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Is Uber Eats Scam or an App that Eats Your Time?!

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I don’t think if there’s still anybody who didn’t hear about Uber. This transportation network company has been rapidly grown during the last years and it became a leader in the online transportation industry. I’ve reviewed this new service and answer this important question: Is Uber Eats scam or you make real money from a reliable online food delivery service?

Now it introduced its new service called UberEats which let you make money through delivering foods but is UberEats scam or you have really a good chance to make good money?

In the twenty-first century, everything became easier with online services and all offline companies tried enter to the online world. Uber is not an exception and if you like to earn money through transportation, it’s probably one of the best options out there. Although Uber is not alone in this way and it has serious competitors like Hailo or Swifto but with all additional services this app provides (UberEats is the newest one) we can stand it out from the crowd.

Let’s see what’s Uber Eats and how much money you can make with that and if it worths trying or…?


Product Name: Uber Eats

Official Website:

Owner: Garrett Camp

Type: Food Delivery Service

Cost to Join: Free

Recommended? Yes but just as a side income

Overall Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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what is uber eats


Today there are apps for almost everything from gardening to taking care of animals. It changes the food delivery industry too and many people (especially the young generation) prefer to use online services to order foods, that’s why food delivery apps become more and more popular every day.

Uber is the newest company entered this field and tried to get a big part of the food delivery market with its newest service “Uber Eats”.

People who worked as Uber’s driver before knows very well that it’s an easy job for having a side income but what about delivery foods? Can you make the same amount of money (or even more) with Uber Eats that you could make with Uber? Is it worth to invest time on it and give it a try?

In my full review of Uber Eats below I’ll share all my personal experience for using Uber and Uber Easts and in my conclusion section, I’ll tell you if you should give it a shot or not. Stay with me! )

What is Uber Eats All About?

I’ve used Uber many times before (both as driver and passenger) but to review Uber Eats, I’ve tried to install it again and see what it gives you.

In my new experience, I’ve found that there’s a new service called Uber Eats which you can deliver foods instead of people so it was attractive to me. When I’ve installed Uber Eats it required me to fill out a form with some basic information then I was able to see all available food delivery opportunities.

The main page and options are not much different from Uber main app and it’s easy-understanding. The second part was registered on Uber Easts and create a new account.

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how uber eats works

How To Become a Member of Uber Eats?

Before going through the sign-up process I want to tell you something about incentives that are available on Uber. Many people like to take advantage of this promotions and incentives but keep in mind that they’re available only in some cities of the United States to make sure it works in your city if your aim is getting benefits from those features.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that Surge ofUber is only available if you have a hybrid profile otherwise you can’t use it. Although I’ve never used Surge as a Uber’s driver, I know other drivers who used it several times and considered it as a valuable option.

What I’ve experienced is that the sign-up process was straightforward and everybody can do it without any difficulties. When you have done with installing and registration of Uber Eats, you should be as close as possible to delivery restaurants to have a better chance of getting delivery food request.

What You Can Expect From Uber Eats

What I write here is completely my own experience of testing and using Uber Eats. Although the result may be different according to the situation and city you test it but it’s not far from what I’ve experienced. In my first experience of Uber Eats, I’ve got a delivery request just in a couple of minutes but the problem was that I was not close to the requested restaurant.

Anyway, I went to that restaurant to get the request which was not too far and I’ve checked out pickup instruction of the restaurant before getting there. I recommend you to visit the instruction of the restaurant always which will give you much useful information.

Then I needed to confirm delivery request through Uber Eats app to be able to get paid after delivering it. Fortunately, the place where I should take food was close and I could get there after minutes.

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Thanks for text messaging feature of Uber Eats, I could contact the person who ordered food and requested him to come outside of building to get the order. I advise you use this feature a few minutes before getting in delivery place; this saves you time and lets you deliver orders faster.

Keep in mind that you first and the last goal is getting the satisfaction of customers because their rate will determine how many more orders you can receive in the future so it affects your income directly. Fortunately, I’ve had a nice customer who accepted my request kindly and walked to my car to get the food. I get out of the car and gave an order to the customer.

I’ve used Uber Eats as a customer and ordered foods several times; although I’ve received my orders fasts but all the times’ drivers passed orders to me from passenger window which was not very suitable for me so I’ve decided to never do it when I use it as a deliverer. In addition, to get 100% satisfaction of the customer, it lets me walk even for some short steps after sitting in the car for a long time.

The earning of Uber Eats is not high at the beginning, for example, I’ve made only $6.02 in my first delivery experience but there are bonuses and incentives which can increase your earning potential up to $50 for a single delivery; just keep in mind that you need to handle over 20 orders to be able to take advantage of those bonuses.

Then I sit in the customer’s position and tried to order some Sushi from a Japanese restaurant near my home. When I wanted to submit my order I’ve checked order’s list and saw that the delivery’s price is about 50% of order’s price. My sushi’s price was $15 and it added $7 to it for delivery. The cost of delivery is the first issue Uber Eats should think about it because although it delivers orders fast but the price is higher than similar delivery services.

Uber offers discounts sometimes but you need to invite at least one of your friends or family members to the app to take advantage of it. These discounts help you pay less for its delivery service. It normally takes less 60 minutes to get your food after submitting the order, of course, it also depends on the restaurant’s location. (technically restaurants that are not very close to you have longer delivery time).

It was good to see that I can check delivery’s process from ordering to receiving it in front of my door. Uber Eats gives you an estimated time to get your food but do not rely on that too much because there’s always some delay.

Anyway, I received my sushi after 52 minutes and although the same as always it was delicious but it was not hot enough like when I order it directly from that Japanese’s restaurant so if this is what you care about it’s better to choose direct delivery instead of Uber Eats.

is uber eats a scam

Conclusion – Is Uber Eats Scam?

The Uber’s name itself is big enough to consider it as a legit and reliable company so all other services under its name like Uber Eats are legit as well. Here in the conclusion section, I want to tell you that Uber Eats can be definitely a useful app especially for restaurants without a direct delivery option.

However, it needs many improvements to stand out from the crowd in my opinion and I think there’s a long way for it to become the best food delivery app. Finally, if you’re too busy or have some problems for ordering foods directly from the restaurant then Uber Eats can be your only option which will meet your expectations somehow otherwise get fresh Hotdog or Pizza from your restaurant instantly can’t be replaced by anything else!

In the end, although it’s much better than low MMO programs like GTM (Global Test Market) in terms of making money online but it must be said that earning potential of Uber Eats is low and to make the passive income I recommend you to use modern platforms like what I recommended below which will help you earn a full-time income online through your hobbies.

Thanks for reading my review and feel free to share your opinions in the comments below.

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