is ttec a scam

Is TTEC a Scam or a Reliable Outsourcing Company?

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Hello everybody and welcome to my review of TTEC. In this post, I’m going to talk about a program called TTEC and answer a question that is probably common between a lot of other people: Is TTEC a scam website or it’s legit and provides a real making money opportunity?

Luckily, the Internet is making work possible for many people who due to certain circumstances are left out from the job market, such as women taking care of their baby kids, elderly, people living in remote areas or countries with high unemployment rates and much more. That is why remote jobs are getting more and more popular giving people an opportunity to work from home at any time of the day or night which is convenient for them.

TTEC is one of the companies that offer such opportunity. TTEC has more than 50,000 employees all over the world working with customers from different countries, speaking different languages. If you are interested in working for a call center providing customer support in your language, then maybe this job opportunity will interest you.

Although the pay is quite low compared to other remote-jobs, TTEC provides its employees with health insurance and other job perks. In this review I am going to outline both positive and negative sides of this company, so continue reading and you will find out what to expect from TTEC and if it can really be a good choice.


Product Name: TTEC

Official Website:

Owner: Kenneth D

Type: Digital Design Company

Cost to Join: Depends on the project

Recommended? 60%

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10

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what is ttec

What is TTEC Exactly?

TTEC is a huge company – more than 50,000 people work for it. Moreover, TTEC has offices all around the world (most of them are in the US and the UK, though). But beside that, they offer many remote jobs for those who are more comfortable to work from home. Currently, they have several hundred job listings – just choose the one that matches your skills and suits you the best.

As far as TTEC is a multinational company having offices in 17 countries, they support many languages like French, German or even Dutch and gives jobs opportunities to people from different countries. Even if you are not a native speaker or don`t live in the country where there is TTEC office, you can still try your chance and apply for a remote job at this company.

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how does ttec work

How to Join TTEC? (Required Skills)

Obviously, in order to get employed by TTEC for one of the remote jobs the company is offering, you will have to meet a number of requirements. There 3 main requirements to get a job at TTEC.

  1. Computer requirement: You have to show a certain level of computer literacy which in today`s modern world won`t be a problem for anyone. Moreover, your computer must also meet some technical requirements, because in case you get employed, you will have to install TTEC`s software called WorkBooth. Finally, you will also need to have a stable Internet connection.
  2. Language requirement: Most jobs are available only in English, so you`ll have to show a good knowledge of English. However, there are also job listings for other languages too, so you might want to check them out as well – who knows, maybe there is a job offer in your native language.
  3. Work experience: Some of the listings also require a 6-month experience at a call center.

What is the Real Earning Potential of TTEC?

Although you can work from home and choose what time to work yourself, you will still have certain obligations if TTEC employs you. For example, you have to work at least 20 hours during the week, but it`s up to you to decide whether you can work more than that. Also, you may be required to work on weekends or official holidays.

The payment is different for different positions, but normally, it`s not higher than $10 per hour. It is not a high payment at all, but on the other hand, the company provides health insurance which covers even dental services which is quite rare for a remote job.

There are 2 ways to get paid – either via your bank account or via the company`s bank card which will be issued for you personally. The payments take place every 2 weeks.

What People Think About TTEC?

The same as my previous reviews like Commission Hero, ClickBank University or Weekly Money Call, I always give opinion about the product that I’m reviewing.

Before writing this review, I read various forums looking for what people think of working at TTEC, whether they like it or not and if they faced any issues. And it turned out that actually most feedbacks were very positive, and most people were satisfied with working remotely at TTEC.

The only thing some people pointed out was that the pay is not as high as they would like it to be. But you know the conditions before you apply, so if you think the pay is too low, then maybe you should continue looking for a more suitable job position.

ttec pros and cons

TTEC – Pros & Cons


  • The requirements for getting hired are quite simple what opens this opportunity to much more people. For example, the computer requirements are so low that almost anyone with a computer can apply for the job.
  • Most online businesses are based in English- speaking countries, so the bigger part of the world is left out. However, TTEC hires people with other languages as well which definitely makes it stand out.
  • TTEC provides health insurance even to remote employees which is a rare thing and is a big bonus for this company.
  • You will get paid even during the training.
  • Mostly positive feedback from people who already work for TTEC is also quite convincing.


  • The main drawback of working for TTEC which was also pointed out in some forums, is low pay. The standard rate is about $10 per hour. On the other hand, the job itself doesn`t require any specific skills or qualifications, so maybe it`s just fair for this kind of job?
  • As I`ve mentioned before, in order to be able to do the work, you will have to install specific software which is available only for Windows.

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How Is the Training Inside the Program?

TTEC invests in people they are hiring which is a very valuable thing. Most companies nowadays expect excellent work from their employees, but don`t go the extra mile for them and don`t provide additional bonuses. However, TTEC is not like that at all. If they hire you, they will pay for your training as well.

TTEC has prepared training courses for all kinds of jobs they offer, some of them are short and take several days while other jobs may demand longer training, up to several weeks. During your training period you will receive some materials, but don`t worry, if something is not clear to you, you can always contact your supervisors online for help.

How to Apply?

As I`ve said before, TTEC offers different remote jobs, so obviously, the requirements, as well as the application process, may differ for different positions. However, on average the application process may take up to an hour.

Moreover, during the application process, you will need to provide information which will be later used for issuing your health insurance, scheduling your working hours and much other important stuff, so it might be a good idea to apply when there is nothing to distract you and you can focus on filling out the application forms.

If you decide to apply for a job that requires certain skills, you may need to complete a test to prove that you have them. In this case, the application process may take longer than an hour.

It`s for your own good to take the application process seriously, because if you fail at the tests, you won`t be able to apply again for 6 months.

Working Hours

During the application process you will be asked when you are most comfortable to work. However, it doesn`t give you the total freedom to choose when and how long to work. When you start working for TTEC, you must commit to certain conditions. For example, you will have to work at least 20 hours a week and every shift you take shouldn`t be less than 4-5 hours.

Furthermore, different projects at TTEC have different working hours, and sometimes you may have to start working early in the morning or late at night. Also, as you might know, call center are the busiest at the weekend or during holidays, so be prepared to work on these days too.

Anyway, you will find out what hours you will have to work only once you get hired. The only thing you can do is to let TTEC know when you are more available during the application process.

How to Get Hired by TTEC?

As soon as you finish the application process, complete the required tests and get officially hired, TTEC`s team will let you know what project you are assigned for and discuss your work schedule with you.

All about the payment process

As far as TTEC work with different clients on different projects, there is no fixed wage for remote jobs. However, I managed to find out that the average pay varies from $9 to $12 per hour. You will know how much you`ll be paid only once you are assigned to a project.

Negative Reviews & Complaints

I can`t deny that working at TTEC can have some issues. At least, that`s what multiple negative reviews I have found online indicate. Among the problems people working at TTEC face include low wages compared to the amount of work employees have to complete as well as low quality training.

However, these reviews shouldn`t influence your decision of whether to join TTEC or not. First of all, because most of these reviews were written years ago, and as far as I know there are no recent complaints at all. Secondly, some of these complaints were reported by people who work as TTEC office employees. But in these reviews we are discussing remote jobs TTEC is offering, and things can be totally different for remote jobs.

Finally, there are things that you should be prepared for when you apply for a work-from-home job. For example, most remote jobs don`t provide the same high salary as normal jobs at the office. It relates not only to TTEC jobs, but all kinds of remote jobs.

Moreover, work is not divided equally between shifts and days. Sometimes there may be more work to do while some other times there will be no available shifts at all, and you will be left without work and without pay.

These are the realities of working from home which you definitely need to consider if you want to take a remote job for a company. The good news is that remote jobs are not the best way to make money online, and there are much more efficient ways to do that which I will share with you as well.

Final Word – Is TTEC a Scam or Not? 

TTEC is a huge international company with offices and employees working from their home all over the world. TTEC officially hires people even for remote jobs which guarantees you a stable income and stable work opportunities. Without a doubt, it`s a legit company, and I see no reason to not trust it.

If you decide to apply for a work-from-home job at TTEC, not only will you get a stable source of income, but also you will be given an opportunity to choose what hours you are more comfortable to work.

Of course, in exchange for a stable income, you will have to deliver on your commitments as well, for instance, you will have to work for at least 20 hours per week and 4 hours per shift. You will probably even have to work on some holidays and weekends. But for all that work, you will get some great perks like health insurance which not many people who work from home can have.


I would say that TTEC is one of those rare companies which give you some freedom in working hours choice, but on the other hand, have the advantages of a normal job (like insurance). If you are tired of working at the office and want to bring more freedom to your life, but are not yet ready to become self-employed and work for yourself, then probably TTEC can be a good solution for you.

The application process may seems a bit too complicated for you (especially if the job you have in mind requires passing some tests), but I think, compared to other similar positions, TTEC offers probably the best work conditions.

If something still remains unclear to you, don`t hesitate to drop me a line in the comments box!

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Thanks for reading my review of TTEC and feel free to ask your questions in the comments below.


  1. This “review” is so obviously a paid propaganda piece and is filled with outright lies. Having also been a victim of their shady ways, I beg you all not to believe paid writers who do this for a living, but to avoid TTEC at all costs. You should clearly avoid this hack as well.

  2. I went through the application but they wanted my social security number, ID, address etc all through their messenger app. Needless to say I didn’t give that info out.

  3. TTEC is a total scam. They advertise for work at home never on the phone jobs, that you would be doing email. Their software is glitchy. You go through the hassle and tests. They change their debatable recruitment. They don’t let you know the recruiter is not available, you have to ask if you can get anybody on the phone or chat.

    You finally go to the purported interview, with a grouchy interviewer, who didn’t sound like she wanted to be there, she was bored and rude. She tells us that there is NO email jobs, and they may only have those jobs in October. She then runs through what they have to offer which is phone work. When I say run through I mean she spoke at a speed that you couldn’t understand her. When you asked her to repeat or for clarity she raised her voice and was rude.

    I said I would think it over, because we were told if we wanted email jobs we could wait until October. I am then sent emails to do tests for the csr phone job. I do them, then she tells I didn’t do them, I had emails saying I completed them. I thought it over and emailed her, letting her know I am not interested int eh phone job which because on further review it was not just a inbound csr job it was also a sales job, I am not good at sales.

    I get an email under a hour later telling me they reviewed my application for the email job and didn’t think I was the right fit. They had told us there was no email jobs until October.

    I have been receiving emails since then answering questions I had asked and never got an answer to, asking me to do tests and answering questions I never asked.

    Not only are they misleading in their advertisement to lure people to their fake recruitment, they are disorganized and not professional .

    Beware of this company and other companies who have similar methods to lure you in.

  4. I also was almost scammed but I was very leery from the start. They also tried to get me for 200.00 but I told them I did not have it. Then they said they would send me a check by FedEx for 500.00 to cover the 200.00 and the other 300.00 was a sign on bonus. Imagine my surprise when a check for 20,000.00 was delivered. I was supposed to deposit thru an ATM into my personal account. Went to my bank before I did anything and they verified the check was bogus. Also made a police report so if they steal my identity I have a record. These people are good. I had also received an email that was supposed to be from Human Resources. Glad I trusted my gut. Good to know that the company is reputable but sad that someone is giving them a bad rep. The person who referred me is named Heidi Rittenhouse. Beware on Facebook.

  5. I’m assuming someone tried to scam me as well? My assumption has always been you don’t pay to get a job- they were wanting credit card info to pay for 1/2 of the equipment I would need…has anyone else heard of that?

  6. Thanks for the review but I do believe I was scammed by another company/person impersonating ttec. I sent 200 dollars and my facebook login info. They said they needed all that to set up my apple laptop for the data entry job. I also had to download the zelle app to send the money and then the ttec app to apply for the job. and now noone will answer any questions i have txtd to them via the ttec app. and i have not received any supplies to work from home. and they sent me a check via email that was supposed to pay for the required software that was needed on my laptop they were sending me. my bank contacted me and told me the check was a fake. so now i have no access to my facebook account and im out 200 bucks and no job.

  7. OK, so what exactly would I be doing? Do companies contract out their customer service to TTEC or would I be doing CS for their products? If the company has 50,000 and is worth $1.6 billion US with few fixed assets, they are paying CS workers as slaves at $10/hr.

  8. Thanks for this review as I have been looking at working with them however my main issue has been the tech required. I have a PC that meets all the needs but they require me to have some kind of open access that would mean turning off some of the protections that I have. Whilst I understand the need to help with any tech issues would it then leave my PC vulnerable which is the point I stopped looking at them.

  9. I’m guessing you did not read the comments from employees on Quite a few rate HR and Tech as horrible with lots of issues from spending hours on the phone with tech due to tech’s issues to not getting paid – the two departments at TTech that need to be the most reliable.

    1. Thank you JS for your comment. I just shared my personal opinion about TTEC and like any other companies in the world like Apple or Microsoft, this company can have its own pros and cons.


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