrible spots, declined shares, and even cut the dividends.

Nonetheless, people believe that the Bonus checks promises the most ridiculous things because they just need people to sign up to the newsletter.

is Trump Bonus Checks scam

Final Word – Is Trump Bonus Checks a Scam?

The wild idea that President Donald Trump will just transfer checks because a person signed up for some newsletter makes it all a scam.

Through the payment for a subscription of Infinite Income, subscribers get a book that is filled with the ideas behind the Trump Bonus Checks and how to get the money.

While money can be made from investing, it demands time, investing knowledge, and not to forget the money. It has nothing to with your name and address alone to make money.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, everyone should be highly skeptical whenever any email newsletter begins to claim that they can make about ten thousand dollars monthly by taking advantage of an easy loophole.

By the way, Infinite Income believes that the latest tax laws enable people to claim Trump Bonus Checks and make four thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars monthly.

Basically, infinite income just wants people to think that President Trump has made a simple way for them to get rich swiftly. Nonetheless, these Trump Bonus Checks do not exist in reality as they are being advertised.

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