Is Vasayo a Scam

Is Vasayo a Scam? – You Won’t Believe This Fact!

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To answer this question: “Is Vasayo a scam or not?” we need to know what is Vasayo all about first.

Opportunities for starting businesses and earning money on the Internet include affiliate marketing.  Vasayo is a multilevel marketing organization with high-end healthcare products. These products which include supplements in different categories are aimed at optimal health based on the application of the required technology.

It is a well-known fact that a lot of the pharmaceutical drugs available are limited in terms of absorption. The active ingredient of a lot of the available drugs are known to have limited access to the target tissues.

Products such as Vasayo supplements were designed with bioavailability as the main focus. The products of Vasayo were developed using the same technology: the liposomal delivery system. With the technology, the ingredients are packaged as capsules with microscopic bubbles. The liposomal delivery system enhances the ease of absorption of the active ingredients of the supplements. With the efficient system of delivering the active ingredients of the supplements, the supplements are thus aimed at achieving the most effects.

The liposomal delivery technology is a proprietary technology that is applied by Vasayo. The founders of the organization partnered with a scientist to develop drugs with a unique liposomal methodology. Thus, although Vasayo is not the only company that sells supplements where the liposomal technology is applied, the company partnered with a researcher in applying a unique technique for the supplements.

Because of the fact that these supplements apply a unique liposomal technique, they are poised to attract customers, and this is the basis of Vasayo.


Product Name: Vasayo

Official Website:

Owner: Dallin Larsen

Type: Nutritional MLM Company

Cost to Join: 3 Types of Packages: $329, $499 and $889

Recommended? 50%

Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10

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what is Vasayo

What Is Vasayo All About?

As an mlm company, Vasayo presents interested persons with an opportunity to make money from both the sales of products and the activities happening within their teams. Thus, when one registers with the company, they have the option of selling products and earning commissions based on the sales as well as introducing other people into the company as part of their team and earning commissions based on the performance of these teams.

The process of signing up on Vasayo includes choosing one preferred package as there are several packages. Afterward, they can begin to sell the products available to their package and earn the attached commission.

Who Is The CEO of The Company?

Dallin and Karree Larsen are the founders of Vasayo. Vasayo isn’t the first attempt of the duo at a business in the mlm space. Dallin founded other mlm business in the past. These businesses include Usana which was founded about 3 decades ago, and MonaVie which was founded in the 21st century, specifically 2005.

Vasayo was founded in 2016 after Dallin left MonaVie after announcing his retirement from the organization in July 2015. MonaVie eventually folded in 2015.

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how Vasayo works

What Types of Products Vasayo Offers?

The products offered by Vasayo include 8 products that are known as “Microlife Nutritionals. These products are supplements with different active ingredients aimed to serve specific purposes. The unique liposomal technology technique was applied in the products. There are products that are aimed at weight loss; other products are detoxification products. Vasayo products also include CBD oil.

Specific products of Vasayo include CBD One, V-Tox, Eternal, V-Slim, Core Complete, Neuro, V3, MicroLife Sleep and Renew. These products are aimed at different purpose ultimately targeting the wellness of the human body. CBD One, for example, is a CBD oil with the different associated benefits of using CBD including improved mental and immune functions.

V-Tox is a detoxification capsule. Eternal is an antioxidant supplement expected to provide the different benefits associated with antioxidants such as eliminating free radicals. V-Slim is a powder that is specifically aimed at weight loss. Core Complete, probably like the name suggests, is a multivitamin capsule. Neuro, exactly as the name suggests is aimed at improved cognitive functions. V3 is a product aimed at three vital aspects of human existence: energy, mood supplement and hydration.

The products are also available in forms such as sprays: MicroLife Sleep is an oral spray that is aimed at better sleep hygiene. Renew is another oral spray product of Vasayo. Renew is a product that is aimed at improved joint health.

It is noteworthy that all the products offered by Vasayo come with a 30-day guarantee. If an item is opened but with 90% of the content intact, such a product also is covered by a 31 to 60-day guarantee. These guarantees are possibly an indication of the quality of the products.

Commendable marketing efforts were also made by Vasayo for all the products. These products all have a downloadable PDF with details of the products such as the ingredients. Thus, one would be able to tell beforehand if the products will be suitable for them with the details on the PDF.

Is There Any Chance to Make Money From Vasayo?

I’ve told you before that some programs let you have an online income from online education like AWOL Academy and some others use others like Vasayo uses other ways.

As mentioned earlier, there is a variety of ways to make money when one signs up on Vasayo. As an mlm company, Vasayo has developed different forms of compensation plans and bonuses for partners. Since one is required to build a team and maintain a rank, the size of one’s team as well as the rank they maintain determine the earnings.

The compensation plan created by Vasayo outlines the different ways one can make money from both the sales of the products as well as from activities on their team. It is noteworthy that after one signs up to become a partner of Vasayo, they also have to qualify to earn commissions which are different from what they make from their direct sales and referrals.

Criteria for the qualification include introducing two other people to the company as Brand Partners as well as the accumulation of up to 80 Personal Volume. The Personal Volume is based on the retail sales of the affiliate. For an affiliate to a qualified Brand Partner, there are also required to have at least one active customer.

Based on the sales on the products, the applicable commissions include the customer sales bonus. This bonus is 20% of the personal retail sales of the affiliate. Based on one’s personal sales during a period of 4 weeks, they could also gain extra bonuses that range from $50 to $150.

There is also the product initiation bonus which an affiliate earns when they introduce they bring in a Brand Partner. This bonus is 20% of the first purchase of the people directly in their downline.

As one builds their team, they become eligible for other forms of commissions such as binary team commissions. Since Vasayo runs a binary downline system, every affiliate is allowed to have only two people directly under them like the legs of a table.

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At the end of each week, the commission volume which is based on the sales of affiliates in one’s downline is calculated, for each leg of the table. There is typically the leg with more activity and the leg with less activity. If, at the end of each week, the leg with more activity has 480 CV and the leg with less activity has 240 CV, one earns $25 for that week.

Other bonuses based on the activity of one’s downline include the team commission matching bonus (TCM). This bonus, however, applies to a downline system different from the binary downline system known as the unilevel system. With the system, one is allowed to have as many affiliates in their downline as possible and earn based on the binary commission of generations of affiliates in their downline as well as their rank.

As the rank of an affiliate increases, they get to earn rank advance bonuses. This bonus is, however applicable from when one reaches the Black Diamond rank. If an affiliate gets to the Gold Affiliate rank, they get 3% of the company’s global commission volume as a global leadership bonus. Ranks such as the Blue Sapphire, Black Diamond, Diamond, and Crown Blue Diamond ranks are entitled to an all-expense paid business and pleasure trip. This lifestyle trip bonus is given when one initially attains these ranks.

Bonuses can also be in the form of multiple business centers which are awarded when one maintains the Black Diamond rank consecutively for 4 weeks.

To understand the ranking system of Vasayo and the earning potential of affiliates, the ranks are highlighted. There are 18 ranks within the organization. These ranks start with the basic rank which is the Brand Partner rank and ends with the Triple Crown Black Diamond. There are different eligibility criteria for these ranks.

For the Brand Partner rank, one simple needs to buy a product, and they become eligible to earn both customer sales bonuses and product initiation bonuses. A weekly earning cap of $2,500, however, applies to this rank. The Blue Sapphire rank is the 9th rank of Vasayo. The eligibility criteria for this rank include having four customers who buy products as well as four affiliates that were directly referred. One is also expected to earn at least 12,000 CV in the leg of their downline with lesser activity as well as 12,000 CV from the other downline system.

One must also have 3 Executive Partners in their downline to qualify for the Blue Sapphire Rank. Commissions applicable to this rank include the customer sales bonus, the product initiation bonus, the binary team commission and the team commission matching bonus. Eligibility criteria for the Triple Crown Black Diamond rank include having at least 350 PV and 8 customers who are continuously buying products every month.

One also needs to have personally enrolled 8 affilaites to attain the Triple Crown Diamond rank. Other criteria include 150,000 CV in the leg with lesser activity under the binary downline system and 150,000 CV under the other downline system. One is also expected to have 6 affiliates in the Diamond rank across 6 legs of their unilevel downline system.

Vasayo pros and cons

Positive & Negative Points of Vasayo

In my recent reviews of Profit Shortcut as well as Feature Points, I’ve mentioned that there are more than one way to earn money online and Vasayo is a company that offers multiple ways of earning income.

The forms of bonuses and commissions one earns for their different activities is also outlined specifically. Thus, one can set a target for themselves based on the outline financial benefits and work at that goal. The outline financial benefits of Vasayo is a pro of becoming a partner of the organization as one is sure of specific earnings when they engage in specific activities.

Products of Vasayo can also be described as impressive, and this is another pro of becoming a partner of the company. Customers have stated that the products performed the specific functions in some cases, and such positive reviews can encourage other people to become active customers continuously relying on the products. The somewhat proprietary nature of Vasayo products could be a selling point too.

The marketing efforts by the company could also make the products more attractive to intending customers. It is also worth mentioning that with the organized earning structure of Vasayo, one could easily introduce partners into their downline system.

Vasayo products are a limited. The products also come with a high price tag which has been attributed to the need to maintain a profitable margin as well as sustain the earning structure. The high price tag of Vasayo products could thus scare potential customers.

Is Vasayo Scam

Final Word – Is Vasayo a Scam? 

To label Vasayo as a scam will be completely wrong as the company doesn’t raise any of the alarms associated with scam ventures. Such alarms include founders with a bad history or founders that are fictional which is not the case of Vasayo. The founders of Vasayo are actual people who have even developed similar successful businesses in the past.

Vasayo also does not offer claims of wealth that are unsustainable as associated with scam ventures. A major indicator of the legitimacy of Vasayo is the fact that the company has actual products for sale. These products also provide value that is accountable.


As seen in this review, Vasayo is a company with which one can become a partner and sell products as well as build a team of other affiliates. One is also bound to make earning from the sales as well as activities of members of their team which could be based on the binary downline system as well as the unilevel downline system.

This review has been able to present key features of the company which could influence your decision to become an affiliate establishing truths also about the earning structure.

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  1. Hi Ali,
    Thanks very much for such an informative post. For years I have taken all kinds of supplements in a bit to increase my own health and vitality but I always thought that the way in which our bodies processes these supplements hinders the good parts actually being used by the body (much the same as cooking food makes some vitamins etc disappear or become less useful) so the technology used by Vasayo sounds very appealing to me.
    At first I thought this was a post about the product itself, but to find out that you can actually become a part of the community and also MAKE MONEY by helping others wellbeing sounds great, especially with such a great compensation plan that sounds like it could be very profitable indeed.
    I will be looking into this further for sure. Thanks for taking the time to share such a great pst with such detailed information!!

  2. Hey Ali.

    Thank you so much for your impeccable review of Vasayo. I have been looking at getting into online businesses, and marketing, I find this article very intriguing as I have seen things about mlm and the fact that Vasayo specialises in health supplements as I like to pursue the health niche.

    Your breakdown of products got me thinking great ideas on product promotions.

    Not to mention the commission plans on product promotion, affiliate referral scheme to incorporate downlines. Sounds enticing.

    Will look into this further! GREAT READ!


  3. Really useful this article! Thank you for that!

    Vasayo has some good things and some others not so good but I think that is nice to find someone who is willing to defend the integrity of a company that does its best.

  4. Excellent post, really informative. you Have really done your research on Vasayo. I do feel that there whole compensation plans do sound a bit complex and dificult to understand and I think i might of got lost and abit confused. it seems like a piramid style scheme but i could be wrong. Also you are relying on having a good team behind you i think, and if you have people in your team that are not fully commited it could effect your potential earnings. Im not sure if this kind of compensation plan would interest me.
    Really appreciate your review on Vasayo, keep up the good work.

  5. Hi Ali,

    Awesome site, like it a lot. The layout, graphics, links.

    You have a very extensive review of Vasayo, after going thru it I feel very well informed to make the decision about this company. Your investigation skills and review skills are well suited for doing this online and will be very helpful for anyone who comes to your site. I skimmed thru some of the others, didn’t read each line but I could tell they were done as professionally and as detailed.

    Your headlines are very captivating and interesting, makes you want to click and read more, great work.

    Do you ever review Cat digital products/services?

    Would love to incorporate a review into my website, if you happen to do one in the Cat or Pet market.

    Let me know if that would be possible, not sure how it all works or if it can be done. I’m totally a newbie at this.

    1. Hi Sue and thanks for your comment. Well I’m interested to review pet products but no, I have not reviewed any cat product yet; maybe I’ll give it a shot in the future )

  6. I am not a person who takes medicine. Not even an Advil if I have a headache. Didn’t accept epidural when I had my kids. I turn to natural ways, such as tea, vegetables and allow my body to heal itself. With this product Vasayo, I am not completely in favor of it. Not because it is a supplement, but it has not been out long enough to see results or effects of it. Also, the people who chose to try out the business to commit to it long enough to build trust within the business and product.

    Hope this helps you out.

    Sincerely, Lorrie

  7. Wow. Very thorough review! Thank you for going into this. While Vasayo appears to have good products, the startup cost is a little prohibitive. Also the requirements to maintain that business affiliation are a bit of a turnoff. Your links to Wealthy Affiliate look interesting. Is that part of the same thing?

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