Is Userfeel a Scam

Is Userfeel a Scam? – Nope, But I Know a Better Alternative!

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When it comes to creating a website or an app, you always want to make sure that everything works the way you expect. But there can be issues and challenges, which is why you want people to speak up about any challenges or problems. And Userfeel helps you do that but here is the question: Is Userfeel a scam that is covered by a legit skin? Let’s find out!

Userfeel is an interesting usability testing tool that allows businesses to acquire videos of real users that speak their thoughts about any website or app at their own pace. You always need to make sure that you let everyone know what you think about this kind of stuff, and in this case you want the information to be comprehensive and very professional at the same time.

However, this also means users can access Userfeel and create videos, thus getting paid for the work. Which is interesting because the main idea for you is to try and make money from whatever sources you can. And if this needs to be a thing, then it might as well become one and you’ll go from there if necessary.

That’s the thing that really pushes the boundaries with Userfeel, the hard work and commitment which comes from everything and how you actually want to make more and more money without rushing the process or the experience at the same time. No one says it will be easy, it’s the opposite if anything. But it will be worth it as long as you treat it as a side income.


Product Name: Userfeel

Official Website:

Type: Get paid to test sites/apps and leave your feedback

Founder: Yannis Karampelas

Cost to Join: $59

Recommneded? No

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is Userfeel

What Is Userfeel All About?

Userfeel looks like a test-platform and it’s designed to help companies see how people feel about their website. Once you enroll here you can actually make money being honest on camera about a certain website. It makes a lot of sense to do it and the best part is that you can adapt and adjust based on the desired project. It’s an interesting idea for sure and something a lot of people will enjoy and appreciate at the same time. It doesn’t mean this will be easy, if anything it will be quite the challenge. But if you do it right it should be ok.

When you want to use a website like Userfeel, your primary focus is on seeing if you actually need any additional information or knowledge. You don’t require previous experience for this and in the end that can be a problem. You need to take your time, avoid rushing and actively find new ways to make this work in a proper manner.

What we noticed with the Userfeel review is that they have their own screen and voice recording software that can be used. That’s great, all you really need is a computer and you can start working for them. It’s actually a positive thing, because you can focus on all of it, push things to that next level and just explore all the options and commit to the process as you go along.

Is it a challenge to do this? Absolutely, but if you do it properly then nothing will be able to stand in your way. You just have to realize that Userfeel can be a side income thing. You need to treat it as such, otherwise there will be problems and you want to avoid that.

About the Founder

Userfeel was created by Yannis Karampelas. He is a widely known entrepreneur, he actually created Netstudio as well. And his business named Userfeel has been connecting users and companies since 2010. The premise is excellent and the idea of having someone to test your stuff as a develop is very handy. Yes you can test yourself, but you can only test so much.

At one point you do end up not knowing what and how to test, and that will become an issue. But if you do it right, the payoff can be great and that’s what really matters.

The true focus for Userfeel is all about connecting people with companies and allowing companies to bring that success into their lives. It all brings in that next level of quality and efficiency, and it works in better ways than you might imagine.

Of course, there will be challenges along the way, but if you are committed and actively work on the situation the payoff will be great and you will enjoy it a whole lot. Rest assured that it will be a tremendous opportunity and you really have to make it work if you do it wisely. In the end it’s a good way for people to communicate with developers and creators, because it gives valuable feedback that really works to their own advantage.

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how Userfeel works

How Userfeel Works Exactly?

Userfeel is self-explanatory for the most part and it works based on UX Research and it’s similar to 22 Minutes to Profits program that I’ve reviewed before in somehow.

The sheer idea is that you create a website profile on there, you choose to be a tester and then you will be notified when tests arrive. You apply for a test, receive the tools needed to complete the test and that’s all there is to it.

They do a very good job at making the test seamless and simple, and you will appreciate everything that comes from this. It doesn’t mean it will be easy, but with the right approach and a good set of ideas the payoff will be really interesting and exciting at the same time.

They do have a qualification test, that one takes 20 minutes and it allows them to see if you’re actually good for this type of work or not. That test is mandatory and you have to complete it. You will get a rating based on the test. And once you have that rating you will know if it ends up being a good thing or not. That alone is all you have to think about, and once you do it adequately nothing will stand in your way.

The problem some users have is that Userfeel isn’t exactly full of tests. Sure, they have tests, but they have 10-20 times the user base when compared to how many tests they bring. So while you have tests, there’s never enough for everyone.

This means you really need to do your best with the qualification test, because that rating will end up affecting how much you can make on this website. It’s definitely a scary situation for some people, but you have to commit to it and just go from there.

Making Money with Userfeel…?! How?

Userfeel allows you to enroll in those user tests and you can choose exactly how and when to complete them. It’s a system that doesn’t really fail for them and you have to keep that in mind. It does take a bit to get used to it, but if you take your time and handle it correctly, nothing will stand in your way. Which is why you really need to figure out how to use Userfeel whenever you want to make money.

If you have worked with MMO programs like Amissio Formula or Cash Formula, you know well that how these program work. They give you all the instructions and they make it easy to understand exactly what you have to do. And honestly the entire process is seamless. During the Userfeel review we didn’t really feel that much hassle and it was easy to see exactly what we had to do, how to improve and adapt on everything, etc.

Yes it will be a bit hard to figure out how the process goes along, but once you do that everything falls together quite nicely. We found this system to work better than anticipated and at the end of the day this is the type of approach that one would always hope for. It’s definitely a great idea to use this just because there are some amazing options and features all over the table.

How to Get and Complete Given Tests?

Based on our experience you don’t really have control over this. The way you receive tests varies mostly on your star rating. The more tests you do with a high star rating, the better the results are actually. And it works great, because you have more control, the process is seamless and that truly helps a lot no matter the situation.

That alone can be wise and exciting, and it totally brings in front some rewarding benefits if you handle it correctly. There are some other things which might bring you some jobs here.

For example, demographics are crucial here, and the reason is simple. If you are one of the few people in an area where a certain website/app is available or want to be available, then you will be invited. And all the tests are on the first-come, first-served basis.

So unless you are the only person invited, you really need to reply to the invitation as fast as possible. Places fill up very quick. After all the process is not exactly a hard one and you will end up with issues if you don’t do this right. Which is why hard work and commitment are key here, and you should do fine as long as you obey the rules and work hard to not break them in any way.

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Userfeel pros and cons

Userfeel – Likes & Dislikes


  • The Userfeel system is designed for everyone to earn money
  • You can do these on the side, you receive all the tools and info
  • There’s no minimal payout requirement


  • The website owners are the ones that give you tests, you may not get any at all
  • The income potential is pretty low, as you don’t get consistent work.

What Is The Real Income Potential Behind Userfeel?

That obviously depends on all the stuff we mentioned above. The amount you earn varies a lot. If you receive multiple tests you can earn upwards of $200. But there are persons that earn $100 or even $200 consistently on the site. That means having high ratings.

You can get $10 in a month but the reality is that you won’t be working that much either. So while this is not the perfect way to earn a lot of money, there’s no Userfeel scam either. Our Userfeel review clearly shows that this is a legit business. They have been around for 9 years so no scam will survive that long as people catch on to it.

That being said, you’re not earning that much either, so in the end you just have to commit and just take your time to see when you receive tests. A lot of people online don’t receive a lot of tests for them, so obviously that can be a slight issue in most cases. You want to work, but there’s not a lot of work to be had, which is sad for sure. In the end, you do need to do your best with every test.

Because once you do that, you will get more work. They encourage you and even offer the tools you need to be the best at what you do. And if you do that it will be worth it. This is definitely not your average walk in the park task. It’s one you can do from time to time, but it’s worth it.

Userfeel has a 50% acceptance rate, sometimes even less. So you need to be the best you can for that first test. Because it will show whether you have any future on the platform or not. Take your time with this and just try to be the best at what you do here.

It’s definitely not an easy task to fulfill but it will always work to your own advantage and that’s what you need to commit towards in the end.

Is Userfeel Scam

Final Word – Is Userfeel a Scam? 

There’s no Userfeel scam here. Granted, the website does choose who gets the tests, but that’s based on ratings and you are the one affecting ratings to begin with. If you’re committed and work really hard to achieve good results you will be more than ok.

This is a website where ratings do matter a lot and you have to understand that once you create the profile, you need to be serious about the work you provide. The Userfeel review shows that. If you’re serious and work hard it will be great.


As we mentioned in the Userfeel review, this is a great site for people that want to earn some extra dollars on the side. It won’t replace your job, but if you like testing apps or sites and sharing your views, then it’s worth it. They pay $10 per test, the problem is that you will be given tests only if you receive good rankings from customers.

So they encourage you to be the best tester you can be, and you will get more income potential. It’s a fair assessment, so there’s no Userfeel scam here. This is a legit website. Their rules might be a bit strange, but you get over that and you will enjoy the experience quite a bit!

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  1. Thanks for this very informative post. I have never heard of Userfeel but I do know that there seems to be a LOT of scams on the internet. Scams that tell people they can make money and not even have to work a typical day job again.

    I for one am skeptical of people online since I have never found ANYTHING that works or makes money like promised. I will browse your site more. You sight is professional.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great, comprehensive review. I’m looking for ways to earn extra money at home so I’m glad that I ran across your post. It gives me something to think about. I appreciate your professionalism and the time you put into bringing us a well-rounded review. I’ll keep an eye on your website as I continue to explore home-based business ideas.

  3. Hi, i am glad i bumped into this thorough review of Userfeel. I was thinking of joining to earn something small on the side. Thank you for your recommendation. It is a helpful article for people who would like to try it out . I will check out your recommendation.

  4. Thanks for this. Your whole site is really useful. So many people are looking to find ways to use the internet to boost their incomes and knowing which side-hustles are scams and which are not is really important. I’m not sure how I feel about Userfeel. It seems like it could be really hard to get going. and why videos? How is that better than any other medium for feedback? I will be looking into Wealthy Affiliate though…
    Thanks again

    1. Yes, I personally don’t recommend Userfeel platform Laura. Because as you’ve mentioned there are much better ways to earn a passive income online like Wealthy Affiliate so it’s not logical to waste your time and money on something that does not work.

      Thanks for your comment


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