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Is UserTesting a Scam Or You Get $10 For a Test?!

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If you’re looking for answer to “Is User Testing a scam or not?” question, you have landed in the best place! This platform is willing to pay you for testing different products and services but the question is that can you really trust it? Is it something you can rely on and make money from it?

By the way, User Testing is similar to Global Test Market that I’ve reviewed last week. Before starting to test products in User Testing in the hope of making money online, read my honest review carefully to see all untold facts about User Testing and find out if you should go into it or not.

With all semi-legit making money programs that come into our life every day, it would be hard to know which one of them are legit and which ones are scams. Some of them designed very well and looks totally legit but you’ll find out you’ve got scammed only after trying it! This is very sad and that’s why I always advise people to do research (even if it’s a quick Google search) about background of owner and product/program you want to join to make sure about its legitimacy and reliability.

Anyway, reading this page shows that you’re serious about finding all facts about UserTesting and I’m here to help you by answering several simple but important questions which uncovers all truth about UserTesting. The questions included but not limited to:

  • What is Exactly User Testing?
  • How This Platform Works and What You Should Do After Joining?
  • What is Real Income Potential Behind it?
  • Is User Testing Scam or It’s Really Something You Should Think About Seriously?
  • What Is The Best Alternative for UserTesting?


Product Name: User Testing

Official Website:

Owner: Dave Garr

Type: Get Paid to Test Websites, Services and Products

Cost to Join: It’s Free for Starter Plan

Recommended? Not 100%

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 10

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what is usertesting


User Testing is simply a platform which connects individuals who want to earn some extra money to business owners and product creators who have a service, program or website that want to be tested by people. These businesses are even willing to pay people who can go through this test process for them

The fact is that a website or an online service does not show its real performance until it’s been run officially and people start to visit it but running a website in real-time costs its owner and if there are some technical issues after running the owner has to stop it or even worse, shut it down! That’s why businesses prefer to see the performance of their website and services in a virtual reality environment before booting it up and there’s nothing better than to see how their website acts when it’s tested by real people.

This looks like a win-win game for both individuals and businesses which lets people like you and me make some money in our spare time. Now that you have a clear overview of User Testing platform let’s go into more details and review each section of it separately.

What is UserTesting All About?

Dave Garr and Darrel Benatar have been created and launched more than 10 years ago in 2007 for the first time. During the past years, this website experienced changes in different fields from design to performance but they kept and didn’t change the base of it.

Persons who create digital products (from app to website) need feedback of people to improve their products from time to time. Websites like UserTesting has been built a bridge between people and digital products owners and to get satisfaction of both sides (people and products owners) they’ll pay money to people to test different types of products and leave their opinion about them then they give this opinion as real feedback of people to owners, marketers, and programmers.

This is all UserTesting does in simple words. By the way, it’s an American company which has a physical registered address in CA, I’ve had not chance to go and check their address personally but I don’t think they’re lying about this.

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how usertesting works

How UserTesting Really Works?

There is nothing more important than having the opinion of people about your product (from game to website, app, training platform, online store, etc.) or see how it runs in real-time. This is what all developers and digital product creators are looking for.

One of the ways to solve this issue is finding people (real people) who are willing to test and share their experience about products and projects for a specific amount of money. As you can see it’s a time-consuming job and that’s exactly where platforms like comes to the game to help both developers and people who are looking for a way to earn some extra cash. You simply join their website and start testing games, websites and other projects then you leave your feedback as a report then you will get paid based on the time you put for testing.

How to Earn Money Through UserTesting?

To start testing project in you need to create and account over there. The steps for registration is straightforward and there is not any complicated process which needed to explain here. So you just need to create, activate your account and complete a short test which determines the type of projects you will receive later.

After joining them, all available testing projects will be displayed to you as a list in your dashboard. However, it may happen many times when you open up, login into your account and see 0 available projects! That’s why you should check the website every hour or even keep it open somewhere to receive notification as soon as there’s a new test.

Keep in mind that you’re not the only person who is waiting to get the test and earn money; all projects you see your dashboard will be displayed to hundreds of other users so if you don’t take action fast, you’ll lose even those few opportunities. As an unwritten rule, early birds get the worm, this means if you see an available testing project now, it does not it’ll be available after next 5 or 10 minutes.

Finally if you choose a project, you’ll start to test it but before that, you need to answer a couple of questions. As I’ve told you before these questions determine if you’re the right person for taking the test or not; UserTesting decides if you are eligible to complete a project based on your answers and according to my experience there is 50% of chances to get not qualified for the test!

That would be very frustrating to see only a few available tests every week and even if lucky and monitor website constantly you have chance to get pre-test but it’s sad to say that 80% of times you won’t get qualified to take chosen project because a robot will send projects to users randomly and not based on their entered information.

What I’ve explained above is all possible ways to start earning money from UserTesting and as you’ve seen, there are only a few opportunities you can take advantage of every now and then.

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usertesting pros and cons

What Stopped Me From Joining UserTesting

The main negative point of UserTesting is that you have no control in choosing testing projects. Actually, it’s like a fast-paced game; if you don’t take the project (it does not matter if you like project topic or not) there will be someone else for sure who will take and make money from it. So be very quick or don’t join!

Another factor you should consider about UserTesting is that the potential of income is limited. Do not get me wrong, I’m not telling that you can’t make any money from this testing platform but you should not think about making any serious or full-time income. Also the only payment option available over there is PayPal which makes another limitation when it comes to receiving your money, so if you are not a PayPal user or you don’t like to use it as your online payment system you should search for another earning platform.

All in all, if you can monitor UserTesting dashboard and act fast as soon as you see a new test and if you get qualified for all applied projects (which happens very rarely), you can expect to earn something between $150 to $200 in a month.

is usertesting scam

Final Word – Is UserTesting a Scam or a Legit Testing Platform?

No is not a scam and you can be sure that it’s a legitimate opportunity. If you complete a test, they’ll pay you through PayPal and they’re in business for +10 years which means some people were happy with what they’ve got over there.

To be honest I liked the main idea behind UserTesting because it’s useful for both testers and website/app developers but there are also some cons which we can’t skip them easily. Firstly if you join them as a tester you have a very low potential of income because of very limited numbers of available projects. In simple words the money you will get is not equal with your invested time at all.

On the other hand, if join them as a developer, the cost of getting feedback for your project is much higher than standard. Normally you have to pay around $45 for a project that takes 15 minutes to be tested and this effects on your decision directly if you know Freelance websites like Upwork charges you half of this price for the same task. This mean with paying only $15 or $20, you can get the same job done in Freelance websites.

Finally although I consider this as an earning online platform which can be used as a legit opportunity but since it does not let you make any progress even in a long time, I don’t recommend it, instead, I advise you choose a platform that can bring you great result in a long-term basis. You can continue reading below section to see what I mean by Best Recommended Program for making a full-time income online.

my recommendation

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