is uforia a scam

Is Uforia a Scam or a New Wave of MLM Business?

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First of all, thanks for choosing this website and my honest Uforia review to find all the truth about this company and I hope that I can give you all the information you’re looking for about Uforia (especially about its legitimacy). So here is the question we are going to answer: Is Uforia a scam website? Let’s find out!

The first thing that I want to mention right now is that generally, I don’t have a positive attitude to science-based products because the similar programs that I’ve reviewed before weren’t what I’ve expected and after taking a short look at Uforia, that was clear to me that I wasn’t wrong.

Before sharing my thoughts about Uforia, I want you to know that all words, sentences, and information provided here comes from my personal research and experience with this company. I’ve not linked to Uforia as an affiliate or retailer anyhow and don’t benefit from sharing fake positive reviews about it so you can be sure that this is an unbiased review you’re going to read.

And I’m very happy to see that there are still people like you who do their own research before giving a product or program a shot. This is definitely the best and most reliable method to stay away from scams and find only the right and legitimate opportunities.

What you’re going to read in the next paragraphs are all facts about Uforia and these facts will help you find out how this company uses black hat methods to sell its products and why it’s not worth to buy them!

Ok, let’s begin now!

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Product Name: Uforia

Official Website:

Owner: Terry Lacore or Ron Williams

Type: Science-Based MLM Business

Price: $39.95 + Upsells

Short Review

I’ve prepared a summary of my Uforia review here to save your time so although I highly recommend you to read the whole article, however, if you don’t have enough time then you can see the key points of review here.

It’s interesting to know that your DNA is what Uforia or Uforia Science uses to produces and sell nutritional supplements. The bad news is that some of their claims seem to be too good to be true and there’s not enough information to proof that their products are valuable and what they are claiming is true.

What you get for $39.99 is a DNA testing kit which this company will use to send you items based on your DNA report and nobody can confirm is they really used the kit to send those supplements to they’re just random items.

Also, if you’re thinking about working with Uforia as an affiliate and earn commission for promoting and selling these DNA kits then you should think twice because the real earning potential behind their affiliate program is really low and is not worth your time as well as effort.

In total, this is not a recommended money-making opportunity or a valuable science-based company that can provide you high-quality items so I recommend you not going through it and don’t waste your hard-earned money over there.

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 1.5 out of 10

what is uforia

Intro – What Is Uforia Exactly?

As it’s mentioned in the short review, this company can design products according to your DNA profile through a DNA testing kit and it works based on a Multi-Level Marketing plan.

What they do about providing DNA testing kit seems to be unique but in terms of marketing model, they are many companies that use the same marketing strategy (MLM) like Spa or Juice Plus or Isagenix.

They claim that with taking advantage of their DNA testing kit, you’ll be able to uncover actionable genes that influence your body’s health. It seems to me like using specific supplements to improve your genes! And if you think that it’s crazy and far from reality, you’re right! But let’s talk about it some later.

Another thing that I’ve found about Uforia is that the founder of this company has worked on several other MLM businesses in the past and there are many complaints about companies that they’ve corporated it. Although we can’t link their complaints to their current mission directly however, there are many gray or even black moments in their background.

What They Are Producing?

Nutrition supplements that are produced based on the report of aDNA testing kit are the main products that they are producing. After doing that DNA test, they send the report to the lab and according to provided data by the lab, they design raw food, prebiotics, vitamins, etc. that match your DNA.

There are two costs you should pay; the first is $159 which you’ll pay to receive the DNA testing kit and after that, you need to pay another $99 for analyzing your DNA report. Of course, the second cost is optional but they know well that ordinary people CAN’T analyze DNA reports.

The Claim of the Owner, Ron Williams

There are always claims and claimers in the program that I’m reviewing (like Zija International, Online Verdict or MTTB System) and it’s the same for Uforia. Ron Williams (one of the founders of Uforia) says that a not customized nutritional supplement can be harmful to your body and that’s why they decided to provide unique individual nutritional according to your needs and their company (Uforia Science) is one of the leaders in providing this kind of supplement.

They analyze your DNA to extract special formula from it then use it to provide those unique supplements; DNA is one of the things that is different and unique in all people so it’s very beneficial for providing a special supplement for each person.

There is more information in the sales-video provided by Ron Williams if you’re interested to know more but it’s all in the same concept.

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how does uforia work

How You Can Earn Money at Uforia?

In short, the affiliate program! Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most common ways to sell a product online that Uforia used it to encourage affiliate marketers to join its affiliate program and earn a commission for each successful sale.

As an Uforia affiliate, what you’re going to sell is DNA test kit to people and potential buyers who like to have these unique supplements. What you should pay attention to here is that 100 Personal Volume is necessary to put yourself in the line of paid affiliate marketers otherwise, you won’t get paid.

This 100 Personal Volume should be generated every month and you can even buy it yourself or try to sell it to family members, friends or just other retail customers.

To make some extra money from Uforia, the residual commission is what you should focus on because it seems that there’s not any benefit for retailers behind the compensation plan of Uforia. The earning potential behind selling products of Unforia to ordinary people and retail customers is low and it’s not worth your time.

And the same as many other MLM companies, recruiting more people is the only way that can increase your earning potential. To do that, Uforia designed a Unilevel System which let you earn a commission from your downlines. This means, as long as your downline continues to recruit new people, your earning will be increased naturally but as soon as it’s stopped, your earning will be dropped to almost zero!

Registration Process at Uforia?

You should start working to reach 100 PV (personal volume) right after paying to pay $39.95 membership fee of the program otherwise, you won’t get eligible to stay active and earn a commission from Uforia.

My Experience with Uforia

Here is what I think about this company after using it for almost 8 weeks. I can look at it from 2 different angles: Customer (buyer) and Retailer (affiliate).

If I visit this website as a customer, there are some products that I’m interested in and I even recommended one of their health products to one of my friends and after a while, my friend told me that he was satisfied with the result of using that supplement and he’s going to buy more.

But when it comes to the affiliate or making money term, I really don’t think that there’s a real potential income behind Uforia and what you will have to pay as membership can’t bring you the result you’re looking for.

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uforia pros and cons

The Downside of Uforia

You may wonder why I’m not going to talk about the positive points of this company and I just want to list the negative points. The answer is simple, there’s not any worth mentioning the positive things about this science-based website so I’m going through the negative side directly.

#1 Just a Few Extra Bucks

Earning disclosure statement is one of the things that can be used to measure the profitability of a program or company and it’s sad to say that you can’t find any information related to an income disclosure statement on the website of Uforia.

What does it mean? It simply means that nobody has been made any money from this company (at least until writing this review article).

If we look at this logically, we find out that even those few people who make a little extra cash from Uforia are not willing to share their result and income proof because it’s probably not worth sharing; also keep in mind that your task is convincing people to purchase a $200 supplement from you but have you ever think that how do you want to encourage them to buy a $200 product that may never work and what happens if they compare your recommended item with similar quality supplements that are available for much cheaper price on top global e-commerce retailers like Walmart, eBay or Amazon?

To be honest, if I will be one of your potential buyers, I definitely prefer to give a shot to one of those well-known and worldwide retailers rather than buying from Uforia.

#2 The Products Don’t Work Sometimes

Uforia claims that their product can treat or diagnose illnesses but there’s not any proof for that and it’s not confirmed by any scientific researcher so we can’t make sure that the supplement we receive are 100% based on our DNA test.

Even if we accept this, how they can manage to provide hundreds of thousands of personalized nutritional supplements for different customers? This does not seem logical and possible for any company because with a simple calculation we understand that if they’ve only 200 customers, the customized products they should provide are 200 and it would be extremely hard to produce more personalized items for upcoming (next) customers.

What Are the Products Exactly?!

The only thing that I’m sure about Uforia is that there is a lot of scientific terms that they talk about when you land in their website. Also, it does not seem that they are linked to a groundbreaking technology but the worst part is that there’s zero information about their products, previous samples and more importantly how they work!

I think that they’ve chosen the wrong way to build a relationship with their customers because, at the first glance, everybody understands that they’re looking for money not helping and paying +$1500 every year to get a personalized item that may never work is not something people would like to try.

is uforia scam

Final Word – Is Uforia a Scam? 

The only problem that stops me to call Uforia a 100% scam or legit company is the lack of proof. Without a doubt, Uforia is a Multi-Level Marketing business but not providing any proof of the quality of their products does not let us mark it as a leading-edge company in providing scientific-based products

Also, personally I’ve not found any income proof of people who could make some cash at this company and from my point of view, no income disclosure statement means zero chance to make money. So although I can’t call Uforia a scam at the moment, however, it’s definitely a Not-Recommended business because there are not any journals, research or scientific studies behind their unreal claims and this can lead a business into the danger zone and failure easily.

Finally, I recommend you stay away from Uforia as long as they are on the wrong path.

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Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to read this review of Uforia. I hope you’ve found the information that you were looking for about it in this article.

I always would be more than happy to see your thoughts so feel free to share it about this website and other online money making ways in the comments below. I read all the comments and reply to them personally.

See you soon in the next review! )


  1. Thanks for this review Ali,
    I was personally involved with an MLM that merged with Uforia. Before the merge, the company launched weeks right before COVID happened. Needless to say that less than a year later they came together with Uforia. Whenever I see the LaCore/Williams combo, whether together or separate, I know to run for the hills. Are you aware of all the businesses under these names? Countless
    Much appreciated,

    1. Hi Madison and thanks for your comment. Yes, as much as I can, I prefer to stay away from them because they don’t have a clear business model.


  2. I’m very skeptical of company reviews because most of them just have one agenda and that’s to drive traffic to the website for the sole purpose of redirecting them to something else. They give way too many opinions and they don’t have all the facts. Since you did this review, you should know that most of what you wrote about has changed. Anybody can view the full compensation plan the full FAQ and any other resources that the company provides on the resource page. uforiascience. com/resources
    One thing our CEO does is listen to his leaders. On the advisement of the leaders, the compensation plan has been enhanced. They have since introduced quikits for those who don’t want to purchase the deluxe kit, they can purchase the quikit for $49.95 (A 10 day supply of the pretrition capsules instead of a full 30 day supply with the deluxe kit) plus the $100 lab fee that gets them their 35 page report and their lab test results. Plus now both customers and affiliates are able to get product discounted and even free when they introduce it to others with the customer referral program. Anybody who visits the main page will find a video right at the top of our CEO taking everybody on a journey of the entire process showing behind the scenes labs and hearing from the experts it’s seven minutes long and it’s right at the top of the website. Hope this helps.

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