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Is Two Dollar Click a Scam? – $1000 Per Week or…

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Is Two Dollar Click a Scam?

In this post, I’m going to answer this question: is two dollar click a scam? But let me give you an overview of this website first then answering that question in details. TDC or Two Dollar Click is another PTC (Paid to Click) website that has been up there for some years now. Like other PTC sites, it offers rewards for your clicks.

Let me tell you at the beginning that for a high chance, it’s scam because Jordan Welsh (who founded this website several years ago) has been participated in several scam sites in the past like Bux Inc, Ten Dollar Clicks, etc. and that’s not a good sign to see such that person as owner of a website.

Also Michael Pratt is a person who running script codes for scam websites and it’s not strange to see his name as another person who wrote codes for Two Dollar Click.

Although we do not need to do deep research to find out the truth about sites like Two Dollar Click since there are some big red flags even before signing up but as a reviewer it’s my task to take a closer look at these sites to be able to write detailed review. So here is my review of Two Dollar Click.


Product Name: Two Dollar Click

Official Website:

Owner: Jordan Welsh

Price: Free

Overall Rating: 1 out of 10

Recommended? No

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what is two dollar click

What is Two Dollar Click about?

It’s simply an advertising company. An eye catching ads will come up instantly after you enter the site which says you can make up to $2 for every single advertise that you’re watching.

Well I have not seen any PTC site that pays more than a couple of cents for your clicks so it really get attention of newcomers to PTC business to see a company that is willing to pay $2 for a single click.

Sadly, I’ve seen many complaints about Two Dollar Click all around the web which does not let me believe that they have more than two million members and paid out thirteen million dollars to them. (This is what mentioned clearly in their website and I guess it’s used to show them as a legit company)

Is It a Good Opportunity For You?

It’s perfect to try it just for fun! Let me tell you a secret; never believe a PTC company which pays more than some cents for your clicks. This is one of the main sign that separate a legit and scam site.

Also, if for any reason, you decide to join a site like Two Dollar Click, never go for premium membership otherwise, you lose money for sure.

Another available option is promoting your own website or affiliate link through their website but who likes advertise their website on a scam company? I’m sure 90% of their traffic is worthless so why you should pay them to advertise your website for a low quality type of traffic?

They are scamming people by encouraging them to sign up on their website, click on ads and receive 2 dollars per click (which they never pay) so why you should place your site as an ads on their website?

How TDC Gets New Members?

I always was wondering how Two Dollar Click and other similar sites still working while they are scams and a person with basic knowledge about internet marketing can understand this easily. And I’ve found the answer; they are focusing on only newbies in internet marketing world to attract them to join their program with eye catching ads (like paying $2 for each click) because they know that many people are looking to find a way to make money online and beginners who have zero or a little knowledge in Internet Marketing can be the best bait for them!

In addition, I could not find anything that can proof they are a legal company. Just some payment proofs from members who claim that they have paid by TDC and you know better than me, it’s easy to make such those fake payment proofs with software like Photoshop these days.

Well, the fact is that they are continuing this work for a long time now and it has only one meaning for me; it works for them! They only change the date and payment amount to make new payment proofs and publish it on the website and sadly, newcomers trust and believe those proofs.

How Does Two Dollar Click Work?

The signing up process is pretty straight forward. Filling and online form with your name, country and email address and that’s it, you are a member now! There is not any Privacy Policy page in their website which means they can do whatever they like with your personal information. (Although I’ve signed up with not my main email address but I have not experienced anything bad about abuse of personal information).

After signing up, you can start earning instantly by clicking and watching ads. As you can see, the process of making money is exactly the same as other PTC sites around the web. The only difference is that they pay more for your click and watching an ad. For example, I’ve paid $2 for watching a 30 seconds ad but I know that it’s not real. The ads you are able to click and earn are limited to a specific number and if you want to be able to click on more ads (And earn more) you have to go for premium membership.

The minimum threshold is $1000 in Two Dollar Click which is much more than other similar PTC sites. (it’s normally a couple of dollars in other sites). You can request money after reaching minimum threshold but it takes 60 days to receive it! (Of course IF you receive the money). There are two options (PayPal & Payza) to request money and any other option like wire transfer or cheque is not available.

As I’ve mentioned, all these info is useful if you consider TDC as a legal company (which is not) that pay to its members but it’s not going to work with TDC and they never pay you. PTC sites never pay more than $1 for clicks and watching ads so if you see any sites that offer more than $1 for a single click, you can easily consider it as a spam and stay away from it.

How They Make Money?

The make money by accepting ads on the website. You can also rent a banner ads if you are a premium members. For clicking or showing your ads on their website for 1000 times, you only need to pay $5 which means, it costs you 1.2 cent per click. (It’s really cheap). But the question is that how they pay members $2 for a click while they make only 1 cent from advertisers?

This clearly shows that they will not have enough money in their pocket at the end to pay to members.

What Is Included in Premium Memberships?

For $19.95/month you can go for Golden premium membership and for $39.95, the ultimate premium membership will be activated for you.

But the interesting thing is that nobody knows what is the difference between those levels of memberships and more importantly, what is included in each one. Although a link to “More Information” is available over there but you will not get any additional info about premium memberships.

Is There Any Other Option to Earn From TDC?

Yes, buying referrals is another option that TDC offers. It means, you can buy a referral for one dollar and you will earn commission from your referrals. Buying referrals is not a good idea at all because, 90% of them give up and leave the program after a short time when they found it worthless so you’ll ended up with a bunch number of inactive referrals which does not make you a cent.

Also your earning depends on your membership. For example you’ll receive up to 10% of your referral’s revenue if you are a basic member and you are able to receive up to 200% of your referrals if you’re premium! (I do not know how they want to pay you double price of the money that your referrals made!)

Yes, it’s the best way to get attention of newbies and attract them to upgrade to premium membership what brings more money into their pocket. If you think, you’ll be paid some amount of this money that they made from new members, I’m sorry but you’re wrong, you’ve never get paid anything.

How Is the Support?

Support is one of the main section I’m looking to it when I review a website and I need to say that -support of TDC is totally bad! There is not chat support either FAQ section. Most of questions in comment section has not been answered and this is a big negative point for a PTC website.

I’ve seen and reviewed many legit PTC sites which has online support, forums, contact form, etc. which shows they are legal but you’ll never find any of those support options in TDC and you know why? They do not pay members, they are scam and they work badly and all of these things make members sad and angry with many negative reviews so they do not like to show these negative feedback on their website because they want to claim that they are the best and legit but they do not!

What is opinion of their members about the program?

I know you will not get surprised if I tell you there are unlimited number of complaints from current and previous members of TDC who have worked for a long time in the program in hope to reach that $1000 minimum payout amount and when they did and requested money finally, nothing happened!

No answer from contact, not payment, no anything else. Well fortunately, you will not get in that situation after reading this review. )

two dollar click scam


Two Dollar Click (TDC) is a totally scam website. It does not worth your time and money at all and it’s ridiculous if you think it’s possible to make $2 per click in that website. So do not waste your valuable time over there while there are much better ways to make money online.

Two Dollar Click is a scam in my eyes and it does not even worth to do it just for fun. You’ll get nothing for all your effort and time that you put behind this program so save your money for something valuable and stay far away from those websites.

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