is tube crusher a scam

Is Tube Crusher a Scam or You’ll Make $3,000 Right Away?!

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There are tons of ways to make a huge amount of money from YouTube. One of these ways is becoming a celebrity or star which let you get thousands of views on your videos and you know better than me that Views means Money here! Now in 2019 a program called Tube Crusher claims that it can turn you into a YouTube Superstar with a little effort and in a very short amount of time but is Tube Crusher a scam or this is really a serious claim and they’re not joking?!

If you think that watching the sales video of Tube Crusher gives you all you need to know about this program, you’re totally wrong! You just get some basic information about the system and how it works and 90% of times the video ends when you still have many unanswered questions in your mind.

In my review of Tube Crusher here, I’m trying to tell you about the facts and truths that is not being said in the video as well as cover the topics and information that plays an important role when you want to make the final decision.

There’s one more thing I want to mention to here before starting my review. This program is working under a new name now and it’s called YT Crusher now. I don’t know why the owner of this program decided to change the name of the product but if we believe that they didn’t want to hide something from you and if we believe that there was not anything wrong with their system then we should consider this just as a rebranding decision to get more attention of new customers because, in reality, nothing has been changed when it’s compared to the first version which was called Tube Crusher.

When you finish my review, you’ll have a clear overview of the Tube Crusher and know what’s going on inside it. I’ll let you know about all the positive and negative points of this program and will tell you about some scam signs I’ve seen inside the program so you’ll be able to make a decision based on facts and logic rather than emotion.

Let’s start without wasting time!


Product Name: Tube Crusher

Official Website: Registered under different domains

Owner: Ciaran (A nickname)

Type: Make Money From YouTube

Cost to join: $37 ($27 Discounted Price) + Many Annoying Upsells

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is tube crusher


“There’s a potential of making a couple of thousands of dollars by spending just 15 minutes each day and work with our system”. This is what probably got your attention about Tube Crusher and now you are very curious to know if it’s just a trick for selling a crappy program or they’re really totally honest with you about this claim. More importantly, this is the question everybody wants to know the answer: Is Tube Crusher a Scam or you’ve finally found the right program for making good money online?!

Although I highly recommend you to read this review completely (because I’ll uncover some secrets about Tube Crusher that you’ll never find anywhere else) but if you have no time or you just want a one-word direct answer then I should say, Yes, it’s completely a scam program and you’re going to donate $37 (product’s price) to the owner (let’s say scammer) of this program.

Anyway, here’s my unbiased review of Tube Crusher and I’ve tried to cover all aspects of this MMO poortunity in my article. As I’ve told above, you should stay away from this product because it’s not going to give you anything valuable. There’re several signs that are common among all worthless money making programs and I’ve seen all of these signs in Tube Crusher.

Of course, there’re still real and trusted platforms (like my Top-Rated Program that I’ve mentioned to in my full review) that help you have a full-time online income with a step by step training program but this kind of guide is not something you can find in get-quick-scheme programs like Tube Crusher).

What Is Tube Crusher All About?

Tube Crusher is simply a system based on YouTube which means it provides an opportunity for you to make money by creating videos and publishing them on the YouTube and the big claim of Tube Crusher’s owner is that a commission of $3,000 is waiting for you if you set up the system properly.

As you can see in the sales video of Tube Crusher, it’s a YouTube based program which lets you make lots of money from this world wide American video-sharing website. Then the unrealistic claim comes up in the middle of the video which owner of the Tube Crusher says that making $3,000 daily is the minimum income potential you can expect from this platform!

This is not what we can believe easily, also, we have no information about the person who makes this claim, absolutely zero information! This guy only show himself in the sales video and we don’t see him anywhere else.

The only thing we know about owner of Tube Crusher is name of the owner but the problem is that he introduced himsels as a professional YouTuber but with a quick search on YouTube, we’ll find that the given name as the owner of Tube Crusher (Ciaran) is almost NOBODY in YouTube.

Let me make you sure that making money through building a trusted and reliable YouTube channel and promoting relevant products on it is one of the best ways to build a thriving online business but with what Tube Crusher gives provides, you just will be able to create a simple YT channel and you even are not able to enter into monetization phase because you’ll have only a few basic information about the affiliate marketing and YouTube business which will leade you to nowhere!

That’s it! There’s not any other information about the system. Well, I personally confirm that YouTube has HUGE potential for making a big amount of money online and you’ve probably seen hundreds of YouTubers who have thousands of subscribers and making more than what you can imagine but do you think they’ve reached that high level of income in only one or two weeks? I don’t think so.

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how tube crusher works

How Tube Crusher Works Exactly?

As I’ve mentioned above, views are equal to money on YouTube so more views mean more money but let’s take a deep look inside Tube Crusher.

In the online world, persons who create videos on a regular basis and make a living from YouTube or other video streaming sites called Vblogger. Tube Crusher says that it’ll teach you how to become a Vblogger and make a living from this, so from this, we understand that it should be a training program for learning about YT business but unfortunately, the materials and tools provided in the program is far from our expectations.

Some of the text files they’ll give you as PDF guides are just PLR articles (Private Label Rights) and this shows that they even didn’t invest time to make the training materials by themselves. Also, even those PDF guides have nothing new for you. They’re just some old articles that covered only a few general topics.

Another interesting thing I’ve seen in the program is that they mostly use files and videos of other people without their permission! With a simple Google search, you’ll easily find out that more than 80% of uploaded training videos in Tube Crusher are videos that are available for FREE in the YouTube AND they belong to other people, not Tube Crusher!

Be Careful About Scam Signs!

There are some signs that put serious doubt in front of Tube Crusher’s reliability.

  • Who Is The Real Owner of This Program?

If you see someone is hiding his/her identity, there’s a high chance that the product who he/s is the owner of IS NOT trustable. You may ask why they’re doing this? The answer is simple; because they can easily put away the responsibility by making a fake identity for themselves.

Although there’s a name called “Ciaran” for the owner of Tube Crusher but it’s not hard to guess that it’s a fake name and I’m sure that the person who is behind the program has used it several times for other purposes before.

  • Unreal Income Claims

Making over $3,000 in the next 24 hours with a program that cost you only $37 is not anything more than a joke! It’s sad to see that many people like to believe these kinds of claims and that’s why low-quality programs like Affiliate Bots or Survey Compare still exists with those big claims!

Let me show you a simple trick which you can use to find out if a program is trustable or not. Just take a short look at payment proof provided by the program and see if it’s real or not. Most of the earnings disclaimer on these websites are fake and it’s something you can recognize easily.

  • Who Are The Persons That Got Success With Tube Crusher?

In simple words, they’re just paid actors who you can easily find them in the freelance website like Fiverr and worse, you can hire them for as low as $5! Yes, these freelance actors/actresses charge you some money then they’ll simply record a selfie video and say whatever you request them on the video.

To be honest, I don’t blame these freelance actors because they’re doing their job but when a company/website or platform decides to use this kind of service to increase its reputation the wrong way… it should be avoided!

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tube crusher pros and cons

Tube Crusher – Likes & Dislikes

Here’s a list of all useful and useless things I’ve found in Tube Crusher when I was reviewing it. Let’s start with the positive things.

What I Liked,

  • There’re some (not much) training materials that you might find it helpful.
  • Money-Back Guarantee. It’s a ClickBank product and because of that, there’s a refund option available for customers who are not satisfied with the result.

What I Didn’t Like,

  • Using Fake Actors to Make Unreal Testimonials
  • No enough information about the owner and the system Tube Crusher is based on
  • Making an imagination that making $$$ online is as easy as buying a $37 system
  • No income proof

is tube crusher scam

Final Word – Is Tube Crusher a Scam?

Although I didn’t buy this product but I’ve talked to many people who purchased and tested it. Also, this is not the first MMO YouTube product that I’ve reviewed and my long experience in reviewing online products says that you should avoid such that money making systems.

From the first money making program that I’ve reviewed, I always warned people in my review articles that having a good income from the Internet is possible but it IS NOT easy. It’s almost 5 years now that I publish review articles on my website and even after this long time I can’t say 100% that which product is legit and which one is scam.

The only thing that I’m 100% sure about is that you never make $3,000 with Tube Crusher and even making a few tens of dollars seems impossible through this platform so I don’t recommend Tube Crusher to you as well as to anyone else who is looking for easy money making ways.

Final Verdict

I don’t see any value behind Tube Crusher, especially when the owner prefers to hide his real name and identity from you. Imagine you are going to trade with an unknown person who you don’t know anything about and you’re paying money to someone who you don’t know even his/her real name. I’m sorry but it’s just ridiculous in my opinion!

All those attractive claims about making thousands of dollars will disappear instantly right after you click on the “Buy” button and just a couple of minutes after the buying decision, you’ll know this fact that this system is not what you wanted at all. Also, you’ll have to face with tons of upsells that are everywhere and force you to buy additional items.

Let Me Help You Find The Right Way of Money Making Online

Although Tube Crusher was not honest with you but the truth is that making $2k, $3k or more online is not just a dream these days. The key is finding the right way!

The first step is finding a legit and reliable platform which you can totally trust. I have a full-time income business and the platform I’m going to introduce you below is my best choice to start your online business with.

I didn’t find my Top-Rated program easily and I’ve lost a bunch of money and spent a lot of time to find the right way of making money online but I’m going to share it with you for free here and I have only one reason for doing this: I don’t want to see other people experience the same bad things that have happened for me in the past.

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Thanks for reading my review and feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below.

my recommendation

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  1. This blog is just awesome.
    First of a big thanks for opening my eyes.
    So coming to topic yes it take lot of hard work and efforts to achieve a reputation on YouTube.
    No wonder how this kind of platforms comes in picture and we are tempted for money, subscribers, fame,etc.
    This is an eye opening blog for everyone.

  2. Thank you Ali for this review
    You had me all the way down to this page
    Every questions I had been answered in this post. Unfortunately SCAM will always be there but thanks to people like you, you’re helping others to avoid the first step into this. Make money online is a long term business and no a “get rich quick” like you said, $37 for $3000 it’s just impossible.
    Thank you again, I’m adding your website into my favorite to keep myself update with any new SCAM review.

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