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Is Valentus a Scam? – Pyramid Scheme Alert!

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It was almost one month ago when I’ve seen this question in a forum for the first time. At that time I thought that there are persons who tested this product and can answer this question for sure but after one month when I’ve checked that forum again, I didn’t see any detailed answer for that then when some of my close friends asked this question from me, I decided to write a deep review to help others know everything about Valentus and more importantly answer this question: Is Valentus a scam or it’s really a great opportunity for earning online?

Before starting my review, I assure you that this is not a rip-off business and it won’t scam you but this is just the first step to trust a product and this does not guarantee if it’s a valuable program at all. You should also know that this is my own opinion and you should not be surprised if you see it introduced as a scam in another review. These people failed or didn’t get what they were looking for in Valentus and that’s why they didn’t like it. Anyway this is an honest review and I try to be as honest as possible when I review a program.

The clear fact is that number of scam and useless making money online products are much more than reliable ones these days so it’s always good to spend some time and do some research on a product you’re interested in.

Now let’s start and not waste any more time!


Product Name: Valentus

Official Website:

Owner: Unknown

Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Price: Depends on price of product

Recommended? No

Overall Rating: 3 out of 10

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what is Valentus

What is Valentus All About?

Dave Jordan is owner of Valentus which has built and run it in 2014. I’ve searched “Dave Jordan” in Google to see who this guy is and what he has done before. I’ve found that he’s an experienced Internet marketer and got many success in online marketing. This shows that Valentus is built by a reliable person who knows the industry very well and can be a great leadership for his business.

By the way if you see some websites or companies try to hide information of their owners from you, consider this as a red flag and do not even give these companies a try, they just waste your time and you’ll get nothing at the end.

If I want to explain Valentus in simple words, it should be said that this company produces dietary supplements and uses MLM strategy for its advertising purposes. They try to help people lose extra weight with producing and selling related items.

Dave says that his goal of building Valentus is creating a line of product for weight-loss items and become a leader in this industry. In addition to providing weight-loss plans, this company exports some products to other countries which increase their credibility. All things looks good and it seems you’re going to become a partner with a reliable company but…

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how Valentus works

What Type of Products You Should Sell Through Valentus?

When Valentus started working 4 years ago, there were only 4 products for sale on their website but it’s increased and they offer variety range of different products now. As I’ve mentioned before most products are used for losing extra weight and they’re all in powder type which means it can only be used by water. After expanding business Valentus started to sell more products but still they’re all related to weight-loss.

Prevail Slimroast is one of the most well-known products of Valentus that has been got attention of customers and many people talk about it in the Internet. This product is actually a type of coffee and can be mix with a cup of hot water for losing weight as well as giving healthy energy to your body.

Well if you know a little about coffees, you probably know that this is the most common benefit of all types of coffee so it looks Prevail Slimroast does not provide any unique advantages but what makes Prevail Slimroast different from other similar coffees in the market?

The fact is that positive impact of this coffee has been confirmed by some diabetic individuals who tested it for a while and saw significant result. This may be like a good news for other diabetic patients but before jumping into their website and buying or promoting it, you should know that Prevail Slimroast has NOT been verified by any institute of medicine or an official government organization so be ready to take some risk by tasting it.

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Valentus pros and cons

So You Want to Work with This Company as a Retailer?

Before making any decision, you should test products of Valentus by yourself. Yes this is a necessary step and you should know what you’re going to promote and sell. You need to make sure that you’re promoting a quality product and you should be able to guarantee that it’ll brings significant results to customers, right? But if you don’t try it, how you want to convince people that Valentus’s products has positive impact?

It does not matter how you’ve got familiar with Valentus. You may have heard about it from a friend or even a family member, just do not allow others to affect you or change your decision. Please be very careful about this, if program or product offered to you is not valuable or even worse if it’s one of those scams out there, it can really hurts your friendship or relationship and you never trust the person who advised that product to your anymore!

This is a trick has been used by several MLM company which uses relationship between people to make more profit for themselves. Because of this and several other issues, I always recommend you to go only for products that has trial versions or you can join them for free for specific amount of time. This lets you know all ups and downs of that product and see if it’s really helpful for others or not. And only after tasking it personally and making sure that it’ll bring result for customers, start to recommend it to others.

How Much Money You Can Make Through Valentus?

The compensation plan of Valentus is some complicated but the fact is that affiliates and independent representatives who work with this company are NOT able to make enough money to cover their expenses. Since you have to purchase product first to promote them, it’s logical to say that you should sell more product to cover expenses as well as make some profits but according to what individuals says, because of quality behind products of Valentus, it’s not possible to make money even for covering product’s cost.

From a positive view, you can earn what you pay for products maximum and making any net profile from selling Valentus products looks to be impossible. Of course there are training materials inside the Valentus which helps you start promoting products properly but it never guarantee you’ll make profit by following training and you can only expect to learn somethings about online marketing from their educational files.

is valentus a scam

Final Word – Is Valentus Scam?

I see Valentus a recruiting program which attract people and individuals with unreal claims. If they had a reliable compensation plan, we could think about it more seriously but when the main goal is only inviting people (persons you personally know like family members or friends) into their recruiting program (which is worthless) then we should not consider it as a serious business opportunity.

Unfortunately I’ve not seen any unique feature inside Valentus and at the maximum level, it just can be a very normal MLM company that is totally like to other similar MLM businesses. You just try to bring someone into the game because only in that situation you are able to make some money and if you imagine the person who you invited to the program trying to cheat others to bring them into the platform to make money from them then you will find that you entered into a dirty game which is valuable for nobody!

Of course Multi-Level Marketing is a very profitable machine for Internet marketer and that’s why persons like Dave Jordan made thousands of dollars from a single MLM company but what they give to people who join platform in the hope of making money the same as theirs? Unfortunately nothing!

All in all, Valentus and its “super” product Prevail Slimroast coffee is not a healthy company. Yes it’s legit and nobody can deny this but scam or legitimacy is not something we are talking about now. We are talking about real value behind Valentus and if it’s really worth trying. It’s not my recommended program and I don’t think you feel happy after trying it.

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my recommendation

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  1. Hi.

    Honestly, I think your review is totaly not fair. I was founder platinum of Amway before, and I help many people to live better life. And I have a close friend that reccomend Valentus, then I try, and I think the product is good. Because not only I can loose my weight but it also can give me extra income. Well, you shouldn’t review anything if you don’t know much about it. Especially if after your review you suggest similar business, I don’t give my respect to you for these. I am sorry, but for me Valentus business is worth to try. I already help hundred people to loose their weight and have extra money in this 2 months, they’re happy as I am. This is a really good business for us, we don’t need someone like you and others here who have negative thought on such a great opportunity.

    1. Hi Dian and thanks for your comment. I think there’s a misunderstanding. I didn’t review “products” of this company and that’s why I think you didn’t read my review completely. What I wrote about is the making money opportunity Valentus provides and it’s based on MLM business model which is not recommended.
      I didn’t go through the quality of their products.
      Anyway, I think reviews come from people’s opinion and it’s not fair to push others to think like you. Apple and Microsoft are producing quality products in the tech industry but there are people who don’t like them for several reasons. This does not mean that they are bad companies; this is just their opinion which should be respected in my opinion.
      I just shared my own experience with Valentus and I mentioned to all my reasons why I decided to give it a low rating. And I know people who make commissions by promoting products of this company do not like my review because it uncovers some untold facts about this brand.

      Anyway, thanks for your comment.

  2. Good day Ali

    I cannot agree with you more… Valentus is the online version of Amway and I have a real big pet hate for these type of companies.

    Valentus is just another drop of water in a very big pool of companies that try the MLM or Pyramid Scheme route that try to force us to scheme our own family and friends into joining. I have seriously lost friends due to companies like these, because these companies turn people into very hungry sellers, literally, because these people always end up losing money and broke.

    I thank you for doing this review and informing people about these companies. They are ridiculous and should be ridiculed.

    Your top recommendation is a great idea and good company. I hope people follow your idea.

  3. Your review of Valentus was on target. I have been involved with this company in the past and was not impressed. After reading your review I know I made the right choice in ending my relationship with them. As far as your recommendation goes I am all in. Thank you for sharing.

  4. It is becoming more and more worrying about the authenticity of MLM company. It is very difficult as an outsider to judge if a product is real or not most of the time.

    My personal take is that I will not buy a medical product from any online marketers even if he is well known in the industry. I would prefer to buy supplements from reputable medical related source.

    But as for find a program to learn to start your own business, I still agree with the article that your recommendation is still of a better choice.

    Looking forward to your next article.

  5. Hi Ali
    I am really glad you did a review of Valentus. The information you provided is well done and I feel really informed with the choice of Not to try Valentus after reading your recommendations. There are many MLM companies out there that are just out to get your money. I am sure that this company will not be around very long.
    I really like that your post suggests a better way to make money online that is the Real Deal. I am a fellow Wealthy Affiliate and I have learned so much about Affiliate Marketing and how to create my own business online. The best way to create your own Online Business is to learn all the skills and Wealthy Affiliate has so much to offer and all the tools needed to build your own online business without having to resort to a greedy MLM company. The best part is that you are in control of how you learn and how well your business does depending on how hard you work at it.
    Thanks again for your review. I look forward to more from you.

  6. I came across with Valentus a few weeks ago when I am trying to search for ways to earn money online. I did not proceed with them because I see it operates on traditional MLM. That is you need to recruit for people you know and bring them into the system. That is not the type that I would do. As to the value the product it would bring to consumers, I can’t say it for sure. However, after reading your product review, I am all the more certain that this is not the right opportunity I am looking for. Thank you for the thorough insight. All the best!

  7. I must say this is a very good and thorough post. Thanks for sharing a truly honest view about Valentus. I’ve looked into this and similar programs and have come to a similar conclusion as you. There are definitely better ways to make money online and I fully agree that your top recommendation is the way to go!

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