is usborne books a scam

Is Usborne Books Scam or a Great UK-based Publisher?

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In this article, we will be going to review Usborne books. You will come to know the potential benefits both from the perspective of a user and by working with them. This is the important question everybody wants to know answer: Is Usborne Books a scam or not?

Many reasons are there about why we have chosen Usborne as our review topic. Among all, the top right is the number of awards that they have won until now. It can lure the minds of anyone towards this little one’s book publishing company!

For a highlight, in 2006, Usborne has won the Practical Pre-School Gold Award for their two books. They are Snuggle time Sleepy Baby, and First Picture Action Rhymes.

The publisher has also got a Literary Supplement award from UK times. Further, in 2012, they won the prize for the best publisher of the same year. Recently in 2014, they have won both independent and children’s publishers of the same year.

So without spending any more time, let us have an idea about who are Usborne books! How it was formed, how you can make money with them, who people can be benefitted from them, advantages, disadvantages, and more!


Product Name: Usborne books

Official Website:

Owner: Peter Usborne (1973)

Type: Publisher of children’s books

Cost to Join: $75

Recommended? 50%

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

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what is usborne books

What must you know about Usborne?

In 1973, Peter Usborne, a British publisher, formed Usborne Books. The publishing firm is offering books only for children and is located in the UK. It is also known as Usborne Publishing. They are having their team of designers, editors, and writers who dedicatedly only for this publishing firm.

You can find books of more than 100 different languages in a single place. There are many sales channels linked to it; among them, their social selling operation is called Usborne Books at Home. It deals in supplying their books to their target readers. The list includes schools, families, and other different communities.

Who is the Founder?

Before Usborne Books, Peter has already co-founded the Private Eye. It is a current affair and satirical magazine, Ian Hislop is editing this magazine from 1989 published in London. Petter Usborne has completed his studies from the University of Oxford, England.

Peter Got the idea of Usborne Books the first time when her wife has informed him that he is soon going to have a baby. After then, he thought of creating a platform by using his publishing background. It aims to offer captivating, exciting, and colorful books that can benefit every child, including his own.

how does usborne books work

How Does It Work & What is the Motive?

Usborne is actually a family business of publishing children’s books in the UK. It works independently to create accessible, innovative, and engaging for children and youths.

The books available there are created by a talented team having more than 50 designers and 35 writers/editors. They dedicatedly work for the London UK based Usborne.

So they are having complete control over their writers. Hence, they can better come with something that is creatively making their books more exciting to their target readers, i.e., children.

The publishing firm believes in delivering quality books that provide some value to its users. They continuously work on their books with complete passion, skill, attention, care, and time.

Their creators almost experience things and think like kids with wonder and curiosity. Usborne books are using innovative steps to engage more and more children in reading their books; those are based on complex topics.

What are all People Benefited from it?

Most of the times, there are benefits behind the programs I’m reviewing and if you follow me, you probably see this in some of my past reviews like TigerFish, Conversion Pros or Digit app.

Usborne is selling a wide variety of books that are made for toddlers, babies, and children of other ages up to middle grade. The best part of using their website to search for any book is their website is organized correctly. Hence, it makes it easier for any parent to save time to get the best pick.

For example, suppose your child is ten years old, and you are looking great publishing about amazing stories for him. So you can search on their website in two ways.

The first one is to apply the filter by choosing from a range of age categories that starts from 0-2 years and ends to young adult! Second, is to use the filter of Genre or type of topic, i.e., ‘True Stories’ that you are looking ahead! By the way, there are about 20 different main topics to choose one to educate your young ones.

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How to Make Money with Usborne?

So, Usborne is a publishing company that is dealing with only creating and selling of books best fit for kids and young ones. They are ultimately working on a Multi-level marketing structure or say MLM business. So if you want to be a part of it, then your ultimate income would be depending upon the income opportunities.

Hence, if you are impressed with their work and got specific ideas in your mind about how you will be going to join and help them, then it is possible. To make it simple, yes, you can make money with Usborne publishing companies in ways. One is to get bonuses from the team and recruiting sales, and the other is to earn commissions from sales directly.

Thus, to do business with Usborne, you can choose from two kits offered by Usborne. Here are they;

One is regular consultant mini-kit that is worth of $125

It includes host guides and customer order forms. You will also get mini catalogs as 20-pack and five-pack of catalogs based on Usborne Books. A subscriber can also be eligible to get an e-business package of about six months.

Also, get an e-business package per month with an extra six months of a free website for your business. Available branded Usborne box and three featured with 17 additional titles, so total 20 books worth $200 in retail.

And, the new consultant mini-kit is about $75.

It also includes an e-business package for six months, 20-pack having mini catalogs, and hot guides for the subscriber. One can also get branded Usborne Box as per availability, customer order forms, and Usborne books catalogs as 5-pack counts.

Here also you will get a per month e-business package for free that comprises your website for six months. The only difference here is you will total only ten sets of books for display worth about $100+ as retail. It includes two featured and rests eight as additional titles from different poplar series.

By the way, Usborne is offering three different compensation plans (see how to create a compensation plan here). It depends on the work performance of their interested business partners. So you can start from a smaller level and increase further to the top one that can also increment your profits!

  • Lower Level: Consultant

Once you make the first sale, your commission will be started at the rate of about 15 to 30%. Also, after reaching $350 in sales per month, you will additionally receive an extra sales bonus of about 3 to 5%. Furthermore, if your personal recruits made a net worth of $350 per month, then you can also get a reward at the rate of 4% on the net sales.

  • Second Level: Supervisor

Once you have gained five active consultants and five personal recruits, you will be auto-qualified to be a supervisor. Also, further for the next two consecutive months, you need to make a net sales of about $350 to make yourself consistent on this level.

After your first sale, you will start gaining commission at the rate of about 15 to 30%. Also, if you successfully make $350 per month, then as a sales bonus, you will get 3 to 5% of it extra. And yes, if your recruits have completed the sales of $350 per month, then you will also get a bonus of about 11%.

  • Top Level: Director/ Senior Executive Supervisor/ Executive Supervisor

One can achieve this level based on the overall sales of your central group. As per which the criteria are, you must fulfill $25000 as monthly income, one-third level, and three first levels.

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usborne books pros and cons


  1. Usborne has a big collection of high-quality books for children. They have got many positive reviews about their products from their genuine users.
  2. As specified earlier, the publishing company has also gained many awards for its work in the past few years. Hence, one can engage with it without any doubts.
  3. A consultant can use both the above benefits to gain profits by selling more books to their target customers. Hence more possibility of the business.
  4. The consultants can get discounted or free books. It can be helpful for their children while they are helping other children to find good books of their interest.
  5. It can be a great business for you to add extra income in your monthly income if you are right in throwing household or online (Facebook) parties.


  1. If you are eager to be the consultant of the Usborne publishing, then you have to know the truth. It is that they will not offer any training service or so regarding how to sell the stuff. So you must have an idea about the same for long term benefits.
  2. Some people are not happy with the customer service of Usborne to get help or support while doing business with the company.
  3. No question to make enough sales an individual might need to organize vents and parties for marketing their items. So ultimately you need to use some of your money to make boost sales.
  4. The company, even after completion of 30 years, is not disclosing any income disclosure statement. So due to which, we can doubt that there might be many people in lower levels who are still not making any profits while doing business with the publisher.
  5. You need to have a budget of around $125 already with you to work with them as a consultant. Also, you might need to spend even more than that you get enough number of books using which you can make a catalog!

is usborne books scam

Possibility of Scam – Is Usborne Books a Scam?

If we talk from the consumer’s point of view, then clearly parents can buy good quality books from Usborne publishing for their children. But, on the other side, from a business point of view, as listed out in the previous section, there are many disadvantages. One might face them while working with the company to gain profits.

As per a survey, it has sounded out that the average monthly income of an Usborne consultant ranges between $150 to even higher than $1000. A study was performed on the agents who are working in a company from around past 1 to several months.

It has also been uncovered that they need to throw any party of about 5 in number per month. All to gather people, and it requires around 3 hours on average to organize orders, prepare for the party, and attend an event. A surprising fact about the same is a high percentage of the total Urborne consultants are women.

They generally take the benefit of kitty parties or so to gather people and make their sales possible. And after the same survey, the shocking truth is that in total, more than 73% of the active consultants of Usborne books are making more than $200 per month!

So if you want to indulge in this business, then you need to have the necessary skills to gain sales without spending extra money. It definitely demands your time to generate sales and move above the level. Also, the initial investment is nonrefundable.

Bottom Line

Thus, combining all, Usborne is totally based on direct selling business. It depends on thousands of consultants who are working all over the world, mostly in the US. They all can contribute to the company to generate sell books and generate sales for the company.

The publisher has more than about 1800 titles belonging to different categories for the young ones starting from age 0 to an adult one! A consumer can find many creative books, as well. A book can engage their child to play along with learning like sticker books, and 3D cut out books, traditional and more different styles of books.

It is an MLM company and comes with certain restrictions and rules in doing business. You need to recruit others to make money. So they will indirectly help you generate bonuses, and you should be ready to spend plenty amount of time and money to generate sales!

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Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to read this review of Usborne Books. I hope you’ve found the information that you were looking for about it in this article.

I always would be more than happy to see your thoughts so feel free to share it about this website and other online money making ways in the comments below. I read all the comments and reply to them personally.

See you soon in the next review! )

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